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Sprint posts webOS 1.4.5(.1?) changelog, confirms August 10 (today!) release; Updated x3 201

by Derek Kessler Tue, 10 Aug 2010 3:17 pm EDT

webOS 1.4.5 changelog for Sprint

Update 2:10 est: We're receiving reports that the App Catalog is down and/or showing zero apps for folks when it comes time to actually look at app listings and sure enough, seems that way to us. If we had to guess, we'd say that Palm's getting things ready for wider PDK app availability. Since it's happening on multiple carriers, we're also hopeful that it won't just be Sprint that's receiving the 1.4.5 update soon. More discussion in our forums.

Update 2: Looks like at least a couple of indie PDK apps have popped up already in Palm's app feeds: Helicopter 3D and Piano - both of which require webOS 1.4.5. Here's to hoping that in addition to webOS 1.4.5 we'll also get a slew of new apps. Can you say Angry Birds for webOS? Because we can. Over and over.

Update 3: and the App Catalog appears to be working again. 


The long wait looks to be drawing to a close. Sprint has posted their changelog for webOS 1.4.5, and it matches up quite nicely with what we heard earlier (though with a slightly newer build version, and missing an extra ".1"). Is it actually happening? Not yet, and we have to admit we’ve been let down by Sprint-posted release dates before. But this could finally be it, opening up the wide world of PDK apps for Sprint Pre and Pixi users. Here’s the changelog (no mention of PDK apps, though as usual Sprint tends to focus on their own stuff):

WebOS – 1.4.5
Build (Pre: 299, Pixi: 271)
Sprint Config – 2.5

Date released

Description of enhancements/fixes

  • This update includes fixes for:
  • Web podcasts download correctly
  • Correct entry of text on Web
  • Sprint branded default email signature corrected
  • Power use and battery optimization
  • Send video via multimedia messaging from Video application
  • Video trim feature now works to send in a message
  • SprintTV upgrade to V 3.5.4 and enhanced parental controls

Source: Sprint (Pre, Pixi); Thanks to Beverly for the tip!



Is it really, really, really, really true?

4 months of development and this is what's coming out? Great!! How sad.

I wouldn't expect any significant updates for awhile. Palm was on fumes at the end. Also, with any merger, there is confusion and retrenching...while trying to form a strategy. Now, they are going through a brain drain...and it's just never been clear to me that a company of HP's size even wants into the phone business. Many other companies just wanted to buy Palm for just their patent portfolio.

I said it on these forums about three years ago (as a warning) and I'll say it again (as a postscript) - Palm really screwed up by waiting so long to get into the next generation of this market...and they squandered away their lead...allowing Apple (a brand with significant Q factor) to steal their lunch. The CES demo was great, but it was too late.

The various debacles with Palm vs. PalmOne and all of their other linux missteps brought them here...and here is not a good place. Frankly, they may have the best mobile OS at the moment, but Beta was a better standard than VHS...and look what happened to it. This is now a two-way fight between IOS and Android...and even Windows and BBerry are fighting for their lives. Palm isn't even on anyone's radar.


It's not clear HP is going to try and fight this battle...and even if they do, it will take some time for them to form a strategy and a team. Thus, I wouldn't expect to see major movement in the OS. Frankly, even if they do, I hardly see how it makes a difference at this point. Sad, but true. Of course, I would love for HP to prove me wrong...but at this point, anything less than open-sourcing the entire effort is unlikely to save WebOS for phones. Tablets and printers, on the other hand... :)

I cant wait to get my sprint branded email signature corrected and those parental controls worked out for that silky smooth Sprint TV....

a booooooooooooo


The DOUCHE is wating.....

The douche is not spelling ;-)

i anticipated that phonetic tip, you have now earned your cookie for the day

any idea what time it is coming out i have been checking the updates every 5 minutes

Is it really, really, really, really true?

Yaawn... i mean, yay.


Yaawn... i mean, yay.

Hey, no new hardware yet, I'll take new software in any shape or form. My wife's Pixi needs a boost.

As of 0835 CDT, no update.

