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Sprint Palm Pre gets End-of-Life 146

by Derek Kessler Mon, 15 Nov 2010 6:10 pm EST

Sprint Palm Pre: EOL

Five hundred twenty eight days after first landing in the hands of thousands of eager customers across the world, Sprint is done with the Palm Pre. The launch may not have been the blockbuster iPhone-matching success that Sprint and Palm had hoped it would be, but Sprint soldiered on with the Pre as their flagship device for quite a while.

Today we’ve received word from a trusted Sprint source that the end is here for the original Palm Pre, with Sprint marking the device as EOL (End of Life). It's not a surprise after it already disappeared from their site, but it's still a blow: we still find that the largest and most loyal webOS contingent lives on Sprint.

Quantities of new Palm Pre phones in Sprint warehouses are very low (we’re talking hundreds of units here), so it shouldn’t be too much longer before the phone is completely sold out.

Those interested in picking up a webOS device on Sprint will be left with the diminutive, underpowered, and Wi-Fi-lacking Palm Pixi. There is no word yet whether or not Sprint will carry the Palm Pre 2, but webOS-fans filling Sprint's Facebook page (at Palm's behest, no less) and official forums with requests for the device haven't appeared to make a dent in Sprint's decision not to carry the device.

Sprint sat out the Pre Plus, Pixi Plus, and appears primed to sit out the Pre 2. Maybe we just don’t want all our Sprint readers (and staff) to be left out in the cold, but we’d like to think Sprint and HP/Palm won't make Sprint users wait until next year for another webOS device on their network. In the end, only time will tell.

Thanks Anonymous!


How sad. Oh well, on to something new!

Sad. I hope my pre lasts until the next device is released. Changing carriers is just not in the cards for me.

You get 30 days to try out a new device. I recommend you try out the Epic 4G. All of your contacts should be in Google, so it should be easy to switch back to the Pre if you're not happy.

But you'll keep the Epic and never look back. I can pretty much guarantee that.

I will absolutely wait, its perfect timing. My two year contract ends in May so I'll be set for the big discount when the next Spring webOS phone debuts!

I don't want to change carriers and I don't want an Android device. The Pre has been as close as I've ever had to the perfect device. Please, Sprint, don't abandon us?

you have low standards

troll much?

My sentiments exactly. Sigh. Maybe it's decision time.

You know, I thought the same thing about Android. I was nervous about the multitasking and the notifications--two areas where WebOS outshines all of the competition.

I've had the Epic 4G for probably a month now, and I have to say, I absolutely love the phone. It is so responsive, and there is so much developer support. The screen is magnificent, and the 4G is awesome for YouTube. When I used to open a video on the Pre, it would stutter even on WiFi. On the Epic, it opens instantly and plays like a champ on that big, beautiful screen.

I can just get more done with the Epic than I ever could with the Pre. Hell, I'm typing this right now on a laptop that is tethered to the Epic.

I definitely miss some things about WebOS. Surprising things like the ribbon (it's actually kind of nice to just fire up one of your frequently-used apps whenever the heck you want to), and I miss the famous up-swipe to toss a card.

On the whole, the Pre hardware just kills it for me. I am so ridiculously happy that I dumped my Pre. Had to tweak it beyond belief just to make it even somewhat usable.

You get a month to return a device on Sprint, so I recommend that you try an Epic. You'll be planning on bringing it back, but I know you'll keep it. :P

Sprint called me a little bit ago and offered me some random blah blah Android phone. I happily turned them down. My Pre has completely replaced what I thought was my most unreplaceable device, my netbook. Another phone wouldn't even serve as a paperweight, it would end up a highly toxic dog toy. And since I love my dog, no, I don't want it. Android doesn't run any of the apps I've bought, I'd have to pay out for them again (and some of my favorites aren't even supported on Android).

What I don't get is why so many Android fans troll precentral. Why are you so concerned about making webOS fans "get in line", so to speak? Your favorite OS is on lots of devices. Why be so concerned with people not liking your favorite OS so much you have to troll the forums of a competitor that isn't as prolific as the google?

Without any real knowledge about next device on the horizon and when that will be, I feel more and more like my time with WebOS might be coming to an end. I love my WebOS phone and have invested so much including owning 5 touchstone chargers; but without news in EARLY 2011, I'll be gone to Andriod or iPhone for sure.

I'm in the same boat. If HP doesn't announce a new phone in January and if Sprint doesn't pick it up then I'm jumping to the EVO.

Sprint gives you 30 days. Give the Epic 4G a try, but plan on returning it after a few weeks if you don't like it.

