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There's some iPad or something being announced today ... 98

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Mar 2012 9:02 am EST

iMore iPad 3

So everybody's got their panties all in a bunch over some new iPad or something that's being announced today. You heard it here first, folks: It'll be better than the last one. It'll be more magical than the last one. Magical-er.

Anyhoo. Our pals at iMore are rocking the all-day coverage, including a boatload of live commentary. And just like with the iPhone 4S event, there's a better than average chance that Phil will swing by to remind everybody that it's just an iPad, they should all go outside and enjoy the fresh air -- basically do his damndest to burst that Reality Distortion Field.

Just keep it glued to



I will be crazy, but i still love my veer. And soon i will get a Touchpad. Apple stuff does not interest me at all.

I still don't get it.
Doesn't have a SD card. Doesn't do flash. Can't be used as an external harddrive. Yet folks buy it. Its funny that Apple products makes people say things they wouldn't normally say. Like I don't need a SD card slot or I don't need flash support or better yet I don't need copy paste !!!!

People have lots of disposable money for Apple. Who said the economy is down ?

You really don't get it.

It's not Apple products makes people say things they wouldn't normally say, it's that normal consumers don't focus on specs. Us geeks would love to think that specs matters but they don't. The point of the device is the "experience", not the spec sheet. Even Verizon can't seem to get that (since they think my wife will love the tegra something or the other chip on some device). Crazy.

I agree with you. I don't get it.
No wonder I am still on webosnation :-)

It beats me that many websites will not work on iPad. While people rave about the experience.
Don't get me wrong, Apple's hardware is the best out there. Its their software I complain about.

I've used a Pre, an EVO, an iPhone and an iPad for a considerable amount of time and I can count on one hand the number of times I've needed to access a useful website that I couldn't bring up on any of those devices.

The thing about the iPad/iPhone being so popular is I've found that site developers tend to consider those devices first when making mobile versions of their sites or when testing their full site. Sure, there are the occasional flash sites but those didn't work on my Pre either (and I usually had them disabled on my EVO). Even Adobe has thrown in the towel on mobile flash.

And the experience on the iPad is indeed rave worthy. If all you do is go to restaurant websites, you may not feel the same.

Nope not the restaurant sites.

Last time around the embedded engadget videos were not working. Its changed now. Comedycentral is another example.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with many iPad owners that they never have issues with flash on iPad. Either they are brainwashed by Apple or they don't browse enough on internet.

There is this brand new canon camera that's not yet released. I wanted to see the features of this cool camera. Turns out it has flash. Not sure it plays on iPad.

I've just visited that link from my iPad. Clicked around a bit...seems to work fine. Maybe there is a specific area in the page that I should try? If so, point it out and I'll give it a shot. As it stands, the page seems to work without a hitch on my iPad (that, or I'm looking at it with brainwashed eyes).

Well , sorry my fellow webosnation mate. You will not see it on iDevice.
Open the link on your computer
Click on the camera features then click on the "Improved Smart AUTO.

You don't even see that there is a video in flash mode on the site.

Ah. See, I switch between Puffin and Safari on the iPad. So, I see what you mean about the missing video when using Safari, but I can see and play the video using Puffin. Downside is it plays the vid every bit as bad as one would expect when it comes to Flash + Mobile. Can't say I fault Adobe for pulling the plug there.

You will not see it on iDevice.

Not exactly true (though I understand the point you are making).

it wasn't apple that made me say i don't need flash. It was my Palm Pre minus. And i was glad to not have flash. Flash websites are garbage and i by and large don't go to them.

If you've got 64 or 128 gigs internally people are gonna care a lot less about an sd card.

Does the new iPad come with 128GB internally? I think that people would prefer to have the cheaper SD expansion than an extra $100 for the internal upgrade.

But hey, Apple can do what they want, because they control the ecosystem. HP thought about creating an ecosystem for a while (remember HP Play), but they gave up instead of "doubling down."

New hardware! Does it run webOS? ...

probably! I see no reason why you couldn't port the Open WebOS over to the iPad hardware. Except that then you would have way fewer apps available to run. :-(

Dual boot is the answer. You'd get great usability when it comes to basic functionality and reboot to the specialty apps when you need them.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that dual boot on an iPad will never happen. Not because it isn't technically possible but because nobody will want to do it enough. Boot in to webOS for what? Access to poorer graphics, smaller App Catalog, buggy outdated apps just so that you can switch between app windows? I can't imagine anyone even bothering to try to enable this functionality.