What about Verizon - did I miss something.

yea you missed the turn @the Sprint store and the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to cell carriers...3 days to return a new purchase instead of 30, air cards both capped @ 5G but Vz will let you rack up your bill as high as you can get it as opposed to getting cut off @ $120 i.e. 10G sux you buddy next time do some homework so you won't "miss something again " ha! I laugh @ your misfortune bc I average 30G a month and my bill never changes the ol grandfather rule LOL!

Sigh, Sprint fanboys will never give up. Remember, you still have a PRE!!!! Sprint doesn't have anything in their lineup to brag about. Laugh at that misfortune.

I'm on Sprint, and I'm quite content there. My phone does what I need it to, and my service does too. So what do I have to complain about? I don't have access to the iPhone, and I'm perfectly content with that, cause I've never wanted one. So I'm not sure what the issue with being on Sprint is. If I like what I've got, why shouldn't I be happy about it?

My Sprint Pre is running at a fast 1ghz speed courtesy of the UberKernel. And guess what, my bill is $69 for EVERYTHING :) What have you to say to that Mr. I Pay Too Much For Service??? I only kid however, my Sprint reception is awful. But I can't get myself to pay the outrageous fees of Verizon. I would brag about being able to get a new phone every 12 months, but since I'm at the mercy of waiting for the next HP phone, its gonna be far longer.

haha, on Sprint everything is unlimited for me and my bill comes out to $67 after taxes thanks to Sprint's better $69 plan, my discount, and their anymobile anytime thing. With the Pre's ability to share internet with my macbook any place I go I tend to forget the lagging UI and the fact I can never use bluetooth and I'm on my second Pre. There are plenty things with my Pre that upsets me, but I don't linger on them. I can hope, or just wait for something that makes me feel I need it. But Sprint is a great service, hands down. Service is great here in NYC and everywhere I go in FL. GPS is a snap, browsing and all that without worrying about my usage.
Sprint only has a weak line-up when comparing to iPhone and Droid, but... they have everything else and the Evo. I'm assuming that's been good, but you have to pay for mobile hotspot there, so Pre is still my favorite sidekick!

You do realize that there are places in the US where Sprint has little to no presence while Verizon is solid, right (and yes, there probably are places where the opposite is true, though probably not as many)?

What need does a VZW user have for an aircard when they have FREE Mobile Hotspot? And have you noticed that Sprint does not allow data phones to be mixed with non-data phones on a family plan?

yet you do realize donkey that vzw is the most EXPENSIVE carrier of the main 4 and his riddled full of hidden and extra costs to use their services.. Also you did know that Sprint and Verizon share towers.. Take a Verizon coverage map and take a Sprint coverage map and lay them on top of eachother.. They match up almost identical..

the only reason why Sprint has problems in some Verizon areas is because Verizon likes to bmp Sprint users off their towers if there is a higher demand of Verizon users getting on that tower.. Sprint doesn't do that to Verizon customers..

also our GPS nav is free.. What about vzw? Our data plan is included in our monthly plan.. What about vzw? We have a 69.99 plan with "unlimited" internet(5gb cap), GPS, unlimited text, unlimited mobile to ANY mobile (450 minutes to land lines.. Pfft who really calls that many land lines anymore).. Also Sprint was noted as having one of the best customer services in the U.S. Cell market. Not to mention the Premier program that allows me to upgrade every 12MONTHS.. Not every 2 years.

granted VZW has the best Android phones... Whoopity doo.. If I wanted Android then Sprint has the EVO 4G (i am in Chicago so I have 4G service) or I could wait a little longer and grab up the Samsung Galaxy S series 4G phone that's about ready to be released on Sprint.

I'm not a big Fan Boy of Sprint.. Just 10years ago they were the only ones that would allow me on their service without paying 700.00 security deposit.. I stuck with them this whole time. Almost left twice however the reason I stay? It's in black and white.... The cell phone plan pricing. Haven't had a hidden charge from them in over 5years.