There's no way in hell you'll return it, but anyhow you'll decide for yourself. :) I took the challenge, and after a week of getting used to Android's weirdo multitasking, just looking at my old, slow, falling-apart Pre makes me sick.

That's stupid. The Pre 2 is coming out on Verizon, so you could keep your touchstones. If you really were going to switch, you'd have left this forum already instead of emoting all over the place. I'd switch carriers before giving up on the platform that works for me, and since you're posting here, either webOS worked for you, or you already have an iPhone and feel some weird urge to whine all over a minor competitor's forums. If HP put out a buggy phone, you'd all whine ten times as loud.

So this pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for getting WebOS 2.0 on our old Pre's?

I hope not. Even if they do EOL the phone they still got to support it at least until webOS 2.0 comes out.

I wouldn't give up on that. It might be slow coming, but there are some good reasons that we would get it at some point.

For instance, HP has a lot of negotiating power, and they should make a push to get Sprint to allow the upgrade. HP wants to keep their customers happy so we'll buy more apps and newer devices. Sprint wants to keep the perception alive that they are the "open" network.

And, when and if Sprint carries the next generation of webOS devices, if the upgrade is backward compatible the the old devices, then there will be no reason for Sprint to not allow the upgrade.

Darn good question. Would Sprint put any effort into testing a new release of an OS for a EOL'd device?

Derek, can you contact your "source" and get us an answer?

I wouldn't say that. Not selling it anymore doesn't mean they won't be supporting it anymore.

If a person dies, would you still buy clothes for them?

You're looking at it the wrong way. Sprint isn't killing anybody - they're just not making any more babies. But the babies still need new clothes and food and everything else.

Sprint may be done selling the device, but they still have thousands of customers that are using them and expecting an update. They aren't stupid.

Or they could starve us of the update and give many of Palm's disgruntled supporters more reason to upgrade. They are a business. They are for profit. They aren't stupid.


Maybe you'd bury your mom naked, but I'd probably buy a nice funeral dress for her.

Anyway, bad analogies aside, the only reason Sprint wouldn't push out an update is if they decide not to commit developer validation hours to validating it. Considering how irked a lot of users have been that they aren't offering the Pre 2 or even Plus, they might decide that they'll keep some users if they validate the new OS and get it out quick. I actually read a notice from Sprint somewhere that stated that webOS 2.0 was "still on it's way".

Sprint will continue to deliver WebOS updates as long as they are supportable by the devices they sold while they carried Palm phones.

Maybe if there is a 1.4.6 no way shall they push 2.0 out. They would rather make you wait for new hardware, they have done this all before with other phones.

It was already promised. But if it appears in your update list, erase it,....its a trick! (rolls eyes)

I'll be honest... i can wait to see if there is a new device... contract doesn't end til may. But i just want flash to tie me over... that's all.

I have to agree. I am just waiting for 2.0. my contract ends in June so I can't wait for that. and if they have an awesome new phone then I will upgrade, if not then I won't, for me Sprint is still the best option for the price.

any word on the rumors of the Iphone coming to Sprint?

please don't shoot me for asking this quiestion, I know it is blaspheme.

haven't heard any word on iphone. i'm kinda with you. but i'm switching, likely to iphone regardless of what hp releases. but i am waiting for 2.0 to hopefully get me closer to my contract. But i heard one analyst say they were banking on the iphone on all carriers in the U.S. by the end of 2011. not much help. But i think when it comes to RELIABLE news on the iphone there is none. Its all spectulation an even if it happened i wouldn't expect it to get announced until either right until whenever apple decides to do it. could be with a verizon launch, could be early next year, could be in June of next year. maybe not at all. it's all guesses now. I don't remotely think it's out of the question though. Sprint needs the customers it would add and apparently webos and android are not adding new customers. They probably wouldn't demand sprint be written all over it and they have 4g rolling out.

Pretty depressing some of these comment and I understand where they are coming from, but I can also wait, enjoy the next webOS 2.0 update just around the corner, and see what comes next year.

Not sure why everyone is in such a rush, buying something new is not possible for me without something so good I can't live without it. Till then I'll just have to wait and honestly can see how Sprint would do the same. Sorli...

Yes, I will wait before deciding what to buy. If a webos 2.0 device does not show up on Sprint, or if it isn't a compelling device for me to buy for some reason, then I'll probably bail and go get an android somethin-or-other. I'm betting a Pre2 with wimax is in the works as we speak, which I would be very happy with. Translate that into a horizontal slider with removable storage, and I'll be first in line the day it shows up.

