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Sprint's totally cool with you using your old Pre on one of their MVNOs 8

by Derek Kessler Tue, 05 Mar 2013 7:38 pm EST

Sprint's totally cool with you using your old Pre on one of their MVNOs

Got an old Sprint Palm Pre or Pixi or FrankenPre sitting around that you'd like to put to work on another network? Turns out that even though, according to the Librarian of Congress' interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act the unlocking of cellphones is illegal without carrier approval, Sprint is totally on the side of giving you said approval.

Sprint announced today in a press release that they have no problem with you using your old Sprint phone on another network - so long as it's one of Sprint's own MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). In essence, you can use your old Sprint phone on any network, so long as it's Sprint. The list of MVNOs that ride on Sprint's network is actually more than twenty operators long and includes popular names like Virgin, Boost, and Republic. Sprint's touting the option to use your old Sprint smartphone as the "Bring Your Own Sprint Device" program, taking the initiative to lower "the number of inactive phones in the market, diverting phones from landfills." Also, Sprint gets another paying customer without having to deal with the costs of subsidizing a new phone. A growing portion of the customers on Sprint's networks are on these MVNOs, which typically are of the pre-paid no-contract variety as opposed to the traditional post-paid contract system on which Sprint's network was built.

It's worth noting that Bring Your Own Sprint Device, as the name says, only applies to Sprint devices. And that's not just because Sprint hates that Verizon Pre Plus you happen to have sitting in a drawer. While it might be technically possible given the right proprietary bits to reprogram a Verizon phone to work on Sprint or vice versa (we may or may not have be done so with regularity back in the heady day of the Palm Treo), it's a much more difficult endeavour these days. Besides, Sprint wants you to use their phones.

Source: Sprint; Via: The Verge



So, this sounded interesting....I went to Virgin Mobile and checked their plan price for unlimited text and data + 1200 anytime minutes and it is a cool $45/month....very nice. Better than Sprint's plan with my FrankenPre2 since I have never used over 1200 talk minutes per month. But, on their FAQ it says in response to the question if they support devices from other carriers, "No, you cannot use a mobile phone from another wireless carrier, or any unlocked device. But it's the perfect excuse to get a new phone."

So, Sprint is saying you can "bring your own Sprint device" but Virgin Mobile says no you can't? I'm confused.

It was just announced today... you may have to give time to the services to update their posted rules.

question if I was to move my frankenpre2 I assume I would have to do the conversion again?

I would not go on any Sprint MVNO unless it was absolutely necessary. If your FP2 is on another carrier, stay there. Sprint speeds are horrible!!! NO webOS device has 4G LTE capability so why bother?

But if you're already on Sprint, you can cut your bill in half!

As to the original question, it depends on if they need to re-activate your phone. If they end up having to un-link it for some reason, or pretty much anything on their back end, you'll have to switch back over to your Pre- for activation and then run the conversion again.

If Sprint had done this 8 months ago, I would probably still be pumping them full of money. To bad...I guess. I'm much happier with HSPA+ speeds at half the price, even if it's without webOS.

I'm using the veer on att, but this is nice to know. I still have my old pre that I use as a wifi device in my home when I want a larger screen or when the veer is charging. The veer isnt supposed to be true 4g, but I have noticed faster speeds since att updated to 4g in my area. Maybe it's just less network congestion tho.

Sprint clarified that Virgin and Boost are not part of this love-fest since they are corporate-owned entities. I checked with Ting and they emailed me back saying that Pre/Pixi are not going to be supported.

If anyone has succesfully obtained Sprint As You Go service, or Boost, Virgin, or "any" pay as you go using a pre-owned Sprint iPhone 4 cdma phone I would sure love to hear when and how. I have spent the past 2 days trying to obtain Pay As You Go service with Sprint, Boost, Ting, Virgin and other cdma (forgive typos, its very late) with NO luck! My Sprint iPhone is indeed a pre-owned Sprint iPhone 4 with a "clean ESN" verified by Sprint themselves! I have been passed bsck and forth with each company's tech support, supervisors and their supervisors, emailed all and am frustrated, disapointed, and at a loss where and Who has been successful getting a Sprint iPhone activated on a pay as you go plan? I purchased my iPhone to use on Sprint and not one company will let me do it, not even Boost where I currently have service! Help! Insane! Please DO repost THIS, I live in NH!
I would love an email where anyones done this because in my experience the last 56 hrs none will do what they say!
chat gram at gmail dot com.