I travel all over the country. I have yet to be in any city or driving down any main highway that I have not had service.. Well maybe near military installations..(go figure).. There's only 2 services out there(VZW & Sprint) that you can go travel and have service...RELIABLE service (sorry AT&T understand you are all over too but your about as reliable as my dog that kept running away). Bottom line is what keeps Sprint people right now isn't necassarily the newest sexiest device.. It's customer service(they actually give a crap about us and are nice again) and pricing plan.. Lets face it.. We are in a struggling economy and the best bang for your buck and less expensive is Sprint. It's in black and white..

that's not even an opinion that's a documented FACT. We may of gotten the Pre first and LATER everyone got the Pre plus... But whos gonna get the new Palm device? I got top dollar says Sprint.. And just like VZW and their WebOS updates that Verizon has to approve of first.. Your gonna be waiting a little longer then the Sprint users for your upgrade... Hence this article.

It's unfortunate that Sprint is shoddy in my area while Verizon is amazing.

Not to mention I got my phone for nothing because of the low price + new every two.

Some people don't have options.

Don't judge.

Vzw and Att have always been tied when it comes to pricing, so how is Vzw the most expensive? I always find it funny that Sprint has the best bang for the buck prices yet Att and Vzw have the most customers and yet keep gaining more.

Also it's sad that you would take the time to write all of that, it's not worth the energy.

it's cool cause I find it sad so many people choose to have VZW bend them over and stick it to them and those people are happy to do it.. And the only reason AT&T has so many customers is the iphone. If AT&T didn't have exclusivity to the iphone they would be beneath T-Mobile on number of customers. Their phone offerings are worse then T-Mobiles without Apples help.

your energy was well spent. People spend out their asses to have the iPhone. I can understand that, they like the new thing and people like expensive stuff, regardless of value. People still like to be seen in Starbucks, and still like to be seen with white wires and apple logos. So, basically people like expensive stuff, and sometimes can't help but pay more because they think they have the best when they do so. I'll buy an expensive shirt if I know I won't see anyone else with it (but that doesn't make sense here)
I still can't understand the VZW thing though, maybe they have the better business solutions.

vzw doesn't have better business solutions. They have the better Blackberrys. My company I work for went VZW for a whole week before they went back to Sprint/Nextel.

and as for people liking to overpay. That reminds me of a time I walked into this exclusive rich person mall in FtLauderdale. First you had to have proof of income over a million dollars (no joke). Then you get a special card you had to swipe to get in the doors next to a security guard like a doorman at a fancy apartment complex. It was crazy but I was there on a field trip from the college I was going to learning about marketing.

none the less the first shop I walked into to talk to the employees there about business there was this 5ft tall quartz statue of an eagle swooping down with a sixfoot wingspan and solid gold accents. The price on it was like 350,000.00. I then asked the employees who pays that much for something like that? Their answer.. "some people have more money then brains."

Verizon is cheaper than Sprint in my case. I have a family plan with 2 Pre Pluses and 2 dumbphones. On Sprint this plan would have to be split in two (more expensive), unless I were to put all the phones on a data plan (more expensive). I have been on Sprint before, and I have done the math.

Yes, Sprint roams on Verizon towers. HOWEVER, that roaming is limited to voice and 1xRTT data--no 3G! In my area, and in the area I last lived, the Sprint coverage was a joke, but the only way to rid myself of the fluctuating single bar of coverage was to force roaming. It's kind of nice to have solid signal without forcing anything, not to mention having 3G inside buildings.

I call landlines. A number of my relatives still use them exclusively. Free GPS nav is nice, but I don't care for it since I have a standalone unit. Verizon also has TEN MONTH upgrade options, they're just not as well advertised as Sprint Premier. Plans above a certain price qualify for 10 month upgrades (sound familiar, Premier people?), one has the option to pay $20 to turn a 2-year upgrade into a 1-year upgrade at the time of upgrading, and VZW gives you the option of 1-year contracts (yes, for more money).

I'm sure you haven't had a problem with Sprint coverage in a city or "main highway", but try coming to central PA or basically anywhere in NH, VT, or ME. The Verizon advantage becomes quite clear in those areas.

Obviously Sprint is better for some people and Verizon is better for others. I am merely suggesting that you recognize the validity of the latter point. I am paying less than I would on Sprint and receiving superior service, and that's good enough for me.

Coverage: If Sprint works where I am, then coverage is not a good argument.
And yes you can mix smartphones and regular phones but you have to have data on all the phones. It still is cheaper than Verizon.
Sprints price point includes all the Data goodies like Navigation, TV, Nascar (if you want it)in it data pricing.

