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SynerGV 2 bringing Google Voice messaging integration to webOS phones 9

by Adam Marks Wed, 29 Aug 2012 5:41 pm EDT

SynerGV 2 on phones

Touchpad owners who use Google Voice received a treat last month when SynerGV 2 was released into the App Catalog with synergy integration of Google Voice messaging and voicemail transcription within the stock webOS Messaging app. But webOS phone owners were still left using the original SynerGV app without the synergy integration service due to differences between webOS 2.0 and 3.0. With its latest update to version 2.0.8, Eric Blade, the developer of SynerGV 2, has now begun to add support for those messaging plug-ins for phones running webOS 2.1 or higher. Unfortunately, you won't find SynerGV 2 in the App Catalog just yet because the app itself isn't yet ready for webOS smartphones. The messaging plugins may work, but the app isn't formatted correctly and you can't access critical areas of the functionality.

Just because you can't load up SynerGV 2 in the App Catalog on your phone doesn't necessarily mean that you can't partake in its goodies. If you have a TouchPad to purchase the app and know how to homebrew, you can use Preware and App Tuckerbox to install it on your phone. Once installed, just open up the Accounts app and you should have an option to add a "SynerGV Google Voice" account using your Google email address and password. Be sure to allow the account to use both Contacts and Messaging when prompted.  Once synced up, you will be able to use send and receive messages through Google Voice and get your voice transcriptions without the need of any third party app.

Just as with the synergy service on the TouchPad, there are still a few limitations. While sending messages are instantaneous, there is no push service for receiving messages. Instead, it pulls down the messages based off a time period you set in the preferences section of the SynerGV 2 app (that part of the app still works).  To combat this, you may still want to use Google's official SMS notifications of new messages and then just respond using the SynerGV plugin service. 

In addition, while you can send a new message through Google Voice to any number that you manually type in, you will only be able to search for your Google Voice contacts by name, including via Just Type. If you have all your contacts already in Google, this is a non issue. But if you rely on your webOS profile or Facebook for your friend's numbers, then you are out of luck unless you manually type in their number or they initiate the conversation first so you just need to respond within that conversation.

If you decide to load up SynerGV 2 on your phone, remember that you are installing an app and service that is not officially released for your device. You are essentially a beta tester of the service until the time that the developer decides to release it into the App Catalog. However, if you are a Google Voice user and have either already purchased SynerGV 2 for your TouchPad or have $4.99 to spend, you may want to give it a shot. Even with it's shortcomings, having Google Voice messaging and voicemails integrated directly into the stock webOS messageing app is worth it.


I wonder what are the stats on people still using webOS phones. I can't imagine how low it is at this point. Good luck to the developer.

What WebOS phones? I can only imagine the die-hard fans are the only ones still using, unless they have found a way to install it on new hardware. But who has time for that?

The Pre3 isn't that old and works surprising well. It is a big upgrade over my old Android phone (a Motorola Triumph, not that it is cutting edge or anything).

the draw full of webOS phones I have stockpiled

I was an apple fan for a long time. Then a little over a year ago I got a little webOS phone called the veer4g. Then I bought a touchpad. Eventually I ended up with a French AZERTY Pre 3. Which made me decide to bite the bullet and get an AT&T branded Pre 3. Spent a few days back on my iphone and realized why I left. It felt stale and had not change really all that much since my first iphone.

I honestly don't get how anyone can feel that way about webOS especially when compared to iOS.

still on Pre2 and getting all things done quickly. I have to admit it's not used for showing the newest games and apps, it's my digital PIM and for that it is good.

Some good news on one of the limitations that were mentioned above -- my research into whatsapp has given me an idea for a way to provide a program via Preware that will be able to import all of your existing telephone contacts into S2 contacts. So it won't quite be the same as jsut tapping the "SMS" icon next to someone's name, but you would be able to locate their GV number as an Instant Messenger, and tap it to send them a message.

thanks eblade for all your hardwork