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Super patch Advanced Configuration for System Preferences renders everything ever obsolete 69

by Derek Kessler Sun, 03 Oct 2010 9:16 pm EDT

Advanced Configuration for System Preferences

Patching in webOS land is one of those areas where we can definitively gleefully mock declare our superiority claim a win over our friends with Android and iOS devices. The hundreds of patches available in Preware, through our forums, and even through some simple coding of your own provide customization options most platforms don’t even offer. WebOS Internals’ newest code magician, Sconix, has been hard at work whipping up a new mega patch that consolidates the functions of multiple patches into one neat little package. Unlike the much-lauded Advanced Configuration for Launcher patch, the new Advanced Configuration for System Preferences patch touches multiple apps in a multitude of ways. So many ways, in fact, that you’re going to have to head past the break to check it out.

We’ll go through this app-by-app, using the handy guide published by WebOS Internals.

Screen & Lock

  • Screen brightness minimum has been reduced to zero, and a maximum/minimum option lets you quickly jump to the extremes.
  • Turn off after comes with new options, extending the range of on time from 15 seconds all the way up to five minutes. Or eternity.
  • Haptic feedback is present, with an on-off selector. Tapping the screen when enabled should trigger a quick vibration, though in practice it doesn’t always vibrate (and third-party apps seem to be out.

Sound Settings Sounds & Ringtones

  • Renamed to Sound Settings, appropriate given the number of options now available.
  • Both Alert (ba-donk) and Notify (badalaDing) tones can now be easily customized.
  • Notifications for low batter and charger can also now be changed, with options for mute (nothing), sound (the alert tone), and vibrate (bzzz).
  • A new sound volume levels section has been added, letting you independently set the volume independently for ringtones, system sounds, and media.

Phone Preferences

  • Phone Preferences has been renamed to Phone Services (this app only shows with the Advanced Configuration for Launcher patch).
  • An on-off toggle for the phone radio was added right to the app.
  • Network settings has the option for Roam Only now under the voice network selection. Carrier Only and Automatic are still present.

Phone Preferences Phone

  • There are now three preferences options in the application menu: Preferences, Phone Services, and Sound Settings. The latter two open the (renamed) apps by those names.
  • Contact matching by pounding out a name on the keyboard was moved to here from Phone Services. Select On or Off.
  • The new slider section gives the options for what happens when you open and close the slider. Opening has the choices of Do Nothing, Answer Call, and Speakerphone (answers to speakerphone). Closing the slider comes with Do Nothing and Hangup Call (unless on Bluetooth) options.
  • The new Touchstone option gives the choice to enable or disable automatic call answering when you pick a ringing phone up off the Touchstone charger.
  • A single-choice Speakerphone section lets you set the speakerphone for manual (by way of on-screen button) or Using Proximity (move the phone away from your face, switch to speakerphone).
  • Under the new Application section you can set the default (launch) view for the phone app, with choices for Call log or Dialpad, and when on a call you can opt for the standard Contact picture or the Dialpad. Additionally, you may select whether or not to have the phone app automatically close after a call.
  • The new Notifications section gives options to enable or disable blink notifications, set a notification repeat (ranging from once every two minutes to once an hour, with the default option of Disabled), and consequently how many times you want the phone to repeat the notification (three to thirty times, or until you take care of it - infinite).


  • The new Message Drafts preferences section gives options to “Copy to Message” (the default draft restored-on-conversation-opening behavior) and “Copy to Clipboard” where the message is, well, copied to the clipboard for use in another conversation or elsewhere on the phone.
  • You can now select an individual account to modify the notification preferences for that account.
  • The New Message section gives options for Blink Notifications and on-screen Notifications (on or off for each).
  • The Notifications section allows you to customize the alert style (vibrate, system sound, ringtone, and mute, as before), determine the vibration length (none, half a second, one second, or one and a half seconds), how often the notification is repeated, and if so how many times.


  • Like with the Messaging additions, you now have finer control over the notifications to each of your email accounts, with options added for blink notifications, vibrate length, repeat intervals and repetitions.