No, it's not still cheaper than Verizon. Not in my case, anyway. It varies on a case-by-case basis.

And still no Flash. Whatever. We need something real then just an update so we can play more games.

new hardware just in time for the holidays only on Sprint of course ha! Sux for VZ ppl

no update yet 8:40 central time!

Figures. The very day after I switch from Sprint to Verizon the update hits!


Why the hell did you do that?

He had money to burn.

fool you just signed away your life for 2 yrs and Sprint gets Pre2 ths year not VZ ha!

Thank God for trials. Did you keep the receipt?


Who cares, honestly.
Wow, they're finally posting a release that was due out two months ago, a minor release at that?

So the next release will only take...a year?

Too little, too late.

This one is important because it brings the availability for U.S. users to download and run the PDK apps that have been ported over.

Other than that, I agree somewhat with the "too little, too late" comment - how many new android-based phones are available out there vs. webOS? The Apple style deathgrip on the OS just won't work if we're ever going to see more widespread adoption.

"The Apple style deathgrip on the OS just won't work if we're ever going to see more widespread adoption."

Yeah... because obviously no one has adopted the iPhone or the Mac or the iPad. That's proof that a complete integrated hardware and software solution will never work. No one uses Apple!


Ha . . . Apple . . . deathgrip.

Maybe I'm missing something but I see no compelling reason to upgrade to this rev.
I know that it will eventually be pushed to the phones but at least Apple and Nokia give us the choice to upgrade or not.

Thanks Palm.

You can push it off indefinitely, I've yet to see Sprint enforce an upgrade. Not to say they wont nag to you death about it though.

Conversely, I see no compelling reason not to upgrade to this rev.


Liking having something to bitch about?

Yeah, I dunno, seems baffling to me.

why would you not want bugs fixed and better performance even if you dont use those features, what's the big deal? I think u your the only person on the planet that would rather have out of date tech that has bugs instead of getting a free update that fixes them, does the few minutes it takes to update that inconvienent? Do it while you sleep. The real question is why are the majority of ppl so ignorant?

why switch from sprint to verizon? You like paying more?

Actually Im paying $35 a month less but the only reason I switched was Sprint is trash here at home and the Airave didnt help at all. If Im going to be roaming on Verizon 90% of the time they might as well get the money for the service they are giving me. Ive gone from zero bars to 4 bars at all times at home now.

it's not official til guy from Nam gets. Don't bother looking for update til he rubs "first!" in our faces

I do remember that. We even said "need pics or it didn't happen" then he posted pics and we tried to rip them apart to only find that he was the lucky one HOURS before everyone else.

Is it yesterday, today or tomorrow there? LOL

By now, it's tomorrow. They're about 14 hours ahead of me, which puts them at just past midnight (I think).

Bravo! Well worth the wait! Changelog is impressive!

--sent from evo 4g (former pre minus user)

hp, wake us up once you decide to release better hardware and maybe we'll come back...

it's comin 3rd quarter and you'll be cryin you jumped ship to your not so snappydragon, want to be multitasking, need to buy a man purse to carry dumbphone, I could go on and on.....so what color is your man purse anyway, pink? Ha! Fool!

you changed to an android phone, but forgot to change your bookmark to android central.

so long, buddy.

Please, don't come back. We don't need phandroids.

And 9 months after launch day the EVO won't be supported by HTC for updates anymore. Plus there's the whole 4g problem where it looks like the EVO's radio is the HDVD/Betamax of the 4g world.

You wont be back. There will always be a droid of the week with a screen that is .1mm bigger, a catalog with 10x as many GUI and book apps, and a bigger CPU running a less efficient o/s.

The fact that you continue to show up here with new Palm hardware so close, is because you're not getting the validation in the droid culture that you need, with newer droids of the week picking on you. In here, you feel like a big shot comparing your new slab with one that's over a year old.


they should have just skipped this update and gone straight to 1.5.... im not gonna waste my time downloading this.

Are we sure that date is not in European format and it really means October 8th, 2010?

I guess we are witnessing the (lack of) speed of HP!!!

