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by rmackay Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:45 pm EST
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This is one of the most detailed themes around - theming over 1,000 image files in the Pre. Details like the email flag being a longhorn, custom clock faces, memos, backgrounds on photos/browser/videos, launcher icons, messaging, boot screen, notes, sprint navigation, etc. Lots and lots of attention to detail.

NOTE!!! This takes about 5-10 minutes to load via WebOSQuickInstall v2.96. Do not unplug your Pre until it finishes. Be patient!

This theme is so detailed, that it is normal to get warning messages about missing files... it just means that you do not have the specific 3rd party app installed that the theme is trying to "paint". You can just press OK/Continue for these messages.

Now WebOS 1.3.5 compatible via WebOSQuickInstall v2.96! - You will get a handfull of error messages about a file not found, etc. - just keep pressing OK until the theme completes. So, far the only impact I can find is that the PDF Viewer is not getting touched. Enjoy!... and see you in Pasadena!!!

Feedback welcomed.

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need a little help! Huge UT Fan my whole life and wasecstatic about the idea. After downloading I clicked on the bar at the bottom and I gave me a mwssage that says, you don't have the proper harware or software to open this file. Who knew bein a longhorn could be such a pain in the @ss. Any suggestipns?

Instead of having prethemer in the upper left corner, you should put HOOK EM' on there. Also the battery outline and the reception bars should be orange to match instead of red. Other than that it's an awesome theme! I can't wait till you get it to work for the new update!!!

PreThemer is replaced by your carrier (ex: Sprint) on your phone. Next week I should have a finished version that will cover just about everything that can be themed.

I'd definitely like to see a "Chicago Bears" theme if at all possible...if not I love this UT app...Go Longhorns!!!

A burnt orange background (slightly off the color of the longhorn) would be awesome. I really like to show off my Texas pride! I agree with having the burnt orange battery outline and reception bars along with HOOK 'EM in the top left. Thanks for taking the time to build this theme, looking forward to downloading once the quick install is updated!

i would have preferred to have the longhorn symbol on the dial pad.

BEST THEME EVER!!! Having "Hook Em" as the carrier string would be super cool. GREAT THEME!

good theme.

just put hook em insted of prethemer and make the red orange by the battery

i like this theme it's the best

Great theme !! O U Sucks

Thanks for making the updates we had requested before. The new version looks great!

this theme totally rocks!! it's perfect.

I have tried installing this via both Quick Install and from Preware but it still does not add the "Hook 'em" in the top left. This is still an outstanding theme, but any idea why this one thing isn't working? I tried installing both of the Texas Longhorn themes off of Preware (I tried with both installed and after uninstalling and reinstalling each one individually).


I believe the "Hook 'em" requires CSS file changes which I read somewhere could impact a phone when an update happens. I will look into it again and see what I can figure out. Right now I am experimenting with being able to change more things like making the clock app's background be an actual UT clock face, etc.

Awesome job!!!

So this is a great app but i went to a little school to the east down the road going to houston called Texas A&M. could you help me out as a fellow texan on how to get an A&M app like this would be great. i think that you could develop different colleges and sell them like for 50 cents on the app store and i think you would have great return on it. thanks

A little rough but I made this when theming was just getting started: http://www.prethemer.com/Texas_AM-theme18.html

Thank you for the compliment. Have you already checked out the A&M themes that others have done? I know there is at least one. Rather than the app store route, I prefer the donate route for now. But again, thank you for the suggestion.

Great theme if only it was a high end 7 Eleven Theme. I am amazed @ the detail. If only this was the standard bar people would skin at. I guess not all themes are created equal. As I said GREAT!

It is awsome! but the background image did not load is that not part of the theme

Try installing via WOSQI, using the ZIP file and not the IPK file. That should take care of the problem.

Incredible Detail!!!

Just downloaded the new version. My gawd, is there a theme award for awesomness? The "Hook Em" doesnt show in my top left corner, but everything else is perfect. Love the UT Analog clock. This is the most detailed theme i have run across. Donation surely coming soon!!!

v1.3.0 is now out!

As a fellow webOS theme designer, I must say... nice work!

But as an AGGIE webOS theme designer, I say watch out! The gauntlet has been thrown... time for me to design an Aggie theme (there are two others) that will hopefully rival yours! ... Though I must admit that will take some doing! ;)

Again, congrats! You've done great work and us themers can all learn a lot from you.

