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The 'superphone' CPU in the Palm Pre 2 106

by Mark Jensen Fri, 19 Nov 2010 1:38 pm EST

When did smartphones become superphones?  To be precise, the term superphone was unofficially coined only this year with the launch of Google’s Nexus One back in January of 2010.  While one can argue whether or not a term like superphone vs. smartphone is warranted, what isn’t up for debate is that 2010 saw the release of a succession of groundbreaking devices sporting amazing hardware.  While the term began with the Nexus One it continued into the year with other well known “superphones” like the EVO 4G, iPhone 4, Galaxy S line and Droid X, to name only a few.  Palm and HP webOS devices, as we know all too well, were not only left behind but were literally left totally out of the mix during the year of the superphone.  Though various form factors and features made for a less than definitive case for what exactly constituted a superphone, one thing all of these devices had in common was this, a 1GHz CPU.

By this standard alone did Palm finally enter into the superphone arena with the late 2010 release of the Pre 2?  Obviously yes, as the Pre 2 does in fact feature a 1GHz processor in the Texas Instruments OMAP 3630. So should it have a shot to be considered in the same class as those other phones? Read on.

While we are not particularly fond of the term superphone let us make one thing clear.  The Pre 2 with the TI OMAP 3630 processor enters an elite group of smartphones with regard to sheer processing prowess.  Currently only a few flagship devices have this CPU.  A good illustration of this is the recent release of Motorola’s latest flagship device the Droid X.   Like the Pre 2, the Droid X shares the very same TI OMAP 3630 processor.  Another example is the iPhone 4.  While technically not the same CPU, the iPhone 4 and Pre 2 share the very same GPU and reference Cortex A8 chip.  And finally in a kind of parting-shot perspective, hit devices like the EVO 4G and its 1GHz Snapdragon processor are widely considered less capable the the Pre 2's OMAP 3630, especially in gaming benchmarks.  This is due in large part to the OMAP 3630’s GPU (Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 530).

We should note that new and improved devices are always on the horizon and such is the case with smartphone processors.   The new TI OMAP 4 chips and Qualcomm 1.2GHz Snapdragon are among several announced mobile processors that will natively break into the 1+GHz and 1.2GHz realm respectively.  Both will be released in early 2011. 

If 2010 was the year of the superphone, 2011 may well be the year of the super CPU with not only Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, but also NVidia and Intel all working on even faster mobile processors for the latter part of 2011 breaking speeds of 1.5GHz and up as well as supporting full 1080i HD on multiple screens.  But for the here and now, the TI OMAP 3630 processor found in the Pre 2 currently has no CPU rival.

Kudos to Palm for choosing the TI OMAP 3630 1GHz processor for the Pre 2.  There may be no faster or better smartphone chip and GPU combination available available to consumers this holiday season.  Combine the OMAP 3630 with the coding and design improvements of webOS 2.0 and you get a device that doesn't get as much credit as it deserves when compared to those other high-end smartphones.

Source: PalmGigacom; Thanks: millertime!


Great read & a lot of truth that's overlooked mainly due to the Pre 2's form factor n few other specs.

Pre-2 would have been a superphone if it was released in March and not half baked release in November.

Plus 3640 is better processor than 3630 and VR SGX 540 is better than what pre-2 has, 530, even iPhone has 535. So Samsung has better processor, better graphic chip, better screen resolution, 4G technology, bluetooth 3.0, front facing camera, bigger screen and you are calling pre-2 a superphone? Ludicrous!

Are you serious! Did you even bring up samsungs name compared to the pre or even a superphone? The samsung or Samesong OS sucks. They are heading in the direction of RIM. Ha ha to you,you are probably the first person to ever dare put samsung in this mix on this site. So foolish

I guess Samsung Galaxy running the latest android is doing very bad, so bad that they have sold only 10 million phones in a quarter. I wish pre-2 would do bad just like Samsung did.

In general, seeing the word "pre" in anyone's name should be a red flag for "this person doesn't know much about non-Palm technology."

