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Synnex pegs TouchPad for June 22, Amazon says July 17 74

by Derek Kessler Wed, 08 Jun 2011 5:28 pm EDT

We know the refrain that’s about to echo through the comments: “just announce it already.” And we agree. It’s looking likely that the June 12 date from our previous leak isn’t going to pan out, but fear not, for there are new dates to bandy about. First is a date courtesy of Synnex, which is looking a June 22 etsimated time of arrival for both the 16GB and 32GB of the TouchPad. Synnex, an enterprise vendor with a lot of HP products in their catalog, lists the tablet as retailing for $499.99 and $599.99, in line with the pricing for the iPad and in line with our own expectations.

Amazon, on the other hand, thinks later. In banners that appear on the site when you search for HP TouchPad or webOS, the online mega retailer is anticipating a July 17th for the “sleek and sophisticated webOS-empowered” tablet. If there we had to pick one source of the two, we’d put out money on Synnex, and say that Amazon’s banners are in error (and not supposed to be showing a date at all). And that’s not because we want the TouchPad to come sooner rather than later (although we do), but because all signs are pointing towards an imminent launch.

Source: Engadget, Amazon; Thanks to anonymous and Mark for the tips!


Isn't July 17 AFTER June 22?

Yeah... sometimes you have to "translate" some of the facts given in these articles LOL.

I have heard the delay is cause of very buggy nature or webOS 3.0. People in forums are saying things like facebook app in 3.0 is a story of horror. Dont know how much is true.

just announce it already

I think he meant to say Amazon thinks its coming later.

I'm willing to bet that Amazon is just getting it late, brick-n-morter retailers get it first

no, meant July 17, look at the image.

Derek wants that tablet so badly that even though he saw July, his brain said June and his fingers followed!

The Amazon banner is probably correct.

right but july is AFTER june

Synnex may be expecting to receive the first batch of tablets on June 22, but that does not mean they will be selling it then.

I think everything points to a mid to late July launch.

BestBuy training is in July, Amazon has a July date and HP has not announced a date yet.

Bottom line: Wal-mart, Synnex or anyone else receiving product into inventory DOES NOT = the date product will go on sale.

Do you really think Best Buy/Wal-Mart will leave empty displays up for that long?

quite possibly.

So what about the Pre 3? It has fallen to the way side during all of this.

I agree! Where's my Pre 3?

While i agree that we all want a Pre3, this article is about the TouchPad, not the Pre3. They said a late summer launch for the Pre3, so let the TouchPad have the glory for the moment.

Just to clarify - no one has ever said "late summer" for the Pre3. Now, it probably will be late summer but no one at HP has ever said this.

For what its worth my sprint rep said pre 3 will be avail by end of summer. Mentioned HP was just at store two weeks ago. I asked for date & he didnt bite.

2 nights ago, my Sprint rep said it was not likely they would carry any WebOS products in the next year. Pre-ordered my EVO 3D just in case she was right.

My best friends, cousins, girlfriend has a friend that knows a guy who works for HP, and said that we will see it on June 22nd!

Until we see a press announcement, don't believe ANYTHING a cell phone sales person says!

I'll just have to put this bad boy on my credit card if it comes out in the next 22 days

I read the comments above me and I started laughing. Its like an old vaudeville script

Costello: I'm asking YOU who's on first.

Abbott: That's the man's name.

Costello: That's who's name?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: Well go ahead and tell me.

Abbott: That's it.

Costello: That's who?

Abbott: Yes.

I am still baffled at how sloppy hp is handling the release of these products. I guess since they have been releasing laptops and printers and desktops without anybody sitting anticipating their release that they feel they don't need to do any different with these mobile devices that everyone has become so obsessed with. To be honest i am probably not going to buy a touchpad. I really do not care for that market at all until it could replace my laptop. What I really want to know is where is my pre 3 and what carrier. This is getting ridiculous already......

And you think those outside of this forum, and similar forums, have any idea about these internal release dates, etc... that have been posted here?

