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Switching away from webOS? SPE has you covered 32

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Aug 2011 2:52 pm EDT

If you’ve had enough of the drama surrounding webOS, we can’t really say we blame you. It’s enough to drive even the most grounded smartphone user over the edge. Thankfully, if you’re leaving webOS, our sister sites in the Smartphone Experts network are here to help you out. Whether it’s to the iPhone or a BlackBerry, one of the three hundred different Android phones, or to a shiny new Windows Phone, you’ll find the same great articles, podcasts, and communities on each of our sites.

And, just to poke us while we’re down (and help guide you through the transition), our fellow sites have put together switcher’s guides for their respective platforms. We’re not advocating you switch to another OS, but if you’re going to do so, you could do much worse than to check out these guides:


Thanks Derek! I'll miss your articles. Hopefully you can come write the occasional one for andriodcentral. I hope I can come back to WebOS someday. For now, though, HP doesn't have any new phones for us and no plan to get there. Okay HP, I (finally!) got the message. Hope to back someday but feeling pretty bitter right now.

PS: Was sooo tempted to say "first" (since I never had this spot before) but I think it'll be first and last at the same time, unfortunately.

I've already purchased a Photon 4G for Sprint, but I'm still using a Pre 2 as my main AT&T phone. After less than 2 days of Android, all I can say is DANG webOS is intuitive and powerful, even on less than stellar hardware. The Photon 4G, while faster and more capable on paper, makes me feel like I have one hand tied behind my back. Tasks that are so simple on webOS are a pain, require an inordinate number of taps, or are next to impossible. Android is definitely a temporary interim measure until (hopefully) some competitive webOS hardware is released. The only thing that salves this loss is picking up 5 more TouchPads :)

you've switched to it 2 days ago, Android isn't that hard at all...you simply aren't used to it's ins and outs yet. You should check out wavelauncher, it's pretty neat and gives some familiarity to webos users.

Boo Derek dont throw in the towel, our WebOS phones lasted us this long! THEY CAN LAST US FOREVER!!

but seriourly, if WebOS is to be sold, I hope Apple buys it for patents of the card multitasking and synergy- they will make it nice... if google buys it...it will be terribadly tossed into the abyss of poo that is android.

If no one takes up WebOS as a platform soon- it will be iPhone 5 for me- I sadly say.. I cannot STAND Android- maybe I should play with a wp7 and get that dell that is like a pre

Neither Derek or PreCentral are going anywhere. The post is simply a helpful guide if YOU decide to go somewhere else (and who could blame you).


The night the news broke, I boxed up my 2 week old Touchpad and stormed back into Best Buy even before the customer service kids had a clue what was going on. I then came home and boxed up my Pre- and Doctored Sprint Pre+ and promptly sent them off to Gazelle. I was mad then and I'm mad now.
Like a succubus girlfriend (or boyfriend) I have been fighting back the shivers of wanting to fall back in and get an inexpensive Touchpad. However, enough is enough. I won't say that I will never own another WebOS device (if someone makes one) but for now I am adrift in the phone ecosystem ocean and have no idea where the tides will take me. Thanks HP......

Allowing your emotions to rule you will only make you regret the decisions you make under duress.

When the news broke, I started looking hard at WP7 Mango, Android, and the latest BB's. I came to the conclusion that 1) this TouchPad fire sale is going to make a LOT of new webOS users and will likely help developers make more apps, 2) I can continue to use my phone until it completely dies - then buy a replacement off eBay, and 3) all the alternatives suck. Why torture myself because of Leo "THE Moron" Apotheker's stupidity?

They'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!

Nice. These links are going to come in Handy. I think i'll wait to see if Iphone is coming to sprint first. If it does not I am most likely switching to the EVO 3D.
I'm going to miss having a webos Phone :( It's been a frustrating run.

Did I miss the switcher guide for TreoCentral?

I believe its too early to convince people to switch to other platforms, after Google -Motorola deal Samsung and especially HTC are likely grasp webOS.

I also believe its high time the name precentral changed to weboscentral since there will be no pre. I owned pre minus, i bought it Dubai selling my iPhone 4 since webos devices are as rare here as biological life in space:)

I needed an ActiveSync device enabling me to attach files from compose screen, which isn't implemented as elegant as in webOS. I used it for business purpose and with synergy and zumodrive it worked perfectly until the touchscreen became unresponsive and i switched to windows phone 7. I hate Palm and HP for their lame business strategy...how come you put such a baby in such crappy hardware???

I pray that HTC and Samsung grasp webOS, I will definitely buy it.

WebOS forever and ever!

Thanks, handly links think I will be going Android Galaxy SII (WHITE version:P) as its the only phone thats really inspiring me at all atm.

Thanks everyone at SPE for making the transition a little less crummy.

webOS is Betamax now unfortunately (or HD-DVD), and I'm not going to be the guy trying to extoll its virtues in a VHS/Blu-Ray world. I'm kind of amazed by those who still want a Pre 3 or a Touchpad, why should I support webOS (as great as it is) if those who own it are going to treat it this way.

I'm going to wait and see how the iPhone 5 looks (and if it comes to Sprint) before I make my final decision.

