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Stacks: multitasking made smarter [webOS 2.0] 36

by Derek Kessler Tue, 31 Aug 2010 2:51 pm EDT

Stacks in webOS 2.0 If you’re anything approaching a power user of webOS, then you know the frustration that can arise from having several cards open while managing multiple tasks. While that is the very definition of multitasking, having all of your apps laid out in a line isn’t exactly the easiest way of getting said multiple tasks accomplished. Thankfully, webOS 2.0 is coming to the rescue by making it possible to organize cards into Stacks.

There are two ways to perform this organization. The first is the one that we think we’re going to like: Stacks will logically group your cards based on how they’re launched. It works like this: You fire up Email, open a message, and tap a link in it. That launches the web browser, and that card will be stacked with the originating Email card. You head back to Email, tap the reply button, and the compose card is also grouped with the original Email card and the web browser card.

There are dozens of scenarios we could name (RSS-opened links, product comparison in multiple web browser cards, etc) that the automatic flavor of Stacks would enhance, but we’ll leave it up to your imagination - and the comments - for further elaboration.

The second part of Stacks is manual management. If you’re not happy how Stacks is grouping things, want to create your own stack, or feel like splitting off a card and starting a new Stack for a different task, you’re more than allowed to do so. Just like the webOS cards metaphor right now lets your grab onto a card and move it to somewhere else in the line of running apps, Stacks will permit you to grab cards and pull them out of, group them into, and add them to existing Stacks with relative ease.



Hell yes! All this news is making look even more forward to the new Palm phone supposedly coming out this year.

I can't wait to see my Pre Plus get hardware accelerated CSS transitions, further extending its value.

Did they announce somewhere they'll have that?

Nice, this one is for all the troll-skis that didn't think the UI could be further refined and improvedwithout the 4-5 WebOS "Fathers" departing. Good stuff. It's nice to see the o/s so accadating for updates like this.

PreDogs I will have to agree with you on this. This stacks feature gets me really excited though.. There's been times I have been flipping between 6 cards at a time.

what another thing that I see stacks doing for me is text messages. Not uncommon for me to hold 4-7 text convos at the same time... Stacks would work awesome with the new card for each text convo patch. I can stack my convos all together and quickly flip between convos without waiting for the 1 card to open the new text.

This sounds so freekin' cool! Can't wait!

I wasn't sure I would like this when I read it in the main v2.0 article, but when explained as it was in this article, it sounds pretty cool. Useful even. :)

I'll have to try it. Just incase, I hope there's a preference to turn off stacks. How will you go between aps in a stack? Click the sliver of a card in a stack to put it in focus?

My thoughts exactly, exciting times!

The best way to manage Stacks would be to use the "bounce" that happens when you flick a card down (in minimized card view). Downward Flick=Stack Shuffling

...Simple, Elegant, webOS 2.0.

These sound like cool ideas.

I like the idea of this but think it would be so much easier or pruductive if you could click the background to minimize the stack and then be able to drop the minimized stack some place on the desktop (background) kind of like setting a stack of cards on a table top. Then you could see all stacks available rather than having stacks in a linear scrollable fasion.

so far away, you would probably not be able to see what the cards are. Not to mention that the linier "hand" of cards would overlap.. It just starts getting messy imo.

ok I can see how the small screen would cripple the idea but imagine it on a tablet. I think it would be a great way to organize ur cards or stacks.

Yep, a tablet or toaster would make this highly use-able with out needing too much finesse. The touchscreens on the Pre are not known for the fine-level accuracy. Hopefully something they can improve on if the screens stay on the compact side.

One thing Palm would need to do is make sure if you have browser windows open is that the phone displays the actual webpage and not a blank card. I hate that, I can never tell what webpage I want to read because I have to scroll through all of them to get the preview to show.

Now I just need more power under the hood so I can actually have several cards open at once. Oh, Roadrunner, Roadrunner, wherefore art thou?

one word... Uberkernel... Works beautifully

With each new announcement, WebOS is getting more and more "Insane"! It already is a trendsetting OS, and will do for smartphones what Java did for the PC.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"


duplicate comment sorry

Can we see a video of this in action? I'm not understanding how to switch between cards in a stack and switch between stacks themselves. Perhaps someone with the SDK can show us via the emulator.

You move your finger slowly over a stack to see the individual cards, and quicker to move between stacks.

I hope they add the ability to load a card in the background. It'd be great to through AN rss feed and load up stories in the back till I'm ready to read through them.

Well, I guess they liked my stack idea. I'm sure other people had the same idea, too.

I'd been thinking about how the could utilize the infinite indexing layout like Vista uses. So this looks like a create play on that. Cant wait to see it in action.

Hey, how does the article's author (Derek) know that this is how the stacks will work? What's his source? I read the webOS 2.0 introduction page on, but it didn't have this kind of detail:

Just curious, 'cause I'd love to read more news on it.

Because he is the man.

Derek knows all. After Rahul made Derek his bi-atch, they gave him some insight to the new goodies to make him feel better

Woah. This is absolute perfection. This is exactly the way I work. This is what I need. I can't wait for webOS 2.0 now. This looks... fucking amazing.

Where is the NEW hardware to go along with WebOS 2.0... so tempted... by other phones...

With HP getting involved in price cuts on Sprint units, we're getting awfully close to hardware announcements.

Just when I thought multitasking couldn't get any better on WebOS - BAM! It did. My waiting is going to pay off. Go Palm!

hopefully you will click on a stack and it will raise and open the set for you to choose which card you'd like just as the original card set lying beneath moves, and possibly out of view.

this is simply terriffic huh guys
man that's gona be so awesome! Lets all cellibrate by watching my YouTube videos :D

type zerro69, search it, click on my account, and watch, rate, comment & share.

hopefully we'll be able to 'fan' the cards open and closed. That'd be a nifty 2 finger gesture.