Let's be real, here. This isn't the land of the App Catalog flood of apps, the HP super phone, multimedia Touchstone, enhanced Touch To Share, webOS pre-installed on all HP hardware, etc.

Yawn... Apple released another new item... Yawn,,, again! I guess we need to start preping for the campers at Best Buy... again.

Yeah...silly company releasing another product and actually selling them. They should just cancel production of any further products, consider open sourcing their code and start thinking beyond like a real company. New hardware...pfft, that's just crazy talk.

Can't you just let us be bitter. I am not an Apple fan at all, but there are a couple of features that I like about it. I was going to get an Iphone just for Syri, until one of my co-workers (new to Iphones) always shows me how she cant get it to work. If the signal is bad it will not work. My Palm Pre gets better reception here.

It is slow, but I can still use all of the features. I get the hype about Apple, it is trendy. Expensive purses that hold the same amount of money as a regular purse, but lasts longer, shoes, clothes, different TV brands. We all have our preferences.

You dont like Palm anymore (i believe) but at one time you did, and other people probably razzed you about it.

Let us have our bitterness.

P.s. I may get my wife one as a gift even though she hates electronics.

It is a neat thing even though I dont like Apple.

Feel free to be as bitter as you want. That does not mean I will not post here. It's a comment section full of opinions both bitter and non-bitter. Don't let my posts ruin your bitterness.

I know you wont quit posting. That is ok with me. Sometimes I look forward to your comments. Sometimes the back and forth gets bad with some people but I dont mind the banter.

I will only be a little bitter, as I do still love my TouchPad, and my Sprint Palm Pre, though I have looked at, and will someday go to another platform.

I hear ya. I honestly don't think any of this is worth being bitter over. It's just tech. I love talking about it but don't care enough to be bitter or whatever.

On the bright side, me posting is a drop in the bucket that helps keep alive. Every page view counts...right? So in the end, we're on the same team, just split into offense and defense. :-)

Had to put my pre-launch day Pre down last week. Not because of the software, but because of the hardware. The USB adaptor broke and the next day it started falling apart but it still works! I wish I could attach a photo. I now have the Epic 4g Touch on Sprint. Looking for a way to wirelessly get my contacts from my Pre since the USB is broken. I never initially synced them to gmail... :( I tried using my TouchPad via Bluetooth as a car kit but it never moved anything. Any suggestions?

I am still working with my Sprint Pre. I have insurance, so I use it. Anytime there is a problem with mine, I take it to them, if they cant fix it, they give me another. I got my original on launch date, I bought an EVO from sprint, but gave it to my 10 year old after 2 months. I didnt hate it, I just liked my Pre more.

Sorry, without Google, I am not tech savvy enough to assist.

i fundamentally don't get the idea of "you don't like Palm" or "so and so hates apple". I get saying i bought a product, it wasn't satisfactory, and thus i won't buy it again but i don't get the fanboy stuff. it's just a phone or it's just a tablet. I'm not rooting for sides. So i just don't think you should be bitter. Like i got a fender guitar (which i suck at) i'm not bitter at Gibson. I got a Samsung TV, I'm not rooting against Sony. I even have an xbox. I'm not mad at ps3s or sony. I just don't care. When wii sold a ton i didn't feel bitter. i didn't think about it. but i don't think you should be bitter at anything.

i fundamentally don't get the idea of "you don't like Palm" or "so and so hates apple". I get saying i bought a product, it wasn't satisfactory, and thus i won't buy it again but i don't get the fanboy stuff. it's just a phone or it's just a tablet. I'm not rooting for sides. So i just don't think you should be bitter. Like i got a fender guitar (which i suck at) i'm not bitter at Gibson. I got a Samsung TV, I'm not rooting against Sony. I even have an xbox. I'm not mad at ps3s or sony. I just don't care. When wii sold a ton i didn't feel bitter. i didn't think about it. but i don't think you should be bitter at anything.