I have to believe that the holdup with sprint is wimax and the percetion of the device as high-end. Sorry, the Pre2 stikes out on both counts.

Of course, there's one VP at Sprint (can't remember is name) that was openly hostile to Palm and webOS. On the other hand, there's Russ McGuire, another Sprint VP, who is very positive on webOS. I guess that could make for some internal disagreement about what to carry, but in the end, they will carry any phone that they think will sell.

so wack.

The big question is how well will Sprint support the stranded Webos'ers(?). Will they push out webos 2.0 or just leave us hanging and EOL the OS?

They were really good at pushing out the updates until the last one, which was just plain awful.

I know that its possible to have a pre plus on sprint via switching out COM boards on the plus, can the same thing be done with the pre 2?

Right now it's looking LIKELY, but we're not SURE yet.

I feel bad for sprint customers, if they discontinue support for the software as well I hope everyone of them leave the gutless bastards.

serious question, my Pre is alright at the present time, but what if it breaks? I have the insurance on it (like $7 per month), and if they run out of new Pres, what will happen? Will they give me some crap phone? Or do you think they would let me upgrade early? (free EVO?)

Sprint no longer lists the Pre on their web site; apparently this means you won't get that exact model as a replacement model but you'll get a "comparable" device instead (the Pixi is still listed, FWIW). I just asked a CSR about this issue and wound up cancelling my insurance plan. In the event I need to replace my phone I'll probably be able to find one on eBay.


When I called in a few months ago to get my pre replaced, the tech actually asked if I wanted to switch phones free of charge.... The options were the Hero and the Pixi at the time. So I'm sure Sprint will replace the phone with someting in the same price range.

They're better off offering people EVOs or Epics.... They'll make more money that way.

$7 insurance is Assurion. They have plenty of reconditioned Pre's on hand. If they run out some how, you're probably looking at a recon Hero or Blackberry.

Ugh, it's you people that drive up the cost of phone insurance. If people used health insurance for every little cold, don't you think that will drive the cost of health insurance sky high?? Oh, wait...

You do know Palm still does phone repairs for free, right? Well, if you're in warranty. If you're out of warranty on Sprint, then, you're pretty much f***ed.

> Ugh, it's you people that drive up the cost
> of phone insurance.

You do realize that some of us were actually asking hypothetically, right?

My device has a small crack on the screen near the USB port and I have to stick a tiny shim where the power switch is for it to work again, and I didn't invoke insurance.

well looks like palm pre phones will be dead soon.

well looks like palm pre phones will be dead soon.

I'm not on Sprint, but its sad to see the Pre with the "EOL" title. Its the phone that started it all. Its like its on death row or something. lol :(

No shit, how many "funerals" will this site have today?

if you ask me all palm phones are on death row even my pre plus on 02 uk.

I've had palm products since the 380 palm pilot.I've also had Sprint for the last 6yrs,but if hp and sprint don't plan on releasing another webOS device.I'm gonna have to jump ship.........I'm sorry

Well my contract is up this month. If they don't come up with a new WebOS phone by December, I'll be off to Verizon.

It hung around longer than most iPhone killers before succumbing to the inevitable.

Saturday I went into my Sprint store (My Palm Pre is getting ragged) I was looking at the Epic as Cincinnati gets 4g December 2 and the Sales Rep talked me down. He asked me to hang in until after CES, he really felt I would not be gaining much. For the trade off in other areas (he is a Palm fan)

So I will wait until January but, who knows how long the wait will be from there!

I'd wait to see where Sprint and Clearwire end up on their arbitration case. Also, Clear is collapsing and without a capital infusion, they might soon be in default.

I got my Pre when it first came out, so my upgrade has been available since July. My Pre is still ticking along just fine, so I cancelled the insurance, to save 7 bucks a month, and i'm just going to stick with it until it totally dies. If a new webOS phone is out on Sprint by then, sweet, but if not... I'm comfortable moving on to Android. The Sprint savings just outweigh moving to Verizon or AT&T anyday.

I'm kind of stuck with Sprint, based on my 25% discount through work. It would be less painful for me to switch to a different phone than it would be to switch carriers, although it will still suck to leave the Palm fold. I'll hold on to my Pre until it falls apart and hope Sprint pulls their head out of their collective ass at some point.

evo here I come

Enjoy your tablet

I've been enjoying it since Jun 4th and I know he will too...glad I didn't wait.

I will not wait... I've had a PRE since launch and my new EVO just got dropped off from FEDEX 20 minutes ago. Sorry Palm... Maybe next time.

