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Sprint poll: which smartphone OS do you want us to focus on? 160

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 28 Oct 2010 10:09 pm EDT

Sprint platform choice

Sprint has put up a poll in its Sprint Community forum asking, "Which mobile platform do YOU think Sprint should focus on?" This is not some popularity contest for a blog or magazine - this is Sprint. While Sprint will obviously consider many factors in its future product and OS mix, the fact that it is asking its customers (or at least, those who register for the site) what they think suggests that user input might just maybe possibly matter. Your choices: Android, webOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. You know where we think you should place your vote.

Given the incredible flood of demands for the Pre 2 on Sprint's Facebook page after Palm asked webOS fans to sound off, a strong showing here would certainly help deliver the message that there are many current and potential Sprint customers for future webOS phones and devices. So get in there, folks, and once more make your voice heard.

Source: Sprint Community; Thanks to skilly_00 in our forum for finding this!



ooooooh :)

Can someone post a link to this pool? Can't seem to leave my vote on my pre.

sign in to your sprint account then you can vote

to vote on said poll, this is the url I found: ...http://community.sprint.com/baw/poll.jspa?poll=1079...

anyway, it only has under 3000 votes

65% WebOS
32% Android
7% Windows 7
1% Blackberry

If you are on Sprint, it is your duty & obligation to cast your vote. Let's make our voices heard! As of this post, we are only 1% behind Android. If this poll turns out like the laptop magazine polls from earlier this year, this will be an Epic victory!

Actually if we win it will be a loss for the Epic.

WebOs standing at 81%, i have a feeling some Android users are also voting for WebOS... dont lie, you know i am right..

android 13%
blackberry 3%
winmo7 3%

In all actuality, I think this poll is a little misleading. The customers who tend to be the most vocal are the ones who have been neglected the most. I'm sure many of the users of the other OS' aren't compelled to check the websites on a daily basis because they have support and upgrade options.

webOS is definitely the OS to back, though- provided HP doesn't do anything drastic to change it. It's safe to say that webOS has ruined me for anything else.


Yes! I'm totally voting for this

almost 10% ahead now. Keep it going.

webos got my vote.. I'm in need of an upgrade!

Sprint has my vote.

+1000 on the Sprint vote.

I voted. webOS currently is in the lead with 43% of the votes, a slim lead over Android at 39%.

Sprint users: Please vote.

As of my vote, 14% ahead of Android. Come on everyone, get the vote out there! It's your civic duty ;)

WebOs .....of course...it's the best....

Great job, all. Keep it going! {Jonathan}

I just voted, right now we have

52 % palm webos
33 % android

go sprint users, choose webos

Voted and left a huge comment! Also posted the Poll URL on twitter pleading all webOS users on any network would vote for us! We have a nice early lead! Comments are flooding with webOS just like their facebook page! :)

Looks like we will be getting a new WebOS phone on Sprint cause WebOS is whoopin asspirin over there at that poll.

Doubling android at the moment =) (29%-58%)

Looking good.

My vote's in for "Miss webOS"! We're over 50% now. Let's get the votes out Sprint users.

Dear god LINK PLEASE!!

You know webOS will win. We have the biggest active community online. Im not on Sprint but I hope you sprint users win this thing. :)

Not sure about biggest (see XDA-Developers), but certainly one of the most dedicated.

Ive looked at the other mobile sites (android central, TIPB, crackberry, etc.) Rarely do their article get over 20 comments. Here on precentral, its not uncommon to get 100 comments on an article. I think we are more active and also like you said, dedicated.

Voted! Much easier than my other ballot... WebOS doing well, 58% of the vote to android's 29%... 323 votes total.
If my local news can predict a race leader by polling 500 likely voters ...

wp7 andddd webos got my vote andriod and bb can suck one

64%!!!! wooo!! :D

and the link is the source ;)...you have to have an account to vote :P


Current stats as of 10:45pm (eastern USA):

webOS: 57%
Droid: 29%
Berry: 7%
Win7: 6%

(only 317 votes, though...)


Wow, so this made front page news, huh?

To put this poll in context, why not vote in some of the other Sprint community polls?


"Which will arrive first, flash for android or an android update?" http://community.sprint.com/baw/poll.jspa?poll=1050

"i would like 2 know who thinks that this andoids system is going 2 b the new leader over apple's iphone?i personally believe that its going have same affects like when the computers came out...apple leaded then got swallowed up by windows...etc " http://community.sprint.com/baw/poll.jspa?poll=1067

"who thinks Russell is one of the best survivors in the shows history?" http://community.sprint.com/baw/poll.jspa?poll=1036

ha ha !!!

love the strength of our community!