Forgot to mention lack of wifi n on palm pre-2 and the fact windows 7 phone are being released with more than 700MB RAM. I dont think pre-2 is by any means is a superphone.


Re-read the post. It only says "same cpu (engine)" as superphones--which is correct! It also says superphone is a misguided classification anyway.

reread my post. all i said was LOL, at the pre in the name comment. why are responding to this post?

I agree CPU is good though not the best, overall package pretty bad.

Sounds to me like anyone with "pre" in there name should get a medal of some sort for sporting there phone with pride. Also don't be so naive to think that would mean they know nothing about other phones hardware and technology. I mean if they they have a pre than with all the great apps out they have to know what's going on.

Samsung is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. They make everything from tvs, fridges, home appliances to wind turbines, Skycraper buildings, oil platforms, and SuperMax double hulled Oil Tankers. I hate to inform you. They are nothing like RIM, which makes just a couple cellphones and a tablet. They are not remotely close to "going the direction of RIM."

No offense, but the hummingbird cpu/gpu combo easily beat the OMAP 3630 performance. Also, isn't the GPU the same as the original palms? I'm not saying it is bad by any means, but slightly bumping the CPU while leaving the GPU, RAM, storage, form factor, etc the same does not elevate it into superphone range (even if there is no such thing).

btw, I enjoy my palm pre plus and have no intentions of switching back to android in the near future.

Upgrade from Tiomap3430 to ti3630 is easier to do as the dsp and gpu are the same. Performance wise the GPU on the Pre can handle everything thrown at it anyway i.e. Gpu was not the bottleneck and thus not necessary for an upgrade. Changing that would have meant going to samsung as a soc supplier and that would have delayed things even further.

Please remember Droid X and droid 2 both have the same innards as palm pre 2 why are they considered next gen or better when they are the same as palm pre 2? Is it just a form factor bias? Or a screen size bias?

I feel that the only component that the pre 2 is beaten on, in respect to the iPhone & Galaxy S, is the screen resolution! It needed to have super AMOLED or retina dispaly & it would not have been overlooked at all!

I fully agree, a high res screen along with hspa+ and all the other improvements would have made this phone a must have.

You know you buy the hype a lot when you actually think that "retina" is a resolution.

The "Retina Display" moniker means it has a high pixel density. Not a high resolution. Technically, a 200 x 200 pixel display in a .5" screen is "Retina Display"

Also, "super AMOLED" is a SCREEN TECHNOLOGY, not a resolution.

Still waiting for a phone that's built in to my shoe...


Not me, I want those clip-on ear ones the alternate universe has on Fringe! :)

I'd like to head on over to the alternate universe in "FRINGE" and get one of those new HPalm Superphones that won't be called a "PRE".

bluetooth shoe with optional speakerphone. need one.


Now that would be a real...

step in the right direction.

Quick correction: the iPhone 4 runs at 800MHz, not 1GHz.

RE: "Correction" - True, the iphone 4 is clocked at 800mhz but many speculate that the A8 chip is in fact a 1ghz cpu underclocked to 800mhz. Apple doesn't publish info on the chip speed, just the actual speed. So, the iPhone 4 could well be a 1ghz processor but underclocked at 800mhz. Still, I guess technically you are correct.

The Pre2 a "Superphone"? REALLY?? LOL The sheer comedy of that statement is absolutely ridiculous. If that's the case, then I already have a superphone by overclocking my 500Mhz CPU to 1Ghz. LOL!!!!

Yeah, it needs a penis compensating 'big screen' to be considered a superphone.

totally sweet. That one was right on target.

Yea? What if a woman wants that big screen? Is that a "rack compensating" big screen or an "ass compensating" big screen? Some people want a larger display to look at. Those who don't should get a Pre 2 right now, if you live in FRANCE.

Or just buy an unlocked developer's model directly from HP.

An processor stock 500mhz overclocked to 1ghz is slower than a stock 1ghz processor. Get your facts straight.