Just hold on the doom and gloom until January.
But for those who switching now, good luck but I'm sure you won't find the alternatives perfect. Every device and platform has strengths and weaknesses.

In January Palm will have some very exciting announcements. They likely won't include Sprint as the two are not getting along. But ATT and VZ have made solid inroads with Palm since the merger and that is where the effort will go in Q1.

either I'll wait for sprint to get a new palm or I'll switch to verizon & get a new palm. Basically, I'm not leaving webOS.

I am done. It hurts, we have three Pre's in our house and my wife want one also but I am telling her NO. We will wait till Dec. Then it time to change. Sorry Palm....

wow why dont you let your wife decide what phone she wants O_o

because he knows not to let his woman make such a stupid decision.

Now that was offensive. Please stop trolling.

Sprint definitely got screwed by Palm, getting the so-called exclusive on an underpowered phone and beta operating system that was still IMHO about 10-12 months away from completion.

How many of us are on our second or third handsets due to poor hardware? Not the kind of launch Sprint was hoping for. Palm definitely messed things up, yes?

Then Palm twisted the knife a little by sending the faster Pre Plus to other carriers, leaving Sprint customers with outdated and pretty much useless hardware (the Sprint Pre is so slow, the battery situation so severe, it's barely usable).

Actually, the original Pre was outdated when it was released and feels like a dinosaur now.

Here we are, nearly TWO YEARS after the Pre was introduced to the public at CES and Sprint still doesn't have a suitable webOS upgrade.

It's obvious Sprint has done the smart thing and dumped webOS for Android. When webOS 2.0 proves to be a cutting-edge OS, perhaps Sprint will be back.

I hope so. If HP releases some serious hardware, I'd be back to webOS in a heartbeat.

It was not underpowered when it was released. Let's compare the iPhone 3GS with the Palm Pre, both released at around the same time.

They both have 320x480 resolution. The iPhone had a slightly larger screen at 3.5 inches, but this does not make the Pre screen underpowered, just makes it easier to carry in your pocket. Retina display with greater resolution wasn't released until a year later.

They both have a 3MP camera. Pre has LED flash, iPhone 3GS has auto-zoom. Depends in which kind of situation you find yourself which camera wins. If you're outdoors, auto-zoom. If it's at night or dark, flash.

The iPhone 3GS ships at 600MHz, Palm Pre ships at 500Mhz. You can overclock iPhone 3GS to 833Mhz, but you can overclock Pre to 1Ghz. (Overclocking Pre to 600Mhz shows little noticeable difference between both speeds anyway)

Both phones have 250MB RAM.

Pre comes with 8GB storage, while iPhone 3GS gives you the option of having 16GB or 32GB storage.

Palm Pre comes with 3V 1150mAh battery, and iPhone 3GS has 3V 1219mAh battery. You can upgrade Pre battery, but good luck replacing iPhone 3GS battery on your own.

Oh, and iPhone 3GS has a compass! Whoop-de-doo.

So, Palm Pre, released 6/6/09, pretty much matches the iPhone 3GS, released 6/19/09. Palm Pre was not underpowered when it was released, unless you're also saying that the iPhone 3GS was underpowered when it was released as well...

There are other things wrong with your comment, but I don't want to be here all night. Maybe you should educate yourself.

...you just proved his point, for him... The Pre is underpowered NOW because the other companies have all updated their hardware. He didn't say it was underpowered at time of release; he's saying that it is NOW!

I only wish that I enjoyed using Sprint's other phones. My g/f has an Epic. Even with the cameras, the speed, swipe to text, talk to text, visual voicemail, and the (occasional) 4G... I just can't jump!

C'Mon HP/Sprint! Help me out here!!!

I have five lines on my Sprint account and have been their customer since 2000. Three of those lines are Palm Pres. The other two are a Blackberry Tour and a HTC Evo.

As soon as different webOS phone form factors come out I am changing the other two phones to webOS. If Sprint does not get new devices with webOS than my family and I are going to a carrier that does.

My family has loved webOS after I spent a lot of time with them showing the details and features of the OS. I have a 27% discount and would eventually lose it than go to another OS.

Guys, if it's any consolation, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 are MUCH better than the people on this site would have you believe. It's time to move on. You won't believe how much better it is using a viable smartphone platform.

WinPhone 7, ROFLMAO. It cant even cut/paste, doesn't multi task and wont even run it's own 6.5 apps. It's Palm 18 months ago, minus the winning UI.

