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by effjot Wed, 02 Feb 2011 6:31 pm EST
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This is a geologic timescale, or to be more exact, the International Stratigraphic Chart (ISC, version of 2009). You can look up all formally defined stratigraphic units, the time (million years before now) they have begun, whether they've defined by a “Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point” (GSSP), and their “official” RGB colour codes.  For some units, there's a bit of additional geologic and paleontologic information.

Currently, the app interface is in English or German.  The names and additional information are not translated (yet).

The app is still work in progress, any corrections, translations and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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it is great to have an Earth Science application for the Palm Pre... However, it has some errors: The Quaternary, for example did not start @ 0.126 Ma, but rather ~2.5 Ma. I would recommend revising the table according to:

Thanks for pointing this out. I've taken all data from the ISC 2009, but for whatever reason, my little program that generates HTML from that data messed up the beginning of the Quaternary (it took the base of the Upper Pleistocene instead of the Gelasian).

You speak of "some errors". Could you please tell me about any other things that are wrong? Thanks a lot.

I will publish a corrected version as soon as possible (most probably tomorrow).