Um... what?

1GHz = 1GHz. That's like saying that a pound of lead is heavier than a pound of feathers. What suffers when you over clock a CPU rated at 500MHz to 1GHz, is power consumption, longevity and stability, but the (clock) speed of the processor, 1Ghz, is the same as a native 1GHz cpu.

Omap3630 is NOT just an overclocked 3430, it also has bigger caches and some other architectural enhancements. Clock per clock 3630 should be faster than 3430.

I guess it depends on what you define as "speed". When talking about strictly CPUs, speed is generally meant as "clock speed". Clock speed of a native 500MHz over clocked to 1GHz and native 1GHz is the same by definition. What you're talking about is efficiency in more than one way. Bus widths, cache sizes, integrated co-processors, advanced instruction sets, etc. all make a processor more efficient in processing certain kinds of data, but the clock speed remains the same.

I believe the original statement was

"An processor stock 500mhz overclocked to 1ghz is slower than a stock 1ghz processor. Get your facts straight.

By fxspec06 on Fri, 19 Nov

Yea I think we're basically arguing about grammar here now.. I see what you're saying.. I just read that statement different.

The fact of the matter is that over clocked or natively clocked at 1GHz, the clock speed is identical. Perceived speed, efficiency, throughput or whatever else you want to call it will be greater on a newer generation cpu with larger caches, bus widths and whatnot.

No, that's completely inaccurate. That's like saying a 2 lane road with a 60mph speed limit can Handel the same traffic as a 4 lane road with a 60mph speed limit because they're both 60mph. The clockspeed isnt the only variable.

As I said in my response above, it depends on your definition of "speed". In you example the "speed" is the same. What gets improved is efficiency.

No matter how you define the overclock of the stock clocked Pre Plus to the stock clocked Pre 2, how many people here are impressed enough with the Pre 2 to call it a super phone and hop on a plane to France to buy one now or better yet, buy the developer version now? I'm not. If you are, more power to you, but to call this thing a superphone merely because of the stock clocked 1Ghz CPU just doesn't resonate with me. If you think it's a superphone, more power to you. I define a superphone by the combination of it's tech specs and abilities and on that basis, the ONLY thing about the Pre 2 that is super is WebOS 2.0 and the 1Ghz CPU. Everything is weak.

The average person still measures hardware quality by CPU speed. It's a relic of the era when personal computers started hitting the scene, and the chip manufacturers started to outcompete each other. CPU speed was one of those marketing gimmicks used to sell computers, and now it's also being used for smartphones.

Also, they marketed CPU speed based on what the manufacturer recommended, not on how much you can push it by overclocking.

& I'm still waiting for the phone that I can shave with.

There's a patch for that.

Pop out the keyboard on the original Pre. The bottom edge of the keyboard may work for that..

Now this is what I call an expert review, not like all those other "experts" who comment here saying that webOS is dead. Consider that the Pre 2 was just a holdover from Palm, and that HP has bigger plans for 2011. I fully expect webOS to be in the mix with iPhone and the best Android has to offer.

I feel that the only component that the pre 2 is beaten on, in respect to the iPhone & Galaxy S, is the screen resolution! It needed to have super AMOLED or retina dispaly & it would not have been overlooked at all!

Puta Que O Pariu!! I agree totally with you; in gender, number and degree!! High resolution in a Super AMOLED could be excellent!!

Best Regards...

I dont think I would call it a super phone. The nexus one was the first super phone because it a so different from anything before it. The Pre 2 is a major upgrade from a stock pre and a bit faster then a stock pre plus. but after hacking the performance of there phone can match the pre 2! So it not a super phone. It needs to be the first with everything and have the newest components to be a super phone.

I fully expect webOS to be in the mix with iPhone and the best Android has to offer.

Serious, the only thing that the Web OS need to conquest the world, is spread to all countries!!! Just this!!

But each minute that the HP lost without release to ROW, is more space that is lost, because the people don't wait to buy... just buy what they find now!!

