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Switching to iPhone? Here's how to make it more like webOS [from the forums] 60

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Mar 2013 6:05 pm EDT

Switching to iPhone? Here's how to make it more like webOS [from the forums]

As much as we love webOS, we know there's plenty of reason to move on to other platforms. Progress on the webOS Ports porting to other devices is going to be slow by the very nature of the open source work, and we have no guarantee that LG's ever going to bring webOS to smartphones or tablets again. Eventually our Pres and Veers and Pixis will stop working, eventually HP will shut down the cloud servers, eventually we'll have to start looking at what the other options are out there.

When it comes to the multitasking prowess of webOS, there's still no equal, in our less than humble opinion. So what if you're looking at an iPhone? Is double clicking the home button to see the icons of your running apps really going to do it for you? We think not. Thankfully, webOS Nation Forum member i_maq dug through the iOS jailbreak scene (jailbreak? how sad they have to call it that) to find all the additions you'll need to make iOS look and behave more like webOS.

i_maq found a number of useful installs, including enabling webOS-style app cards, gestures to switch between apps, a JustType kinda-sorta-clone, individually-dismissible notifications, and even rounded corners!

Of course, if you're going to jailbreak your iPhone you're going to have to know how to do that. Thankfully, our friends over at our iPhone-obsessed sister site iMore know all about that and have detailed how-tos that explain exactly what you need to know and need to do.

We know that many of you have switched to iOS already (your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief actually has an iPhone on one of his lines - don't judge). Those of you that have, did homebrew spoil you to the point where doing this was but a foregone conclusion? And those that are considering a switch - does this sway you in any way? Sound off in the comments.



Your link to the forum post is invalid.

Sorry, fixed!

i dont want to read this

Unfortunately, most webOS users are switching to other operating systems. Derek is just trying to make this transition easier. Plus, it's pretty cool to see how you can switch systems but still have a webOS-like experience.

Agreed! Kulf if you don't like it feel free to GTFO. Derek has constantly gone above and beyond in keeping this community together. For him to stick around and show us options who might be looking elsewhere is great. I would have never known about this without this website and the dedication of those here. Kulf please show yourself out.

A little harsh? All Kulf (GDEROISTE?) said was they didn't want to read this. I took it as they didn't want to think about switching.

A thoroughly uncalled for and way over the top reaction to a fairly innocuous post. You do a disservice to the webos community with a half-brained / knee jerk response like that.

To be fair, the original post I replied to (that was deleted) was pretty nasty.

To all of you slamming myself and Garrett I know you would not be reacting that way had you read the original post. What the original poster (Klufinator) said was:

"I can't believe you would post that on a Web OS site.
This isn't apple!
F*** you Derek!"

If any of you feel that Garrett and I were harsh then you clearly don't respect Derek or this community because there is no place for that. Without the tireless efforts of Derek none of us would be here.

Which is why posts shouldn't be deleted. Context is a nice thing here.

Android has something like this, I think it's called Jellybean. btw, what's a "home button"?

umm, i use Galaxy Nexus w/ Jellbean, and ive yet to experience anything close to webos, well they universal search did work until they had to take it out, then i think it came back and well its not as seemless as Just Type looking for an app, let say Netflix the current iteration of universal search finds it on the web just fine, but you have to select search phone to accomplish that goal, same w/ finding contacts, you have to wait it out for it to switch to searching your phone and the contact even after typing the full name is at the bottom of the list hidden by the keyboard.

Its really the simple things...i like my plethora of apps, but if my bank made an app for webos id never wouldve switched, probably would've gone to straight talk or ATT by now w/ a Pre 3...but holding out on switching to GSM carrier(im on Sprint) till Open webOS can be a reasonable daily.

Would've gotten a Z10, but thanx to Sprint it looks like the Q10 will be in line, luckily we are gonna test out the Z10 for some people where i work...one good thing about being in IT ..new toys..

Hmm, I just tried pretty much everything you said on my Nexus 4 and they all work fine. I'd have to disagree with your extra steps.

