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SynerGV 2 lands, bringing Google Voice messaging integration to TouchPads 10

by Derek Kessler Mon, 30 Jul 2012 9:33 pm EDT

SynerGV 2 lands, bringing Google Voice messaging integration to TouchPads

A few weeks back we mentioned how one of our essential webOS apps - Eric Blade's GVoice - was getting a rebrand and some new features for TouchPad users. Ladies and gentlemen, that time has arrived with the recent release of SynerGV 2 into the App Catalog. SynerGV 2 does something the original GVoice couldn't do: it integrates Google Voice messaging into the webOS Messaging app thanks to the magic of Synergy Connectors.

The app, currently $4.99 from the App Catalog, offers all of the text features of Google Voice (yeah, we know, text features of the voice service) directly integrated with the Messaging app, adding all of your Google Voice contacts as on-device contacts. That includes Google Voice text messages, placed/missed/received call notices, and even voicemail transcriptions.

What we like about SynerGV 2 is its consistency. Through multiple Pre3 phones and multiple TouchPad tablets we've never been able to get the Bluetooth pairing to work reliably, specifically the reconnection issue after they've been separated. But SynerGV 2 doesn't need that Bluetooth bridge, as your Google Voice text messages are delivered via the internet connection instead of through your phone. That has some advantages, most specifically that SynerGV gets all of your messages, sent and received, as it's pulling from Google Voice's centralized archive and not what's on your phone. If you're like us and use Google Voice to manage multiple phone lines and reply to texts from multiple devices, having that complete record is invaluable.

For all SynerGV 2 does, there's one thing it doesn't: place calls. For that you still need the Bluetooth hookup to your phone, just as with any other phone number link in any other app on the touchPad. It makes us a little sad. But to perk us up is the SynerGV app itself. Beyond the Messaging integration, SynerGV has an app of its own that enables listening to your voicemails (links from the Messaging transcriptions open the app), setting Do Not Disturb status to send all calls to voicemail, starring and archiving conversations, and more.

Of course, you'll need a Google Voice account to make use of SynerGV 2 (or the rebranded version 1 either). $4.99 might seem like a bit much for an app, but if you use your TouchPad and Google Voice as much as we do, it's well worth the price.


Nice! I would like to support it and buy it. But how can I do that? I don't live in AppCatalog supported country... :/ Any WORKING pre-paid credit card solution available? Do you have some WORKING tips, please? Thanks...

Whenever it comes to payed apps, i feel a certain doscomfort about the international pricing policy. The german catalog always was a bit more expensive than the american one, since it used to exchange 1 $ for 1 € (while € 0.99 currently equals $ 1.21). Though i wondered a bit, i did't care much. It changed in june with the new catalog-sofware. Suddenly they added another few cents: now a $0.99 app costs € 1.01 (~$1.24). Still i didn't find it worth thinking about.
But with the featured app SynerGV (which looks like quite a good piece of work) they reached kind of a highscore: it is 4.99 in US, but € 6.07 in Germany (which equals $ 7.47). That means, it is just 50% more expensive over here. WOW! That doesn't really contribute to feeling part of one community :-(
I don't know, who is responsible for the international pricings in the app catalog. I would really appreciate, if you could bring some light into this darkness.
Thanx in advance

Devs can set prices for each country individually
(I've forwarded your comment to the dev

A couple of weeks ago, HP changed the App Cat to include VAT for European customers. I assume that they changed it so that the price incl. VAT was set ~ the old price. The few cents may result from rounding differences.
With this newly released app, the price seems to be calculated as (US price) x (some unralated value slightly larger than one) x (1 + VAT%). The currency exchange rate has nothing to do with it, apparently.

Was the app pulled? It's not available in HP's US app store.

Just turn off filtering on Touchpad apps only and you will find it.

time for me to get a google voice account

ok just remembered I had a gmail-Photobucket account so I signed in and set up a google voice account using the sprint option.....will I have any problems with this app with that setting

by the way voice mail to text Rocks....don't know why I waited so long to get an account

plan on buying this app tomorrow !

No problem with the Sprint integration. I use that myself.

me please