Best Regards...

Then when the new HP phones hit the market, that is what they will buy now.

This is not a do-or-die situation...

thats why I'm still undecided on buying an iphone 4.

Don't buy the iPhone 4. It's just a Pre 2 with no keyboard, a better screen, a front facing Camera, and a billion apps you can't get on Palm. LOL!!!

lmao :) good to see people with a sense of humor around here. thanks for the laugh.

Don't buy the Pre 2. It's just an Iphone with keyboard, best notifications, real multitasking, good gesture input, exchangable battery, less antenna problems and more open-minded company behind it.


They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Pick your poison.

Oh, and you don't want AT&T. TRUST ME ON THAT!!!

Good lord...seriously? Praising the Pre2 like its a superphone because it FINALLY has the same processor FAR TOO LATE IN THE GAME?! I'm not surprised though. Palm is always "let's see what they release, then we'll match them" --- only it's way too late. Now please remove head from sand.

Cripes, it's only a few months later than the other phones, and it's not even what HP has planned for next year.

Palm matched all the phones of 2009 when they released the Pre. They even released it before iPhone 3GS, so they didn't wait to see what everyone else would release. The Pre 2 wasn't Palm sitting on their hands waiting to see what everyone else will release. You do know what kind of havoc an acquisition can cause in a company, right?

it's almost half a year behind in the U.S. lacks the cutting edge features like video chat and HD recording. That's pretty significantly late in the smartphone market.

Droid x the FIRST device to ship with a 1GHz ti omap 3630 was released in August and pre 2 was released in november not 6 months later.

Also, contrary to popular belief first generation snapdragon while running at the same speed i.e. 1 GHz is actually slower clock per clock than the processor in tiomap 3630. This is NOT taking into account the fact taht adreno 200 is much slower than power VR SGX530.

Clock speed is not everything. 2nd generation snapdragon (as found in tmobile G2) is faster than first generation snapdragon while running 200 MHz slower. It also has adreno 205 running at higher speeds than adreno 200 found in the original snapdragon.

Current king for performance is still samsung's soc with its combination of 1GHz hummingbird processor and powerVR SGX 540.

That's why you won't find someone who has a Samsung Galaxy S phone trading it in for a Pre 2. In fact, who do you know that has given up an EVO or a Droid X for a Pre 2? We can't find out unless we have any developers who bought a Pre 2 today or anyone here from France??

Hey, I'm not just calling your bluff on the "who do you know... EVO 4G..." comment, but I HAD AN EVO 4G. AND I RETURNED IT AFTER JUST OVER 1 WEEK!!! Left Sprint (Pre Minus) and ported my number to Verizon and got a Pre Plus!!! I'm not the only one! At the time I did this (Sept/Oct) I ran into a number of other Pre and Pre Plus users who did exactly the same thing.

So I respectfully call "bs" on your "who do you know?" question.

That's hardly the norm. i just don't see people with Pre's. i see tons of people with various android phones.

Galaxy S phones are very tempting for me especially Epic 4G however, I am not sold on android yet especially because each carrier and each OEM adds stuff to slow it down or to reduce functionality. Epic 4G with a stock android and the promise that it will get future updates (unlike moment which was EOL'd basically after just 9 months and then transform is released with same innards with FROYO which was not possible to get on Moment) will get me to switch (or have both :) ) but for now I am waiting to see what HP brings at CES.

That's funny. There's several threads on this forum alone that has people who switched to Evo, etc and then *back* to Pre (plus) - not even Pre 2.

As far as cutting edge features such as hd recording and video chat are concerned. Majority of the phones have 5 megapixel sensor just like palm pre2. Video chat is not used widely enough and would have been an amazing feat had they been able to fit it i to the small formfactor that is pre. It is a very compact device which you can see by looking at the disassembling videos. There is hardly any room available to add another camera. Time to market determines what features go in to a device most of the time. That is just a fact of life.