When I start to type an app name, the apps do pop up for me just like webos.

When i search a name, the contact does pop up like webos, even with the pic alongside their name and everything.

I've tried it with games and they pop up just like webos. In fact even my installed live wallpapers pop up.

Yes i do see that additional text that says "search phone" but it's not needed at all. I did notice one or two contacts where I needed a few more letters before they showed up but very rare I needed to spell out a full name. But even so, if I had to spell out fully "Dave" the contact pops up and there is still no need for that "search phone" option.

Ok thanks to this I have just now discovered something by accident! You can also just hit the mic within the universal search bar and say "open Facebook". It then replies "opening app" and has a count down bar that when it reaches the end, opens up Facebook itself. Or you can simply tap on it to open it manually. I've tried it with my other apps too and it works! It even understood me saying Fandango, It even works with the camera!

To say it's not as good as Just Type is an understatement! Haha! Thanks to this discovery I'm loving this phone even more now!

Kulf, Derek does not deserve your rude comment. He has helped to hold the webos community together despite the constant frustrations. He is just being realistic.

"you have got to be kidding me"? right?

I'm staying with my Pre 3 on Bell Aliant forever. Got a spare with lots of extra batteries too. If HP shuts down their backup servers, I use Evernote and Dropbox. Don't need HP. This is still the best darn phone out there. Bar none! Some day, some way, some one will see the light!

I really don't understand how somebody who knows about the homebrew-stuff, Preware, Patches and so on is going to choose... Apple.

Sorry...this article is just wrong. Wrong post, wrong forum. If anything, this belongs in some apple forum NOT here. I'd gather that a majority of webOS fans can't stand apple products, like me. I'd consider android waaaaaaaaay before I would an apple product...but even the latest ver. of android is still inferior to the original Pre- in ways.

I expected more from you, Derek.

*shaking head*

When Pre launched, it was about efficient interfacing, collaborating between wired and mobile resources and capable hardware and software. Palm fell behind, HP quickly killed any signs of life, and time has moved on from there. WebOS is a hobby, not a platform. It has cutting edge abilities, while lacking very basic functionality.

If you are still consider WebOS and IOS to be competitors, it might be time to move on from AOL on dial up as well. I dislike Apple products as well, but Derek has adopted them for himself. If you don't like that fact, don't read the article. Derek was point-blank about the topic he chose.

Don't be that Japanese soldier on a jungled Pacific Island that is still observing enemy movements sixty years later, believing the mother nation is still holding the world at bay. The petty hate and butt-hurtness makes it more and more difficult to read up on WebOS, and still care.


Sorry, I just don't agree with you.

The original Pre- provided all of the basics of mobile and then some. This is especially true given the competition's offerings at the time. Part of the reason why I (and many others) have stayed with webOS for so long is because, like Carly Simmon's song says, "Nobody Does It Better." Synergy, card UI, wireless charging, physical keyboard, true multi-tasking, etc., these are reasons to love webOS. While it may be a just a hobby for you, many webOS fans, including myself, live with it on a daily basis. As I had mentioned, even today there are no good substitutions for webOS, and that is why Derek's article above doesn't sit well with the faithful.

In a market sense, no, webOS is not a competitor of ios. Make NO MISTAKE though, that has very little to do with webOS as a product (and as an OS) and more to do with marketing errors (going only with Sprint for 6 months) and lack of funding in the early stages at Palm...and then HP basically letting it rot on the vine while they had internal struggles...than any webOS's deficiencies.

I read through the article because I tend to give Derek the benefit of the doubt. However, if you want a true webOS-like experience on an iphone, then you are going to be sadly disappointed. More importantly, my guess is that the vast majority of webosnation readers don't have an iphone (and don't want one), which is why I took my position. Hate has nothing to do with it.

Disagree all you like. Pre was a step backwards for us Treo users.

Downgrade on chassis. Downgrade on battery. Downgrade on radios. No apps. No bridge back to their old ecosystem. No deliveries on promises. Just an endless tease of a happier sunrise "in coming months".