AT&T Got the iphone (well had)
Verizon Got Android and soon to be the iphone
and Sprint Should have webos

I can't find a vote button on the sprint site.

Not only can I not find the vote button, but then the Sprint website would not go to the community section at all. So my vote *would* obviously be for webOS, but I cannot vote. Sigh.

You need to sign in first to vote.

I *am* signed in. I am a Sprint customer, signed in under my username and pw. What else am I supposed to do?

You need to be a member of the Sprint Community (Sprint forums) as well. You need to link your community account to your Sprint ID. Also, chrome does not work you need to use IE or Firefox.

Chrome actually does work. Just used it to put my vote in! :)

hmm.. it was not working when I was trying to tie my forum nickname to my user id. I was getting an error asking me to try later or email tech support for sprint community.

Whatever problems you were having, I doubt it was Chrome's fault. I used Chrome to link and vote last night. The community forums are a pretty laggy site in general though (there was a poll complaining about it).

I will take your word for it :). after several tries I tried Firefox and it worked the first time.

awesome. Lets hope they actually take the results seriously.

just voted.

WebOS 62%
Android 26%
BB 6%
WP7 5%

Go Palm!

Polls closed? Weird

I just voted,,not closed,,,webos is kicking butt,winning in a land slide right now.

Poll is open but you have to log into your account to vote. This is only for paying Sprint accounts.

To anybody that cant vote, to vote you have to have a sprint account. Not sure if its not working other then that.

I guess Sprint didn't see all the polls where the Pre/WebOS beat out all the other phones. They should know that the WebOS community comes out in full force. Go HP WebOs.

sprint finally got it through their head where they should focus so they closed their poll.

No, Sprint realized that you guys where the only ones voting, because no one else cares and i'm pretty sure based on their sales numbers alone they know which OS to back.

just voted

webos 69%
android 21%
bb 5%
win7 7%

lets go HP Palm WebOS

your stats are wrong,Android does not have 20% they have only ten.

The Sprint Administrator that started this poll goes by the name of Racqueteer1. We should bombard him with emails and messages.

Wait how do i vote? all i see is the results

just voted

webos 69%
android 21%
bb 5%
win7 7%

lets go HP Palm WebOS

I like my phones with a little bit of girth, but Miss Android's a bit too wide for me. ;^)

WebOS being first on a Sprint poll is nice and all, but when can I get my webOS 2.0 on my Sprint Pre? Get on it, Sprint!

70-20 after my vote at 11:10 PM Eastern

"Wait how do i vote? all i see is the results"

You have to log in. Meaning you have to be a sprint customer with an account online.

Anyways, I totally just voted on my account and my mom's account (on behalf of her of course). I love how theres been over 60 votes in the last 10 minutes or so. We really do come out in force. Let our voices be hear. "PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!"

I feel happy...

webOS got my vote!

OneDeep, read the other comments. You need to have a sprint account and register with the site to vote.

i want webos devices and nothing else

I voted, and we are up to 75%...
webOS = Epic
Android Epic = Epic Fail

To Sprint, and may we make Webos 100% upon their Poll. So nobody may Question Webos, or it's Value.

Lets Make Webos Number 1 OS carried on Sprint.

I casted my vote at 75% of 585 votes

* Android (17%)

* Palm webOS (76%)

* BlackBerry (4%)

* Windows 7 (4%)

Total Votes: 621

To Sprint, and may we make Webos 100% upon their Poll. So nobody may Question Webos, or it's Value.

Lets Make Webos Number 1 OS carried on Sprint.

This is Our time To Shine and Let Our Collective Voices Be Heard. Lets Make the Most of It. It's our Oppurtunity.

Long live Webos!!!

Voted and posted. webOS 4 life!!!!!!

77% out of 646 votes. It would be great if Sprint took the results seriously, but this is just a poll set up by a community admin. I have no doubt that he will pass on the results... but what will Sprint execs do it?

I still have hope. I check every day for news that sprint is going to continue to carry new webos phones.

Hope is all we have, my friend.
Did MLK and the abolitionists have hope when fighting for Civil Rights?
Did Winston Churchill and the UK have hope when fighting Germany in WWII?