Should palm release devices in other form factors? Yes definitely but with a small team it is not always possible to work on multiple devices and do quality control effectively.

The Pre may have matched what other phones had when it was released, but by not going beyond what they had, the Pre was quickly outdone. Now that the Pre2 has "matched" the competition, it is not a superphone simply because it caught up. Superphones are ahead of the class. Once everyone has the same spec, how can it be called "super"? It's just another phone. 1.2ghz with more RAM would put it in the "super" class now. We'll see what HP brings to CES - that will probably be closer to a superphone.

Maybe HP will use the exact same form factor but put the "growth ray" on it by making it bigger. Imagine a Pre with a 3.9" screen. LOL. That would be funny. Would you buy it then?

While I havent been following palm as long as others (not sure what their track record was during the treo days) but the pre when it was first released had the highest hardware specs at the time and the pre plus was the first with 512 mb ram. Their problem was releasing mid cycle, if instead of releasing the pre plus had they waited a couple of months and released the pre2 instead they still would have been competing with top of the line specs other than screen resolution and camera.

If they had skipped the Pre Plus and released the Pre 2, the Pre 2 would've been impressive. while I'm sitting here looking at my Pre Plus, the Pre 2 doesn't impress as a "Superphone".

"let's see what they release, then we'll match them"

so who did they copy webOS off of? synergy? multi tasking?

oh wait.. every other mobile OS is copying palm. hmm.... get ur facts straight buddy. stop hatin and appreciate. the pre is an awesome phone and the os can't be beat.

they did copy multitasking from, one, the windows Alt-tab feature and, two, Coverflow. Both existed before Palm and it's cards.

...and the iPhone copied its app layout screen from the Palm Pilot/Treo. Big deal.

Also, the Windows Alt+Tab feature does not really resemble webOS multitasking. The difference in webOS is simple, but far more intuitive (especially when it comes to closing apps).

alt tab is exactly like cards. the only difference is there's a touch screen. it's just a horizontal screen shot just like cover flow, just like web os. Palm didn't invent it. they applied principles that someone else invented. Just like everyone else did.

I could not have said that better. Now watch some Palm Fan boy try to pimp slap you and say something like- "Shut up and wait for Palm to release a new super phone "in the coming months". LOL!!

Yeah SERIOUSLY!! I mean the Pre2 specs are garbage! C'mon, they are no better than that Crappy Droid X and ALL TEN of those crappy new WP7 phones!

I mean PALM should have at least used those "vaporware" cpu's and gpu's that aren't available on any market yet until Q1 2011! I mean come on already, ten 6 week old phones have those spec.

Just look at all the reviews for the Pre2, they say it's "super fast, ultra responsive, no lag at all" I mean really???

/extreme sarcasm off

*ultimate facepalm*

Here's a CPU worthy of a 'superphone' :

28nm, dual-core, 5x CPU performance, 4x graphics performance, and all at 25% power draw. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM and all phone hardware integrated on-chip. In 2012 (sometime). "Likely" 2 GHz (inferred from the '5x CPU' claim).

Of course it will have competition by then, quite possibly from a 2nd-gen AMD 'Brazos' family (which will easily out-compute it, but at the cost of much greater power draw).

I too would like to see HP Palm incorporate the following into the Pre 2:

Super AMOLED, a larger screen (3.5 inches instead of 3.1 inches), a better keyboard, expand the memory with the use of micro sd cards, and HD 1080p video.

Then I think we would have a serious contender.

I think 3.5" is a fair size. I like holding my Pre in one hand, it fits so snugly, but a 4.1" phone won't fit in my pocket, and won't fit in my hand.

I have big hands. This little phone feels small. I would love to have 4" screen phone to fit into big bear paw hands. GROOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!!! LOL!!!

The PowerVR SGX GPUs in the Galaxy S (540) as well as the iPhone 3GS/4 (535) are superior to the Pre/Pre+/Pre2's GPU (530) btw

I like my Pre, but I think that calling a Pre 2 a "superphone" is a bit much. As others have pointed out, bumping up the processor speed does not a "superphone" make.