Lots of marketing errors, sure. But Sprint wasn't one of them. Sprint was Palm central. They wanted ATT, they wanted VZ, they were turned away. If they'd not have been on Sprint, I've have been gone on day 1, like a lot of other people. And if the O/S wasn't flawed, why could HP not restore basic capabilities, like voice memos, missing Flash,.. not gonna run this list out, it has 47 entries last time I looked it up. It was too complicated and too dynamic for anyone to embrace. Every device they actually released, had it's own WebOS version and needed optimized app versions. The ultimate in fragmentation.

What ever the case, as I stated, WebOS is a hobby. A test ground for new concepts with no pathway to commercial or mainstream usage. Ham radios are fine devices, but they are a hobby. Derek presented the case for moving to IOS if you felt Apple could not provide some of the usability that Pre pioneered. I find most of what I had, over at Android, and then so much more. It's a preface for mothballing this site I would imagine as you "(and many others)" are not buying enough from the store or providing enough page views to continue spoon feeding postmortem nuggets, where every interesting concept advance story is met with two stories of abandoned assets and lost capabilities.

It's a hobby, there is no mindshare, there are no devices, there is no commercial activity, there is not promise, there is no plan. Derek provides a service, he didn't betray you, HP did.

Speak for yourself, Predogs. As a Treo owner, I'm aware that there were a few things that were not reproduced on the Pre. However, the trade-offs were more than worth it: brighter, better, bigger screen, slide out keyboard, compact form-factor,etc....and most importantly, webOS. Your whining about what was "missing" from the Pre is pretty petty or bitter or both. Now who is living in the past? The bottom line is that Palm OS was past its time, and they recognized it and blessed us with webOS. Was it fully realized or perfected, no, but it was (and still is) better than ios or android.

Now, I'm not going to say that you are wrong about the Sprint situation, but...All of three of the main carriers picked up the Pre, so that seems to kill your theory about AT&T and Verizon "turning them away." What I know for sure is that Sprint was so enthralled with the development of webOS early on, that they had secured a 6 month exclusivity with regards to the Pre. I don't know the rest of the inner workings at Palm and I highly doubt that you do either, but its well known (and probably documented) that not only was Sprint a minor carrier regarding their number of customers (and still is) but they essentially stopped pushing the Pre shortly after it was launched. In the mobile market, if the carrier doesn't back the product (enough) that can spell death. Look at AT&T and Verizon with BB10 as an example. They have publicly stated that they will not be pushing BB10 devices, and the platform will suffer, if not die all together partially because of it.

So many bad points and yet only so much time...

You have android and you think that webOS is fragmented? That is like the pot calling the sink black. Do you even know what fragmented means? Of course there are different versions of the OS on different devices, but there are way more iOS versions on different devices and I won't go in to android's many variations and versions. Fragmentation is the result of inconsistencies in the OS. Like ios, webOS has been fairly consistent since its origination. Android has not. Due to other manufacturers like HTC and Kindle layering on UI, not to mention the UI changes in android from version to version, that is the definition of fragmentation.

You are flat wrong on some of your comments. There is a following...at last count there were 500K active palm profiles. The homebrew community and others still keep things active and improving...and with Open webOS, there are possibilities at new hardware. I'll grant you that things are not great for webOS right now, but great ideas never die...they just lay dormant until they are rediscovered.

I'll agree that HP did betray all of the webOS faithful...in more than a few ways. I never said that Derek betrayed (me or) the webOS faithful. I think this article was inappropriate and Derek disappointed me (and others) because of that. I wouldn't't go to some ios forum and write an article on how to convert an android device to act/look like an ios...that just doesn't make sense...but that is just what Derek did. And even worse, Derek runs this site. So again, wrong article and wrong forum.

Finally, if you don't like webOS that much, then why are you even here?!? Either you care or you don't. Don't come here and pretend to care and then bash those that really do.

It's pretty clear some of us Treo users operated at a higher levels than others and suffered greatly when Pre launched. I carried both devices for a year, waiting for my cool toy to catch up and offer the professional service level of the Treo. Fragmentation is an issue when it impacts the user. Dozens of time, it impacted me as a WebOS user. I have never found a single compatibility issue staying in the mainstream hardware and software world of Android. Sure, buy some odd ball LG phone, you're walking into a little trouble for some apps, but stick with a successful product line, you'll never likely see a single functional issue.

Neither ATT nor VZ wanted to be there day one. ATT was afraid of upsetting Apple. VZ was bankrolling "Droid". They later opted in on Pre as they saw an opportunity to "bait and switch" customers into their preferred products. That was very well documented in here for two years, but you didn't say much back then.

500K active profiles? It's down that low already? After all the phones, the fire sale on the tablets...that's all that is left? Dayum! That's less than a week worth of units for a modern product launch.

I don't dislike WebOS, I lived on the hope, the promise and the promises. Now I get my wireless functionality elsewhere. I love my wife, but I don't hate my ex-girlfriends. Don't be so polarizing and isolate yourself. WebOS is a hobby, Derek doesn't betray WebOS by pointing out alternate platforms that can carry some of the WebOS spirit. It's a service to you (not me) to help you through a transition if you find yourself looking.

You can take offense, hide your head in the sand, beat your chest...that fine. It's sad, its antisocial of you, but in the end, you and I are just spuds sitting on a chair. One of us has the greatest wireless interface device, the other has the greatest functionality and performance the world has to offer for wireless technology, finely tuned to replicate the best interface there is.

Hug your little plastic pellet, stick pins in your Derek voodoo doll, stroke your betamax, back your Amica up to your Syquest drive. Go on with life taking great offense when other believers adopt lesser products because the greater products failed to capture traction in the mainstream. But walk around, open your eyes, open your mind...WebOS's greatest supporters have accepted other platforms for day to day life and continue to support WebOS with their energy and interest. Your tantrum does no favor to WebOS, doesn't build support, doesn't endear anyone.

Predogs, your ego is quite apparent and your tone is obnoxious.

This isn't about you or the phone you are currently using or your hang-ups on the original Pre from 3.5 years ago. Whatever "professional service" that your Treo offered that your Pre didn't IS NOT what this article is about nor is it what my comments were about. If you are here to gripe about your how the Pre wasn't as good as a Treo, then just keep using it...or whatever device(s) you want...no one cares.

Your failed/inaccurate attempt at summarizing the AT&T and Verizon positions on the Pre is also NOT what this article is about nor is it what my comments were about.

Yes, that is right. 500K active profiles is not a lot, I agree. However, that is not devices...its active profiles. Besides, what do you expect when there has been ZERO support for the OS since ~18 months ago? But again, the point is that THERE IS A FOLLOWING (even if you think that it is not a large following) and that is why most of us are here - to get news and information about webOS (and SUPPORTING devices), NOT ios or apple.

Your petty personal attacks reveal your true intent so do us all a favor and move along.

In owning an iPhone for me, its a NO Thank You Very Much! Rather stick with my Pre 2 device(hate home button and multitasking sticks), only wish there options for few apps like drawSomething and free text messaging apps in the HP catalog. Lets not forget an updated web browser and facebook app, with that I will be happy with WebOS.

Android interest me, but the design of the OS needs to be more defined and manufacturers messing with adding different skins just does not make it a comfortable experience.

Always funny whenever Derek makes an IOS post. The way I see it most of the folks with the stripes and talent are not the real die hard webos fans around here anymore and it's bound to cause some tension.

Some say if you can't beat em join em, but Derek is seen more or less as the captain of the ship and by law should be the last one to jump, . Maybe a position at a more nuetral blog would be better for him. Like Dieter, I'm totally cool with that

I mean if you come to sell me crest I don't expect you use colgate :)

You're gonna have to take webOS from my cold dead hands 1st. :-)

LOL, nobody disarms you when you're "left for dead".

And last I checked, Charlie Heston is dead too.

