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Think you can convince LG to make webOS mobile devices? Here, have a petition. 80

by Derek Kessler Sun, 03 Mar 2013 5:11 pm EST

Think you can convince LG to make webOS mobile devices? Here, have a petition.

LG is buying webOS from HP and they've stated their intentions: smart TVs and eventually other things. But those other things don't include smartphones and tablets, no, LG's perfectly happy with the millions of Android devices they've sold. No need to mess with what's working for them.

But what about us, the webOS faithful? What about those webOS-powered smartphones and tablets we crave so? Short of storming LG's Seoul headquarters and forcing them to design, produce, and distribute webOS mobile devices (a long term occupation proposition, no doubt), the best we can do is try to make our voices heard. So you can bombard LG with your requests, send them snail mail (don't forget, postage to Korea is going to take a few more stamps), and sign petitions.

While it's highly unlikely that any of the above are going to change LG's mind unless they're slammed with hundreds of thousands of messages, it doesn't hurt to affix your name to an online petition, does it? With that spirit in mind, webOS Nation Forum member allen832008 put up a petition on with exactly that goal in mind. Things have been a little slow, signature-gathering-wise since the petition went up late last month, but as we heard so often with webOS over the past few years - webOS is a marathon, not a sprint. We've just never been clear on what exactly waits at the finish line and just how far away it is


LG has sold 10 million 4G LTE smart phones worldwide, 5 million in the last 6 months.

I don't see why LG wouldn't plan on development for smartphones and tablets. They're already making a ton of different android devices so why not try the market with a Nexus 4 type device? The hardware is already made so just put the awesome software on it that we all know and love!

The bottom line is does it makes business sense to LG? Can they take an OS that has been in the marketplace for 4 years without success and make it the reason to buy LG phones when they are already selling millions?

They aren't going to do it just to make a couple of thousand people happy.

..and still seems to think androids not good enough for their tv's

the thing is its not an easy decision cause LG is not gonna just install software and that's it .they need to support it too,meaning they have to make new apps, features and all the good stuff.I wish they can adopt that project cause I really really love webOS!

Sorry - is great shit - the site does not open with IE 6 or 7.
IE9 has troubles, too!

=> If you want many signs then the site should open in any browser!

Just signed the pettition. 

pretty sad that the petition has only captured a few hundred signatures so far... really lets us know how small the remaining user/fan base is any more

(and yes, I did sign it, several days ago)

Don't know - The partition was just started on 2/27, and other then a few tweets, has had little publicity, already up to 359 signatures.

As to the "user/fan base" most of us have moved on to other systems (even Derek is using an iPhone), so not surprising that webOS Nation has seen it's readership drop, but there are the old fans that drop by every now and again to see whats up. Maybe there will be a groundswell of support that can convince LG to release a phone.

Can't hurt - I have already signed. And sent an email.

Yeah, it needs some serious promotion. This is kinda sad. I just signed on, but man...

Just a couple years ago, Sprint users blew up Sprint forums demanding that they release the Pre 3 on Sprint. The Pre, with its crummy "just get it to market and worry about it later" hardware, got enough votes on one of the smartphone competitions to walk away with being the top phone. That was ALL webOS and everyone knows it.

There are a lot of users that have gotten depressed, seen that the only hope is to basically become an ubernerd and install it without certain things working, over Android on fairly expensive phones. They just gave up and picked their poison between Android or iOS and gave in. I almost can hear them swiping up and sighing right now and it makes my heart hurt for them a little. I doubt they even come to webOS nation anymore, I haven't even seen many trolls here in awhile.

I'm glad to see the trolls gone. Didn't like the salt in the open wounds they brought here.

I just activated my third Pre on Sprint yesterday. But the handwriting on the wall hit me in the face when I couldn't download my calendar and contacts from my Palm Profile, even though I could log into it with no problem (on the phone and PC). Sprint Tech Support didn't know how to fix the problem, and referred me to two dead Palm/HP Support phone numbers.

As stated above, LG has sold 10 million+ smart phones worldwide. Most of them run Android. For LG to say that it is unhappy with Android might cause a slight dent in Google's profit, but no serious damage. For LG's mobile division, the damage might be similar to an Apotheclypse.