That wasn't really my point. My point is, that crApple* upgrades their product line every "five seconds." What is wrong with their old product that they need to upgrade again.

Maybe it is jealousy. I would love to see the next webOS tablet out there. That said, I don't want to see a new one every 6 months.

It just comes off as profiteering to me. Not that I have a problem with making a profit. I love when companies succeed. I just feel the crApple* is trying to ride this wave that they are on for all it are worth. It will bite them in the but.

* the use of the term crApple, is really more of a term of endearment than degradation. I don't like Apple, I will not buy Apple. But I don't mean to be hateful by the use of my nickname for crApple. It's just in good fun folks.

That wasn't really my point. My point is, that crApple* upgrades their product line every "five seconds." What is wrong with their old product that they need to upgrade again.

And here I thought Apple updated their products once a year. Maybe we are talking about different companies.

It's like those profiteering car companies that come out with a new model every year. Where do they get the nerves to try and rip people off like that when there is nothing wrong with last year's model?

In the case of Apple, they even have the nerves to support their older products (usually 3 generations) with software upgrades. What a bunch of low-lives? Can't they just kill support for everything that's not version 2 or greater and "make it right"?

Apples and Oranges...

Very few people buy the latest model car every year. I can't say that I even know one person who does.

However, in the tech industry every time any company releases their latest model there is a rush for them. crApple products have a bigger rush. And that's why I think there is a big difference. You won't see anyone camped outside of the local Car Dealer when Toyota starts selling the 2013 Camry.

crApple's announcing a new product every year is just hype, and I don't care for hype. People will buy them. So let crApple sell them. But to me, it is just boring.

Part of this is enabled by the unusually high resale value of Apple devices. So if you bought and iPad or iPhone, you usually have very little to pay for next year's model once you sell your current model.

If current webOS devices actually existed and people wanted to purchase future ones, they'd be tickled to be able to get them for so little. The "hype" features they announce each time are usually bar-setters for the industry and blatantly copied.

people who buy the latest tech product cause they just have to have the latest thing are sad. They are concerned with showing off and trying to feel important because of some material thing. Most consumer electronics products get updates yearly, laptops, tvs, printers, etc. it's not a new thing. And everyone isn't expected to buy every year. Those people are morons trying to feel important. But them being morons and needing to feel important does not mean companies should not update products. Them being morons doesn't mean the product isn't good, it simply means they are idiots.

Wow. Such a silly post (the post, not the poster).

Even Jon Ruby talked about disadvantages Palm/HP faced for having missed "a product cycle". This is business. And especially in the tech business, there is a cycle that you keep up with. There are certain dates that you really need to keep up with (like xmas season, black friday, etc) if you want to be competitive. You bring new products to market EVERY YEAR because there are potential customers (both repeat and new) to be satisfied.

...announcing a new product every year is just hype...

I don't think it is possible for you to be further from the truth.

Also, please learn the difference between how people shop for things like TVs, Furnature, Cars, Appliances, etc, as compared to things like cell phones, tablets. These two groups have very different purchase patterns but the manufactures of products across these two groups still put out new products EVERY YEAR.

Let's face the facts here..... ( I love webos)

Apple are well in the lead here and a firm footing in the market !
webos is dead !

It's sad that a company like HP fucked up so bad !

I hope I am wrong but I don't think so....

I heard a rumor that it even sings and dances... but you have no control over what it sings or how it dances. But anyway...


they will be upgrading that feature at next year's big press conference. unfortunately, it will only sing and dance to songs you select from a list they provide. the following year's release will give you the ability to control the songs too.

And the old sing/dance app that was availble for current iPad owners wll be removed from the app store...

has it been a year since the last time they upgraded the ipad with a feature or hardware that was available when the first one launched?

In about two hours you will begin to see forum postings where people here all of a sudden realize that the competition for the TP didn't just slow down to wait for HP to get webOS open sourced. It will go something like this - "Up until now, I thought I was willing to wait for open source webOS but now I realize how far behind the platform will be and that the hardware probably won't be as good as the new iPad. I'm thinking of jumping ship. What should I do?"

I didnt jump ship, I just tripped and landed in a life boat and wasn't able to get up and get back on the ship in time before it partially capsized. I feel bad for all of the other passengers that were left on board to fend for themselves though.