There are at least two things I can think of that separate the Palm Pre 2 from the likes of the Evo:

1) Much smaller app catalog on WebOS
2) Smaller screen

I think a front-facing camera would also be a great addition, but but I'd certainly say that's less important than improving the screen and the app catalog.

Don't get me wrong: As I said, I like the Pre (I have the Sprint original), but HP simply can't compete on the high end unless they step their game up. I recognize that the Pre 2 was probably finished way before HP took over Palm, but they need to start making noise about their next smartphone -- immediately.

Screen quality (resolution, viewing angles, technology) is what separates mid range phones from the high end ones, not size. Size is a preference of form factor and size. The driod pro and bb torch have screen la similar in size to the pre and both are flagship phones (though the torch is kinda stretching it) It's like saying only landscape sliders or only slate devices are highend, thats just a preference.

Screen size might not be a big factor when comparing feature phones (i.e., "dumb" phones), but there's no way around it: you need a decent sized screen for a good smartphone. You're going to have a bad navigation experience (not to mention a bad video experience) if your screen is the size of a postage stamp. Now, I'm not saying that the Pre's screen is a postage stamp size, but it's smaller than the iPhone's screen, and the iPhone screen is smaller than the other phones being mentioned as "superphones".

Screen resolution and viewing angles are important, but a high resolution display on a small screen is just going to make things tiny, and a smaller screen is going to have a harder time with the viewing angle than a larger one, all else being equal, simply because a smaller screen has less viewing area to begin with.

But I certainly don't think the screen size is the biggest problem. (No pun intended.) I think the most pressing problem is the relative paucity of apps in the App Catalog. Companies just can't release apps fast enough for iPhone and Android, while most companies seem to be ignoring WebOS entirely. The Kindle app is a great example: It's on iOS, Android, and even Blackberry, but not WebOS. In fact, it'll probably come to Windows Phone 7 before it comes to WebOS.

But the App Catalog problem, I think, is tied to the hardware problem. They need good enough hardware to make software vendors want to take advantage of it. One example: There's an app for iOS (although I don't know if it exists for Android) that lets you take a picture of your check to deposit it (I think it's Bank of America's app.) Is the Pre's camera even good enough to take that kind of picture? (That's not rhetorical. I'm asking.) There are apps for Android and iOS that can identify a song you hear playing over a speaker. Is that possible with the Pre's hardware? (Again, not rhetorical.) These are all areas where the hardware may need to be rethought and/or the SDK improved to give better access to it.

Now, that being said, I think there's a lot that the current hardware can do that people aren't taking advantage of because the phone isn't popular enough, but the overall specs need to be bumped for people to take notice of it. Palm's (and now HP's) upgrades to the Pre have been far too incremental.

I agree. Screen size and app catalog are absolute musts for Palm to get back in the game. Without increasing the screen size, bringing ZOOM and HD video recording into the camera, and expanding the app catalog, their going to get left further behind.

I'm probably the last person on Earth without an HD TV, so the whole idea of HD video recording isn't that important to me, but I can see how it'd be a big deal to the other 99% of the population. :) Zoom would be nice, but any zoom on a phone is going to be digital anyway, so I'm not sure there's an advantage there (over just enlarging the image on your computer, I mean).

"...While technically not the same CPU, the iPhone 4 and Pre 2 share the very same GPU and reference Cortex A8 chip."

My best friend has an iPhone 4 and we both own Sandstorm so one night, we did a graphics rendering and performance comparison between both Platforms (Pre Plus @ stock speed, & iPhone 4), and besides the sluggish performance of the game on my Pre, compared to the iphone4 (no surprise there compared to a system that was running 300 MHz faster), the graphics on the iPhone were of much better quality than the Pre Plus. If the statement in this article is true about the GPU being the same as the iphone4, that will be huge for gamers (like me) that are looking for a better graphics experience. If I had not seen the iphone version of that game, I never would have realized what I was missing. I think all of the newer specs and features on the Pre2 and webOS 2.0 is worth making the move from my Pre Plus to hold me over until the new "Super Phone" arrives.