Google offered a viable alternative to Apple's IOS and continues to develop and support their system. Manufacturers jumped at this free help and brought out handsets that could compete. Android is a success and that was of course the plan all along. Everyone (non-apple) including HP is drawn to Android. The heavy lifting has been done and the barrier to entry is low. But every successful phone increases Google's power - something that could later become a problem for manufacturers if, for instance, Google decided that the next update would be partly or entirely proprietary and running best on Motorola devices.

Even if Google is magnanimous, there is the problem (in a market becoming dominated by two hardware manufacturers as well as two OSes) of differentiation. Even two sizes don't necessarily fit all.

In the light of Google's dominance, it might be wise to have a plan B. In the light of Apple/Samsung hardware dominance, something other than iOS or Android might gain a significant minority of users. The best plan B might be Android (for most) and webOS (for the rest of us). Or one of the other OSes that are inexplicably vying for space in an apparently locked down marketplace.

If LG ever need a plan B, webOS could be it, they might even widen the market (and hedge their bets) by offering it as an option on phones mostly shipped with Android. Cross platform apps seem like a logical development - enjo or not, so future OS choice may come down to your preferred User Experience.

I didn't expect to see a quote from LG saying they were done with Android and putting webOS on everything. Maybe I missed the quote where they stated they would NEVER put webOS on a mobile. It would be strange to make a negative statement (another Apotheclypse?) as they just bought a mobile OS and the entire development team.

"Not now" doesn't mean "in the future", but nor does it mean "never". Time will tell.

It does no harm to ask. It takes 30 secs. It's unlikely there will be enough signatures to trigger a move, but if everyone who likes, uses or admires webOS signs, it might tip the scales if a plan B is considered.


...I hope Derek did ;-) He is worth many of us.

So very well said... :)

I signed petition. I totally believe lg is keeping webos as a hedge against android if they are locked out of smartphone market. The question is whether lg stays in the smart tv market only and turns all software efforts to that or they continue to push hard on making open webos ready for phones. Lg is a big company and can afford real budget for open webos, Enyo but it would take billions to push a new webos phone. I think that's unlikely unless google really screws other android players. Will they fund open webos for phones truly and let a small rival enjoy their efforts? That's a inherent conflict of interest. Maybe lg would let webos be put on their unlocked android devices? Seems a cheaper way to test the waters for webos device. And be a differentiator from other android manufacturers. I think Sony has opened their devices to Mozilla. So it is possible lg will do same.

I like the "Even two sizes don't necessarily fit all" statement. That's why I signed the petition, and just activated a Pre on Sprint.

Please LG.

Make a smartphone with WebOS.


I have 2 Pre³, 1 Veer and 1 Touchpad (with plans to buy a 4G TP soon) +4 (5 later on) here. I have a Pre+ too, but I never use it.
I've signed the petition a few days ago and hope we can get at least 10 thousand singed petitions. That way, even though it's surely not enough, we'll be somewhat satisfied... You know what... NO... I won't be satisfied until I get a new LG webOS powered device! What the heck! Not "a new" but "a few" (toasters, fridges, washers and dryers, microwaves, blenders and -of course- TVs included!).
Please lets get on communication with our known fellows that use to care about webOS and invite them to sing also (I'm convinving my wife to try webOS (she WAS a BB maniac! She starts this week and gues what... She's getting my brand new Pre³), be assured she'll sign this petition. And all of you trolls out there... just think that if LG gives webOS a chance... you'll be trolling once again! So make yourself hear loud and clear!

Seriously though, I think LG can bring a true_viable_unique ecosystem with webOS.
It's a Sunday afternoon and your watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona on your LG webOSmarTV. But just as webOS, you're multitasking at the same time; so you have you washer and dryer doing their thing; you got some corn "poping" in your webOSwave; what the heck! You even have your brand new LG webOS blender making yourself a fresh beverage. So, all of the sudden, a notification banner appear in your webOSmarTV saying your popcorn is done. So you leave your webOSmarTV room and head yourself to the kitchen area. Your webOSfridge has a 13" display so can keep on watching the game while you prepare your drink and get your popcorn. Once ready -and without missing any action- you go back to the TV room and keep on enjoying the game (Real Madrid leads 3-0 on the 36' of the 1st half). Just before halftime, another notification banner pops -webOS style of course- saying the dryer has ended the cycle and the washer it's on rinse cycle still. You don't have to hurry up, so you say: "nnnaaa! I'll wait for the 1st half to be over". So it ends and you head yourself to the laundry room to keep on multitasking when BOOM! Your wife is at the dryer bending your undrrwaer... YES, she gots an LG webOSmartPhone as well BOUYA! In ya face apple! You stay to help her just because you can review the 1st half best plays (we love to do that!) on the webOSwasher 7" display :-P . All is done, so you're back at the TV room waiting to for the 2nd half to start. You're reading and catching up with Twitter "El Clásico" madness on ProjectMacaw for webOS -now that it is enyo_crossed_platform- (I love it but don't worry, we all know webOS has some other great Twitter clients). And your LG 4G webOS 5.1 powered pad hits ya with a notification (same time as your webOSmarTV) saying the washer has ended. Bummer! But wait! You pop up MojoWhatsUp (now it doesn't need to stay on the notification area to keep alive) and text your wife to do you the favor -she still there anyways-. Guilty as charged ;-) . The second half begins and the rest is history... Real Madrid wins 7-1 and webOS lives forever.

