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Tabbed card stacks, infinite card view, and additional keyboard layouts happening thanks to webOS Community Edition 30

by Derek Kessler Sun, 01 Jul 2012 11:15 am EDT

On Thursday we talked about one of the first projects to come out of the webOS Community Edition. The newly-open-sourced code for major chunks of webOS 3.0.5 had within two days brought us the fast card switching gestures that we'd been pining for for far too long. But with access to parts like the LunaSysMgr, what else the homebrew community would come up with was a huge and excitingly open question.
Well, here are some more answers. Coming from the mind and keyboard of Andrew Holbrook (dukiedrew) is something we're actually quite impressed by: tabbed card stacks. With this modification, a simple swipe in from the left side when in an app of the screen scoots your current view to the side a bit to load a vertical column of the thumbnails of the other app cards in that card stack. Tap on one of the thumbnails and it and your current app swap places. Swipe back to the left to dismiss the thumbnails column and get back to your app.

Holbrook's work isn't limited to just card stack tabs - he's also worked up how to cycle the webOS card spread around the ends so you can keep swiping past the end of your cards and jump to the far end of your open apps. If you've got a lot open, this could be an easy way to navigate everything. Video of the infinite card view and tabbed card stacks is above.

After the break is another video, this one from Måns Andersson. As a Swede, there's not a lot of support for his preferred keyboard layouts built into webOS. Again playing with LunaSysMgr, Andersson was able to add additional layouts for Dvorak, Swedish Dvorak, and Swedish QWERTY to the standard international webOS keyboard layouts, including a button on the Swedish keyboards to quickly switch between Dvorak and QWERTY.

All of this work was completed thanks to the webOS Community Edition and the quick work of WebOS Internals' WebOS Ports team. It's all open source, and all done free-of-charge for you. We wouldn't discourage you from sending a donation the way of WebOS Internals - without your support they can't pay for servers and test devices and the like, and this kind of awesome stuff becomes that much more difficult to do.


La gran.... Amazing, it almost renders the need for browser tabs useless while being more flexible. Fantastic. Truly impressive.

WOW!!! very nice,
thanks webOS Ports!!!!


this is why I haven't left webOS. The homebrew community is truly one of the most amazing ones out there. They do a better job at improving the OS then the actual creators of most OS'. I think it was a smart move on HP's part to hand over development to the community. Also did anyone else notice that top bezel swipe gesture that brought up "Just Type?" thought that was sooooooooo neat. Can't wait for Open WebOS. #LongLiveWEBOS

Woah, awesome!


That is really freaking cool. I can't wait to get this on my TP. I hope all these awesome improvements come baked into open webOS.

Amazing stuff! And this is just the beginning - just wait till the full open source is available for everyone to hack at and see what happens. webOS is far from dead folks!

Oh god, I wish so bad that I could get my TP running again right now... I miss you TP, why are you not booting anymore despite all of the thing I tried with help of the forum? :(

How can I get this installed?

is it just me or is the speed of all those function way faster than my current TP?

My TP has never been that fast even with all the homebrewing. Anyone got a link on how to achieve that?

indeed, the webpage rendered much faster than usual, either he is doing some crazy overclock, my internet connection stinks or he is running iris.

great work looks fantastic

Truly impressive stuff. HP's *ONLY* smart thing so far was releasing the innards of webOS to the dev community. it really says something about the level of talent they had in house that in 3 years they could not do something an HB-Dev did mere days after the code release

This further DESTROYS any dream of multitasking AOS and iOS can do. GO webOS Devs GO!

great work

well, to avoid this confusion of gestures that monday206am is talking about, how about we get the fast card switching gesture to a TWO finger swipe off of the screen, and a one finger swipe for the tabbed stacks (or vice-versa)

Or maybe a quick in-from-the-edge and out again to enter the tabbed stacks? Don't know how sophisticated the edge detection would be with multiple fingers. Especially seeing as the TouchPad has been revealed to be older than we were first told.

Seen this yesterday. Very impressive cant wait for this to make it into preware. At least I hope it does. Wish the code for the pre3 was released so we could get some awsome homebrew on that as well. 

That'd be awesome, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Good Lord that is awesome! I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor! The code has been out for less than a week and this is what we get? I can't wait to see what else you guys unlock.