Brilliant. Hahaha!

Its more like buying a car every year. An expensive car, not Geo Metro, not Toyota but a German one like buying an Audi. First year it was for the ride, second year an upgrade to navigation, third year for good gas mileage, fourth year for how thin it is :)....

Don't get me wrong, the CAR RIDES GREAT. I would buy too. But I would think about buying one every year.

I don't think you will see many forum posts like that - mainly because most people seem to have already jumped ship and the forum is turning into a bit of a wasteland.

Thats funny,
Seems to me we are searching for liquid gold in the wasteland :-)

I'm at the point where I just say yeah...

every time someone sees my TP they always say "hey is that an ipad"

tired of explaining to the mute.....actually had a guy holding an ipad ask that same Question

You can thank HP for that gem. Their leaked design docs from back before the touchpad was release showed that they went out of their way to make sure the TP was "like the iPad". There were actual references in those docs that stated "must have feature X like the iPad".

So, you can't really fault people for asking if something that looks like the iPad is an iPad.

I believe that anything 10 inches, especially with a cover on it, looks like an Ipad. The others are a bit thicker, but the IPad will always be the standard to compare it to.

Agreed. But it certainly does not help if you've basically copied the physical attributes of the original iPad. The TP really looks like the original iPad's plastic twin.

That's what she said!

Personally I'm a big fan of Apple. & Will most likely watch the event sometime after it goes live. That being said, i'm not their biggest supporter when it comes to their Phone/Tablet OS. I love their computers/ Their Itunes store & their Applications: Garageband, Imovie, Iphoto, etc..

Sucks loving the WebOS platform so much sometimes.. it really does ;/ If only Apple would steal the webOS multi-task functions ;)

A couple years ago at the launch of the original iPad, this same crowd was saying that they didn't see any need for these tablets when you could buy a netbook and do much more for less. Now those netbooks are practically gone from the scene. Folks here yawn while the technology world passes them by.

LOL. That's about right.

Nope , its different. The specs are much better

Retina display
Quadcore Graphics processor

One more thing,

It helps your eyes.
According to the recent study most in America spend average 2 hours using a tablet. Which results in putting an extra load on the retina as compared to news paper reading.

Dr.Renita McEye of NIH said "Using iPad 3 will reduce the strain on the eyes. It will help ease the tension around the muscles which holds the retina. Which means fewer trips to the Eye doctor".

According to the most current report from the Medicare program, US government spent 10 billion dollars in 2011 on eye exams of the elderly. The new iPad3 is expected to cut the trips to the Eye doctor by 20%. Which means the government can save 2 Billion on Medicare program for the year 2012.
The government should stop blaming Apple for not creating jobs.

I read a similar story about how HP is pioneering the cure to both "Texting while driving" AND "repetitive strain injury (RSI)" by simply pulling out of the smartphone market.

"When we realized how this technology was negatively affecting our customers, we decided to quickly stop production on all of our related products" stated Dr. Yru Blowing-Smoke when questioned about their short-lived flagship tablet. "We did the honorable thing here. It is much better to stick it to our shareholders than to endanger the folks who used to be our customers."

When asked if it was still considered "good" after having to cut so many jobs, Dr. Blowing-Smoke simply stated "We'll make it right."

webOS fans should pay close attention - this is what webOS tablets might look like in 2014.

Forget webOS, I guess there will not be any tablets around to compete with the iPad5 XL or iPad 6 with Cornea Control feature.

:), seriously, I do appreciate Apple's hardware.
What is amazing is the price of their older products continue to hold for long. I wonder how on earth it is possible ? The older iPod touch still cost above $ 100.00 on ebay.

Namco is demoing an awesome air combat game. I wonder if it can be as wildly successful as webOS' Armageddon Squadron II?

Anybody remember the endless demos of that?

Oh,'s finished and is actually launching the same month of the announcement much like the new iPad.

Yeah, but what does Serena Williams think of it?

lol. she probably hate it like tennis but just like tennis, being nice about it is a paycheck.

And officially, the iPad 2 is $400. Used and refurbished probably $50 less than that. That's gotta hurt for non-Kindle Fire Android OEMs.

