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by Jason Robitaille Tue, 09 Feb 2010 2:02 pm EST
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So, this service is a bit hard to really describe. The closest I could consider it would be an "odds and ends" service, with various functions that people could potentially find useful. System functions like listing running apps and running processes, controling flashlight LED, getting CPU info, getting memory info, and much more.

This service is freely available for developers and users alike.  Homebrew developers can find the current API posted in the forum thread.


MIT License Open Source - Learn More


Free forever

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this link work for me thax!!!!!!!!!!

does this work for the pixi??

yep, with the exception of the LED functions

Uh...I'm kinda new to the applications area...not knowing anything about programming but exactly what is this suppose to do? When I click on the icon all I get is an information page...where's the program?

i downloaded and loaded it into webosquick install. I get an error while installing saying a package dependencies not satisfied

Get same package dependencies message. pre2, webos2.01, verizon

I keep getting an error message, can it run on webOS 1.4.5? or does it have to be webOS 2.0?

cant git it to work on my palm pre 2. Ive tried every way of installing it that i could and keep getting an error message any suggestions

Can't Download, or install it over Preware WOSQI! Link must be dead or something.

me too link dead and so meany other links are dead wtf

igual yo, tarate de bajarlo de WOSQI y de prewere y no existe así como tampoco sirve el enlace de esta pag, ayuda, help please

For those getting the dependency error, install this first.


I think I now have finally got SysToolsMgr to install, and will finally be able to install the Device Menu patches!

I already have that installed. when i try to download it off of pre ware it says "Error Installing: See IPKG Log" I click IPKG Log and it goes to "Begin: Nothing interesting, Failed: Unable to run command"

it keeps telling me...
"Package dependencies not satisfied"

when will be supported LED functions with pixi plus?


I get "cannot open MIME type"
how do I fix that?

I get "cannot open MIME type"
how do I fix that?


Nice app. It just works best at my ends. I like it. - Carmack Moving and Storage

How to install novacom?? And all other programs?? I'm from Czech Republic and I bad speak English. PLEASE HELP!