I cannot come up with a reason why I'd switch. Though I came to WebOS via years with Handspring/Palm devices, I'm hooked. WebOS, with all its drawbacks, is still the best thing I've seen out there. An iPhone is an easy-to-use app launcher... nothing more. Android is a difficult to use mess of conflicting designs.

There are some rough spots, areas that need improvement, and I'd like to see a return to the original aesthetics (oddly missing in version 3). Nonetheless, I spent the other night rooting my roommate's Galaxy SIII... It was a hellish experience. That operating system is the definition of counter-intuitive. For a host of reasons, it took HOURS! I couldn't get why a UI would have a half dozen places a program could be hiding in a disorganized mess. My roommate installing an 'app killer' was the only thing that kept me from throwing the device across the room. Three conflicting root instructions AND programs later, it was done.

The next day, I thought I should put my Touchpad through surgery and move to LunaCE. I didn't even finish my cigarette and the process was over. This thing is so slick and power-user friendly at the same time. Now, I'm going to upgrade from my Pre2 to a Pre3. Apps be damned.

The Iphone is the last one on my list. Touchpad and Pre3 are still my daily drivers. When HP turns off cloud I might have to think again. As soon as there is a decent,slick and intuitive mobile OS I will switch to whoever is producing it (would be nice if it's LG with webOS though).

I still use my Touchpad as my main device also. I have CM9 on it for games and emulators since I can pair it with my PS3 controller. But serious works gets done on the WebOS side. Also, I've come to depend on the ability to make/take calls on the touchpad via my cheapie tracfone paired with my touchpad. I know it sounds ghetto, but it works well for me. I hate contract phones! LOL.

I have been a loyal user of Palm since 1999, when I bought a Palm III & I was hooked, I loved the graffiti & the fact it organised my life. I have stuck with Palm ever since, through M500, Tungsten T2, Lifedrive (way ahead of it's time), then Palm Pre, Pre2 & finally Pre3.

There is no doubt that WebOS is the best OS out there, the multitasking card system is a dream & makes life so easy when juggling with e-mails, calendar & documents.

However we all have to be realistic, the end is coming. More & more apps are stopping working, there are no updates. Whilst Open WebOS exists & WebOS ports are doing a fantastic job, the fact remains unless LG or someone else takes up WebOS & starts putting it on phones or tablets, WebOS is destined to be a historical curiosity.

For me, tablets are not essential, but a working phone is. with contacts, calendar etc. I have already prepared for the shutting down of the HP servers by moving all my contacts & calendar to Google, so i can keep going. However I have been looking at other OS's. I installed CM9 on my Touchpad, Android is OK. I have bought an iPod Touch (aka Palm LifeDrive!) to try out Apple, again OK. My son has a Samsung Galaxy SIII & he really likes it. My other son has a Veer, but sadly he wants to move to Windows Mobile, for teenagers games & social networking is important, for me not so much, except when stuck at an airport waiting for a flight.

But, there is nothing like the card system on WebOS. I have not tried BB10 & would appreciate some honest opion on it.

At the moment, my Pre3 is OK & I will continue, but when it breaks, my inclination at the moment is towards an iPhone & seeing this article above gives me hope of a better user interface. Let's face it iOS is boring, but it works & for me working is more important. As a field engineer, I need workig phone & web access, but multitasking cards would be great.

Nice article Derek, but I would expect nothing less as you do a great job. So too do all the WebOS enthusiasts out there. Best community on mobile nations.

That will never happen...

I mean switching to iOS and making it look like webOS !!!! :)

Nice tips. I wonder what we could do in android for a more webos experience, especially the card metaphor, since android now has a nice universal search option. I am on a galaxy note, which is a great phone but i'd like some webos-like feeling.

If my Pre dies, I just live on without mobile phone. Hah!

