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Themed: Glass Effect Suite 11

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Feb 2012 10:14 pm EST

We’re big fans of the webOS aesthetic. It's a simple design that's very easy on the eyes, but we'll be honest, sometimes we wish it was a little darker, or maybe a little lighter, or just more orange. That's where one of our all-time favorite themes comes in. It's the work of long-time webOS themer Garret92C, and it's the immortal Glass Effect Suite.

We first fell in love with the dark transparency when it made its way onto our old webOS smartphones. Today it's here for our TouchPads, bringing its dark smoky glass ways to the big webOS screen. What Glass Effect Suite does is pretty simple - it changes to the color and translucency of the launcher, quick launch bar, menus, and status bar. Originally only available in foreboding darkness, Garrett92C has seen fit to create versions tinted with orange, blue, purple, red, green, and blue, so you can get your colorful theme on.

Go ahead and check out Glass Effect Suite in our forums, as well as the dozens of other themes whipped up by webOS Nation members.


Garret you are the man! Love GES, of phone and TP varieties. Happy B-Day btw ;)

How do I install this suite to my touchpad? Please help.

I cannot locate the Theme Manager app/program in my list of Preware available packages. Anyone else had any luck finding it? This seems to be the key to installing the zip theme with this article being front page on WebOS Nation I imagine many other folks will be scratching their heads too trying to locate it.

Theme Manager is still in Beta, and therefore only available thru the Preware Beta Feeds.

Then that would justify a footnote for this article. Many experienced TouchPad owners and Preware users don't have access to the beta feeds. (the feeds were removed from easy access months ago) It's not a simple task to "Go ahead and check out..." themes for the TouchPad as the article implies. After some digging and reading about installing themes, it's probably good that it's not an easy task because it appears that you can really jack up your Touchpad installing themes! This article does not give a fair warning of that to the readers.

You don't need theme manager to install GES.

So the folks who claim that the best and safest way to install/uninstall themes on a TP is by using Theme Manager are wrong? I know there is one single "Glass Effect Suite(touchpad)" in Preware...but what is the best way to load the "dozens of other themes" that the article refers to?

Quick Install.

I installed wosqi to install the themes but found that the theme function on the newest version is gone. It's supposed to be on the Tools menu of wosqi but folks were discussing in the forums how it's missing on the new versions. So it doesn't appear that WebOS Quick Install is a current option to install themes. Have you installed a theme with it recently?

***Actually, Theme Manager is now available in the Public Feeds.***