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Synergy Messaging Plugins 3.0 brings Facebook Chat, OCS, and Google Talk support to webOS 2.0 27

by Derek Kessler Mon, 04 Apr 2011 5:53 pm EDT

So you’ve got yourself a Pre 2, or managed to hack webOS 2.1 onto your older webOS phone, and you find yourself poking around the Accounts app where you stumble across that “Find More...” button. You tap it and after waiting a few seconds for the phone to search the App Catalog for new Synergy services... you’re presented with nothing. Yeah, one of the headline features of webOS 2.0 – the ability to create and distribute new Synergy Connectors to integrate additional web services into webOS – is nowhere to be found. Well, the support is there, at least in the operating system, but there’s nothing available to plug into it.

Thankfully, as happens so often in webOS land, there’s a homebrew solution. Greg Roll has stepped forward and rebuilt his Synergy Messaging Plugins for webOS 2.0, and he’s made it even better in the process. The plugins bring support for Facebook Chate, Google Talk, and Office Communicator to the Messaging app, and they now do so in one easy-to-install package that does without modifying any system files. Greg’s put together an installation guide that you can check out at the source link, after which you can go and get your chat on.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to gizmo21 for the tip!


oLD nEWS?? I have had this working for a little while now... Thank you for the hard work once again!

OMG it has google talk support! Finally! :/

Not really news if only .9% of Palm users can use them.

So many things that are 2.0 only, and stacks is probably the only thing that taxes a non overclocked Pre(-). Horseshit!

Stuff like this kind of makes me want to blow my money on a pre2 instead of waiting on the pre3. Looking forward to migrating from iOS.

"So you’ve got yourself a Pre 2, or managed to hack webOS 2.1 onto your older webOS phone..."

So like 3 people have access to this. Great.

Now here's a creative re-write: "as happens so often in webOS land,you search the App Catalog for new Synergy services ... and you’re presented with nothing"

Pretty accurate for those of us living in pre- land. Ugh.

Install 2.1 on your Pre.

Uh .... No.

shouldn't have to

and how do u do that?

your phone is two years old, be a big boy and give it up already.

Your comment doesn't make sense. If you have an older Pre, there's no such thing as Synergy Services on 1.4.x, especially since you didn't put 2.1 on it.

Troll much?

why cant i comment on my phone anymore?

Is it me or whenever I click to download the ipk file it opens up a website with codes?

right-click on link. Save as ...

If only there were an easy way to quickly delete all the fake Google chat email addresses that the Facebook chat patch added to each contact. Nothing like useless clutter.

thx derek for finally posting this (perhaps not so bad, as many fixes were done since sending my tip). But could you enhance the mobile view of the news, so that the footnotes with e.g. the forumlink are displayed. Atm you can't reach the forum thread in mobile view (or the app "Precentral unoffical"), and many are reading your blog on the pre i think :)

Would have been great if my Pre + had been updated to 2.0 like was promised by both ATT & HP. Still waiting for what they are going to do to "make things right" with long time users.

Am I missing something? Doesn't messaging already do google talk? I'm pretty sure it does since I use it every day. I understand that yes this does add facebook, but the references to it adding Google Talk should either be removed or corrected to whatever service you meant to say it added. Also it's Facebook Chat, not Chate.

I know this is foolish hope, but, I hope to one day have the messaging component of Skype integrated also (seeing as how Verizon has Skype voice locked from everyone else). Similarly, What's App App would be handy too.

I should also say: good to see the others (ie: MSN) are starting to fall in place.

hey, 'bloggers' (I wouldn't dare call you journalists or writers), how hard is it to proofread your posts to check for spelling and punctuation?

how about you put a little more pride into your work and get your teacher to read it over real quick? sad.

Palm/Pre friends PLEASE provide the link or instructions to download webos 2.0 on my PP+(Verizon, if it makes a difference) just a user who wants to her phone up to date, manually since HP put us on the back burn.

@msechea umm BUZKILL!

I'm on a Pre- with 2.1 overclocked @ 1.1ghz. Sprint Nav and Flash working. I feel like I have a brand new phone! It was quite simple to do it all. So, don't be left behind. It's right there if you want it. So everyone stop complaining about being left behind. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. I love the one I made to stay up to date with 2.1! Haha seriously though it's awesome everyone should do it!!

Now how do i download this file?

Working Alternative using Google Chat on any webOS version.

wrooong post