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Talkin' Palm - Edition 36 11

by Annie Latham Sat, 17 Apr 2010 11:01 am EDT

Looks like everyone is off and running with the Bloomberg story stating that Palm is seeking bids for the company as early as this week. The news was attributed to "three people familiar with the situation."

That set the stock on fire... relatively speaking. After busting through the $6 mark, by close of business on Tuesday, it had eased back to $5.16.


The coverage of this "sale" was wide and varied. ComputerWorld's Richi Jennings did a rundown in his IT Blogwatch column.  ZDNet's Matthew Miller worked through the possible scenarios if HTC ends up buying Palm. The end of his post includes an instant poll:  If HTC buys Palm, what strategy do you think they will follow? As of 12 Apr, there were 417 votes:

  • Make the hardware, keep Palm brand (38%)
  • Drop an existing platform, keep Palm brand (27%)
  • HTC won't buy Palm (18%)
  • Go all in with webOS only (11%)
  • Buy Palm, kill webOS to eliminate competition (6%)

Speaking of HTC, a MocoNews story by Tricia Duryee says they are mulling the benefits of owning an operating system.  Our own Derek had a story about exploring the licensing option. In it, he mentioned Cisco:

"Only three of the potential suitors have apparently made it to the second round of bidding: HTC, Lenovo, and Cisco (surprise!). Yeah, Cisco, the company known to laypersons as the guys that make routers and big video conference rigs only presidents and CEOs can afford," 

Though Palm is not officially commenting, they have been busy. Palm was indirectly involved in an announcement made by MDB Capital Group which stated Palm's CTO, Mitch Allen, will share his insights on Palm's IP leadership and path of innovation where he has worked for the past decade at the MDB Capital Group's Bright Lights Conference on May 11, 2010.

Palm issued their own press release (Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Available Soon for o2 and Vodafone Customers in Germany) which confirmed something that had been discussed for a while. The official date is April 28.

And Palm's website has this on its landing page.

The Wall Street Journal story that appeared on Tuesday had this chart:


More on Palm...

SlashGear had an interesting post with some nuggets from Palm's CEO:

"...Rubinstein sees the Pixi – which he uses as his daily phone – as positioned for entry-level smartphone users, while the Pre Plus occupies the flagship spot. We pushed him on whether the company plans to flesh out the top-end next or somewhere else along the line, but he refused to be drawn..."

"...Rubinstein reckons that the Pre Plus is faster than the iPhone 3GS in terms of raw hardware, and webOS is the only other platform on the market capable of immersive 3D gaming."

"...While Palm are focusing on smartphones right now, he did tell us that webOS was designed to be a 'mobile device OS' rather than solely a smartphone platform, suited to a broad scale of devices up to tablets and even larger.”

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As we close out this week's Talkin' Palm, here's link that should amuse. Kara Swisher of All Thing's Digital has shared her Palm videos.

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Good or bad, there is certainly a lot of news with Palm. Is any press still GOOD press?

What was it that Brendan Behan said...

"There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary."

I believe it. Half of the time all these celebs run around doing stupid ish is to bring the focus and attention to them. Like Janet J baring her boob *just* before her new album dropped.

I'm going to drop my pants in a Youtube vid just before I post my first WebOS app to gain more publicity for it... lmao! XD

I have to disagree an obituary is not a bad news. For Michael Jackson that drove sales to what never anybody expected.

Guess it depends on who it is bad for? :)

You missed the is bad publicity because Michael is dead. I'm a fan of his music. Rest in peace Michael.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, the point raised first that your death, an obit, was not good press, then you pointed out that his death shot his music sales up, so, the press was bad for him, personally, sure, he is dead, but great for his music sales and maybe not for his relatives but certainly his creditors.

are they really considering webos tablets? That could be pretty cool.

Any press is good press. Look at what Kanye Wost did to whats her name...Taylor Swift, lol thats right. He got some media coverage.

If Cisco buys Palm it will be bought by an American company (+). And one that makes other products and has billions of dollars backing it (+). IMHO

Anyone read the Consumer Reports blog post on whether to buy a reduced-price Pre? Worth a click to read, but it might be more worth leaving some reponses in which you give reasons to buy
the discounted Pre/Pre+/Pixi/Pixi+.

I'm liking mine right now, gotten @ the end of March. :-)

Oops! Sorry for the double-post!