At the most they see a July 17 date from Amazon and say, "Ok, July 17".
Or they see the table in BestBuy and think, I wonder when that will come out?

But the mass public is not in tune to all this information and dates.

Seriously it's unbelievable that HP hasn't officially announced anything yet. We all criticized Palm but at least Palm had a firm release date and partner for Pre.

I just visited Synnex website. Here is what they say: "Pre-orders start June 20 - Shipping to resellers June 30 - Shipping to end users July 1." So it appears that we will have to wait 'til July.:(

Here's what I put in a post yesterday -

pre-orders end of this month (on or after the 20th), shipping early July (by the 10th), marketing push mid-July with no external marketing until after July 17th. just sayin'

good call.

Is it in Amazon's best interest to help promote yet another tablet? Thought they had the Kindle reader and aren't their rumors of an Amazon specific tablet? A case of feet dragging on that release date?

Amazon sells anything. They don't care.

If it's released in mid july in the states (and probably later in Canada), then i'll be getting and iPad.

I need a tablet to replace my computer during the summer, so I want it now.

So I hope it'll release ASAP...

The iPad can't run Flash, so keep that in mind.

the nice thing is that the spec sheet on amazon says gps is available on 3g models... nothing about 4g though.

3G, 4G....the only difference is in the communications chip, and GPS isn't linked to that.

"Pre-orders start June 20 - Shipping to resellers June 30 - Shipping to end users July 1"

- synnex (

Hey this is great....found this information on the Synnex site...

Jun 3, 2011 ... 2979317 · HP TOUCHPAD 9.7 CASE, FB343AA#AC3, Vendor Authorization. Computers and Portables >> Laptop >> Docking station ...

No date on it but there it is....


Thing is this. The devices are made. That HP has no problems with. What they can't seem to do is make an OS to save thier colective souls. What we are watching here are the same problems PALM had with WebOS. A Great OS, a pain to get it right. That is the truly sad part. As much as I lament the failure of Rim's Playbook. At least eventually they are going to get it right. HP I'm not so sure.

Would you mind elaborating? You seem to know so much more than everyone here. Do you work at HP? Are you on the TouchPad team? What exactly has HP not "got right" with 3.0?

Well, they haven't been able to on the anti-lag feature in any of the demos I've seen.

In many pre-release products, there is debug code that is enabled to help track down problems. The lag you may have seen could be related to that, and not to the software in general.

Possible. However the same was said of the Pre during its demos.

I disagreed then as well. When we demo software, we tend to use software that is as ready as possible (even if the demo is scripted).

In the case of the Pre, the lag in the demo was exactly the same as the lag in the final (freshly booted) product. We didn't notice how much worse the lag really was until we started using the Pre off script and way beyond a fresh reboot. In the end, the demo lag turned out to be less lag than that found in the production product. We never saw "Too Many Cards" errors when there were no cards open in the demo but we've seen this with our devices.

Point: Demos are usually scripted to show the product in the best possible light. They are NOT usually used for debugging and problem tracking. The actual product is often NOT as good as seen in a demo.

We'll see if the outcome is different with the TouchPad.

remember webos 3.0 is a complete rewrite - new API's and new language "ENYO" for developers.

you don't just write a new OS overnight. In that regard they are moving things as fast as tehy can.

Do any of you armchair quarterbacks have any proof of bad software or a botched launch?

zineesh, your comment about a buggy Facebook app on webOS 3.0 is complete rubbish. Seamless Facebook integration into photos has been working since December. You or whoever you heard from have no idea what you're talking about.

I've just come from watching a TouchPad run 11 separate sessions of Windows and enterprise applications simultaneously over Citrix, including 3 different versions of windows desktops running Windows Media Player videos in them, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and SAP business objects direct from an Amazon cloud server rendered in Flash. A Flash video was streaming smoothly in a separate browser all the while. It was a cacophonous chorus of video and enterprise-quality experience that you can never have on an iPad 2.