This is awesome. The webOS community knows how to get shit done!

I am not sure if Sprint understands the Web OS community. It takes a minute to log in because so many people are trying to cast there vote. I think it's great.
For those of you who cannot vote, you must sign into Sprint's community site to vote.

just hope android doesn't hear! there are only 700 some votes :(

I finally got my vote in, thanks for the help guys.


Also, is there a requirement for you to own a sprint phone to register to post on the Sprint forums? This may be the best example of the WebOS community taking part in polls. So far I've only seen the vote and log IPs allowing someone to vote multiple times (cheating technically) (and all assuming they're keeping track by account).

Can I vote for two? I want focus on both webOS and WP7...

FWIW: just voted WebOS. Hope it helps!

Just voted. Still 77% for WebOS!

80% WebOS versus 14% Android as of Midnight Central Time

Even if there was a surge from Android it

Exactly, this is what gets me the most. The response from the Palm community is obviously full of fervour.

Am I too late? I can't seem to find where I can cast my vote?? I'm on the Sprint poll website and I'm logged in. My only options are to leave a comment.

I just voted at 11:04PM Central and webOS had 80% of 771 votes. Here's the breakdown:

* Android (14%)
* Palm webOS (80%)
* BlackBerry (3%)
* Windows 7 (3%)
Total Votes: 771

Go webOS!!! I really hope Sprint pays attention. Of course, other OS communities may well wake their users up but I don't know if they will be as vocal as the webOS community. At least I hope not!!! :)

Ahem,its HP webOS now.... :P

Not to be a hater because I love my Pre, but interesting they didn't put iOS on there, at least to see how many are interested.

I know if the iPhone came to Sprint, it would be a hard decision for me. My mom's Epic is pretty neat, but being a tech geek, I like playing with new and different stuff. Would I buy it? I don't think so. I love my Pre. I'd like it to be a little bit bigger, and a little faster, but I'm happy with it.

BTW, just voted. webOS is up to 81% while Android's at 13%. The rest? Pssh, what's a Windows 7??

i noticed that too. Interesting though. I think that fact cuts both ways. if they know they are getting an iphone Apple may get mad and consider it spoiling their unviel cause they usually make the announcements. I think if they had no idea about platform and no deal why not ask cause it's not like there are windows 7 phones out now in many numbers. i don't now of any on sprint yet. The suspicious part of me thinks the ommission isn't an indication of a lack of interest by Sprint but them trying not to piss off Apple and let a cat out of the bag. but just a theory.

I voted, but keep in mind this is most likely a poll by a community user, not sprint themselves. I think anyone can make a poll over there.

# Android (12%)
# Palm webOS (82%)
# BlackBerry (3%)
# Windows 7 (3%)

Now hopefully they listen.

Link: http://community.sprint.com/baw/poll.jspa?poll=1079

to vote.

Thanks for the link!!

I just voted! Good luck for whatever its worth

Anyone ever think that Sprint has had this c40 in the system for a while... the original pre was mansion, but then just days before the news of the Pre2 it was referred to as Castle. Thought c40 is a Pre2 with 4g

Android just got pwned. It's not surprising if you realize everyone talking about android only think they are smartphone experts.

Just voted:
webOS - 84%
android - 11%
W7 - 3%

Voted webOS, of course.

As of 10:08pm PST:
* Android (11%)
* Palm webOS (84%)
* BlackBerry (2%)
* Windows 7 (3%)
1,010 votes

Also, I left a comment:

Years ago, I switched to Sprint from Verizon for a Palm phone, the Treo 600. Since then, I've had the Treo 650, the Treo 700p, and the Treo 755p, all PalmOS devices. The only Sprint PalmOS phone that I *didn't* get was the Centro.

The Palm Pre 2 isn't a fantastic, revolutionary upgrade from the Palm Pre, my current phone, but from my and Palm's history, I clearly don't need revolutionary new phones to entice me to upgrade.

I'm a Palm fan, and now, I'm an HP webOS fan. I don't plan to switch to any other OS. My Premier account is ready for an upgrade. If, by the time I decide that I truly do want/need to upgrade, Sprint does not have a webOS phone, then I may very well let history repeat itself and switch networks to get a Palm/webOS phone that I want.

So, offer me a webOS upgrade path, or you will very likely lose me to another network that does.

Please mods, add a clearer link to the poll in your post!