Honestly, if IOS or Droid were anywhere close to WebOS for UI, would WebOS still be around to talk about? Of course not. Get real.

LOL, Win7, you pretty much blew the last of your credibility on that one, should have quit while you had a chance.

WebOS isn't still around to talk about outside of this site.

I've used all those OS's aside from WP7 and they are all left wanting. Only thing WebOS doesn't have are proper APIs. 2.0 will change all that.

Besides. Sprint may drop the Pre, but CES is gonna change all this downtalk. And even if it doesn't, Google is doing some good things with Android and they aren't resting on the innovation front.

I'm just looking forward to CES and what it's gonna have to offer, not just from Palm, but everybody. Should be an interesting show.

Agree. Over time, the ones that are behind are copying the innovators with shameful regularity. The O/S's are homogenizing very quickly.

Just picked up Windows Phone 7 it kicks my Palm Pre ass so much it is crazy. The pre is a little dated so I can


serious question, my Pre is alright at the present time, but what if it breaks? I have the insurance on it (like $7 per month), and if they run out of new Pres, what will happen? Will they give me some crap phone? Or do you think they would let me upgrade early? (free EVO?)

You are sprint premier, u can upgrade 1 year after u get a new phone. When did u get youre phone?

Its about fucking time the pre died. It was a shoddy piece of garbage that never deserved to see the light of day. Webos is good, but its now the "rejected os" that all the shitty devs make apps for.

And that guy above me knows whats up, even windows phone 7 beats webos hands down

Get a clue son, you need one badly

Hey, dont talk down to the challenged. dkmule is special handling. Let him be.


One cannot help but wonder what people that hate Pre's and webOS so rabidy are doing hanging around a Pre based forum. :p
if you hate it so much surely you've moved on by now??


Even sadder is Deitz, Derrek, and co. are cool with all the Bridge people.

(Go over to Macforums, or TiPB and troll a few posts, then see what happens. You'll be banned before your post count hits 5.)

We're respectful of the opinions of others, even if they aren't. Besides, "I think you're all wrong, WP7 is better" and the like aren't trolling.

Thank you Derek. When did making an observation and posting an opinion become trolling?

Trolling = baiting and degrading to get a response. I didn't see that from the WP7 fans above.

oops sorry just now noticed the earlier answer to my question - thanks!
Yeah I'm premier, update February 1st...hopefully my pre lasts until then.

Yup so long Pre..I'm loving my new Epic. I'll check you out in a year and see what new

seriously, WM7 does not beat WebOS....
the only thing better about iOS than WebOS is the amount of apps and frequent updates. If iOS does better notifications in the future, it'll have WebOS beat then.
multitasking is way behind WebOS though...my housemate has an iPhone 4, I HATE the multitasking on it. Playing angry birds and using youtube to get 3 stars at the same time? Forget it on iPhone, for now at least.

I'm holding up 2 middle fingers aimed in Sprints direction! That's right, FU Sprint! Way to screw us early adopters over and market a crappier phone in android!

Did anyone notice on the far left of the picture you can see the word Pixi?

you're right!
You can see the end of the word "restrictions" and most likely, as in all the other pics of phones, right below, is "EOL"

Make your pres last and drop the equipment protection plans unless you comfortable with the Intercept. Heck with the 100 deductible they want, I can get a pre cheaper on craigslist.

I don't get it. I have the $7 plan. I thought it was ment to protect me if my phone has issues unrelated to manhandling, and that they'll cover fixing it.

I've gone in about 5 times, had my phone fixed 3 times and the front screen replaced twice.

Did my protection plan only cover my replacements? Could I have gotten it fixed for free those three times without the protection insurance?

I'm pretty sure it's still worth keeping the insurance. I'm out of the 1 year warranty period too.

It is sad to see this happen. I put my Pre to rest a couple of months ago, in exchange for a Samsung Epic which I am happy with. I finally gave up on Palm and Sprint doing much with the Pre. I am certainly not happy with Sprint and their reluctance to move ahead with updates. My Epic still does not have Android 2.2 (Froyo). I will probably purchase the new Samsung Tab but will use this as an excuse to test the waters with another carrier. I will go with another data contract and perhaps switch our household to another carrier when the current contracts start to run out.

Absolutely disgusted at myself for investing into 3 palm pre's, touchstones + accessories, and paying a premium at launch. Even with the incredible efforts of the preware devs, the thing is still buggy and unreliable. Having said that, I absolutely LOVE WebOS, but the Pre killed the operating system. It didn't even get a chance out of the gate due to crappy hardware. I'm also not confident at this attempt of a second life in the Pre2.