Contact Preferences Contacts

  • For every contact a Contact Preferences section has been added under the app menu. These options are available under that menu selection.
  • The Phone Call section lets you set an action for when you receive a phone call from that contact. Do Nothing is the default you decide whether or not to answer behavior, Auto Hang Up cancels the call like it never happened, and Direct to Voicemail sends the caller straight to your voicemail. Ringtone allows you to pick a custom ringtone for an individual contact if the desire strikes.
  • The SMS Message option also lets you set a custom alert tone for a contact.

Location Services

  • A simple on-off toggle has been added to the header to simultaneously enable or disable the GPS Radio and Google Services.


  • The preferences app has been modified to display all saved networks, with one caveat: you have to remove all of your current networks and re-add them. After that point the networks will stay listed as options, even if they are out of range at the time.

Sconix did note on Twitter that it is strongly recommended that you update your Saved Packages List in your homebrew installer of choice and run Emergency Patch Recovery to give yourself a fresh patching start before installing the Advanced Configuration for System Preferences patch. This is recommended due to the sheer number of patches that the new patch obsoletes - by our count at least thirty eight.

If you're new to homebrew and patching and all the fun that such things entail, check out this more-than-handy Hombrew How-To guide to get yourself started.

Now that you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, that’s quite the multitude of options, no? If you haven’t already, or even if you have and it’s just been a while, you should take the time to send a donation to the folks at WebOS Internals. They do fantastic work, and ask for nothing in return.

Source: PreCentral Forums, WebOS Internals


Great stuff Sconix!

Great explanation Derek!

Awesome work WebOS Internals!

The Patches and those who make patches possible (webos internals and all you other great programmers in our community) is what makes my Pre minus livable :)

Dont get me wrong HPalm, We WANT AND NEED new hardware, for our sakes and webos' future!

Awesome work! I'd love to download install it now, except for the fact that it conflicts with about 300 of my other patches! It would be pretty sweet if when downloading a patch that conflicts with other patches, you get an option to remove the old patch, instead of just a failure notice. I think it would make patching 100% easier for those just getting into it, and would cut down on alot of unneeded patch problem posts in the forums.

I'm in the same boat, I'd love to get this patch installed, but I've got to figure out which of the 50 patches I've got to remove first, and that's gonna take the better part of an afternoon! ...just too busy right now, and if if fails, I'll really miss the functions the old patches provide. and as we all know, un-patched, this phone is a dog.

It would be pretty sweet if when downloading a patch that conflicts with other patches, you get an option to remove the old patch, instead of just a failure notice.

If this is possible, it would revolutionize the patch process. (which is already pretty revolutionary! ;-)

Great stuff Sconix!

Great explanation Derek!

Awesome work WebOS Internals!

My head hurts.

I love Sconix and his work, but I hate when people say his patches render all others "obsolete". Are his superior? Yes. Do they magically prevent the old ones from not working? No; that would be completely against the open idea/format of the patch system. The old patches still work and have value. if they didn't, they wouldn't have been integrated into these patches.

And yes, I do plan on using his patches :)

Well said and I agree.

Obsolete doesn't mean "no longer works," it means "no longer useful." The contributions of other patch devs are still useful, but this patch renders those patches no longer useful, i.e. obsolete.

Ouch you got BURNED SON!!!! But really I saw a few typos from the quick skin over I gave the article though. "Low batter" instead of battery etm.

Typos are my specialty. I should know, I'm getting really good at making them.

hahaha.. "I saw a few typos from the quick skin over"


That's what I get for replying on my pre.

I understand.. No worries. I just had to point out the comedy of your irony :)

It does replace a few patches, but hardly "renders everything ever obsolete", whatever that means.

"no longer in use or no longer useful" is what the link your supplied says.

a) They are still in use as stand-alone and/or incorporated into this new "Super" patch.
Maybe a person doesn't want the "Super" patch and so the other options are still available

b) Again, They are useful both in this Super patch or stand-alone.