I made the move to an iPhone 5 last November (from my FrankenPre 2). I did this because I use a Mac for work and a lot of the ecosystem works really, really well. And the phone itself is beautiful and aluminum. I got the black one and I'm using it without a case to let it just wear, and despite the "Scuff-gate" nonsense, its doing just fine with no major scuffs, scratches or scrapes. But the OS sucks. And a lot of the apps are crap. And multi-tasking sucks. And there's no way to attach a file to an email you're already writing (if you're responding to an email and you want to attach a file to it).

I've been trying to find a decent auto maintenance log app since I got the phone. Can't find one that can IMPORT my records, and all of the app developers are non-responsive. I know why, its just disappointing. I'm still using TealAuto on my FrankenPre 2...

My plan was always to run the phone as is for a while (probably my warranty period) then jailbreak it.

Umm.. yeah, this article isn't going to make all happy to see posted, but we ask everyone to please refrain from dropping the swear bombs. Thanks all! =]

There seems to be a lot of focus on a particular element of the user interface. Obviously, the people who are left at this point are the ones that are willing to go down with the ship as they say.

However, if you can get yourself out of the linear locked-in idea that you must have this thing that webOS does, you might find something interesting.

I've been using an iphone 5 for about a month all and the only thing that makes it slightly better than awful is Siri. Voice commands for quick dial and app launching bypass the inefficient OS. Having now entered the app "paradise" of iOS i can now say apps are overrated. Skype is better on webOS and half the apps I've downloaded I hardly use. I still yearn for webOS on a phone but unless LG launches hardware, it'll only remain a fond memory like BeOS.

like I stated the original thread, I can't even get past how ugly and dated the iphone icons are. And like someone said the email attachment thing sucks, and I heard that auto speaker via proximity is not possible even with jail break, and I don't like home buttons anymore. What year is this again?

This is just strange to have the leader of the Webos NATION giving us iphone tips.

It would be like in the darkest days of world war II and Churchill is giving his big speech and only using British words and how they gonna fight on til the last man. And then in the very same speech goes on to say the reality is we are doomed and confess that he already has a flat in Berlin and gives out the name of the realtor who hooked up him.

Please Derek, no more iphone articles. But if you must let someone else write it or use a pen name

Folks, switching to a new platform is inevitable for most of us under the circumstances. Although I'm still holding out with my Sprint FrankenPre2, I've begun looking around. I've decided that, for me, my next step will be to Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8 for my daily driver; my Pre2 will go to backup status. (There, I've said it.)

I've been with my Pre/Pre2 since launch day and love webOS. But, without a phone update since, like forever, I want to try something (non iOS) new. I'll still have my daily use Touchpad for my webOS fix and stop here in the Nation frequently. But I'll also be kicking the tires over at WPCentral and hope to see some familiar names there.

For my phone, I just switched to a Lumia 822. WP8 has that same easy to use, yet still powerful in use similar to webOS. The multi-tasking is similar, though I miss swiping up to see running apps. I'm still rocking the TouchPad (I'm typing on it now), so I'll still have access to the best multi-tasking OS out there.

Oh, what could have been.

Dear Derek, Thank you for your tips, because my wife had her iphone 4 to regenerate the HP Veer that become too small for her eyes, but i'm still in love with HP 3, i even tandem it with Palm Pixi (remember that name?).

But if someday i must move, my next target is Sony XPERIA Z, why? because xperia z has adopt webos ideas of TOUCH TO SHARE to the next level, it can touch to share with Bravia TV remote control for sharing screen, touch to share with wireless headset, and it can touch to share with wireless portable speaker....

that is my future dream about webOS, highly improved Touch to Share

Hey all, thread creator here!

Firstly, thanks for featuring this Derek, means a lot.

Secondly, I'm baffled by the hate, this isn't an "iOS post on a webOS site", its a guide for webOS lovers like myself who were forced to switch to another platform because of hardware failure and zero availability of new webOS devices.

