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Talkin' Pre -- Week ending 10 October 26

by Annie Latham Sun, 11 Oct 2009 4:38 pm EDT

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In a week where there was Windows Mobile mania and Google Mania dominated the news cycle, Palm managed to stay relevant with an interesting array of stories hitting throughout the week.

Meanwhile, above, a Pre tragedy - made worse by the fact that the now-ex owner is moving to a competing platform [via PreThinking]

Let's talk Pre!

Platform News: The week started with Palm showing developers two news pieces to the webOS platform.  Palm announced that they're enabling more open app distribution (and we here are PreCentral are pleased).  And, webOS took to the stage at Adobe MAX 2009, where attendees were treated to a demo of Flash Player 10.1 running as a plug-in for the webOS browser.

Read TechCrunch's account of it here.  The humerous thing about this post is that it talks about Palm's "Oprah moment."  In an effort to spur development for the platform, Palm announced that it is giving to every developer in the audience a free Pre, and its new wireless charger.  On top of these, everyone will get a month free of Sprint service to use the device and tinker with developing for it.

Brilliant! The November issue of Popular Mechanics has the Palm Pre listed as one of the "10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009."

GSM Palm Pre reviews are starting to hit.  Our own Derek wrote, "...while they call it a review, in reality it’s more of a preview, but it is the first European preview of the GSM Palm Pre..."

 Palm Pre Arriving in Spain on October 14.  This week, Telefonica announced the availability of Palm Pre on its HSDPA mobile network in Spain on 14 October. New Telefonica customers can receive the phone at no cost, depending on their service plan commitment. Telefonica is also the exclusive initial carrier for Palm Pre in United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany.

PALM stock Upgraded.  Derek pointed out that Jim Cramer had a change of heart about Palm AND investment bank Piper Jaffray's maintained its “overweight” (buy more) rating on the stock. Piper Jaffray also raised their price target for Palm from $18 to $24.

J.D. Power and Smartphone Satisfaction.  According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Wireless Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study-Volume 2 and the 2009 Wireless Business Smartphone Satisfaction Study that was released this week, the overall satisfaction among smartphone owners has increased considerably over time as manufacturers continue to improve styling, feature sets, usability and software.  PreCentral's Robert did a write up discussing how Palm did:

"It means that Palm has made marked improvements in the area of customer satisfaction in a very short time. We'll see this trend continue as Palm moves away from its legacy PalmOS and Windows Mobile based devices to webOS."

Palm's App Catalog gets a boost.  Plenty of new apps have arrived this week.  See for yourself. 

Palm Sightings.  Derek pointed out that the Palm Pre was seen in the hands of yet another hero (as in the television show, "Heroes").  "And this guy has picked up a Pre that does something we can't do: close the slider to hang up the phone."   He also mentioned the Pre was also spotted on "So You Think You Can Dance?"

With BlackBerry as a sponsor and T-Mobile's myTouch 3G with Google Android making frequent appearances during the baseball playoffs, any chance the Pre can do a cameo?

That's a wrap!



What was the purpose in doing that?

It's mentioned in the original article:

"This one will be painful to watch for the good folks over at Heck, even we feel a bit bad about this one but It seems as if the owner of this particular Pre had some major screen issues that he couldn

I read the article but just pointing out the fact that its stupid to drown your Pre for a CHANCE at winning a iPhone 3GS. Why not just sell it and put it towards the cash to purchase one.

However, it was funny as crap and the phone stayed on and even vibrated when the guy called it.

one word morons

total stupidity

lol i was just watchin thns on youtube before ya loaded it up lol... but yeah water resetent?? 40 sec till it dieds... so if i drop my pre in a lake and then get it back fast it will be ok???? or would the water sync in to it?

Idiot. I would of at least sold the phone. Its worth more to someone who doesnt qualify for an upgraded. All they'd need to do is activate it on their line and put in an insurance claim. Cost less then buying one a full price. Loser. Apple heads arent too bright.

I just love the commercial where there's a person representing a PC and another a Mac. And the person chooses the Mac over the PC. And I think to myself, "sure I'll chose the Mac, I got an extra $500+ to spend."