Does this work on a Mac? I tried and I am having problems. Thanks, Jeff

This theme is awesome! Just one problem... The "Emergency Call" and "Cancel" buttons on the lock screen are messed up. It appears like a 3 layered image. Anyone else having this problem?

On a side note my friends with IPhones are extremely envious of this theme! Hook 'em!

Wow - I do not use the lock feature, but I see that now and will get that corrected!

This is awesome. You did a terrific job on this. Any chance you would consider making a University of Tennessee VOLS theme?

not a longhorns fan but i must say, I love the attention to detail. amazing job... if you have the time a Duke Blue Devils basketball theme would be appreciated.

Just got The Pre Yesterday How do I put the themes on it

This theme is so much more complete that I used it for a week. Ima Florida fan hoping Texas loses every week to improve our title chances.. So that means this is damn good. Much more detail than all others. Would love to see you do a Yankee's, Florida football, or U of North Carolina Basketball. It would be a permanent switch

hi! I LOVE this!! I just tried to dl it however (right from my pre) & it says that I don't have a handeler for this file" & then it spells out the file name. Do I need to dl a file to open these themes? Thanks! LA

You should be able to ignore those messages. They are simply telling you that you have not downloaded/installed an app that the theme was trying to theme for you. This theme recognizes several of the more popular apps, so if you have it, they will get themed too.

Awesome theme. I had about 10 errors when installing with WOSQI, saying could not put file, but I haven't noticed any missing items yet.

You can ignore the errors, they are just warnings related to 3rd party apps the theme was trying to "paint" but that you do not have installed. Enjoy it! Hook 'em Horns!

Great theme looks great but is the longhorn supposed to be the wallpaper it is not on mine

You likely did not use WebOSQuickInstall to install the theme. You should be able to go into the wallpapers and manually set it.

Will this theme work on the Palm Pixi with no issue?

Used WEBOSQUICKINSTALL to install it but still no luck with the wallpaper everything else is there but still very good theme. Could not find in wallpapers to manually set it

send me your email and I will email you the wallpaper. My email is rm_mackay @ hotmail . com

I love the theme, but I get a bunch of errors when its loading. A lot of cp fails and can not access directories to put stuff on, I get like 10 errors or more. :( but for the rest its awesome.

Read the thread or prior posts here. The errors are simply warnings that you do not have a 3rd party app that the theme is capable of theming if you had it. It is not an actual error.

mine does not say hook'em on the corner :( It still says sprint..

I have elected not to use CSS changes (required for it to say Hook 'em), since it can cause problems with your phone - especially with OS updates and such. It is a sacrifice, but worth it for the safety of your Pre. IMHO at least.

Wouldn't it be great, if instead of being a Longhorn theme - this was a Texas A&M Theme!!!!!


im getting error messages while trying to install it?? HELP!!!

im getting connection errors every 2 seconds, any help?

nevermind i got it to work

love this theme, but i wish it was for texas a&m

damn still cant get it to work for me. it was loading for about 4 mins got an error message then errors for connection failures. anyone else get this problem?

I've had the exact same problem since 1.3.1 was released. I did everything right, reverting the theme to default then running the emergency patch before updating. After trying to reload it, I keep getting the connection issues you mentioned. At that point, WOSQI registers the theme as being loaded, but only the launcher background is displayed. I even tried reinstalling novacom, but no dice. I've switched to Nevermore for the time being, but hopefully this can get fixed soon. Perhaps before Pasadena ;)


I'm new to all this and must admit a little slow to.I installed directly from my pre and keep getting handler error. Do I need to dl something else to get this to work.thanx in advance for any help.

To those with WOSQI connection refused errors...

When you get the error, kill WOSQI via Task Mgr.
Restart WOSQI and re-load the theme and click install.

It appears, in my testing so far, that WOSQI will continue installing again. You may have to go through this loop/process several times. I have not had to go past 6 times before the theme finally completely installed.

Note: Be sure to only kill WOSQI if the error is a connection refused. It it is the missing file error cuz you dont have the particular app, just press OK/Continue on those.

Let me know if this works for you!


so ur saying to install, get the error, kill wosqi, open wosqi again, reinstall, get error, kill wosqi over and over again?? did it all install correctly after?