Worse, every app is made for iOS, Android or Blackberry. WebOS doesn't even get a consideration. There are so many useful apps that I don't have access too. I pay thousands every year to subscriptions and tools for my business and can't use the "apps" they provide as they don't make them for WebOS.

As much as I love WebOS and will definitely feel the pain in using the lesser OS's, I'm not making this mistake again until palm release some seriously apt hardware and WebOS is taken seriously by the mass markets.

I think any sprint user that created a patch or app should pull their creations as a a big f you to palm and sprint. This phone aint shit with out all the patches and apps that sprint people wrote for the Pre. I think my patches and themes should be pulled.

smh... Give the ppl on sprint a break already!!!!!!..idk wat to make of this... Wheres the gud news for the week?

I have zero confidence that HP will announce a new phone on Sprint before year end. The last straw for me will be not getting webOS 2.0 before then.

I can hold on until CES to see if there is an announcement of a new device with a larger screen. But my 14 month old Pre is getting buggier and buggier. It hems and haws and pauses and freezes and is clearly on its last legs (not problems I ever had with my Treo or Blackberry both of which still work great as backup for my wife's iPhone).

If it dies its off to Android for me.

Just hold up your contract, highlight the part where they promise you Flash or a second generation of OS, then add four dollars to what you have and buy a cup of Starbucks. Good luck finding a class for action, first you need a case.

I have been a Palm user since the Palm III and Sprint subscriber since they came to San Diego County. I just retired and the lure of the Virgin Mobile $25 a month unlimited data plan has been tempting, it just requires switching to android or blackberry. I love my pre, but this decision makes the decision much easier.

Derek, is this just completely based on inventory? It was exactly a year ago today that Sprint launched the Pixi. Does that mean in 5 months the Pixi will be EOLed too, or do they just wait until their inventory runs low?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I guess it's finally time to go to Verizon. I need a more useful global phone, anyway. So the Pre 2 on Verizon seems the likely choice.

C'est la Vie, Sprint! It's been a good 15+ years. Well, not really "good" but, anyway...

I see a lot of talk about how long people are willing to wait for Sprint to roll out a new WebOS device or if they're willing to wait. I've been with Sprint since October 97 and have had my pre since launch day. The truth is, I'll wait as long as I have to. My question (and concern) is; do we even know if Sprint will be carrying any future WebOS devices at all? I don't want to wait around if Sprint is finished with WebOS.

dude, your quintuple posts are getting ridiculous.

Can you just turn your PalmOff...

hahaha. Get it, I made a pun with your handle. :-)

I'm probably delusional but I'm hoping for HP to suprise us with an awesome smartphone that will somehow pop up on sprint very soon.

2 phones on my account are on the sprint pre. today i called and asked the rep what would happen if i had to use my insurance. she said that the insurance company would probably give me a refurb phone until they run out of stock, after that, they'll offer me a comparable phone. i cancelled my insurance.

if something is annonuced at CES, you bet ya i'd add the insurance back :) and then file a claim. $100 for whatever they release :) shhhh

Insurance works that way, huh? Buy it right before you need it?

Sadly, for the first time since I EVER owned a cell/smartphone (heck, I even bought a Handspring 90 before they included a phone), I think it's time for me to move on from Palm. Not sure where I'll land, probably Android. Yes, I'll continue to enjoy my Pre for now (bought on day 1), but I think this is the end of the line.

I feel the same. I started with Sprint years ago, and my first Sprint phone was a Treo 650.

Then I went to a Centro which I loved (that thing does stuff even the iPhone STILL can't do.

Now with the Palm Pre I have a phone that had more potential than all the other Palm phones combined, but it was really just too little too late.

.... Man, I hate being so mellodramatic since CES isn't even here yet. I have to admit, i'll be one of the bandwagon jumpers who goes all in again with Palm if they make a Samsung like announcement and release objective.

I'm hoping that's what is coming, and that's the main reason I haven't gone to the Epic yet. I could have left two months ago HP/Palm. I won't leave Sprint. Their deals are just too good. Whatever comes, gimme 4G and let the Internals crew go to work with the MHS and i'll be in heaven.

I've been with Sprint for 13 years. I love the company and service. But if they desert webOS, I will desert them. It's as simple as that.

All phones get EOL'd at some point. I still have my 1st Pre, and of course I'm hoping that the updates will keep coming. If they don't, then I'll look at what else is out there, including different carriers.
...but my Pre does what I need very well right now!

At the risk of sounding like a one-up contender, my experiences with Sprint are past the 15-year mark, and my first Palm device was a Pilot.

I introduced my Pre to the sidewalk, and used my Premier upgrade for the Evo 4G, but I still got the Pre for the other 3 lines on my account.

All that said, while I've never had a bad customer service experience with Sprint (and I originally signed on for the coverage--I travel a LOT and have never been where I couldn't get voice or data), and I doubt I could get the level of service my family has for close to the same cost, the slow implosion of Sprint as a carrier has me troubled, and the lack of responsiveness from HP/Palm regarding new devices or future partnerships with Sprint makes me start thinking about alternatives.

HP suffers from their legacy hardware roots--they still think in terms of years for new product lifecycles, not weeks like today's device and app ecosystem sees. Palm wasn't much better; they were always tied to device release timeframes and never quite grasped the rapidity with which the software market moves. While I'm sure the next generation of devices will be far superior to what we're used to now, by the time "slow and steady" RTMs, Android and iOS will have continued to dash ahead.

As far as carrier relationships go, the politics of feature exclusivity, co-marketing dollars and backroom deals means that the days of Sprint being the favored partner are long past. Unless Sprint comes up with a play to keep CDMA and WiMax relevant, they will eventually fade into obscurity, with only the diehard legacy customers left to carry on.

Pessimistic? You bet. I'd love to be proven wrong--and I'm still willing to bet my consumer dollars on a turnaround by June 2011 (the date of the annual HP conference). But unless PalmPad and whatever surpasses the Pre are an unprecedented game-changer the way the iPhone was, we're all going to be relegated to the fringe, loyalists to an obscure design in whose superiority we'll go down defending.

But hey, "loyalists to an obscure design" kept Linux alive all those years until Android gave them their consumer toehold. Stranger things have happened...

Good post!

The Pre is ready to be EOL'd. That's not the issue. My issue with sprint is that it has ignored the line since the Pixi (which should never have been released w/o wifi, Sprint!). No plus and now no Pre2. It has left us all frozen in place or forced to leave Sprint, which now has become an easier decision. I can't make a call in my house without switching to Roam only, anyway. My sprint football app has been saying features coming soon for 9 months. What are you waiting for, the off season?

The problem is where to go? Verizon has great reception, but is expensive and cripples half the features unless you pay. ATT, well not much better than Sprint there, but at least they have some Palm choices.

I am done with Palm/HP and done with Sprint. In the last month have gone through 3 Palm Pres. The software just crapped out on me and the "refurbished" replacements just didn't work. Sprint finally manned up and gave me a new one but it too is plagued but crappy software and hardware issued - it is an A build so I am fairly certain just a bad device but my Sprint sales rep said they have NO plans on carrying any new Palm/HP devices. The guy was pretty knowledgeable about the product cycle and seemed to be very versed in all the problems Palm has had. He wasn't bashing at all he just said the Pre with Sprint had been a mess.

They offered two other options for replacement - an old blackberry design or an old android design. I balked - took the Pre and made my decision to jump to VZ for either the iPhone or perhaps the Pre2 if it is all that. It will take alot for me to stick with Palm. I am just plain tired of missing texts, low powered devices with no application support to speak of.

Goodbye Palm. I will sincerely miss you.

sigh... oh well. My phone has been acting up lately. Think Ill wait til after December to upgrade to another phone if my pre can hold on.

Did anyone stop to think that H/Palm might have stopped manufacturing the Pre due to Pre Plus and the Pre 2? That could explain the EOL of the Pre. Perhaps Sprint will have an announcement soon. The Pre has been around longer than most phones. iPhone gets annual update. Android phones are introduced weekly and some of EOL'd just as quickly.

It is not the way I wanted to see the Pre go, but it had to go sometime. It is antiquated by today's standards and perhaps it wasn't selling, either... Only Sprint and H/Palm know that for sure...

which is fine, but sprint should have then picked up the pre/pixie+ and pre2.

I just spoke to a higher up @Sprint - who plainly confirmed "there is a future for Sprint & WebOs" and "there probably will be new devices to upgrade to within 6 months"
Finally, a word more definitive re: this issue.

I don't want to leave Sprint, but if they do not come out with a new WebOS phone in the next 6 months I will be leaving Sprint for Verizon to get the HP superphone.

I just spoke to a higher up @Sprint - who plainly confirmed "there is a future for Sprint & WebOs" and "there probably will be new devices to upgrade to within 6 months"
Finally, a word more definitive re: this issue.