(also, please don't update the frontpage too much tomorrow; I hope you'll let this stay near the top).

with you dude.

as a sprint customer I would hate to have to make the switch from webos to android via HTC. I did cast my vote for Webos, I got into webos cause I had a palm centro, then sprint replaced it with a palm pixi for nothing and since then I've been hooked. Please sprint, give us the pre 2, I'd hate to switch to HTC because sprint won't carry the pre2,
I say HTC cause that would be my second to palm, "and I hate samsung"

This is great to see, the Webos Community Working Together as a Collective Unit, for this Particular Cause.

Ladies and Gents, Let ur Voice be heard and go Vote on the Poll.

MAy Sprint take Notice of The Webos Community. In less than a day to make Webos 100%, may receive recognition.

I applaud the efforts of those who have voted, and to those who will vote, I raise my glass to you.

Hey guys, the poll wasn't put up by Sprint. Not even an employee of Sprint. Just a "community member." I voted and all, but to say the poll was put up by Sprint is like saying one of the polls I put up in the P|C forums was put up by P|C.

The poll was put up by racqueteer1. racqueteer1's profile lists him as a Sprint Admin and Sprint Employee.

Mouse over the two Sprint logos under "Rankings" in his profile to see this.


I stand corrected. Missed the "Sprint Admin" label there.


# Android (10%)

# Palm webOS (85%)

# BlackBerry (2%)

# Windows 7 (3%)

android only has 10% and web"- had about 85% why do ppl keep stating the vote tally wrong?

Commentary from the poll peanut gallery:

"Oct 29, 2010 2:21 AM
Elliot says:
I say Windows Phone 7. Many of these people here saying Web OS are only doing so because they came here from Precentral"

Cross posting from the poll:

"For those suggesting that the results are scewed solely because of PreCentral, its actually part of a larger network of sites. http://www.smartphoneexperts.com/communities

Including: AndroidCentral, CrackBerry, and WPCentral. That covers all the competition in this poll.

So why the huge difference? The Palm / webOS community is far more passionate and enthusiastic than the rest.

The ball is in your court Sprint... the community will follow the devices. We already waited through the Pre Plus."

And the fact that no other OS community cares nor do they need to because their sales numbers show it. Sprint knows where most of their sales are coming from it doesn't take rocket science to figure it out.

yeah i think it's largely webos users that spend the day hanging around the precentral forums and doing these things. from what i've read the android and iphone forums dont' get the same traffic. i'd guess cause if they are satisfied with their phones there is little need to talk about it all the time.

Thanks for the link.
WebOS is winning and I'm sure it will win... all we need is some new hardware from sprint to prove that their silly poll matters...

87% ?! The WebOS community might be small, but it's so well organised.

Without a doubt.. Sprint should be focussing on all phones > especially "Palm/HP"

I'm very excited that sprint has decided to listen to their customers.

Two thumbs up!

Note: Sprint now back on my popularity list. :)

Voted. So exciting. I also threw a vote in the "How do you like your updates section" and plugged how WebOS/Palm's updates have all been over the air in the comment section.


I put in my vote webOS!

Android (9%)
Palm webOS (87%)
BlackBerry (2%)
Windows 7 (2%)

Total Votes: 1,331

I'm voter number 1,356 and WebOs is in the lead

Android (9%)

Palm webOS (87%)

BlackBerry (2%)

Windows 7 (2%)

Total Votes: 1,357

Just cast my vote as of 8:08 EST. HPalm WebOS BABY!

I just did a quick peek at other polls out there to guess the odds of Androids taking over and it looks like there was only one other poll that over 1000 votes, all the rest had 200 or less. Hopefully Sprint gets the message.

Just posted myself a vote for WebOS over 1400 votes now and 87% for WebOS! Lets spread the word people!

As of 8:41 a.m. EDT:
88% out of 1,429 votes have been cast for...(drum roll please) Palm WebOS!!!

I am wondering why they can only focus on one OS? I think they should focus on WebOS, Android, and WP7. In addition, getting rid of iDEN would be advantageous.

Personally, I hope Sprint carries the next generation of WebOS phones and not the Pre 2. The Pre 2 doesn't offer as many differentiating features compared to the Pre 1(mine is overclocked).

I want Sprint to carry all the phones so that I can make a choice as a consumer. I happen to like the Pre2 form factor, but understand how others prefer the bigger phones. What I really don't want is 4G fees without the 4G network!

Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't we be offered both/all webOS devices?