Big thanks to Android Central who had their huge, information packed guide up the day after the news hit. They seem to be courting the Precentral faithful heavily and I've already seen a lot of familiar names over there. It seems like a great community and weights my decision somewhat in favor of Android for my next mobile OS.

Maybe a new two-year contract away from it is enough time for webOS to rise like a Phoenix under a new licensor/owner but I'm extremely doubtful.

Thanks for the links Dereck, I am still in shock about the whole HP fiasco. I can't believe I will be swiching over to Android (Sprint's epic 4G touch) I have been a Palm user since the 650 Treo days.
But it looks like I have no choice, my palm pre is on it last leg.
I pray that a responsible company purchases WebOS. And when they do, it will be like a phoenix rising from the ash....badass it shall be!!!
WebOS is da best!

DAmN I'm goin to miss swiping cards!!!

Is there an app i can install on Android that will mimic the JUST TYPE feature on WebOS?

Are you serious? Just hit the damn search button on the phone itself. It does pretty much the same thing as the 'just type' feature...

Or long-press the search button and "Just Talk". YMMV

I dont like seeing this type of **** on a precentral site. If I wanted that info I would look for it elsewhere. Considering the number of new users hitting the site I find this about as smart of a move as Leo running HP.

We just pull in thousands upon thousands of new users, and what does Derek put on the main page? A how to switch away set of guides. Unbelievable. Maybe folks should be directed to a site that actually seems to still want success for webOS.

Those thousands of new users don't have webOS phones. The links in this post thoughtfully serve the thousands of PreCentral-faithful Pre users who want new phones now. I even imagine there will be many Pre owners who switch to a non-webOS phone but keep their webOS profiles alive with a TouchPad. These switching guides will help a lot of people in this community.

Besides, don't forget the cold hard reality that PreCentral is a division of Smartphone Experts which doesn't really care which OS you use, as long as you stay in the family of web sites. This kind of cross-site service shows the value of these sites.

I found the guide from Androidcentral very helpful when I got Photon. I still wish some miracle would happen and WebOS would be back, but in the meant time I need to make my Photon usage as easy as on WebOS.

I got the Nexus S yesterday and am taking it back tomorrow. Google won't let you sync facebook contacts with this phone specifically. Add that to the horrible on screen keyboard it is not for me. I am not sure what I am going to do. My wife is wanting me to try the photon.

The operating system is ok. I love the live wallpapers, Widgets, speed, multitasking is comparable. I hate the keyboard, the browser, email. So. For me if I had to choice today I would go back to my pre but I am still giving Android another chance with a different phone.

adult films made VHS more popular than betamax and Playstation made blueray more popular than HD DVD

I wouldnt compare webOS to digital media :)

The specific situation is different. It has a chance after Google and Motorola deal.

I believe HTC will give a try and make it graciously inshAllah.

I picked up a motorola photon a few weeks ago and like it. There is a small learning curve, but I got the hang of it quickly. It is responsive, fast, and has a great screen. I like all the features on it. But I do miss the card view and multitasking. 4G is fast, and the battery is good too. Ordered two touchpads yesterday. HP needs to give away the pre 3 and they will have a bigger user base for web os.

I'll never leave WebOS. I have more hope now than I did when I saw Think Beyond. I just got a Pre2 August 1st and will do my best to get a 32GB TouchPad as soon as the job market stops leaving me hangin. As Tim said Yesterday 'YOU GOTTA BE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL!!!!' And Dammit that's what I'm in it for!!

switching away from webOS? no way, never. you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

I still have a PRE do to this we6site... I got an original PRE on sprint and I know we6 is isn't dead, its just getting started.. HP has at least a million of these touchpads sittin in the warehouse and no telling how many PRE3's also.. Its going to 6e a we6 os year... You'll will see... HP made one of the 6iggest Industry Moves we will see in our generation... Trust that.. Thanks Derek and continue the good work... I love precentral.. Its nothin 6etter out there.. Forget I phone and droid.. I am we6 is till the wheels fall off...

sorry we6 is is supposed to 6e we6 os ... Auto correct thanks to pre central was making it is instead of os...

I hope you didn't type your post (or its correction) on a webOS device because that would be...ironic.

i'm feeling sick....maybe something i ate!!!!

This is perfect, thank you!

I'll hang onto my Launch Day Sprint Pre for a little while longer, but my goal is to buy a new phone this year. Maybe catch a Black Friday deal. I deserve some updated hardware, even if it won't have my preferred OS on it. This is my chance to experience other platforms, which is a good thing. If WebOS manages to come back to phones in a year or two, I'll be well-informed and can make the best decision whether or not to switch back. But forgive me for not holding my breath.

I certainly have enjoyed reading all the responses to Mr. Kessler's article - with the exception of the spam advertising posted by some cretinous hack.

I must be going about the transition process in a completely retrograde manner. I still have my Android phone and two tablets running Android. However, after buying my HP Tablet a month ago, I'm a webOS convert. I've only had my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone for three months, but I just ordered a Palm Pre 2 so all my mobile devices I use on a day-to-day basis will be webOS. I'm sure I'll still use my Android tablets, but I am eagerly anticipating (based on the video clips I've seen) the "sync" process when I touch my Palm Pre to my HP Tablet! Still a kid with his new toys . . . after 51 years!