It's that simple, there's no need to read in to it any further, I think a little appreciation is due for the team who've kept this community running for the last year despite HP's "business decisions"

That is all :)

You understand that some of this is just in jest right? For me I really don't care what device someone chooses to use and what they do to it. I think we can lighten up a little and have some fun. Even with Derek

Yeah, I was referring to some of the more hateful comments that are now deleted :)

I guess some thin-skins would rather have no WebOS posts, than a hundred Derek posts with one percent dealing with guidance in finding the core treasures of WebOS, in other products. Sad. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. If this site suddenly goes dormant, let these people play trial and error looking for the next best device to fill the void. Let them take that multi-thousand dollar jump without Derek's insights and never actually achieve the next best experience.

Well, well, just happened to stop by on my way to the forums to check on my post and saw this thread.

I switched from a Sprint FrankenPre 2 late 2011 when it was clear webOS was gonna be abandoned by HP. I got the iPhone 4S and, YES, I missed and still do miss webOS--the best UI in the business, I agree!

I then went "all in" with Apple and, boy, am I happy! Got the iPad, then an iPhone 5 at launch. NO MORE WINDOWS! Hooray! But I digress....

Let's be clear: with Apple stuff, it's the ecosystem, not just one particular device. Once I experienced this, it was a breath of fresh air, believe me.

And, yes, I was just like most of y'all--tweaking the Pre with Homebrew from the beginning and eventually going so far as to create the FrankenPre.

The thing I had to finally admit: webOS/the Pre and Homebrewing just took TOO MUCH TIME for a guy like me; it was time to move on and the iPhone--despite many of the flaws noted above, is fantastic once you're ready to focus on other things than tweaking the device.

I've resisted jailbreaking for that reason, but you never know what the future holds, so I appreciate this article.

And for you guys still hanging on to your Pres, Touchpads, and webOS, more power to ya! If you got the time etc., enjoy! But don't flame those of us who moved on--we have legitimate reasons no less valid than yours for staying.

Besides: Derek--the best expert and writer in MobileNations, bar none--deserves respect and patience, here: if he's posting something like this, c'mon, the man knows the various platforms and you can't just dismiss his opinion with simple-minded hate speech and adolescent rantings, sheesh!

When HP pulled the plug, I ditched all my WebOS and HP gear. Phones, printers, laptops,....all gone. I let Lenovo, Samsung and Brother fill all the gaps that created. Not one bad experience in any area. Lenovo laptops; cleaner, more stable, nicer materials. Brother printers; simplicity in setup, even wifi. And more efficient and effective with consumables. And phone wise, I miss the simple elegance of WebOS cards, but now I actually have tasks that need multitasking and it's fantastic, fast and stable. The ICS "cards" are fine, it's an even swap when you factor in the TMC bugs of WebOS.

LONG LIVE WEBOS!!!!! :'( as I painfully begin to search other options...

arent all the angry posts simply because they dont want to see iphone posts in a non iphone site, surely for the tricks/tip/suggestions in this post webOS'ers would prefer that was posted in an iphone forum/newsthread?

i mean if theres iphone users who wanted their iphone to act like an webOS device, chances are they already moved on to an iphone forum anyways?

We are all creatures of habit. Whether it's using a computer operating system or our choice of breakfast in the morning. My aging computer is running windows XP which is soon to be unsupported. I've flirted with Linux (that modern tech from 1969) and I know when I'm finally forced to make a change it will probably be in that direction, but I know that even if it is noticeably better, there will inevitably be some pain and annoyance in moving and finding applications that work in the way I'm used to. I've been ensuring that all my files are in cross-platform formats.

When I got a Pre2 it was because of my liking for my palm phone which lacked some modern features but was incredibly usable and productive. It was also because of the 2009 CES hype and a hope that the small innovative company that was Palm could by the sheer power of genius, pull a rabbit from the hat and get back on top after some time in the doldrums. I also assumed it would be a fairly easy upgrade... Well, it wasn't that painful!

As long as my phone continues working, I'm not too bothered that it's out of date. I think that waiting a bit longer may bring a clearer picture as to the chances for webOS as a mobile operating system and if it's a thumbs down, perhaps the current ones will develop that much usability or a new contender will match or exceed it.