I truly hope this much cross product integration, and more, is part of LG's vision of the future.

Very nice "comment." :D

Everything stated in your story is possible except the last part! lol, Real Madrid dudes stop your arrogance...7-1 against Barca...that is not gonna happen...Only in your imagination...
Love WebOS and hate HP.

LG needs to add you to their marketing team! I was visualizing a commercial while reading your post. Love the appliance names (WebOSmarTV, WebOSwave, etc.).

Hey Derek, think you can ask Dieter to post this on the Verge too?

It is not in HP's hands anymore, he could start to write about WebOS again :-)

Also, I will share the link of the petition on to the Chinese WebOS Fans forum.
BTW, a business snail mail in English is too complicated for most Chinese, though English test begins from primary school in China.

Did the same on HKPUG, except my account on PUMB got locked out for inactivity. Blogged on Weibo as well.

Thanks bro. I shared it on and

Posted in PUMB already!

Has LG ever said they won't make a Webos phone? I've never seen anything said by LG closing the door. I would take their future interest in expanding Webos as a positive sign.

Didn't Palm acquire BeOS at some point? Let's petition LG to put BeOS on smartphones too while we're trying to resurrect dead operating systems.

That's a good one.

Current owner of the BeOS sources is a Japanese company called Access. And BeOS lives on in open source project Haiku, by the way... (

Just signed the pettition :D I hope many other people may sign as well :D

No need for new phone. It would be enough if LG obtain drivers for existing one .


Even if it will be great, I don't think that LG even needs to make a WebOS specific phone, they only need to do the work (or give WebOS ports access for them to do it) for porting WebOS to one of their existing phones.

My message to LG:

Hi -

As a webOS enthusiast, I'm excited about the possibilities of new webOS devices with LG's recent acquisition on webOS from HP. I very much look forward to a webOS-powered TV, but I'm also hopeful for webOS-powered mobile devices, particularly, a webOS phone. Dedicated webOS hardware would be most welcome, but is not strictly necessary. If LG could provide the capability to install and use webOS on one of its existing smart phones, I would purchase it immediately, and I can guarantee that thousands of others would, too.

Thank You,

Only 842 Signatures on the petition so far.

Doing all I can to get the word out.

That's over 140 per day so far - I'd say it was a good start.

No reason why they have to truly "make a new phone" for this. It would work fine to just have a WebOS version of the same hardware they are also using for Android.

webOS doesn't need new hardware as much as it needs open hardware. Why hardware manufacturers that don't develop their own OS keep their products locked to a particular OS is beyond me. Just make it plain and simple that unauthorized modification of OEM hardware and/or software voids all warranties.

If they are trying to protect a brand, then maybe they should wake up if a noticeable number of end users prefer a different OS.

Imagine if I could pick my phone, pick my OS and my service all independently...

webOS is still the best mobile phone OS ever. I hope LG make phones with it.

I aready signed below my Reason:

Is the best OS developed so far, true multitasking, unique features, very intuitive, with a lot of fans, many of them since Palm, probably they will not sign this petition beacuse they don´t know about this, but there are millions out there.

For the rest of Community

Please Sign the Petition!!!!!


I signed the petition but I honestly think it's going to very hard to find another 19,000+ to do so.