Worked! It took 3 relaunches. Thanks for the theme Robert!

Ok I dl this theme lastnite and don't know what to do. Do I have to plug in to my computer. I tried that and saw the zip file but don't know what to with it. If you choose to help me please be detailed.talk to me like a child because I really am lost and don't know what I'm doing.

You need to use a program called WebOS Quick Install. Within it, you can just click on the zip file and it will install to your phone. See http://www.precentral.net/how-install-themes-your-pre

was the best thing ever would put any ipod feature in the dirt I can't even tell you how many comments this theme gets, but! until the WEBOS 1.3.1 update.

im installing now but after about 5min Im getting a connection refused error. please help im almost there.

See my post in this theme's forum thread (link is near the top of this page in the theme detail info. Basically, keep reinstalling the theme until it makes the whole way without getting the connection refused. Takes me around 3-6 tries.

I consider myself technically challenged but was able to follow Robert's instructions step by step. So far I have gone thru 3 passes and will continue to try a few times more (some of you have done it up to 6 times). I do have a question: I got the connection error the first time, but now the "Changing Theme, Please wait..." window just sits there for a long time (almost 20 min). What am I doing wrong? What should I do?

I'm having same problem as above. I'm sure I've read though the post and followed all the directions I've been givin but now all it does is sit there. No errors just sits says be patient stand by. I left it alone for 2 hours and nothing happened. I killed it and restarted it a couple times after that leaving 30 min each time but nothing. When I looked the last time before trying again it says longhorn theme installed but besides 3 wall papers I have nothing. I know I'm slow but I can follow directions please help. Oh 1 last thing I tried to revert to original settings and it ran for 2 hours and nothing just say be patient. ThankYou in advance

After 3 tries, I downloaded WOSQI v2.9 just to make sure I have the latest version, but still getting the same thing. After a loooong time, had to kill it through Task Mgr (couldn't close it on WOSQI). All I have so far are 3 wallpaper choices like raildog. Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated!!!

has anyone gotten it to work since the update??? ive given up all i get is 3 wallpapers

I have no idea how to get this to my phone can anyone help please.

I was able to just install the 2.0.3tb version. It did take about 3 tries (on the third try, i did not revert back to default before attempting to install...i just killed WOSQI through task manager, re-opened, loaded and set theme). I did notice that you chose to change "Sprint" in the upper left corner to "Hook'em"...i am assuming we don't have to worry about any network problems then...just revert to default before updating WEBOS correct? Thanks for all ur effort...this theme is awesome!!! It would be nice to add a couple of "Roses" somewhere before the trip to Pasadena (hint, hint).

this is awesome
so in depth thru every app with the theme
u should make a ufc (ultimate fighting championship) theme thatd be sick

Ok i have tried to download it and i cant im lost!! What ever i have downloaded it just tured the top part orange and it has hookem on the top left corner, this is all i got please help me figure this out... Thanks so much you can email me at jwethridge_1@hotmail.com

Please make a TN Titans theme please

Beautifully done. My fave is the orange tower on the dialer. This them is fun because you keep discovering new longhorn icons as you use new pre features. The other day, it was Bevo on the youtube background. And the desktop background - kind of a metallic longhorn - is elegant and never gets old. What a kick for a texas ex. Highly recommended.

im not kidding when i tell you i will pay you for an Ohio State theme just like the quality of this one.

for the record, i live in Dallas and my wife is a Longhorn so i am both, but was raised in Ohio and would love a good theme theme for them.

just tell me your fee.

I keep going through the dowload process without any errors, it even tells me that download was successful but theme still does not show up on phone. What am I doing wrong?

I'm getting ready to install this via the WebOS Quick Install v2.96. My only concern is how it will work on the lates palm webOS update Has anyone installed this since the new upate????

where do I start? how do I download this?

I installed this theme via preware. It f'ing ROCKS!!!

Awesome theme! When I turn up the volume on my phone the color is blue instead of burnt orange.

I would love to have a UNC one..... any way you could do that?

when downloading the file where do i save it to because when i open the web os it cannot find none of the themes i have downloaded

Make a University of North Texas Theme pleeeeeeeease :)

ok well im super confused on how to do it.. i downloaded it to my computer and some how it doesnt wanna show up on my phone. im super confused and i am a huge texas fan. can someone walk me through please. thanks. and ofcourse hook'em horns