Dang! I new there was a hook. :)

Even though I've moved to the Evo I still have my Pre on in wifi mode sitting on its touchstone, so I'll be checking this update out but honestly based on the change log its hard to get too excited, especially when compared to the Android 2.2 release that just came out for the Evo. Apples vs oranges, I know, but I was hoping for a little more for the Pre to keep people interested. Based on the numbers for last quarter Palm new sales are practically 0% of the marketshare and this (plus a lack of any new hardware news) isn't going to do much to help.

hardwares coming this fall, the aquisition just completed last month they need to time to make sure the product is complete and can compete. Android in general is not innovated its just everywhere, and even without Palm updated ever again will stil be leaps and bounds a better OS then whater Google brings out. Im glad you enjoy your EVO, and watch the mindshare change drasticly when the new hardware is released this holiday.

lack of new hardware news? Apparently you live under a rock....3rd quarter announced well over a month ago, do some reserch


give us flash..I was hopeing the delay was flash related. Wishful thinking had in my mind that the delay was from them embedding flash in the update rather app cat. Give me something HP to hold of the android jump. The Epic is around the corner and if it wasnt for the evo being sold out (and my premier status on the wrong number..had to wait 2 billing cycles to be corrected) I would be out. I love webos but I need at least a 4inch screen.

want flash?

go whine to adobe.com -- palm prepped the phone for flash in february.

And Palm has had the final version of Flash since late June. The ball is in Palm's court now.

According to Palm's release notes for 1.4.0:

"This release includes support for the Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta plugin."

Keyword: Beta

Why is this still an issue? I was "excited" for Flash for all of, like, a week after seeing that one guy's demo from almost a year ago.

Then I went back to enjoying my mostly-ad-free and stripped-down web browsing experience on my phone. Pages that normally take several seconds to load because of ads on my laptop load ridiculously fast on my Pre. More and more websites are providing HTML-based video and audio presentation and reducing their dependency on Flash. I don't play any games on my phone, and a lot of games I play on my PC are Java/HTML5-based.

If/when Flash DOES come to webOS, I hope I won't notice. I hope it doesn't degrade my web browsing experience or slow down my phone's performance.

@Atomic Playboy

Seems ironic that a guy with Playboy in his name can't think of what sites might possibly use Flash ;-)

Also, the Flash content won't run until you actually tap it. It then launches a separate window to play the content. So web page rendering should be just as speedy as before. I'm betting Palm will likely add a browser preference option to disable it completely.

Seems ironic that a guy with Playboy in his name can't think of what sites might possibly use Flash ;-)

...what? I realize you're trying to make a joke here, but frankly, I avoid those sites like the plague. Any site that uses Flash as its PRIMARY CONTENT is not worth my investment.

I've been following the mobile Flash development and I see that Flash content won't be "seamless" per se. I just don't want what is currently a "clean" web browser to get bogged down by dozens of Flash-detection modules, and I HOPE that there is an option like you describe to disable it completely. Or, just have Flash a completely separate component application that I don't have to install if I don't want it.

It's better than nothing. The fall is not too far off in the distance. I expect to hear some big things soon.

I get my new EVO tomorrow and my beloved pre turns from phone to toy to hack. I love palm and webos ( had a treo (palmos), centro, treo pro, palm pre, and palm pixi...wife uses the pixi) but it's just not worth holding out hope. We will see what the hardware is in a year (yay sprint premiere).

I'm excited...webOS bringing the native and hopefully boxed PDK apps...can't wait.

What's amazing is how many Android users who left webOS and are still keeping an eye on this forum. I'm in no rush and can always enjoy my Pre till something better with webOS arrives. Sorli...

for real.

there's a whole android central site to go and post on.

what's the point in coming here to rag on pre users still?

i think it's best summed up in this article:

To combat postdecisional dissonance, the feeling you have committed to one option when the other option may have been better, you make yourself feel justified in what you selected to lower the anxiety brought on by questioning yourself.

All of this forms a giant neurological cluster of associations, emotions, details of self-image and biases around the things you own.


While the attitude of some shipjumpers is iffy, what bothers me more is how iTard-like some of our own Pre fanboys are. I considered switching to an EVO for a while, which was strengthened by seeing some of my coworkers with them, and my prior experiences with the 4G network in Chicago...and seeing posts like the ones on this page don't help.