Don't forget the hypothetical TP that HP decided not to cancel but, instead, discount to $300, only (slightly below the cost to manufacture it) based on the advice of people in the "Chilling Tape" thread.

I think you are right, the Fire did not cause any dent in iPad 2 sales as experts predicted. The iPad 2 will pour water on Fire. Amazon never goes mainstream, they have few million loyal customers who buy anything Amazon. After that initial sales surge, they will find it hard to sell against iPad2 ( used or refurb ).
I am waiting to see what Motorola will do ?

Coming 2013. Bank on it!!!!

Now HP is REALLY serious about it.

I NEED a Touchpad 2 !!!!! Make it happen !!!

FYI, Canadian prices are the following:

16GB: $519
32GB: $619
64GB: $719

Wi-Fi and 4G:
16GB: $649
32GB: $749
64GB: $849

Oh, and though our dollar is higher than the American one, we will pay $20 higher than our American friends - Call it a beaver tax ;) All in all it's insanely expensive. Even the iPad 2's only dropped $150 in price. I am so glad I got a TouchPad now as I have choices. Support webOS or Android - whatever I choose.

I tell you what, if the TouchPad actually gets OpenMobile, I will be a happy boy. Though I want native webOS apps and will buy them when available, I like the idea of having access to Android apps too without having to install Android OS. Though I am mad about my TP case cracking, I really do love the webOS experience. The user experience is truly unmatched when the software works properly (sans audio bugs).

I have an admission to make though and had to break form and buy a Blackberry 9810 the other day because it was $299 outright (no contract) and I got a $40 all inclusive unlimited plan to tether my laptop and TouchPad through the wifi hotspot feature of the OS 7.1 upgrade. I feel a little dirty that I had to Borg things but hey, I couldn't get a Pre3 here in Canada to work on my carrier. The overall UI experience of the BB Torch is just OK, but rather clunky. I swear, I wish I could put open webOS on that device for I would be in technology heaven...

iOS? the "most" advanced os in the world?? really?
I am soo happy i am holding the "real" most powerful os in the world.. my wonderful webos in my veer!
Thry can say whatever they want.. i know what i want, and i have it!

You are absolutely right, Well done!!!

. I ´m the happiest person on earth with my TP and Pre's, nothing better than WebOS.

wow - these comments are classic. Talk about a group of people with their head in the sand... Welcome to webOS Nation. While I understand this site is for those that love obsolete stuff - veer, touchpad, pre, pixi, etc. some simple refuse to except facts.

People are still saying they need their TouchPad 2 - GET A GRIP FOLKS. Not happening!

Me, I own 1 apple product, an ipod. That's it. But come on folks, give credit where it's due, and Apple deserves a s@#! load. They are doing a TON right where it matters - making $$$$$$$$ and lots of it.

HP Stock price today = $530.69
Apple Stock Price today = $24.36

HP Market Cap at close today = $48.04 Billion
Apple Market Cap at close today = $496.01 Billion

HP 2011 Total Revenue = $127,245,000
Apple 2011 Total Revenue = $108,249,000

HP 2011 Gross Profit = $29,719,000
Apple 2011 Gross Profit = $43,818,000

HP # of full time employees = 349,600
Apple # of full time employees = 60,400

It's really time for HP to stop any and all things consumer, like they did with tablets and phones. What a joke of a company they have become while people on this still continue to hold out some type of hope. Get over it folks, Apple has better tablets, better phones, better mobile OS and better apps. Game, Set, Match

Slow down, will ya :-),

Check what you posted, "HP Stock price today = $530.69"

I guess it was the other way round.

SHOOT. Nice catch and I can't modify it like the old site. You get my story though

Apple has better tablets, better phones, better mobile OS and better apps. Game, Set, Match.???

Just in your dreams folk, sooner or later WebOS will rule the world, sales, stock price and other crap have nothing to do with the OS.

Apple is just for teenager and people who don´t know anything about tech, WebOS is for Master, you don't seem to be one at all, you should go to Wall Street instead of being posting here.

Apple is just: Apps,
but Apple downfall has begun since it has nothing new to offer since a couple years ago.

You need to step outside of the WebOS nation distortion field - a place where a OS with no hardware partners is going to smoke the market leader via a small group of hobbyists hacking it onto android handsets.

ok, crazy me. what was I thinking.

