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Step-by-step guide to Plusing your Sprint Pre 49

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 Aug 2010 8:06 pm EDT

Sprint Palm Pre Plus mod

PreCentral forum member livinofframen has put together a step-by-step guide to turning your Sprint Pre into a Pre Plus that still runs on Sprint. As you’ve probably figured out, it requires a Sprint Pre to start, plus a Pre Plus (of any variety, really). Then of course, there’s a little bit of meatball surgery and software hacking and tweaking to get it all running. In short: swap out the radio board from the Sprint Pre into the Pre Plus and then meta-Doctor the device with a tweaked Sprint webOS installation. Okay, it’s a touch more complicated than that, but all the steps are there to make it happen. Voilà, instant Sprint Palm Pre Plus, to go with your equally rare Sprint Pixi Plus.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Via: Engadget; Thanks to Colonel Kernel for the heads up!



wow. Cool. I guess. Is it easy enough for anyone to do?

Hm, how many are realistically going to do this?

I'm thinking about it. I see lots of PPP's on craigslist for about $100.

I've got Sprint insurance and I'm sitting on a free upgrade. Best of both worlds, great and value oriented Sprint service and the very best Palm hardware has offer at the moment. All this with the uber should have the trollies checking in six times an hour hoping/praying/needing utter failure.

I'm sure this won't go horribly wrong.

here is the rest of the link:

get the app, you can easily shrink a link, it automatically copies, then you can paste into comment. It's sweet

(btw I am NOT the dev for that, besides its free... I think)

Wow....that just went five miles over my head.

What happens with updates?

I also wrote a posting on how to disassemble the device which has some other tips to help get things apart without breaking anything:

If anyone has any parts left over after doing this, please contact me. I'm especially looking for left-over GSM comms boards.

-- Rod

do you have you tube on this

This is awesome. Although cost of Pre Plus + Most likely destroying my phone = Not worth it. Glad I have the option though.


not to mention it takes serious cajones to try this

do you have you tube on this

I have the same question others do: 1) Do the Sprint specific apps like Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV remain? 2) What if any are the downsides from a Sprint perspective? (Things working vs. not working as compared to the stock Sprint Pre.)

Thanks. If basically Sprint Nav and Sprint TV are unchanged, but I get the extra ram and storage... I'm in!

Sprint Nav and Sprint TV work perfectly (though I should admit I don't have any extra subscriptions in Sprint TV).

There's really no downside to this compared to the Sprint Pre if you do it right.

I wouldn't even know where to start, not even after looking at the detail instructions. :-)

Good thing I just happen to have a Pre Plus laying around.....

... wait

Nice...I've been waiting for some info on how to significantly improve my Sprint Pre like this. I figure that if HPalm doesn't come out with a new phone (that runs on Sprint) within a couple of months then I'm bound to get a new phone one way or another. So it is worth trying to perform surgery on my Pre.

Hell I'm gonna try it...what's the worst that will happen I'll mess something up, and sprint will just send me another one for free with no questions asked. That's how it worked the 4 other times I my pre messed up :-D

I think this is awesome, and a good use for leftover parts that ordinarily would be thrown away.

haha, how bad is it that precentral is the source, but they got this story via engadget?!

How much easier for Sprint to just release the Pre Plus. I don't even need fanfare. Just sell me one already setup for Sprint! I'll keep it for a year and then buy the then-current webOS device.

Have you doctored it to an earlier version to see if it truly is like a sprint pre?

I can only imagine the warranty would be void. But I think I've probably voided mine with patches and installing Mobile Hotspot etc.....

The top right screw (when looking at the back) has a Palm logo sticker on it. I'd have to imagine that removing the sticker or puncturing it is an instant voided warranty.

you have a good imagination

I usually take all that stuff off when I take mine in for a new one (b/c something messed up) in other words I prob did something wrong, but neway, usually I take it all off but this last time I took it in for a blown speaker, and the ordered me a new one right on the spot... I still had a bunch of patches installed along with the mobile hotspot still on it. This time I also had a chip missing on BOTH sides and I stopped in the NEXT day to pick up my NEW Pr?! I LOVE SPRINT AND PALM!!!

And don't forget! You could probably reverse the process and get an original Pre on VZ or ATT. I'm sure people are going to jump right on that...

Succeeded for Bell as well...

Though I haven't activated it yet to try. It does make calls to the Bell customer service line though.

If I had found this a few months sooner, I wouldn't have jumped ship :(

Dont sweat it. When the new hardware hits soon with full API's, then watch for the next Sprint step-out TOS opportunity. 8-9 months is not that long to suffer with another phone, you knew that when you jumped with HP onboard.

This seems to scream for Sprint to do a similar upgrade to their existing Pre's and use the spare parts for other refurbishes


I got all the way to the "enter password" in my virtual box ubuntu linux terminal and it won't let me type anything. What a waste of 2 hrs. I figured if I could get the software hack to work the hardware swap would be a breeze, but no such luck. I guess I could waste a few more hrs and try again tomm but seems like more trouble than it's worth. GIMME NEW HARDWARE SPRINT/PALM PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!

I did this with a Verizon Pre Plus. I should note that initially I needeed a metadoctored Verizon image to get it to change its mind to think it's a Sprint device: it wouldn't accept a Sprint image right off. Then later I doctored it with a Sprint image, and the upgrade to 1.4.5 went w/o a hitch.

I liked the keyboard a bit better on my original Pre, but other than that, I am quite happy with this upgrade. It took me hours to do, and getting it all apart wasn't very intuitive for me, even with all the pictures.

I even found someone interested in my old Pre + Verizon board for some kind of experimentation. :)

I had made Palm Pre Sprint to GSM by replace radio GSM and them up rom GSM. It's very easy

You should do it yourself, and sell them to us less savy people!

Well, I just bought a bad ESN Verizon Pre Plus and a Sprint Pre with a bad screen on eBay. If it works out, I wonder if I should sell it here or via eBay... here I could easily ask for a Sprint phone in trade so I could continue...

Why oh why would anyone want to do this? The current phones running webos are terrible phones that have been built on the cheap, have a number of issues, aren't being sold and have what has got to be the worst app store for any platform.

Dont try to understand why we modify perfect cars, upgrade phone hardware, build outdoor decks three times larger than we need, snare women two at a time.

It's manly stuff, all testosterone. MEN demand challeges and are willing to risk failure in pursuit of success. Please pick up your purse and droid-of-the-week and let a more feminine looking woman take your place in the WebOS Arena.

freakin' hysterical!!!



I hear people say that the current WebOS phones are terrible phones, but I don't see it. I had my Sprint Pre replaced once because of something I did to it (dropped in water). I have not seen the fabled "Oreo" syndrome I've heard so many people talk about on either of mine or the store models that are out to play with and neither have my 3 cousin's and 2 close friends that all have Sprint Pre's. I've also heard that as the Pre went to the Pre Plus and to other carriers that the sliders and keypads have gotten more sturdy. Now there are some things I'd change about it's design yes (plastic feels a bit cheap), but "terrible" is not a word I'd use to describe these phones. 1st Generation is how I'd describe these phones. There are a few flaws and it is outdated, but I think they did a good job on their first gen phone and I look forward to seeing the Pre 2 or PalmPaq or whatever HPalm decides to do.

To annoy whiners like you.

+1 you bitchy girly boy!

Bravo!! On the modding transplant and getting it to work on Sprint Carrier. :0)

where's the video for this amazing upgrade