Personally, I would prefer the "Super" patch, but I agree the obsolete is not the right word. Hey, but who cares anyway?

technically obselete doesn't mean it prevents the others patches from working. It literally means these patches can be replaced by something newer or better. Obselete doesn't mean useless. It means used less.

anyway...This patch was clearly built upon the backs of giants, so along w/ sconix we should also be thanking everyone who made the original patches for helping us to get this far. This is the accomplishment of many!

good work all

Yes as with my ACAL patch, a huge thanks goes to those original patch authors and people that give me great ideas. Although I always try to do my own implementation and only loan the ideas. For example couple of the features this patch provides, the original patches just did work properly at least not for me and there was clear coding errors. So I never just copy the original patches. I want to understand what they do and why so I at least know why my is not working if some bugs are reported and can fix them easily.

Thank you Sconix for all your hard work. I have a question (or error report). The decription says that there is an option to change the duration of the vibration. I don't see a "0", just half sec (short) through sec and a half (long). I love this patch, however I NEVER use the vibrate feat even while my phone is on silent. Please advise.

Thanks in advance

I am "fixing" the extra vibrate setting for next release so with that release its behave as expected and can be configured as expected.

oh thank you so much... Is there anyway to implement the Message Signature feat because the patch alone conflicts with the mega patch

See the wiki page for the patch, it already lists that under next version :)

Coming from a major webOS developer, that's high praise and major endorsement. I'm in.

I have it on very good authority that this patch does magic.

Wow! Couldn't agree more - Sconix has done it again! Look forward to his latest!

man!!! I ran EPR, and went to dl this one....only to find out I need 1.4.5. F$%*ing AT&T!!!!!! There is so much stuff I can't get because they haven't released 1.4.5 for the pixi yet. I'm getting really pissed off!

AT&T sucks man. I paid the early termination fee and left them. It was well worth it. I'm much happier with sprint in terms of service and customer service.

This is GREAT, except that I now need to figure out what to uninstall to get this to work. LOL

Do you have Preware?

Too lazy to EPR tbh and I really don't want to install only to find it conflicts with some other patch I really want. Love the launcher patch, but I'm just putting a wait and see on this for now.

Does anyone have a link to that bubbles wallpaper in the image? :)

Put the lines all together, had to break it up or the link wouldn't show up right.

thank you!! much appreciated

Love the work. But I don't use half of those patches. Nicer to have individual patches so that if I install a new patch, it'll be easier to identify what patches are conflicting rather than unpatching the one 'super' patch.

Yeah, this is my problem with this, too. I love the work he's put into these patches, but they run entirely too roughshod around the Pre's inner workings for my taste. I would much rather take the fine-grained approach of installing only the individual patches that I want.

While its true that individual patches are better for some use cases and its always good to have choices. But what comes to the fine-grained approach the extra code that my patches add is only in use if you enable those features and I am very careful what I add and how. For example the notification repeat implementation has about half the changes needed than the individual patch does. So there really should not be a lot difference in the "system contamination" sense even if not all features are needed by the user. The main motivation for having these big patches is that now plenty of users have a more "uniform" system instead of everyone having different set of patches. This keeps the system much more intact and allows other apps to take advantages of these features like mine Mode Switcher. And no I am not saying that everyone should use these, but just wanted to share the motivation.

Cool, fair enough. I can definitely understand your motivation for doing it, and I definitely see the use case. Interesting that you actually change less code per tweak than the individual ones. I didn't know that (and it makes my "runs roughshod" comment seem stupid, haha -- I'm glad you understood the underlying point I was making). If and when AUPT is updated to support patches of your kind (that touch multiple system resources), I will give it another shot.

It's awesome that you responded, btw. 8^D Keep up the great work!

Thanks, Sconix, I wish Derek placed a donate button for Sconix under the article. Derek, thanks for writing the article on the weekend.

Sconix is a part of webOS-internals now. You can donate to them.

Though for the first month I can see Sconix answering questions upon questions, why its not installing. And the answer is always the same, uninstall other patches.