"Sooner or later..." started in 2009 and still no market share for webOS.

so, if sales, stock price and "other crap" have nothing to do with the OS, then why is webOS basically dead and now FREE to anyone who may want it.

"Sales has nothing to do with it" sounds like a democrat talking point these days. Screw the free market where the consumer decides which mobile OS is better.

Apple has nothing new the last few years, year the great webOS from HP had something new for all of 7 weeks. Smart.

Maybe Apple will hire Leo, that is the only chance of Apple downfall in the coming years.

Those teenagers and people that don't know anything tech sure do have a ton of cash to throw around.

I will say I'm a bit disappointed in the apple iPad OS there just hasn't been much change..... Heck, not much front end change in my MacBook pro either... Meanwhile windows 8 is about to come out... I hope apple is thinking of something

Apple sold more iPads last quarter than HP sold PCs. They are probably thinking about how they are going to make enough of these.


Better than there last offer, "We have added an 's' to a 4...woo hooo for Apple!"

I hate seeing all the beautiful ideas that webOS created being wasted on these fan boy's. One day very soon...I can feel it, the Phoenix will rise up from the day soon.

i suggest everybody answer Taharka's comments all the way. Unless she's Siri I guess she'll keep quite for a while.
A day is 24 hours. Doesn't these guy/girl/drone/bot whatever have anything better to do really?

It's sad when one must revert to post about a poster rather than counter points to said poster's posts. Please continue to show your amazing wit (or at least half of it).

Don't you have anything better to do than make personal attacks?

Of course, Taharka being a longtime site member, user of multiple platforms and thoughtful commenter who has more to talk about than Ashley Esqueda's chest and how boss he hopes open webOS will be someday is labeled as a "bot" or a "drone". Meanwhile, the real fans and thinkers are the ones mindlessly chanting "webOS is best".

Of course, people like Taharka are talking experiences (ecosystem, devices, apps, OS) while you guys are basically talking about a disembodied UI.

So I actually agree. In its class, webOS is objectively, undeniably "the best". That being the best disembodied, uncurated mobile OS on the market. I much prefer it to Meego, Bada, or Maemo. That's what it should be compared against. It ceased to be a viable mainstream mobile device OS several months ago.

webOS is disembodied UI ? are you sure ? thats all it is ? I guess features such as multitasking , multiple account management and true cloud based updates are all part of fancy UI. ? I guess iOS still need to catch up on that.
Please do not compare meamo/ meego/ bada to webOS. Please. They are no way closer to webOS in terms of features and apps.

If you leave the cloud based shiznit out (and not everybody wants his stuff to end up there, just to see it vanish at vendor's whim or incidents), at least two of them are more than comparable in features; and it's debatable if the available webOS applications are so much better. That also depends on your specific use cases.
You guys (and it seems especially girls) seem to forget that not everybody needs an "ecosystem", "walled|unwalled garden", "huge app store", "my device maker's stock valuableness is largest in tech sector" and whatever. At least not if suitable devices are purchasable (unlocked bootloader, kernel sources + drivers available etc.) and certain open standards are taken care of for interoperability.
So i must admit that while the webos distortion field definitely exists; its not much different from the field. And: At least the people that prefer webOS have a certain amount of technical interest / curiosity or "tinkering mind" left. Say that about Apple fanatics.

You guys (and it seems especially girls) seem to forget that not everybody needs an "ecosystem"...

You seem to forget that it's not the users that need an ecosystem. It's the company selling the platform that does. A single user in a single moment will be good to go if they can find the one or two apps they need for that moment in time. A platform manufacturer needs to have an ecosystem in place to increase the likelihood that

* said single user will find what he/she needs in that specific moment on their platform and
* as said single user's needs change, he/she will StILL be able to find what they need on their platform.

The point of an ecosystem is not for a single user to be able to brag about having hundreds of thousands (perhaps one day, millions) of apps available. The point is for a platform to be able to support the ever changing needs of millions of potential consumers at any given point in time.

At least the people that prefer webOS have a certain amount of technical interest / curiosity or "tinkering mind" left. Say that about Apple fanatics.

