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State of the Mobile Nations Survey: We need your opinion! 39

by Kevin Michaluk Mon, 03 Dec 2012 4:10 pm EST

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With new Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices hitting the market this fall, and new BlackBerry 10 phones just around the corner in early 2013, there have never been so many amazing phones on the market to choose from.

Before the holiday season hits, we wanted to pause for a moment and check in to see where everybody is at. It'll only take a minute or two to fill out this State of the Mobile Nations survey, and we'll love you forever if you do. Thanks for participating!

Take the Survey!

Editor's Note: Our apologies for the earlier ommission of webOS - the survey has been updated to reflect that. Also, yes, we are aware that this survey cannot be taken using the HP TouchPad's browser; it's not our fault the webOS 3.0 browser doesn't offer proper support for the full spectrum of web protocols.


No WebOS option on Question 1....

I would love to participate in the survey, but with my current phone running WebOS there is no valid answer to question 1.
What a shame!

I cannot make selections on my TouchPad in this survey. Please fix and I'll finish it.

Well I got stuck on question 1... -_-

Some hastily written webOS options were pasted in after this went to press...

And you are 100% correct: TouchPad is amazing. :D

webOS is now part of the survey! Refresh it and start over :)

Refressssh! Just making sure you're all paying attention. I just wanted to make sure there were some comments on this blog post! :)



That is not really fooling the people you shunned...

"Just making sure you're all paying attention"


Can't take the survey on the stock touchpad browser, guess I'll have to use a desktop browser to take a survey on a mobile nations site about mobile devices.

Same here..

Funny how the stock TouchPad browser still sucks when it comes to standards support.

Time to boot into cm_9.

No. I refuse.

Spiderman uses webOS.

Excellent! Made me laugh.

+20 :-)

Webos is not included in #7 as well

Because WebOS devices are no longer sold.

Question 7 has no relevance to current retail availability.

webOS devices are in fact sold every day at places like eBay, Amazon, etc... There is still plenty of interest in buying webOS devices. BNIB Veers are available on

But still, there is nothing relating to ability to purchase from a Cellular Provider implicit in Question #7.

when will you be posting the results?

What if I turn on my Veer once in a while and use Touchpad, but love and use Maemo (Nokia N900) as my primary smartphone device?
What if my next smartphone is most likely going to be with the Sailfish OS by Jolla?

Then this survey is not for me?
(you could add a few 'Other' options)

Don't confuse the poor author... He is trapped in a bubble of rampant consumerism.

Usability and choice do not compute for some.

yup, no love for webos on 7....

what kind of advanced or new protocols are required for a simple questionaire?

Apparently the ability to perceive clearly who the target audience of the poll will be is beyond the scope of whatever OS was used to pen this fiasco.

how can i choose my Next phone's Operating System in question number 3:

Open webOS [[[ ]



Because webOS is not in production anymore.
WebOS is now an android app,

Well it is. It is still developed as Open webOS and ported to new devices like the Galaxy Nexus. I would only buy a new device if it runs webOS, otherwise I stick with my Pre 3 which is still working like a charme.

This poll reeks of conformist thinking.

Good citizens of all Nations: I URGE YOU TO BOYCOTT THIS POLL.

Unless you are an iSheeple, then you can carry-on as you were. :p

Boycotting doesn't help... better to simply write in webOS where you can.

"Also, yes, we are aware that this survey cannot be taken using the HP TouchPad's browser;"
That statement should've stopped there... but of course...
"it's not our fault the webOS 3.0 browser doesn't offer proper support for the full spectrum of web protocols."
On a brighter note, I made it as far as question 3! Before getting told that webOS is no longer an OS on a "future device" *cough*Galaxy Nexus Port*cough* Kind of disappointing really...

Since when are radio buttons a "web protocol"?  Real radio buttons work just fine on the Touchpad.. what the heck are these abominations?  
The webOS browser supports html standards pretty darn well.  If I can't take a survey on every widely available browser, it's poorly built.  And yes, the Touchpad browser is pretty widely available.  

As someone noted on the forums... It would be nice if the survey actually passed W3C validation (to actually have met a standard or "protocol")... This whole survey really made shit hit the fan here didn't it?

From my protest thread -

"The whole thing reads like the author was attempting to narrow down his personal choice of which new, just out, available through his carrier of choice phone and tablet he should ask Santa (aka: Mommy and Daddy) to get him for Christmas.

There is truly no relevance to the actual state of devices in people's hands currently. It's just a giant commercial for what is available right at this moment. "

So as for the plea in the title... We at webOS Nation are endeavoring to deliver our opinions, through the means we are left with. Thanks for thinking of us as an afterthought that had to be dragged into your attention span...

Way to cover the entire umbrella of sites which you represent.

"it's not our fault the webOS 3.0 browser doesn't offer proper support for the full spectrum of web protocols."
The above statement is a pretty sad comment coming from Mobile Nations. I can see this coming from a commenter/poster but is not very professional response from the "management"

Derek, help!!!!!!

What a classic.
"1. Your current phone?" -> "other" + specify-field is missing
"3. The operating system of your next phone?" -> "other" + specify-field is missing
"7. Which of the following mobile platforms do you "perceive" to be the best for:" -> "other" + specify-field is missing

And yes, even if US err Mobile Nations is solely covering current (mainstream) platforms Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, webOS, maybe there are guys who a) already use or b) want something different.

/me thinks of Plasma Active tablets, devices with Mer/Sailfish or other real Linux distributions without crippled mobile interfaces on it, etc. Even without "ecosystems" but supporting open standards so i can choose & mix services/devices of my choice.

You guys may as well be arguing over why a new survey on home theaters doesn't include an option for Hd DVD player in the section on future purchases.

Remember back in the day when the mobile os sites used to have a site for nokia symbian os? That is where this website is headed.

I liked web OS. Now I can't buy it, and if I did, what would I do with it? Move on. Even the admins of this site thik you are crybabies.

Sent from my touchpad using a great Swiftkey and dolphin browser...