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State of the Mobile Nations Survey - What's Your Next Tablet? 38

by Derek Kessler Thu, 16 Feb 2012 4:27 pm EST

State of the Mobile Nations Survey

The tablet wars are heating up! Apple is getting set to announce the iPad 3 next month. BlackBerry is going to release a major PlayBook OS update any day. The Kindle Fire is hot as is the Transformer Prime in a sea of Android tablets. And Windows 8 tablets are getting ready to enter the battle.

With so much going on we wanted to take a moment and find out where you weigh in on the tablet wars. We have five quick questions (and one bonus) that will take you less than a minute. Hit the link below.

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I think you've missed a bit of a trick with the survey, on the question which was "which tablet will you buy next" - you needed an option that was something along the lines of "after having a tablet, I don't plan to buy another" - because it would be interesting to know how many people after having a tablet (I have a touchpad) are not convinced it's worth replacing it.

What CGK said - I only bought the TouchPad b/c of the fire sale & being supportive of the platform. I still don't really see the increased productivity usefulness of it.

Along those lines, I agree. I missed out on all of those - I really tried. But now I bought it from woot this year. So I did buy a "new" one this year and this is the one I actually would prefer to stay with.

Not that any quick survey would get every variable. Long live Palm!

Agreed - that option should be there.

I couldn't even answer the first question on the survey.

I can't do the survey on my touchpad. :-(


I just did.

Edit: I used Advanced Brower in landscape mode. See if changing the orientation sorts out those html controls...

It's not working in Advanced Browser for me, regardless of orientation. I can get a selection highlighted, but the radio button never changes state.

The irony isn't lost on me...

The same with my TouchPad, but using the stock browser.

I just did with the stock browser on my TouchPad.

Works fine on my Samsung galaxy s ii :'(


I agree with CGK & lcdata. I only bought the Touchpad because of the firesale. But then I really came to love WebOS. I tried CM7 and it was pretty cool but I've since removed it and went back to WebOS fulltime. But even so, I don't think I'll replace it with another 10inch tablet because I don't really use it as much as I thought I would.

I was looking forward to the 7" touchpad that was supposed to be released last fall to replace my Nook Color running cyanogenmod, but just picked up an Acer Iconia Tab A100 instead. For $260, it has GPS, blutooth, dual core tegra CPU, front and rear facing cameras (and flash) and HDMI out - all in a nicely portable 7" package. Great bang for the buck.

Touchpad till the end. Everything else just doesn't matter to me right now...

When I reach the point in which I have no choice, I'll probably hit up an iPad since I'll eventually have an iPhone after my Sprint Pre minus dies...

I'll be staying with my Touchpad...they can take it from me when they remove it from my cold, dead my chair...surfing the web while watching Castle...updating Facebook...checking my email...AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Take that Android & Apple...posers!

LMAO hilarious - webOS fanboys are even worse than Apple fanboys!

I know some Android fanboys and they are just as rabid about Android. To each his/her own I always say. It's o.k. to like whatever floats your boat. WebOS serves my needs just fine.

Getting my Touchpad Today....Only bought it cause it was an amazing deal as it was priced like the Kindle Fire.

Wanted to wait for the W8 tablets but gave in cause of the price. I will none theless by a Samsung W8 tablet when they are released. Yes Samsung cause I have an Omnia 7 that I love and that I have dropped at least a 1000 times and still kicking.....

I cannot activate those radio-buttons on my Touchpad. And this happens on a survey postet on Cool thing. :-)

Having just got the TP, I don't really see a need to buy yet another device of this form factor within a year or so. Right now I think we're in more of a software race rather than a hardware war. Tablet UIs still have a lot of refining to undergo, and I suspect with open webOS dropping in September, and ICS getting some time to flesh out we should see a lot of innovation and refinements. I'll be content that can have a device that run builds of both of those platforms. Additionally, the transition to HTML 5 and web tech into a real development platform IS happening, and puts webOS a distinct advantage. I'll be interested to see how iOS and Android are managed in order to keep up with this trend.

That said, what WOULD be nice in a new tablet is HDMI out, USB ports, and an SD card slot...

You do have a USB port in your TP.

Sadly - it's unpowered.

