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Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple 40

by Derek Kessler Wed, 24 Aug 2011 7:34 pm EDT

The past two weeks have been the most insane in technology in a very long time. First Google buys Motorola. And then Palm stops making smartphones and HP decides to stop making PCs. But all of that was overshadowed by the news this afternoon out of Cupertino: Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple.

Now, we haven't had to cover a lot of Apple news here on PreCentral (HP and Palm being one of the few companies not involved in a legal batte with Apple), but this is the kind of thing we have to discuss. No matter your opinion of Steve Jobs or Apple, we have to acknowledge the increasingly profound impact Job's work at Apple has had on the world of tecnhology, indeed the world itself. If it weren't for the iPhone, we wouldn't have webOS, Android, or Windows Phone in the way they exist today. We may not agree with everything Apple has done under the reign of Steve Jobs, but he and the company have done so many things "right" before anybody else that we can't help but be impressed when we look back on all he has accomplished.

In his letter of resignation (copied after the break), Jobs requested to be named Chairman of the Apple board and that Apple COO (and multiple-time fill-in CEO) Tim Cook be named as new CEO, in accordance with Apple's succession plan, and we expect that has already happened. Apple without Steve Jobs will still be a great company - Tim Cook has demonstrated his ability to lead before. But it won't be the same company.

So Steve, Thank you for everything you've done. We'll miss you.

August 24, 2011–To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.

Source: Apple; Via: TiPb



Apple stock down 6% in after-hours trading after this news hit.

Very sad, I do hope his fight with cancer gives him the ability to just enjoy life for a while.

I dont agree with his way of doing things, but, he really did them with gusto, and created a new paradigm for technology companies to model after.

I wish Steve well in his battle. He is an icon that has helped shape both the technological and pop cultures to what they are today.

While the iPhone paved the way to connect the masses and the smartphone, I won't say that Apple was the only company that could make that market go. Palm could have been the leader if they had moved faster. After all, Palm was successful in the hand held business way before Apple was.

Putting handhelds aside, his influence on PCs, IMO, was far more important than what he did for the smartphone industry. Many of those poking fun in the posts below are probably too young to remember when Bill Gates, while a genius in the business world, basically stole the idea for windows from Steve Jobs. Apple did GUI first and did it right. MS just had a better business deal with IBM and so they lead the way for years.

So I say give props where props are due. Steve I wish you well! Hopefully the tech world will always remember you for the innovation in user interfaces (both PC and Phone) that you brought to this world.

Actually both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs stole the idea from Xerox...both thieves in that respect but what you gotta do.

Thank you, Steve, for all the great things you have done with technology.

What about Steve Woz? Hes the person so may should thank. Then again Jobs was really good at coordinating the whole thing.

Steve Jobs has no more dragons to slay. Now is as good a time as any. Yesterday's tech wars are officially over. What an amazing ride.

He slayed HP and Motorola. What else is left?

Does this mean Apple will stop trying to sue everyone and get back to work?

So is Steve going to give Bill Gates a call and get together for drinks, and reminisce about the old days?

To bad Apple will never follow Steve Wozniak in his vision of what Apple should be. Woz believes in openness, Jobs only believes in closed systems.

I see apple starting on a road to ruin now that Jobs is stepping down. The Apple cult won't have anyone to bow down and worship to anymore.

In my opinion Apple has been very bad for everyone. Their latest OS, Lion, has been a joke with all its problems.

The real person Apple fanbois should be admiring is Steve Wozniak because without Woz, Apple would have never been.

This is an insanely ignorant string of characters.

Steve Jobs such a nice guy:

"...after resuming control of Apple in 1997, Jobs eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs as a temporary cost-cutting measure until profitability improved.[62] Despite the company's record-breaking profits and $40 billion cash on hand,[63] Jobs has not reinstated a philanthropic division at Apple." - Wikipedia


I tried reading this while looking at Apple's profit margins and stock value with a straight face, and I couldn't.

I laughed. This comment is that stupid.

Actually, it's Woz's mother. Had she not been pro-life at that time ... well you get the point. Just give credit where it's due.

This guy changed the world = the altar ego of HP management!

I guess Steve is getting to the point where he's made enough money and would rather have someone else share in that wealth and responsibility. He hasn't "quit" Apple, just stepped down from the CEO posistion. Now, he should be able to enjoy life a little bit more.

Doesn't change the fact that my Sprint contract is up in September and I don't know what to do, or that I've tried but to no avail have not been able to obtain a Touchpad at an unbelievable price. I feel burned by HP.

But we would still have Blackberry and Symbian. That has to count for something, right?



Wait for it... AHAHAHAHAHA ;-)

people can say what they want about jobs, but he has done a phenomenal job bringing technology into the hands of the common consumer. For example before the iPhone we can all agree that the only people buying smartphones where business executives and tech geeks.

he may not have invented a lot of things but he and apple bought them main stream. Mp3 players and apps and smartphones existed long before apple got into them, but they did make them popular and mainstream.