I think Derek should make a poll on who thinks webOS community (Homebrew) is the real 8th wonder of the world? Just saying... ;-)

My God; you know what's the BEST of all this (after imploring to my God that webOS stayed on the market and we're closer)? That I can scrub this on the face of all my android friends who said that android -yes! android!!- was better than webOS and that their multitasking was beyond -now-. Jajaja, there were some iOS guys also bragging about Siri (which is not bad). But man oh man! webOS is alive and kicking with this amazing community!
Now, with this OS momentum (a small one we can deny, but still encouraging!) I think we have got to have Phoenix thoughts on how exited they are and if what they're seeing is giving them the right signals to make the much much needed webOS hardware.
With these two merging together (or bleeding into one as Bono would say), I think we could create a game changer on webOS' faith. All webOS needs is a shot, a good wide open -and by this I mean with all the marketing and OS/apps/hardware developing strategy well planned and executed, not like the mockery they have done with it every time- shot.


Repeated... But LONG LIVES webOS!!!

The nice thing about all of this is that it elegantly builds on the existing foundation. Let's keep the improvements coming, but keep things consistent and elegant. Too many different types of gestures wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. Optimizations for a smoother overall experience are always welcome too!

Love what can be done so quickly. Despite what others say, this speaks highly of what the original WebOS team put together, to make it so easily extensible while maintaining consistency. Consistency in a UI, especially on a phone or tablet, is very important to me.

Looking forward to seeing what else comes of this, but hoping in earnest that we don't end up with a hodgepodge stack of kludges resembling the crappy UIs that iOS and Android enjoy.

I really love the concept here of being able to view the stack with a simple swipe. The way I look at it is that it helps reduce cognitive load while multitasking (i.e. if I'm typing up an e-mail but need to reference a website, if the card is still right there on screen, I'm less likely to forget what I was doing and wander off to reddit or what-not).

I think it makes sense to define all of the possible gestures the OS uses, as well as specific apps will use, in order to avoid overlap.

- up from the bottom edge toggles the launcher
- across from the left edge toggles the card stack
- from the screen to the left edge switches to previous app
- from the screen to the right edge switches to next app
- down from the top edge toggles the context menu
- from the middle of the screen left (but not touching the edge) goes back
- from the middle of the screen right (but not touching the edge) goes forward
- two fingers up to screen edge closes the app quickly
- two fingers down to screen edge opens app launcher quickly
... just as examples.

I think this is amazing and for a first glance it seems very well polished. I am looking forward to the patch. Now if the community can load Android apps witihin webOS then I think webOS would be the hands down best OS for mobile platforms.
I use Android on my TP more than webOS and it is very frustrating to use, but the tradeoffs are in the apps. I really love the stacking, gestures and smooth feel of webOS, and to have Android apps available would be epic.

In the begining it was said that developers from all platforms could port over to webOS using enyo in record time, so why can't we have a port utility that allows touchpad/future devices users to port over android apps they've downloaded already? Or how about a port site that is turnkey for developers?

We need the apps is and always will be the bottom line.

You seem to be misunderstanding Enyo's cross-platform features. The app has to be written in Enyo in the first place. After that it can be easily ported to many platforms. If it's an iOS or android app from the get go, It's not Enyo.

Great! Now, it's only small step to have Czech keyboard layout too... :-)

Man that view with all the cards on the side is pretty smart. Is that for only stacked apps or all applications. I guess for me I always kinda wanted a card to enter a widget type view providing live information like weather, stocks, email and so on because I was never really a fan of the stacks concept because for me the single card at a time seemed easier to manage than a stack of them and in some cases did provide info even on my old pre- (example AccuWeather premium... weather icon was pretty awesome to :-) ) and it's poor screen resolution when in first card view not tiny long lost card view. Besides honestly I very very rarely had that many cards open regardless. Sadly I'm an Android guy now and as much as I hated when people who had Android tainted the comments I think it's a long shot they well ever have a phone that just made me love it instantly like my pre-. That thing made me a smartphone junkie! Still if you get a chance try out some 4.1 Jelly Bean action, it lacks the smooth gesture based navigation but makes up for it in pure elegant awsomness and a plethora of easy to access information.

....So how do we install these feature on our touchpads?

Awesome! Hope one of the rumors, like Acer or Huawei interested in webOS hardwares can become true~