I can't seem to complete the survey using my TouchPad.

This one's easy since I already have a 32GB TouchPad:
-Vendor maker/brand impartial - in fact whoever steps up first gets my $
-32GB or higher
-Open webOS 1.0 or higher
-Color=black, case=non-glossy, prefer TouchStone rubber'ish coating.
-Front and rear camera (higher the better)
-Good battery life (as good as or better than what we have now)
-Ability to change out the battery. Case won't be uni-body though and that's JUST FINE! No more tool marks eh HP?
-microSDHC card support or better
-Wireless keyboard support as good or better than what we have now
-TouchStone support
-microHDMI output
-Built in GPS
-Carrier support would be nice since we didn't "get that option really".
-Ability to use Android Apps somehow.
-Higher res screen. Though the screen is nice now, I would love to see the resolution higher.

Ya, that's about it for now. I'm sure someone will add things I've missed.

"Color=black, case=non-glossy, prefer TouchStone rubber'ish coating."

I wonder what brain-dead idiot came up with the glossy idea. I hardly can find any hardware that is not glossy.
I also cannot find anybody who actually likes it.

It looks nice for the first minute after unpacking and then looks terrible from then on.
Plus being slippery is not a good feature on a tablet.

p.s. Coming with open webos goes without saying. ;-)

Touchpad till the end, I never leave home without it, I just Love it

The "What's your current tablet?" question really should have been multi-select. I wouldn't be surprised if many TouchPad owners, in particular, also own other tablets. I have both a TP and a Kindle Fire. Each get used for different scenarios.

There isn't anything new right now. Ask this question next month after the iPad 3 event and you will see all of the "I'm so tempted to jump ship", "webOS is so dated" posts.


It is highly likey that my next tablet will be a 7" - 8" Windows 8 WOA tablet. I currently have the orginal 7" Galaxy Tab from Verizon that I use all the time. I also have a 16gb Touchpad that I got during the fire sale; I only use it as a picture frame.

I hope that Samsung makes a 7.7" Windows 8 WOA tablet.

Hopefully the rumours about the 10.1" Samsung Note are true, as that would be my next tablet. I found 7" too small to read magazines/pdfs, where 10" seems to be the sweet spot. And being an ex-Newton owner, I'm probably one of the minority that misses a stylus. So far the capacitive pen offerings on the iPad (which at this stage has the best handwriting apps), just don't cut it. Otherwise the Touchpad seems to be a good fit for me at this stage (bar no handwriting) :)

The survey already started badly when I couldn't correctly answer the first question.

"PC" usually implies Windows.
The question should have been:

Especially since Macs are PCs, and can also run Linux.

A more accurate question :

1. Main OS :
- GNU/Linux
- OS X
- Windows

That's so true. Also, it should allow for multiple responses. For instance
I use Both Windows and Linux
I own two different types of phones. [webOS and Android]
I own 3 tablets. [iPad, Touchpad, Transformer]

seems like the voting is over. The link just goes to advertise the survey tool. And, no results are posted.

So I couldn't do the survey from my TP but I was able to do it from my Pre+ 1.4.5. That just seemed wrong to me.

Right now I am looking for an Android tablet to by for Hubby's BD because he has an Android phone.

I am making the most of my webOS devices and holding out as long as I can. I figure that I can make them last until either webOS gets some sort of revival or someone else (Android or Blackberry or MS) has copied everything good from webOS.

Blackberry Playbook - exceptional tablet. Superb bargain at £200.

HP TouchPad - got it at firesale prices and it's been a disappointment from day one. Once Ice Cream Sandwich goes to Beta it will be on the TouchPad. Doubt I would ever boot into webOS again.

Some folks might call me a troll, but I'm just being honest.

Of the listed tablets, I would probably pick Windows 8. But only if it ran all Windows applications. If it only runs Metro apps, absolutely forget it. If I want a separate tablet OS that also lets me run tablet apps on my computer (basically what Windows 8 for ARM is), why can't I do that with WebOS? I've got the emulator already, it should be possible to integrate it better on my PC.

I don't run Mac or PC! I'm a Linux man.
(and no, trolls, I'm not interested in your semantic arguments)