Think small, and you stay small ... think bigger.

Voted WebOS, and for we people that don't have a smartphone the Pre 2 would be a great beginners model, for $99

Android Central just posted this. Judging by the reactions, we shouldn't have to worry. There is a lot of "judge the sales not the poll" postings. I say to Sprint, bring on the a new improved WebOS phone and judge the sales.

I feel that WebOS fans are just as crazy as iPhone fans. We just haven't hit the mainstream like Apple. With proper marketing and support, we can be just as huge a factor in the phone market.

I bought an evo last week and I still voted for WebOS. Because the Poll did not ask what Hardware would you buy right now but what OS should we focus on for the future and I believe WebOS can have a bright future... If the hardware is there and the backing of carriers. So the more we push for WebOS the more likely we are to get great hardware.!

Voted - webOS

Andriod - 16%
webOS -81%
Blackberry - 1%
Windows - 2%

Just refreshed and Android is gaining ground again!

Wow - webOS was up to 87% with around 1500 votes. I got distracted and went back to cast my vote and it's now down to 82% with 1700 votes. It seems the Android people have flooded in to the poll.

Yikes, down to 79%. This may be entertaining to check back and see the trend.

For anybody who missed the link above, here it is again


at 10:25 after 2055 votes Android is at 22% and webOS is at 75%. Android is gaining ground really fast (very much like it did in real life :)). Unfortunately there are only a few sites that are Palm/webOS centric and hundreds for Android.

FAndroids should win this Poll because there are more Android phone users on Sprint. I Love webOS and hope they can come out on top. Multitasking on webOS is the best and no other phone OS is as fun to use...

Sprint should concentrate on both platforms so we can have the best of both choices...

AndroidCentral.com has gotten ahold of this story, hence the sudden rise in their numbers. Truthfully, Android obviously has more users, but even second place would be good in this poll.

yeah all those android fanboys need to relax and realize that sprint is going to support their OS no matter what this poll says. this gives us a chance to let sprint know we are with webos for the long haul

Android 23%
webOS 74%
Blackberry 1%
WP7 2%

The obvious outcome will be webOS, simply because the community base for it is rather hardcore. The community base may not equal the size or strength of the number of subscribers (a few hundred thousand versus 50 million+), but we're definitely the loudest of the bunch, no contest.

Android will obviously be the most widely-supported and sought-after platform on just about any network. It's well on its way to surpassing iPhone as the new "standard" thanks to the sheer number of manufacturers supporting it. Sales will ultimately drive Sprint to continue supporting Android no matter what the outcome of this poll. It comes down to HPalm making competent, competitive hardware to go with their already standard-setting software (cards on Android and Blackberry, anyone?). Provided they can keep up with the hardware demands of consumers, webOS will never die.

i'm scared...i don't wanna lose this poll. c'mon webOS!!

Voted webOS....

As of 8:10 PST:
* Android (25%)
* Palm webOS (72%)
* BlackBerry (1%)
* Windows 7 (2%)
Total Votes: 2,275

How long does the poll remain open?

It says it's open ended.

Thanks. That seems like a waste of time--open ended.

Android making a comeback! Come on where are all the sprint users that wanted a new WebOS device?! seriously guys go do your thing!

12:30pm Eastern USA:

* Android (29%)
* Palm webOS (68%)
* BlackBerry (1%)
* Windows 7 (2%)

Total Votes: 2,583


Android (29%)
Palm webOS (68%)
BlackBerry (1%)
Windows 7 (2%)

Total Votes: 2,610

Stil in the lead :)

Lead is closing!

Come on people vote more the lead is closing up! :O 66% now for webOS!

Keep votin we are at 66%!

Damn... in 6 hours, webOS dropped from 87% to 65% (as of 1pm central)

Howzabout pinning this to the top of the P|C page?

Although I have been using Palm in one fashion or another since 1997, my vote went to Android. Safety of the community is important. HP/Palm doesn't include bluetooth voice dialing. Many (laws or not) will still use their phone while driving and they have to dial somehow. If HP/Palm won't make even a small effot or show the slightest consideration then why should they get any votes? At least while docked the new features will allow a few to be alerted to any fatalities. Of course, fanboys who just want all the gizmo's with no thought of community are encouraged to not require any social responsibility from the manufacturer. I hear they may use animal testing and child labor as well.

Unfortunately the lead is further closing. WebOS is 64% and android is 33%.