What game are you talking about? Compared to iphone 3GS the first racing game by gameloft seemed to run faster on my pre. Iphone4 has power VR SGX 535 instead of 530 in PRE so while technically faster (they both support openGL 2.0) but differ in speed it was found that the bottle neck in GPU performance was the bus connecting the GPU to the CPU and not the GPU itself (can't remember where I read that probably at anandtech or beyond3d). That is why adreno 200 is not as bad as it should be based on theoretical performance.

That said, having a beter gpu will always give better results just not as good as they can be if the bottleneck is elsewhere.

Ok so i skippeD over "sandstorm" :). maybe the graphics were scaled back due to the slower cpu. This happens all the time on the PC. Nog everh game gpu bou d some are cpu bound as well.

"a 1GHz CPU.

By this standard alone did Palm finally enter into the superphone arena "

the term superphone is meaningless and 1ghz is NOT alone what makes something a superphone. That's just a random round number. It's about the average non nerd consumer's perspective of whether a phone compares well to the competition. Pre 2 does not. I may be wrong but my guess is sales will prove that out. Not to mention, even on this website pretty much nobody thinks that's a superphone. We even had polls asking "will you buy this or wait for the superphone?" Clear evidence that even webos users don't think it's a "superphone" and again by that i mean keeping up with the highest of the smartphone market.

People can try to put any spin on the Pre 2 they want, but it doesn't measure up to the highest of the competition in many important ways. Not only that it's late to the game. The Market is well past it already and it's not even out yet in the U.S. Inferring that it is of the standard of the highest competition it is just delusional wishful thinking.

"People can try to put any spin on the Pre 2 they want, but it doesn't measure up to the highest of the competition in many important ways. Not only that it's late to the game. The Market is well past it already and it's not even out yet in the U.S. Inferring that it is of the standard of the highest competition it is just delusional wishful thinking."

Well past the market?? Lmao...

Well I gues we call M$ and tel them to shut down the factories in China cause they're cranking out all those crappy 1ghz, 512mb, 16gb phones that are past the market.

Balmer really should have used some of those "vaporware" components not available anywhere.

one, microsoft isn't making phones. Other companies are. Microsoft is making software. And, two, those phones are well past the market too. They don't measure up to the evos and the iphone 4s and the g2s etc. But Palm isn't Microsoft. Microsoft makes just an o.s. palm makes an o.s. and phones and have to make it with one phone. Microsoft makes money as long as someone is buying any one of the 50 phones someone else will release cause they make money off the license. Not to mention Microsoft has massive existing relationships with both carriers and companies using it's other software products. Palm lost that relationship with carriers long ago. Hell they can't even get many carriers to take their phones these days. But the Pre has no 720p camera when 1080p is already in an LG phone set to come out in the near future. No video chat. Weak camera. dated design. tiny screen. missing several features in the software like a decent music player, picture editing, a good email app.

But if you're so right the pre 2 will impress all and sell like gangbusters. We'll see. But you'll be wrong.

Pre-2 would have been a superphone if it was released in March and not half baked release in November.

Plus 3640 is better processor than 3630 and VR SGX 540 is better than what pre-2 has, 530, even iPhone has 535. So Samsung has better processor, better graphic chip, better screen resolution, 4G technology, front facing camera, bigger screen and you are calling pre-2 a superphone? Ludicrous!

I thought superphone was a class Of phones and not just one phone. Samsung definitely has the lead right now but webOS is not on it :).

What phone do you currently have?

Also do keep in mind that majority of software is written with the least common denominator in mind and unfortunately that is adreno200 in the first gen snapdragon. TiOMAP 3630 will beat it easily.

Why cant pre-2 have better resolution, better GPU chip, better processor, better screen technology, better bluetooth than Samsung. When they do I will call the next pre superphone, till then its palm TRYING to catching up to the HTC/Motorola/Samsung/iPhone.