At first, I never wanted an iPhone because aside from the interface there was nothing really impressive about it. Three years later, there's still nothing really impressive about the hardware, but NOW what's preventing me from looking at the iPhone is the FANBASE. I would be ashamed to consider myself one of them, because the general attitude with every iProduct user I've ever met isn't just "my product is better than your product," it's "I'm better than you." I have yet to meet someone who owns an iPhone who isn't like that.

And now, I'm seeing it in the Palm fanbase. It's no longer about why my phone is good and what my phone's strengths are versus yours, it's "I'm better than you because of my Pre."

Fuck that shit. Don't make me ashamed to call myself a Palm fanboy.

I agree! I'm the only guy at the office with a Pre and I'm often shown the latest app followed by the typical, "can your phone do that?".
The answer is often "no"
Then the smug, "then why do you still have a Pre?" remark that usually shuts the conversation down; because they generally don't care why - it's just fun to point out what my phone *can't* do ;)

I find it interesting how many people actually equate their choice of phone to their social status - it's a PHONE for cryin' out loud.


Yeah, people should friggin' stick to using their car as a status symbol! :-)

I suppose I still come here because

1) I'm still using my pre until the EVO arrives and even then I plan on using it albeit Wi-Fi only
2) My wife uses a Pixi
3) I'm a big WebOS fan
4) If HP/Palm decide that they are going to release new hardware that is compelling then I will consider them during my next upgrade cycle, I'd like to stay informed.

Why so defensive over the mention of another brand of phone? Someone earlier posted a really good link and text about what causes fanboyism that perhaps you should examine...let me quote them for you:

To combat postdecisional dissonance, the feeling you have committed to one option when the other option may have been better, you make yourself feel justified in what you selected to lower the anxiety brought on by questioning yourself.

All of this forms a giant neurological cluster of associations, emotions, details of self-image and biases around the things you own.


Enjoy your Pre...I know I do just like I intend to enjoy my EVO as well.

I don't mind Android folk coming in here to make relevant and thoughtful discussion; I just hate it when Android folk come in here and make comments that add absolutely nothing to the topic at hand.

so what about all those apps that say they require can we still download them and have them work even though this update is missing the .1 (1.4.5)??? I hope those apps will work even though sprints update is missing the .1

Everything will work fine. If any software thats NOT directly Palm-approved (beta, homebrew, etc) doesn't work with the version, it's because the developer didn't add that specific version or version range to their compatibility checks.

1.4.5 has been out for weeks, so hopefully by now developers knew what was coming with and will be ready for or whatever.

Waiting on new N9 Meego. Would love new Palm hardware though. The lack of leaks is not exactly encouraging.
I love my Pre+ and am content to wait a long time for new hardware on the platforms I prefer (Nokia and WebOS).

I needs FLASH!!!!!

Buy a laptop?

I don't. I'm rather enjoying my web-browsing and gaming experience without it.

Great News for Sprint!

At least you have updates. We, the ones with Telcel still have 1.4.0. Don't complain.

One more time, THANKS TELCEL!!!!

To be honest I don't believe the new phone/hardware will be enough to overtake a huge part of the cell market... I believe it is up to the palm community to do it's part and viral the crap out of palm and it's wonderful webos that IMO makes most other OS's obsolete. Happy 1.4.5(.1?) Day! :-)

yes, that's what I did. I sent all of last semester in Oral Communications class raving about my Palm Pre. So they'll all know the name when Pre 2 hits the streets. And they'll stop and look and it and say "oh yea, that guy in class used to rave about this thing."

HPalm is coming out with a new phone! Oh maybe not.
I think the whole key to your idea is missing one important part. NO NEW PHONE! We can only hope.

Here's hoping they fixed the WiFi connection interface so I can connect to my $*($#%ing work network using PEAP.

@Atomic Playboy

Here is an excerpt from http://www.palm.com/us/business/#tab02:

(emphasis mine)

"Protect data over a Wi-Fi network connection with support for WEP/WPA/WPA2 and authentication protocols (EAP-TLS, PEAP v1/v2, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, and LEAP, sold separately)."

So perhaps your IT department has to buy something from Palm and install it on their Exchange Server.

