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by Adam Marks Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:15 pm EDT

Want to take a shot of your screen?  Simply press Option (orange or silver key) + Sym + P at the same time.  You will find a copy of the screenshot (as a .png file) in the "Screen captures” folder in the Photos app and the "screencaptures" directory on your USB Drive


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Good Info

Thanks for all the simple tips-n-tricks posted recently... You learn something new every day @ PC!

To make sure you get it right every time:

>HOLD orange/grey FIRST, then

>HOLD sym, then, while holding those

>TAP the letter P

*** There will be NO confirmation. Just check your photo folder for a new folder that's automatically labeled "screenshots".

This is incredibly useful as a way to crop photos before sedning them out.

Check out Photo Effects Plus...makes cropping really easy, too, but requires a data connection

+1 for this program.

sadly the screenshots are not ordered in reverse like the other foto folders **BUGFIX PALM**. you always have to scroll to the bottom to see if it worked.


It'd be nice that in a future webOS update when taking a screenshot we get a "flash" like in the iPhone or at least a camera sound.

I got my Pre on release day, and it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago I saw the instructions on how to take a screen shot.

I'm sure there are plenty others who have missed it and always wanted too.

I love these tips

wow cool tip. Didn't know this before!

Never knew about this, Thanks!



Great tip and keep them coming..

it should just be that u press the option key and 'p' rather than pressing three keys at same time, since God only gave me two hands. There should be a confirmation.

FYI - I noticed in the "Pre Tricks and Tips.pdf" (a great little resource incidentally) it instructs users "Orange - Shift - P" to take a screenshot (it's about midway down page 4 of the pdf, under Camera).
I don't know if this worked for the earlier Sprint Pre, but it doesn't work for the Pre Plus (Verizon).
Orange/gray-Sym-P works well.

Better late than never; I remembered the resize/screenshot tip somewhere on PreCentral tonight. Searched, and voila, have a cropped picture of my campsite as wallpaper...


use to do screen shot on touchpad (at least on my 3.0.5 one) and hear camera sound as it does it !! I didn't figure it out ...I found it here: