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by doc31 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:40 pm EST
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Sticker Theme- This is a work in progress

Note: There are alternate wallpapers in the thread. Also if you use Music Player Remix a wallpaper the wallpaper for the music app is on the thread also

1.0 update - THEME COMPLETED

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I can not wait for more simple yet sleek themes like this! great theme I'm installing it on my phone ASAP!

Thanks... version 0.5 update will be up soon
drop any suggestions on the forum thread.

Hey Doc... Is it possible for you to consider replacing the translucent background of the launcher with that poster board thing like on the mainscreen? Just without the stickers. :)

I'll try and see how it comes out for the next update.

VERY cool! Simple and sleek, just the way a theme should be, 5 stars!

Sounds Great.

Sweet Action! Is there a custom boot up theme?

Yeah I got that comment and the theme didn't work properly - loads of stuff missing but I uninstalled and tried again. Got the same calendar error again but its seems to look ok on the pre so I'm cool.

My music player doesn't show up, and when I install I get an error about the calendar directory

How did u install the theme?

It was my mistake, I had the music player hidden for some reason!

I love this theme!

Gave it a 3 for now because I don't like the unlock icon. If you change that I would love this theme.

Would be great but is not streamlined. Personally I DISLIKE THE BACKGROUNDS & the lock images.

It should be more streamlined and simple.

Love the icons everything else just does not fit.

Other people may like their phones to be extravagance but I like many adore simplicity.

This may be a dumb question, but if you dislike the backgrounds, why install the theme? "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

Love it - consistent and simple theme, good looking and clean icons. Some more custom icons (i.e. for Clock, Camera, Google Maps, Pandora, etc.) would be nice, but great work so far! Keep it up!

cam and clock done... but i couldn't find pandora and tweed maybe next time.

great theme i'm using it now.

i just dont really like the skull as the unlock slider maybe change that up and would be awesome.

unlock icon has been changed to a lock go figure and I was trying to be different :)

The skull unlock button made me smile. Maybe because it's Halloween. :) Do we get a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving?!

I am the only one that gets the error about the calendar icon not being able to be installed?

I haven't got that error my main install method is quick install

FYI: My incoming call screen when the phone is closed (Drag up to answer) screen is empty.

Otherwise, love the theme!

Just updated. It seems, at least on mine, that the avatar boxes in SMS messaging are indented too far from the right.

Anyone else noticing this?

what happen to the precentral wallper ?

pre/ wallpaper

Check the forum thread. It's still there just had to change it because the theme is posted in two places now. also (shift+ \ =|) ;)

a dark orange would be nice in the top banner :)& plus some more icons

i love this theme, the startup screen is awesome ;)

I love it, how it was before, I do not like the new changes...
5 Start before, 3 Start now

Can't make everyone happy right ;) but I can tell you that i will be change the lock screen back to the skull and a few other things. if you have suggestions drop them in the forum thread.

Buddy it's a .zip with a XML. I have modified this theme to my liking (merged it with simple black). Heck I even installed two icons the author never coded in (youtube and maps.)

Real nice. Simple and good looking.

Gave it 4/5 because it changed my wallpaper. I had my shuffle already setup.

EDIT: So I liked parts of this theme and others so I modded it. Now I love it. 5 Stars for helping me make my prefect theme

I love your theme! I had one suggestion/question is it possible to animate the swipe to delete to make it look like its being peeled like a sticker? Or can anyone else do it?

This is the best theme available!... We need more like this!

Try the Buuf Theme

definately one of the better themes

This is easily the best theme I've found on Precentral and anywhere else. It's simple, thorough and fun. Plus, it makes you proud to own a pre and webOS. By far, my favorite feature is the messenger app. In a corny "old school" way I feel like I'm passing notes. It's great!
My only complain is that there aren't more icons for commonly used apps (i.e. pandora, app catalog, etc...) I heard that you were making custom icons for some people. If you accumulate enough of them, you should consider an update... ya know, for us little people.

would this work on my palm pixi?

Works just fine. You will get an error when trying to install the WiFi portion but otherwise no problems.

A very very excellent theme. Well thought out and delivered with precision. I would recommend that you possibly change the background just slightly. For example, when using the music player and you go into card view, it somewhat blends in with the background. This sort of thing is really just preventing the theme from being completely perfect. Besides my recommendation, great job! Thanks!

Originally I wasn't a fan of themes for my pre, but this one is so smooth as if it is made for my phone.
Love it,
Great Job, Hope the developer continues creating such a great theme

Definitely my favorite theme I have used so far. I know it's an older one but I just started using it a week or two ago and I'm really liking it now. My favorite part is actually the messaging app. Best modifications I have seen to that. It's simple but looks so much better than the original color scheme, but it also isn't annoying and weird like most of the others I have used. Great job, Doc31

download link?
all i get is .. register or sign in to download this file... i am signed in!
arrggggg.. what am i missing?


I'm logged on the site, but i can't download the theme. Why?

Best regards

i want to get, it is that suit for 1.4.5rom?

is it compatible with Pre3 ?

wow i like this bumper sticker printing

Have you tried this sticker printed in physical quality stock in a digital black in white copies format, or use as virtual wall papers instead.. try the print idea of, this is the one I am using for my business.