I don't think the point of the article is to call the Pre 2 a "superphone" necessarily. It in fact says that the term is ambiguous and even kind of a joke. That said, I think the point of the post is that the Pre 2 was seen as spec-bumped old-news hardware when in fact it has one of the better, possibly best cpu/gpu combos in smartphones today. Like the Droid X. Nothing but accolades for the Droid X. Well the Pre 2 has the same engine. I think that's about the only point the post is trying to make. Screens, HD, resolution, megapixels and so on isn't the point of this post. It never says the Pre 2 is actually a superphone. It just says it has a superphone engine--and it does.

Seems like everyone forgot about the second generation snapdragon processors it kills the 3630 in cpu task and gpu. And that's at 800mhz, so sorry its not a super phone but its up with some high end phones

Gaming benchmarks do show the OMAP 3630 as more capable than the second gen Snapdragon. Here's a forum link discussing it.

Sadly, WebOS is so far down the list of my corporate IT department (Gannett Co), that it is being left off the list of approved devices starting 1/1/2011. Something to do with meeting security requirements for accessing corporate systems.

As much as I will miss trying the Pre 2, I have to say that I really hate the long boot up time on my Sprint Pre. If you travel a lot and have to turn it off and on on each leg of your flight, the wait is about 3 minutes and that seems crazy compared to all the other smartphones out there.

Compared to my old Blackberry 8310, this Pre Plus that I have, is a superphone. Compared to something like the EVO or any Samsung Galaxy S phone, the Pre2 is NOT a Superphone.

and starting the first quarter next year there will be duel core phones out kinda sad it took this long for a new phone not in the usa and the form is pretty much the same weak. I love web os i just hate the phones.need more phone choices or it doesn't matter that hp is behind them nobody cares anymore.they better show off some cool stuff at ces or things aren't going to change at all Android is growing at a scary fast rate.

It will be a super phone when you can send a meeting invite via Palm. Right now its a super gamer....

Pre 2 is superphone if the display 960x640 or 800x480. But with 320x480 & small screen 3.1", yeah.. it still acceptable to me.

CPU clock isn't matter, what's matter is overall performance.
In this case, I bet the OS is the role player here.

If I'm not wrong, iPhone A4 chip have 1Ghz clock but the underclocked to 800mhz, but the performance for browsing and playing game really amazing. Battery performance quite good too.

Compared to Android phone with 1Ghz processor, iPhone 4 A4 with iOS still far superior. Hope Pre 2 1Ghz cpu with webOS2.0 will give users more satisfaction.

The most important thing... hope the software developers more interest in WebOS 2.0. if not.. WebOS2 + Pre2 will die silently.

You're right. A great lag-free experience is the goal. These other posters are obsessed with the tech specs. Whose device has a better cpu, etc. If the Pre2 is fast then it's the right cpu. Battery life is the opposite side of equation. If the device is already fast then pushing it at the cost of battery life is not a good idea. Performance junkies can overclock or maximize clock speed through govnah 2.0.
Since Pre2 is midlevel phone,going all out is pointless especially with small screen, and small battery. Save it for the larger webOS devices.

A 1GHz processor is not the only thing that makes those phones "superphones." All of those have large, pixel dense screens and run mobile OSs that have hundreds of thousands of third party apps that allow the user to access everything in their world. HP webOS doesn't have any of that. To be honest, I was VERY disappointed with HP Palm after the Pre. Palm needs to step it up.

Pre2 is not a "superphone" because it doesn't have a cape like a superman to fly. Iphone has Apple marketing. All android devices have Google.

HP Palm, why are you hanging around in a countries where people hate you? Come to where people will love you.

Does width matter more than length or maybe it needs both ;)

This needs to be stop called a superphone as the 1 ghz dual core is the new high standard for phones. If Palm would have waited and placed a 1.2 ghz dual processor in the phone this may have gone stated.