I have a pre, and have owned EVERY idevice(except for 3g touch) from 1st iphone to the 3gs and the pre just doesnt compare. Sure you have to jailbreak your iphone to multitask, but its not that big of a deal if i get a twitter notification while im doing something else(sarcasm)

the only thing i ever really multitask with is the mp3 player which can run in the background on iphone.

Sad to say the pre is too slow to be useful, even after the webos 1.2 upgrade which made a big difference. Oh and the webkit version and js speed on pre is crap. Id think that a phone where the whole os and sdk revolves around webkit would have one of the best implementations of it, but it doesn't.

And before you call me a fan boy ill be giving the moto sholes a try when its out because i am a tad bored of the iphone as a daily device, but need something with comparable speed and support.

notice the quick launch bar floating up :)

Yeah... He could have sold that. (Unless he makes more money off the views of that video, but I doubt..) The 3 cracked screens don't sound too promising for a person who wants another smartphone.

I hope that guy doesn't get too sad his Iphone can only do one thing at a time and gestures don't work.
I imagine it would be hard to go back to a regular non-multitasking phone after the Pre.

Btw, I think the guy from "Heroes" could end a call by closing his phone because... he never even started a call.

What a D-Bag, He called it a piece of crap. Wait til you get your iphone, if he buys it for you, that would serve you right if he didn'

I feel his frustration. that is starting to look like a good idea to me... read my previous post under the cloud for my most recent bout of anger towards palm. Im with support now... doesn't look like they can help me

Some people are cut out to be early adopters, but most are not. When will people learn there is a price to being on the cutting edge whether it be dealing with glitches or patiently waiting for feature enhancements? I'm not saying I'm the most cutting edge guy, nor am I always in the early adopter group, but I knew what I was getting into when I snatched up my Pre day 1 especially coming from the Linux world. Have no one to blame but myself if I'm not happy, but so far I can live with the decision I made cuz my Pre kicks ass. The Apple vs. Palm saga only works in our favor as they try to outsmart each other's smartphones.

What goes around, comes around.

So THAT's how to remove the battery... could have figured that out myself

LOL, that was my exact thought, curse you, you beat me to it.

never under-estimate dumbness... i hope he has health insurance and a job because the heavy metals and carcinogens in the battery, electronics, and the plastics will probably kill him in a few years.. good luck to you buddy!

ruin the phone AND a beer? What a savage!

What was he trying to do give his PRE the same reception and signal quality he will have on AT&T with an iPHONE? LMAO!

i salute the guy in this payback video (wouldn't wanna piss him off, the guy got aimm)

Wow. Where do people get the money to do crap like that?

That guy was a retarded people like that are stupid and drive up the prices of insurance and every thing else like that i hope he did not have insurance and sprints makes him pay the ETF on his line then take his iphone and SHOVE IT UP HIS WORTHLESS A$$

After my first Pre's screen cracked (4 days after I bought it while sitting on the counter charging on top of it's pouch to avoid any possible scratching and being ABSOLUTELY BABIED) I felt very much like doing something like this.

Palm replaced it for free of course (after the obligatory call to sprint to get **** on and told I had dropped the phone etc and would need to spend the 100$ to replace it.

My replacement phone has serious oreo effect and is loose as Madonna but I don't feel like trying to replace it -again- (I use this phone for work related calls and cant afford to miss another week without it, and don't have a spare sprint phone to switch to while it's "in the shop").

I love my Pre, it does everything I could want and more, but if I could get an Iphone on the sprint network I'd be all over it in a new york minute. The pre, simply put, is too fricken fragile! The Pre is like the Jaguar of phones, it's pretty, it runs and handles beautifully, but you'd better own two of them because one is going to be broken down at any given time.

Thanks to these stupid guys now we know that our Pre can keep alive for some seconds under water. Incredible.

Always there is a positive side.

it's interesting to see that it stayed on for so long after the beer-dunking. i fell into a lake this weekend with the pre in my pocket. when i got back into the boat my hands were too cold to get the battery cover off so i powered it down immediately (surprised that it was still on). i thought for sure my speaker or other hardware would be ruined. nope. after a thorough drying everything works fine. hardware tests pass. though next time i'm keeping it in a plastic bag when on a boat :-P