Looks way cool. But does it really "render everything *ever* obsolete"? lol. Sorry, couldn't help it.

I'm also of the mindset that I'd like to know what it conflicts with so I could selectively uninstall those patches only.

I swear WebOS Internals is 10 times more productive than Palm themselves. You all rock!

Everything ever. No exaggeration here, no Sir. This patch has rendered the wheel, chicken wings, Microsoft, aluminum siding, the tab key, wine, trivets, socks, and oxygen all obsolete, among other things including but not limited to everything.

awwww, but I love chicken wings!

Whew!... Chicken wings I can live without. If you were going to say Justin Bieber is obsolete, we might have a problem sir. >:-)

If anyone's having problems, this is the url for the patch thread ( This helped me figure out what patches were conflicting so I didn't have to run EPR.

wow... That is all.

this is more features than any single one palm update i can think of

true that!


Anyone have time to tackle listing the patches this conflicts with? I'd do it but I'm working 14 hour days for the next week then going out of town for a week to a cabin to lick my wounds!

Just a reminder, this patch needs adding to the list of non OTA safe patches, until AUPT is updated to allow for this type of patch :-)

Still well worth using it, but just wanted to make sure everyone knows to remove it when webOS 2.0 lands.

Will it work on non-English systems? Cause some of the original patches won't. Some of the top bar related ones, for example.

Unfortunately this only works with the default en_us locale, but the international version is coming. Hopefully within week or two, but as I am busy with real life and other things its hard to tell the timetable for sure.

Incredible work. Sometimes I'm really amazed at the things people can do -- while I sit at home and drool on myself as I surf the internet. I really need to work on my motivations...

Ah, that was a good laugh. +1, Sir.

I noticed that Preware still installed the 'Hang up phone except when in headset" patch after this one is installed. Not conflicted (errorwise), but it should be, no?

Its possible since I usually make my own implementation and not just copy existing patches so sometimes it is possible that some patch installs even it provides same functionality. That can cause problems so better leave them uninstalled. Currently it is not possible to add conflicting packages to the package itself as far as I know.

Wow. There is so much in there. Kind of glossed over the awesome call blocking feature.

I just kind of wish there was a consolidated place to go for phone settings rather than all the respective apps.

Can someone explain to me how I get my patches back after EPR and installation of AdvConfigSysSet?

The wiki at webOS Internals is good about how to prepare the device, and how to install the patch, but then nothing about what to do at that point.


Yes, I kind of missed that. Sorry.
I'll work on getting some instructions on the wiki to cover it.

After you EPR'd and installed the ACSP patch, you can start restoring your other patches by going back to your saved package list in preware and start installing the patches listed there. You can do it one by one or you can use the install all button. By using the install all button you may find that it may stop part way through installing the patches when it comes to a patch that provides the same functionality as the ACSP patch. You can just swipe to delete those from the saved package list and continue with installing your other patches.

Sweeeeet.... more power.... I like control...

@ toofast4yourazz - totally agree

I would like to download this patch, but won't because I really enjoy the ease of switching to "Roam Only" from the drop-down menu on the top right corner (i.e. battery icon). I can easily switch between Roam Only on and off with only two taps on the screen, and without having to surf through my list of apps to find the one I need to open to then change my roaming setting. I switch the roaming feature on/off twice a day - when getting to and leaving work - so I really don't want to have to go through the extra steps and thus it unfortunately makes this new patch useless to me - so much for "obsolete".

This patch really should not conflict with top bar patches. If it does please let me know which one so I can most likely alter my patch so that it install with that patch.

I EPR'd and it still says that 1 out of 3 hunks failed...soundsandalerts...I am somewhat of a noob so please don't be harsh...i know i have to uninstall patches which is why I EPR'd to start fresh but it didn't solve my problem. Any suggestions.

My SMS "Message Signature" patch cannot be installed. Any way to incorporate a signature option into this patch?

This patch conflict with " send all contact via Email" patch, any way you can blend them together.thanx

omg this ios so incredible but it conflicts with my messaging plugin patch so its definitively a NO.... i wish i could use this