Posts like this can be useful to those considering a change from something they like and as long as the major focus here is webOS itself, I've got no problem with it. Perhaps there should be one's about the other OSes and which is, or can be made most webOS-like. And yes, they could be cross-posted to the sister sites. Of course Mr. Kessler may be wary of putting his hand back in the fire...

We are of course hoping to avoid these choices and that webOS 4.0 will be released on LG's new Pre 4 Optimus in due time. The petition crawls towards it's goal, but it is still being signed. I'd link to it, but apparently that makes this comment spam!

I made the switch a couple years ago but still hang on to my Pre3 and Pixi. I really miss WebOS but can't use it daily. There's too much stuff missing.

Nonetheless, the iOS is great! While I do miss multitasking on the Pre, iOS is fantastic compared to Android. Android has none of the refinement or ease of use of webOS. Android is dated, ugly and unintuitive.

The ecosystem in iOS has been excellent.

i read most of the responses to Derek's article and i have to say he is spot on

my frankinpre2 has seen its days of hard wear and tear and with my contracts on sprint expired i was going to ditch the service of 12 years to go with a pre3 for me and my backup Veer for my girlfriend...i was searching for the right Pre3 on Ebay for about a month and kept getting outbidded for the price i was willing to pay for one....

A new sprint store opened up down the street from me so about two weeks ago i stopped in to talk about canceling my account and met a guy named Steve Jobs as he is called by his co-workers and he reconized my pre2 right away as i had it in my hand and i found out he was a webOS lover like myself intil he jumped head on when the iphone5 came out and like Derek's article he showed me all the webOS flavor that a jailbroken iphone can posess and i ended up leaving the store with a new iphone5 for myself and a free iphone4 for my girlfriend.....two weeks of hell but im finally getting the hang of the stale OS...the only thing that i can say about it is it's well crafted.....Itunes horror aside im on my finally leg of Jailbreaking her in hopes that i can start to feel a little love for my daily driver.....

first thing i do when i come home is grab my TP and see whats happening on the Nation..

i have to say its a rush seeing all the apps we wish we had sitting there waiting to download thats the only real plus

Good reporting Derek. Rather than sticking your head in the sand and limiting yourself to one OS, you have taken the opportunity to report on other platforms and sharing your experience with this user community. As much as I am clutching on to my Pre2, I know that soon it will be cast aside for one of the other major mobile platforms. Having switched to an iPad from my TP because of work applications, I have become used to the less intuitive user interface of the iOS platform. But seeing your article about WebOS-like cards on the iPhone makes me curious. Keep it up.

BTW, its sad to only see 50 or so comments on this article even five days later. Tells me there aren't that many people left using WebOS phones. I guess we like to be different. I did have a Saab, by the way. Maybe they'll come back....

Love to see LG take WebOS and fashion it into a top layer interface for Android. I'm sure HP already looked down that alley, but can still dream.

I had switched from webOS to iOS and after about the first month or two, realized that iOS was not for me... after 9 months of iOS, I had had enough and left it behind. Would these tweak have helped me to stay on iOS? Maybe, but iOS is still iOS. Since leaving iOS, I've been sleeping better at night.

Derek, thanks for the effort, but...

Been there, done that. Twice. Three times if one wants to count that "more webOS-like made" Android thing I'm using right now.

Fact is; After a more or less short time of "Well, it's almost like..." I start thinking "well, it's not even near..." and I start missing webOS again.

One of these occasions is that all of my webOS phones connect pretty good with my Parrot MKi 9200. Press the green button, a nice voice asks "who do you want to call", you say the name, the end.

No matter what or how much I try, this won't work neither on iOS, nor on Android. At least it doesn't work with the same accuracy.

I'm still a lucky guy, because whenever I feel a little pissed-off about Android, I take out the SIM and put it back into a real phone for real professionals. Pre(-), Pre3, Veer.

I think that the only OS that will be close to being like WebOS would be windows 8 but than again how long til that happens right now that things is missing a miserable forward button on the web browser jajajajajaja