Wow. Apple just won't be the same w/o him. He set the game in play. He set the rules. As much as I am not an Apple fan, I've got to respect what he did for the tech world. He will be missed.

"If it weren't for the iPhone, we wouldn't have webOS, Android, or Windows Phone in the way they exist today."

Well, Palm was working on webOS before the first iPhone came out so they might have been king if it weren't for the iPhone.

In fact, Apple hired a lot of people from Palm when they started their development.

I find that extremely hard to believe. WebOS was announced 1.5 years after the iPhone was RELEASED. However, even if Palm was working on webOS before the iPhone, the iPhone definitely changed a lot of webOS' aspect. Why else would it take Palm two YEARS to release hardware with webOS after the iPhone was released? (Yet, webOS when released after so long still had more bugs than iPhone OS. Why?)

Yes, it is hard to believe but it is the sad truth. There are several reasons for the difference. Palm had only limited resources and they were starting everything from scratch. They also had to hire new people to replace those who had left for Apple. As for the amount of bugs, webOS is a true multi-tasking environment so it is much more complicated and bug-prone. Another factor is the management where Apple is probably better.

The goal of the webOS project was to replace PalmOS, not in response to the iPhone. It would have been done with or without it. It should not be hard to tell that there is not much influence in webOS from iOS. If there were no iPhone, it would be likely that Palm had more time to perfect the OS and the result could have been a lot different.

The iPhone does have a tremendous impact on the mobile industry. I just wanted to comment that the existence of webOS was not it.

...the only question is HOW would webOS look/feel, if not for the iPhone/iPod. Truth is, iPod is the first (on the market) device, that was cool, really easy to use, and finger-friendly. Prior to them, we were all in stylus/tiny-icon-picking/desktop-os-paradigms-on-a-tiny-screen-emulating devices era.

How about some evidence?

I love webOS but you are just being a fanboy.

I bet before he left the board room he turned and said "Now you want have Steve Jobs to kick around anymore."

Strangely reminiscent of Richard Nixon's departure.

Any idea how much those turtleneck and skinny jeans will fetch on ebay?

One of my favorite movie quotes of all-time: "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

I'm not saying he didn't do many things for the tech industry as a whole, but I can't stand Apple's business practices and I think Steve Jobs is a lunatic. Apple will still be Apple, either way. And I'll still never buy anything from them so long as I have a pulse.

Enjoy your knockoffs, then.

Your PC GUI is Macintosh knockoff. Your music player was an iPod knockoff. Your smartphone is an iPhone knockoff. Your tablet is an iPad knockoff. Your laptop is a Macbook Pro knockoff. Your netbook will be an Macbook Air knockoff.

Why don't you "knockoff"

And your Macintosh is a Xerox thinktank knockoff.

Please, lets keep it real.

The real contribution he made was, Pixar, and then turning Apple around.

The man's fight with pancreatic cancer has been incredibly tough, as well.

well timed Leo and the HP board. Hp 's chairman said this week that apple was only able to do well in computers because of Steve jobs. Then google invests 12 billion to compete with apple.
so what does HP do with this opportunity?
gets out of mobile and pc's. Brilliant hp!

Apple stock down 6% on this news; however I bet HP stock would rebound back to +$30 if Leo announced the same thing. Heck, maybe if Leo announced this type of news, the stock holders would get our lost 43% back since he started.

That should tell everyone who is and isn't respected.

SteveO and LeO are definitions of the opposite ends of the leadership spectrum.

I was never a fan of Apple, but Jobs is extremely talented, and pancreatic cancer is a horrible way to go.

Good night, techno-man. =(

I think, he was fustrated, because all want or buy a HP Tochpad in the last days ... :)

I think that jobs is as much respected by apple fans as webos fans are passionate about webos!

all companies not matter how much wealth make decisions that we as consumers either agree or disagree with!

Steve has done the job they way he felt it was right to be done as Leo is at HP (although, I think he is a tool).

I wish him all the best in his retirement and his battle with cancer!

Apple will never be the same post Jobs... Woz was the "guy in charge" for a number of years and apple suffered greatly at his hands.

Not everyone can latch onto a vision, and successfully bring forth their vision. Apple struggled and was failing when Jobs left previously... hopefully that doesn't happen this time.

I doubt Apple will be very effective moving forward... Microsoft hasn't been effective since Gates stepped down either.

I hope Jobs does well with his cancer battle... but it doesn't sound good if he's stepping down...

Steve Wozniak was never the "guy in charge" at Apple. He was VP of product development during his entire time there and was never promoted, nor desired to be promoted, to any higher position. He was/is an engineer and his responsibilities never went beyond that scope. Steve Jobs was the business manager and the one that pushed Apple (including Wozniak) to create better products. His non-traditional, almost dictatorial management style created tension between himself and then-CEO John Sculley, leading to Jobs' ousting in 1985. It was Apple's subsequent business strategies from that point on that lead to it's "suffering" in the 90s (multiple confusing Mac models, competition with IBM, multiple types of products developed, etc.).