Interesting. I remember when the battle cry was how much easier it was to tweak webOS as compared to rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS. Yet both Android and iOS have vibrant rooting and jailbreaking communities. If it's harder to "tweak" those platforms than it is to tweak webOS, I'd say both Apple and Android fanatics have a certain amount of technical interest / curiosity or "tinkering mind" left just as much as what's left of the webOS fan base. In fact, if the argument that it's harder on those platforms is true, perhaps they have a HIGHER amount of technical interest / curiosity or "tinkering mind" left. N'est pas?

Dude, go away. You and your ilk have turned this site into a whiny fanboiy shelter. You don't like criticism, the move on from webOS. But as long as you defend it, be prepared to people to bring you back to earth.

my wife loves Penguins. She sends me this link for 24 hrs penguin cam sponsored by Discovery Channel which I can see on my Palm Pre 2. Her iPhone 4 can't. She looses cuz I won't give her my phone...and the iPad 3 won't help her either.

I have no idea how people can spend that much money on something that can't do that much. It's so difficult for her to share her iPhone photos with me, but all the pics I take on my Palm Pre 2, I just plug into her Mac and she can get all the photos instantly.

You are never going to win against the I don't need Flash crowd.

We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. -- Adobe November 2011

Apparently, even Adobe agrees with you on this one. ;-)

i-what? Didn't hear of it.

Just kidding. Heard about it yesterday and while watching all those bright and shiny eyes I once again had this in my mind:


And, of course, I'm still hoping to get webOS on decent Hardware in two years from now.

Thats funny. But some of the products are vast improvements. from 3Gs to 4 is a big one. So is iPad to iPad2

I own and love my TouchPad, but there's a lot of unbelievable ignorance going on around here with regards to the iPad. The damn thing is clearly amazing. If you've never fully immersed yourself in the iOS universe, iCloud and all, then you simply don't (or won't) understand. 99.99% of people don't care about using the iPad as an external hard drive. Millions and millions seem to be getting along just fine without Flash. This is more an issue of Apple Derangement Syndrome than Reality Distortion Fields. Give them credit where credit is due.

LOL. So the third generation of the device that created and dominates the market that webOS is trying to keep afloat in was announced yesterday and will arrive in a little over a week. What do you see in the forums? Nothing. It's like it doesn't even exist. Talk about a Reality Distortion Field!

Even if you choose to ignore the iPad, right now, you have to admit that it is the template for what a webOS tablet will need to have in the next couple of years. How about the fact that the iPad 2 has been reduced to $400? Do you think that will affect the prospects of a webOS tablet coming in at a $350 manufacturing cost? Anyone?

I don't see HP investing in a webOS tablet (TouchPad 2) in the near future - maybe never. At this stage, they are all in with Microsoft & Windows 8 for tablets. Leo did more long term damage to the mobile space for HP than most people think and HP is now in recovery mode. They lost a TON on the TouchPad launch, they screwed over so many partners and suppliers, it's amazing HP still has any shelf space in places like Best Buy - it does seem reduced.

At some point, HP needs to decide if they want to be a consumer or enterprise company and all things point to the enterprise. Doing both really bogs them down IMHO.

So, no I don't see a new HP tablet - but some company may give it a half-a@@ shot.

Why do webosnation talk about iPad3 ? Take it easy.
Also don't compare iOS with webOS. We have gone that route many times. As per the future webOS tablets, HP has no money. So there you go. Folks here might wait until the year end to see any progress. Because HP committed to keep it going. Remember they could have killed it and said game over.

And finally, many here on webosnation believe that the engineers are cooking something special. I am with them. I will wait till September to see how tasty the food is going to be.

HP has money, billions in fact. They choose to stay away from webOS tablets at this stage. They are one company that knows they cannot win or compete in that space with Apple, so Meg said - game over on consumer tablet space.

They choose to spend elsewhere - like paying over $10 billion for a company that had revenue of less than $1 billion. See, they are bring folk over there - even if Leo made the $10 billion offer.

hmmm ipad 3 or the nvidia tegra 3 apple style, with ios (palm os apple style), webos gestures and co (apple style), and siri kinect voice commands (apple style).

oh and drag down notifications apple + webos style.

so anyone want an nvidwebndroidpad 3