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Theme Manager, ready to manage your themes, sees a public release 31

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Feb 2012 8:59 pm EST

Good news, webOS Nation: Theme Manager is now available! The Enyo-based app by Janne Julkunen (better known around these parts as homebrew master coder Sconix) is now available from WebOS Internals and stands ready to safely install, remove, and mix-and-match your themes.

Thanks to AUSMT, Theme Manager is 100% update safe, meaning you shouldn't have to panic about removing themes before installing an update to webOS. The app can manage both ZIP- and IPK-packaged themes, both side-loaded and downloaded. Themes are even applied in the background by Theme Manager, though a quick Luna Restart may be required afterwards for the changes to take affect.

Have multiple themes and like to switch things up? You can actually mix-and-match parts from multiple themes - a wallpaper from here, icons from there, a boot logo from that one, and system menus from the other one. You can even just pick an aspect or two from a single theme and add them to the default theme - just pick that one part of the theme you like and hit the apply button.

We're working on adapting our own themes gallery here at webOS Nation to be Theme Manager compatible, in the meantime developers interested in packaging their themes for compatibility can find instructions on how to make that happen at the source link below.



Sconix is awesome as always!

Janne is an unvaluable asset in the webOS community!

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This is GREAT news.
Thanks to Sconix...

I can't seem to find this. I'm still back in webOS 1.4.5. Is it not available for this version? Thanks.

I believe it requires enyo support.

But...isn't Microsoft/Bing/HP Maps an enyo app? Isn't there some level of enyo support even for Or should I stop smoking those interesting mushrooms I find in the forest? When I say smoke, I like to use a real wood smoker, preferably burning applewood with a dash of hickory and mesquite tossed in...

Yeah, I was under the impression that Bing Maps brought Enyo to 1.4.5.

I've installed Enyo 1.0.

I suspect they are using OS version number to determine compatibility rather than feature detection. :(

Edit: and the page at says:

"Theme Manager is a webOS (2.1+ w/Enyo installed) application that brings theme support to your device. Using Theme Manager, you will be able to browse locally downloaded themes and apply them to your device."

So I don't know if it is a Enyo thing or a OS thing.

Ah. Thanks.


This is excellent! Congratulations!

Here is a dumb question. Does it work for the Touchpad also? Or is it just for the Pre phones?

It does work with the TP. And is a great app ;)

There are no dumb questions...only dumb wait, there was that one question I asked back in 1964...

I have been using TM since it was an alpha app and its awesome. The "mix n match" feature is what seals the deal IMO. Right now on my Pre3 I have:
- the Quick Launcher from Michote's Dark Glass Theme;
- the system menu from Glass Effect Suite - Black;
- the launcher from Glass Effect Suite - Forest;
- a custom boot logo from the forums; and
- the icons from sconix's Enlightened Black & White theme.

Fantastic! My own custom theme.

Sweetness!! Have been looking forward to this. Time to pony up ye ol' donation.

Where is the link to the instructions on How to package a Theme?

me please!

im not finding it in preware?

I found it under apps or just type "Theme Manager" from the Preware home screen

ok so I have never used theme manager, I have a TP and a pre 3. Do you have to get zip files and install them on your device to use? Or is there some other easier way to install. Right now I have the metro effect on my TP and the glass effect on my pre 3 but those are both installed directly from preware.

i typed theme manager and nothing. Also did the normal search

are you using 2.1 or higher? The link the article provides has pretty straight forward instructions.

okay so I figured out how to use it but is there a easy way to get the zip files. I found some in the threads but would like to get some of the just type UI Zips for the metro effect theme and explore some of the other cool changes you can do. Also is there a difference between the zips I got for the TP and the ones I /need for my pre 3?

Thanks sconix awesome app.

Have been wanting this for ages .. The App is Super.

At present I do not own a WebOS Phone, am hoping for a Pre 3 soon.

If ThemeManager provides option to download the Compatible Themes, let users provide Rating to the Themes, allow Sorting/Searching of Themes.
The Theme would become Complete.

Thanks a Lot for your Awesome Work... sconix

This will only be really useful if there is a public theme feed that is loaded inside theme manager....

I have not the time to go and search for themes in fora, etc.

This is true which is why its so great the webOS nation is working to make their theme gallery to support Theme Manager themes. The original plan was to wait to have a public feed for the themes before the public release, but since it got bit delayed I though its best to release the app now so those who have the energy to look for the themes can use the app.

BTW, the wiki page has links to TM themes and it is hoped that people update that pages if they make new ones. Also the theme builder app from Jason is capable of opening old themes and saving them in TM format.

what theme is on that Pre in the picture?