Nope. It just doesn't work. Known problem. Major PITA.

I used to be able to connect to my schools PEAP WIFI network just fine until this update (1.4.5). Now it's broken. :(

I think the "sold separately" thing is just a standard disclaimer. The enterprise security stuff is standard but you do need the backend server software to handle the authentication. webOS should just support your network's security setup. PEAP was working for me until 1.4.5.

Please note that "Sprint branded default email signature corrected" means jacking with your email signature on each account independently. To something lame like "Sent on my Palm on the Sprint Now Network."

It's like Hotmail all over again.

Be sure you update that asap.

I personally don't really care either way, as long as it says "Sent from my Palm Pre" in some configuration.

"sent from my non-Flash year old Palm Pre"

That's fine with me.

I hate those things. I don't use signatures that say how I managed to email them. What the hell do they care??
"Ah, sent from his Palm Pr

true....because it's really really hard to change the email signature.

I been having problems with sprint tv. Says... error you are unauthorized to use this application. I'm wondering if the sprint tv update with will solve this.

Mobile Hotspot breaks again, joy!

I just put that on my phone for a trip I'm on... Sigh....

Did I just screw myself by updating 1.4.5 without removing theme and patches??

Theme, yes. Patches, no. All patches are AUPT-compatible (except for a select few that package a bunch of patches together; you know what those are).

If in fact 1.4.5 or similar drops today it will have been 4 months and 12 days since was released. Dont play BS games with me about Sprint holding up the release as i dont care. All I care about is me as my money is hard earned and there are simply better phones with better software and features available. If it were not for Unixpsycho and related team members, I would have left WebOS for Android as they are now leading the pack and offer updates and more importantly new features at a much faster pace. Androids dot releases pack more fixes and features than Palm and therefore Palm is losing ground each and every day.

In order for Palm to keep pace with the competition, 1.5 or even 2.0 WebOS is/was needed 4 months ago. Heck, Flash was provided to Palm on or before 6-22-2010, so I don't expect to see Flash until October or November at best.

My question to all of you is, Will we see Flash integrated into WebOS by the release time of Palm promised WebOS 2.0 before years end?

I dont think so nor do I think 2.0 will be here before years end due to their current release schedule.

The carriers are the ones that are holding back the update apparently. They were too busy providing for their new flagship devices than updating lil ol' webos.

The developers at Palm are hopefully still at it. They don't have time to twiddle their thumbs in this market. It has been said that 2.0 is on track for the end of this year, and I want to believe that. The carrier might just end up releasing it into the new year though...

u need anger management. you are an angry human-being. with your attitude, you should of been left and get an android. and with all your hard money, what stopping u from leaving. u know what, u don't even have any money. should go and put a sock in your mouth u ungrateful air head. WEBOS IS THE BEST!!!

Still nothing....

in my opinion because of the competition with android and such it warrants that hpalm release updates faster and in my opinion, f*** sprint and all the carriers man if hpalm wants their product to survive then they need to be releasing updates directly to the users like through the website or something. Otherwise sprint and vz and art are killing webos by how slow they approve the updates...

in my opinion because of the competition with android and such it warrants that hpalm release updates faster and in my opinion, f*** sprint and all the carriers man if hpalm wants their product to survive then they need to be releasing updates directly to the users like through the website or something. Otherwise sprint and vz and art are killing webos by how slow they approve the updates...

Android can't compete with Palm on the flow of OTA updates to the OS to the users. They simply can't because their OS is so fragmented. It's been 4 months since came out..... ONLY 4 months. The fixes were not anything to scream about from the mountaintops, but the speed increases alone were well worth the wait. I would imagine this release will be the same way.


Notice how the changelog lists an upgrade to Sprint TV? My bet is that there was a compatibility issue between the tv app and the update, so Sprint had to work that fix into it.

Now let's see who will spread that rumor...=)

Usually that means a few more stations are getting dropped.

So when can I get 1.4.5 for my Verizon Palm Pre Plus?

IMO (at this time) Sprint is without a doubt, the best carrier. Why? They have the most mature, yet under populated network PERIOD. The network is even faster than at&t's or VZ's when you consider how populated their networks are. Also, Sprint has 4G...if ya are in a cover area (I am). AND, there is NO doubt you pay allot less for far more than anyone else.

