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by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Jan 2012 8:09 pm EST

Today brought the first release of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod9 Alpha 0 to the TouchPad. It's the latest version of Android, made up all pretty for the TouchPad. Or at least, that's the end goal. Right now, CM9 certainly brings the pretty, but it also brings rough edges that would make sandpaper swoon. And it's not webOS, and honestly, that's our one true love here. Curse the temptress Android and her Netflix ways!

And while we do love the look of webOS, there's something to be said for the minimalist appoach taken by Matias Duarte and the Android 4.0 team. It's simple and flat and the best looking Android yet. If you're the type that likes that look (we kind of like it too, it's okay to admit it) but don't want to give up all that webOS has to offer, then we'd like to introduce you to a new webOS theme you'll want to check out: webICS.

Put together by ZeroWingUK, webICS takes the standard webOS user interface and mixes in a healthy amount of Ice Cream. The launcher's all flat and black, the launcher icon and other default icons have picked up Android-inspired looks, the Just Type box has gone all square, and the wallpaper and lockscreen are totally ICS in look. Open up an app, however, and you're right back to the webOS 3.0 we know and love.

Interested? Of course you are. Go ahead and check out webICS by ZeroWingUK!




Rounded corners were in style yesterday, and today's fashion is sharp lines. I'll stick with the rounded corners.

Where do I find this? I don't see it or theme manager on preware. I'm sure it an update thing.

Theme Manager is a beta app. If you don't have the beta feeds enabled in preware; read

Thanks, the way I read it made me believe it was out of beta.

I'd rather see an article on how to set up ICS to look and behave more like webos.

i'm with ya dogma.
i recently switched to the GNex after many many years of palm devices.
as painful as the move was, i am liking the gnex. definitely NOT webOS but the only version of android worth looking at.

I came on to say that exact same thing. ICS is nice, but I'd rather it work more like WebOS.

It is worth noting that, in a few ways, ICS tends to behave more like WebOS than previous iterations of Android. Most notably, the notifications panel and the "open apps" view, among others. I have no doubt that we have Mr. Duarte to thank for many of these similarities.

I have no interest in Android or ICS and nave no desire to make my TouchPad look like it. In fact, I'm waiting for the opposite... I'm waiting for the day when webOS is open sourced and is ported to every Android phone and tablet. Maybe then I'll buy an Android tablet so that I could put webOS on it. webOS has such a nice experience and is a joy to use. Why would anyone want to muck it up with Android? I don't care if it doesn't have 500,000 apps that I'd never use anyway. For what I use mobile devices for (email, calendars, contacts, and web browsing), webOS simply offers the best experience available. I've tried Android and came back to webOS (now using both a Pre 3 and a TouchPad) in less than a week.

I am with you on this one. I see a lot of the Android apps and it is neat that they have so many, but a lot of them are gimicky. The games are fun, but I dont play them as much as I thought I would once I got my Evo. I use my Sprint Pre for the phone, web, email, and a couple of other things and it works better than the Evo to me in that respect. The Evo was bigger and faster at some things, but, to me, the Pre does the things I want it to do and at a good rate of speed, even not overclocked.
My only complaint, only, is how slow the maps is. It is the worst. My TP is still not overclocked. I am waiting until I need it, and will give overclocking to me as a present.

My two cents. Use it wisely.

I totally agree, TP is for using WebOS, Android and others still far away of WebOS features like true multitasking and touchstone charging, no thanks I keep using WebOS in my TP and Pre's

Android does multi-task to a point, ICS makes switching between apps just as easy, if not easier than webOS, and having Android on the TP obviously allows for Touchstone charging. There are still things that webOS does better than Android, but that is becoming dwarfed by the functionality of Android, especially with ICS.

agree with the others
I find ICS ugly compared to WebOs

I don't think the "WebOS" nation website should be talking about Android. That is what the HP Hardware website can talk about.

Agreed. We do not need Android ports on HP hardware, we need WebOS ports on nonHP hardware. Pls :)


If it ran great, I wouldnt mind it. I like options. I have to get used to using the competition sooner or later. The only other phone I (wanted) was Iphone 4s, and that was just because of the Syri which I think is neat. It has not been enough to sway me though.

I think we need WebOS apps first. Good ones. Who cares if you can port to another tablet if there is nothing new you can do with it. Any new Android device would already have better specs. Android just needs a better GUI and WebOS port to Android devices may not be as intersting.


"And it's not webOS, and honestly, that's our one true love here. Curse the temptress Android and her Netflix ways!"

Netflix / Hulu et al are US-centric anyway, there's more than being a stupid (media) consumer - there are other (quite huge) parts of the world where such support is of no interest. And it's funny how the MacBook-loving kid Kessler always seems to just belittle the competition, cannot both praise what webOS has done right AND at the same realistically admit what it still **** up, and likes to concentrate too often on emo articles like "i's not the software, it's the plan","aunt meg", "wireless charging". Douche.

Seriously, webosnation would probably do better with a more focused, knowledgeable and realistic editor. What i know of Dieter he seemed to fit better in this position.

Why all the hostility towards Derek? I think he does a great job making tech articles and news interesting. I doubt you could do a better job.

This community seems to be becoming increasingly hostile about every little problem they have. It's almost as if some out there are deliberately trying to kill it. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?

"Seriously", if you dislike Derek so much, go enjoy another web site.

For a alpha build it works real well and looks great Im real happy with it only video and sound needs to be fixed.It works a lot better then ics for the dell streak 7. Why are so many against this why wouldnt you want a tablet that can do two os you lose nothing by doing this and gain so much. webos is done it will never be more then it is now. you can all hope and prey but with no hardware were can it go. I loved my palm pre two and half years ago but no real gain in that time just to slow to grow

I am against this because
1) ICS = Ugly
2) WebOs has been on life support yet has many advantages over its competitors that I feel are significantly inferior on almost all counts
3) any measures that might diminish WebOs development upsets me
4) much better to develop a port allowing WebOs to be used on an HTC or Motorola based machine
5) even better -----> HP should develop mobile devices built in North America using Fair Labor practices that are State of the Art & get them to market ASAP
they can do it
unleash all that creative talent your Corporation has acquired
take a lesson from Porsche/Leica
folks will pay a premium & money can be made at the high end for such products
let the low end come up to WebOs, Meg!

If you could just forward HP four billion dollars to cover their current costs to date and have a hundred million to rehire all the engineers the cut loose, I'm sure they might reconsider.

Also, please give them a clue as to what hardware should be like and to stop making **** Despite being an inferior product, Android the most popular platform going, and still growing.

Ugly or not, Gingerbread and ICS work. WebOS is elegant, and elegant is nice, but I dont care to wear a tuxedo everyday and I dont want to pitch out incredible functionality and hardware power droid handsets offer.

Android Sucks I would never put android on my touchpad if it is not broken then don't try to fix it webOS rules!

webOS best thing ever with every feature known to man. greatest FTW! No wonder iOS and Android beat the **** out of it in sales and market share. stupid people don't know no better - huh.

Outside of a few 100's of people out here at this site, no one gives a **** about webOS. These comments are always fun to read

...if's its not broken then don't try ti fix it, just underwhelm the mobile community and kill the products. classic.


Ugly theme. I'd like to try Android for browser speed and a few apps, not for the look. I guess this theme would make folks appreciate webOS a bit more.

No theme will make Android stop drinking up battery power like a desktop computer.