I just spoke to a higher up @Sprint - who plainly confirmed "there is a future for Sprint & WebOs" and "there probably will be new devices to upgrade to within 6 months"
Finally, a word more definitive re: this issue.

I just spoke to a higher up @Sprint - who plainly confirmed "there is a future for Sprint & WebOs" and "there probably will be new devices to upgrade to within 6 months"
Finally, a word more definitive re: this issue.

I just went to my local Sprint store and one of the sales guy told me that Sprint will get the Pre 2. I asked him how he know; he said that Palm/HP rep told him that it will be coming. The announcement probably come during CES and I hope other devices will be announce as well; hopefully for Sprint as well. Palm fanboys, give it a couple of months before you abandon the cheapest all you can eat data company.

My Pre 2 just arrived. Am having a faff with it now. Feels smaller. Like the new look though.

is a faff a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it a bad thing that I shouldn't even ask about?

1. to waste time doing nothing. 2. to waste time doing stupid things 3. to delay, dilly-dally, especially before leaving the house to be on time somewhere.

Boots much faster, less than half the time. keyboard is different but I wouldnt say improved. more travel but absolutely no feeling of having been clicked.

General speed is so much faster, much much faster than overclocked Pre.

I wish I have three middle fingers to show sprint. But I guess these two will have to do.

I was thinking about it overnight and I'm kind of glad the original palm pre EOL'd. I don't want anyone getting a bad impression about webos because the original sprint pre really doesn't have enough ram. I truly hope they pick up a new device in q1 2011 so verizon doesn't lure me off with their pre 2 though.

An hour in and I have that sinking feeling. WebOS 2 is great, as is the speed and processor, but the keyboard is as bad as ever, maybe even worse than the Pre` Plus. Glad I kept my old BB 9000, as you cant use this for anything more than a few words.

Sprint is not done with WebOS at all they are a business. Different products have their flaws. Who would really buy a pre2 now knowing something greater is coming from webOS. Sprint is probably holding out for the high in device and if it does well they will think about selling the pre2 or palmpad alike.

Sucks that sprint does not want me as a customer. I came to the network for the pre, and I will leave for the same reason. Their spotty coverage, and airave that doesn't support 3g (useless when somebody sends me a mms at home) does not help at all. ATT, despite being pricey will have me as a customer again, it seems, unless sprint pulls their head out of the locked and upright position. Bonus, with ATT I can run a vonage landline again, since they don't charge me $.10/minute for forwarding. Sprint is the only carrier that does that nonsense!

Sprint doesn't charge for conditional call forwarding (no answer or busy) they only charge you if you set all your calls to forward. Have had Google voice mail for over a year haven't been charged a penny.

Agree. I use YouView with conditional forwarding. No Charge from Sprint.

Does the timing of this EOL seem strange to people? If they are ending the supply of this product, why would they choose exactly when the new model is coming out on a competing carrier? I would think Palm would continue to supply the older Pre for a while longer to keep Sprint going until the super phone. Perhaps Palm tried to push Sprint to the new phone and is stopping manufacturing of the older model.

It just seems to me that they are doing the things necessary to prepare for the release of a new product??? Clearing old inventory, etc. But you'd think reports of training for a new product would have leaked to this board. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking....

Sprint is probably waiting on HP's willingness to put a 4G chipset in the "super device" that HP alluded to a month or so ago.
Why wouldn't they want to have the next WebOS device have access to their 4G network?

The guy at the sprint store told me he's never seen a phone that has had to have been replaced or refurbished so many times. I'm on my 8th Palm Pre replacement. I love the WebOS but I'm getting tired of every Pre I get breaking.

I bought the Pre with the feeling that I would finally own an "it" phone. I was expecting tons of apps and such, but it never happened. I love webOS and currently have no plans to dump it, but I am concerned about it's future even with new beefier devices. My concern is that webOS will never grab hold and really take off like iOS or Android. I need to see that webOS has the potential to be big, even with new devices, for me to continue with it. My Pre should last a while still and even though my upgrade was last June, I'm in no hurry to burn it. I don't plan on changing from Sprint so I guess my choices will depend on what they have available in the future.

We can only hope the hardware insurance company that Sprint uses runs out of Palm Pres soon as well, in which case they would have to send us the Pre 2 since the Pixi isn't "equivalent" with the original Pre. Something tells me the insurance company will have refurbed Pres for a while though, since they seem to have discontinued phones in stock for a long time (I had to wait almost 4 years to get my old HTC PPC-6700 upgraded to a Mogul, aka PPC-6800, via the insurance trade-in).