Verizon is getting LTE in a couple of months o.0
And AT&T has the fastest 3G speeds.

ATT has the fastest 3G speeds.

You're a marketers dream, believe everything you see on commercials do you? I've yet to meet an iPhone user that doesn't kvetch about download speeds on their network and the few times we've tested, my Pre on Sprint has bested them.

You guys are funny. The grass is always greener somewhere else. My wife has a Cliq running Android 1.5 for over a year. They promised an upgrade to 2.1 the 2nd quarter of this year but have delayed it and given no timeframe for its release. Go see how many good apps you can get running Cupcake. I too want new hardware and Webos 2.0 but come on guys HP just barely bought Palm.

Highfive! Relaxing does wonders for waiting for things.

You win. This is probably the only post on this thread worth reading, the rest are filled with angsty opinions about how other people feel Palm or should be run. Let's not forget the people who waited for this release day so they can come here and talk about how "It's too late" because "I already switched to ". So Yah, I am with you.. I love my palm, am completely satisfied with it, and don't need the newest-new every 2 days to make my life complete.

Well said!!!

in my opinion because of the competition with android and such it warrants that hpalm release updates faster and in my opinion, f*** sprint and all the carriers man if hpalm wants their product to survive then they need to be releasing updates directly to the users like through the website or something. Otherwise sprint and vz and art are killing webos by how slow they approve the updates...

being a sprint palm pixi user, and i live in kansas city,(so 3g is till fast.)the pixi competes with my girls Iphone on web page,but she is trying to keep up with my little pixi. Its sad more people dont know how good palm is, and that it has the best smartphone os out there period. They might not have the support, but i think that is coming with 2.0 and the new hardware.

I also use clear web 4g internet which is also awesome, they just need to put this damn update out, I have had my pixi since feb, and i love it just need 3d gaming on it.

Can't anyone just be happy that there is an update? I mean, it's not as if Palm is beating you with a stick by fixing a few bugs and enabling PDK apps.



A little off topic of the 1.4.5 info... but why when I check my updates does it ALWAYS say I have Application updates. I click the "Show Updates" button and it opens a new window with all my apps WITH NO UPDATES AVAILABLE. Gawd I hate that. Anyone else with this issue? Everyone else have this issue??

I have the same issue, and I read somewhere that there's a conflict between your Palm Profile and the apps actually installed on your Pre. So it's causing your Pre to think there's an update to an app not actually on your phone.

If I am completely incorrect, I apologize in advance.

I had this problem a while back. There was one app that for some odd reason the update didn't take. I went to the app store without going through the update tool and was able to install the update and it got rid of the problem. Not sure if this will help or not.

Where's my GPS fix? :o(

I only want new hardware so the fanboys can shut up. Palm, HP, SAVE ME!

App store is down for me as well.

Not down for me @ 1:10pm CST

Update: down at 1:15pm CST

Still down for me 12:19 Mountain Time.

I knew there was a reason why 4 months ago went over to android it looks like I'll be back if sprint don't come out with a new pre or something

Really?????? That comment makes absolutely zero sense.

App catalog back up

Was able to fix podcast downloads on my ATT Pre+ by copying the updated LunaDownloadMgr to my device. Now I don't need 1.4.5.

When is 1.5 or 2.0 coming out?

2:48PM in the Northeast and I still haven't seen the update yet. I hope it comes soon because I never realized how god awful slow my Pre- is without UberKernel!

UberKernal installed through PreWare is OTA compatible, so you can leave it on until the update comes, then WebOS Internals will have a fix for it within 24hrs.

Only thing you have to uninstall is Themes and test kernals not in PreWare

I'm a web developer and while building a new version of our web site today I almost typed 1.4.5 as the version number.

WOW...now thats funny.

Sounds like a (now) classic case of 1.4.5 on the brain. I may play 145 Pick 3 tonight!

2:30 CDT and nothing yet. My guess is that it's going to go out at 11:59:59, Pacific time, or just not at all. I would really love to know the real reason everyone in the US is getting this so late...

So it's 2:45CDT and nothing?!!!! Has anyone in the continental US been able to download this thing OTA today???