Webos is still the future in many ways. i still choose webos over all platform, because it is THE MOST EASIEST OS to understand quickly for new users if marketed properly. It gives users the ability to structure and organize their multi-positioning whether if it's emails, documents, games, socialization, multi-web browsing, etc. etc. with a style call card formatting, "BRILLIANT". Bringing multiple accounts that are yours from different sources together to one card view called (SYNERGY). Using webos with it's built in gestures and just-type, don't forget stacks(group card together) makes it that easy to understand. "IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE" and well thought-out. Webos should be call a true smartphone considering it was designed to be "SMART" and well thought of for consumers. Now had it having the desirable apps and you all no what I mean, and some really good hardware, beside the technology of the touchstone, it would have been the perfect equation(A MASTERPIECE). Lastly, it truly needed some good parents that would take the time to really give it a chance to market their product at the best competitive price. IT COULD WIN STILL!!!!!!

I send and email to LG as well. webos for still have faith and belief.

Pretty soon, fragmentation will catch up to all those other platforms.

Although I haven't used webos before. I have signed the patition. Lg should use it in smartphones. Staying with android devices would never catch up with the likes of samsung. Lg should got their own way. They have the powerful os they need to go on their own they just need to work out the marketing for it.

The bottom line is this: I'D BUY ONE.

and that's what I wrote in the comment box when I signed the petition.

I support LG making phones with webOS for these reasons:

1. webOS is a flexible, easy to use OS. Using it is fun and comfortable quickly. It, paired with the Pre hardware's physical design, clearly illustrate that "natural" was an appealing core concept for the product line.
2. webOS could easily become a 'universal OS' for home electronics and "smart home" applications. It doesn't require detailed instructions. You just "get it".
3. Some of the best features of the Pre, starting with the original, are only now emerging in current competitors. Gestures, cards, synergy, touch-to-share, inductive charging; are all impressive features which led me to buy an original Pre, as well as a Pre2, and Pre3.
4. If there was ongoing development of webOS software and Pre hardware, such that a viable and competitive Pre4 was released, I'D BUY IT.
5. And I'd favor other products that have webOS on it.

EVERY fan of webOS...even passive fans...should sign this petition.

I realize that LG makes and sells a ton of phones, but according to Enda M., as of about 2 weeks ago there were still 500,000 ACTIVE webOS accounts. Even if you take an ultra-conservative approach and assume that you can only sell one phone to 4% of that number (20,000...which just happens to be the goal number of the petition), at $100/each, that is a cool $2M in revenue. Take just 20% of the active webOS accounts...which I happen to think is more realistic...and now you are up to $10M, nothing to sneeze at. I think that the figures more-than-justify putting webOS on at least one of their phones, even if its just as an option instead of android. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime...

Show your support and sign!!!

EVERY fan of webOS...even passive fans...should sign this petition.

I realize that LG makes and sells a ton of phones, but according to Enda M., as of about 2 weeks ago there were still 500,000 ACTIVE webOS accounts. Even if you take an ultra-conservative approach and assume that you can only sell one phone to 4% of that number (20,000...which just happens to be the goal number of the petition), at $100/each, that is a cool $2M in revenue. Take just 20% of the active webOS accounts...which I happen to think is more realistic...and now you are up to $10M, nothing to sneeze at. I think that the figures more-than-justify putting webOS on at least one of their phones, even if its just as an option instead of android. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime...

Show your support and sign!!!

Er, I think you're making the 'box-office' error here.
Film X makes many millions at the box-office.
But the theatre will keep around 50%, the distributors a further % and then there's the cost of production...
How many tens of millions did that effects blockbuster cost? Subtract that too!
I'm not saying that there isn't money to be made, but the box-office number isn't the profit.

As for the relative costs of mobile development, I have little idea, but good developers and hardware fabrication can't be cheap - especially not in such a competitive market.

But to return to (unfounded) optimism, if the figure of 500,000 users is correct 18 months after HP pulled the plug, then this might be how many people would buy a new webOS phone on the next contract and a new high-spec smartphone would cost more than $100. However, I guess most mobile makers look for takeup in the millions before proceeding with a product so an Android phone with webOS as an option would be a cheap way to test the water for LG. Development would also be cheap because it's already a functional OS. Adding the correct drivers and fixing a few of the obvious holes in the OS wouldn't be a big ask either. This might be a cheap way for LG to grab a significant minority of users - something to build up from, whilst keeping the user base and OS alive. This could be done in a matter of months if they have a current or near-release handset that would fit the webOS style.

Having webOS as a plan B to Android makes sense, but if the OS is moth-balled and the users move on, it's a harder job to bring it back. LG may then be looking at another phone OS - either unproven or another 'me too' product.