I've got 5 words for you.
TouchPad is a different conversation.

excuse my french, but can I just say F**K YEAH!!! Amen, brother. I am actually updating components of my Citrix infrastructure this month just so I will be ready to start experimenting with our Citrix desktops and apps through Citrix receiver on WebOS, and demo'ing to my boss and other execs!

People on this site get so crazy about how they've been wronged by Palm, HP, developers, carriers, etc, it's pretty ridiculous. Yes, my (pre)launch day pre- was starting to suck pretty hard. So I bought a pre 2 and easily converted it to Sprint. Now I am loving life. Can't wait to get the touchpad. It's not going to be the coming of the messiah, but it does look to be a sweet, multi-tasking, non-Apple, tablet! Yes I'm excited, yes I'm bugging my enterprise purchasing channel and HP rep about it, but no, I'm not mad at HP because they haven't released a launch date!

-2 for this post! Let me guess, one from an Apple troll, and one from a Sprint user who won't convert a Pre2...

eh.. if you check the comments you would see i have not made any comment about a buggy facebook app on webos 3.0.

you better not be making this **** up because I am REALLY excited now!

ai, wow, i never made a comment like that, all i said was ''just announce it already'' which i am sure u agree with.

Here is some interesting pricing and HP part # info from a vendor my work uses when filtering by HP and searching on "Touchpad".

Avail: 0

HP - FB343AA#AC3
Avail: 0

Avail: 0

Avail: 0

Hmm I was betting on HP releasing the touchpad to coincide with bonaroo. They've been tweeting about it:!/HP_PC/status/76386370033156096

and we all know how HP likes to market its products (and beats audio) using artists.

does derek work for engadget because they seem to think july 17 is in 2 weeks also

"HP launches the sleek and sophisticated HP TouchPad mid-2011. The webOS-empowered TouchPad is equipped with a 1.GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GB of RAM, Bluetooth, 3G and a choice of 16 or 32 GB of memory."

So yeah they changed it on Amazon. Thanks for ruining it for us guys lol!

It's the banner when you do a search, not the product listing itself. ;)

Ohhhhhh lol epic fail then on my part. Either way i'll have to wait till around then to scoop up one so no qualms here =P But thanks for the clarification tho.

Somebody tell me where I screwed up. I haven't made any edits, and it says Synnex June, Amazon July.

Amazon, on the other hand, thinks earlier.

Duuuurh. *fixed*

engadget thinks july 17 is in two weeks in thier article

engadget fixed it it now says a about a month to save for touchpad it did say 2 weeks

"Amazon, on the other hand, thinks earlier."

I won't believe it until I see it.

Synnex pegs TouchPad for June 22, Amazon says July 17...

HP says "in the coming months".


The July date is more accurate. I had the pleasure of sitting next to an HP developer on a flight this week to San Jose. He had in his posession an HP Touchpad that he was testing. It had the case as well which was pretty cool and reminded me of the iPad 2 case. I knew it was a touchpad because of the email app in 3 pane view. He told me it was close to release and mentioned mid July specifically. The model he had was not a release build.


If the tablet isn't out by the end of this month I'm going with the ipad2 for $499.
If the pre 3 is not out by the end of this month, I'm going with the HTC Evo 3D.

Good for you! That's absolutely the right choice if you can't wait, because HP isn't going to ship the Pre3 until late summer for sure, and they'll release the TouchPad on their schedule.

what a bummer, it's july 1st. they missed your deadline by 1 day.

have fun with iOS and Android!

This is the first I've seen "Pavilion" in the TouchPad name. Does this suggest there might be an Envy line of TouchPads, perhaps with aluminum case rather than plastic?

HP just posted on Facebook that the date will be July 1st.

Beat me to it :(..

Straight from the HPorse's mouth. July 1.

While we know know it is now July 1, the above picture shows store shipping receiving dates, not RELEASE dates to consumers. Sorry but that was an easly one to figure out.

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