If 10m smart phones is a big number for LG, then another 5% is significant. 1/500 of those active accounts has now signed - I hope the rest do! Let the wishful thinking continue! ;-)

Signed the petition and sent them a message.
Lets hope they actually care.

this can quickly become a negative rather than a positive! It truly shows how few of us are left.

what about you

If Derek and other constituents have this article placed on other sites it can have a better chance LG to see the potential consumer base they will have.

If there were other articles pertaining to this, on other websites. Like engadget, the verge and other tech websites. it can work

I want a LG webos phone ,please! l have a nexus4 ,but it did not run webos.

How to say it again, to make anyone more accept the reality: webOS as a mobile operating system, is done. Finished. Done in. No more. Never, ever, ever happen again. Not LG, nor Samsung, Google, HTC, Amazon combined, not even Apple themselves and Steve Jobs' second coming would ever change that. IF someone buys them, they buy them in the hope, that some still niche segment (ie smart TVs - practically, nobody has them, as a percentage of the whole TV market), will benefit from implementing reasonably mature, and vastly differentiating product.

Question remains, what good that differentiation into webOS on the smart tv does FOR THE END USER, (as opposed to the company, that want's to differentiate themselves from the competition, at all costs). The answer is: very little, to none, to outright DIS advantages (repeated ad nausea chicken&egg problem, vicious cycle of: no developers = no apps = no users = no developers (wash, rinse, repeat)

Skinning & customizing Android, to behave as webOS (or close enough to), is at that particular moment, a million times better option. And yet again, what advantages webOS has, on the big screen, versus others, more mature, established and robust OSes (including free ones, like Ubuntu for example)?

If you still delude yourself otherwise, please, read the above again.

That is one of the most stupidest idea that anyone to put out there.To have android to behave as webos. Now you are the one that's not making any sense.

seriously, am I? Apparently, Duarte & Co., now in charge of UX at Google, are doing everything in their power, to make this "nonsense" a reality.

Secondly, apart from not liking what I said (ie, "The Reality"), by extension, not liking me, and therefore claiming that I am stupid (my four years old seems to be at that particular phase of development, when some of his kindergarten pals doesn't seem to play along with what he wants), do you have anything to say with regards to arguments raised???

I am frequenting this page for a loooooong time now. Ever since Pre+ release, I was very critical about what is going on in webOS land, and where it goes, if they don't face the reality. I was right EVERY FREAKING TIME. Guess what, I am right again.

Duarte & Co. may be in charge of the UX at Google, but they are running into a lot of fragmentation problems. The money might be extremely good over there but, I betcha they wish they could of brought webos with them. You see, when you create codes and automation for one system os web-base and then go to another os non web-base and try to imply the same skill of behavior pattern to it, IT DON'T WORK. You must redesign and there operate system still deals with a large portion of fragmentation.

yeah, surely, code-level automation & skills are all that matters at design & user experience level, LOL.

Gotta love how you start explaining how this coding business works "you see, when you create codes(...)", to a developer with 15+ years of professional coding experience, and some 25+ years of programming interest.

And every time I heard about how big problems Android has, versus webOS, because of that dreaded thing "Fragmentation", I cannot help but laugh - what, with webOS bringing different version of OS with every major device release (MOST of them, should not even been considered "major" releases at all, barely HW refreshments), that was quite remarkable achievement, to fragment the platform to such a degree - having full control over both hardware & software in house, and for putting out such a minuscule number of models, in relatively short time span.

yeah, silly me.

I signed too but... I see this petition can now turn around against us. Why? Because it plainly shows that, for a target of 20000 signatures, only 1400 have come up so far. Any LG representative could see the petition as the demostration that webOS has no interest left.

fair enough, because it is the reality

WRONG!!! So they look at one petition, is that the way you distinguish whether or not you go forward or not. That' bad marketing Bushi.Mich

don't believe that.

that only from one sites

this site don't get that much attraction anymore. alot more people that love webos don't know about this petition. i know that will be taking inconsideration

Seriously? So, what "other sites" are all these countless dedicated webOS lovers going to???? Earth to Jacksons: pal, this is about the one last "general usage" site about webOS left, and EVERYONE who has any interest in webOS left, peeks here.

They left because there's no more support. They didn't leave because the OS was terrible. The OS is the best, the hardware was mediocre, but in time it could of improved. And to your Question about other sites, there's millions of people thus far experience webos that understood it will no longer be supported so they made a choice to leave and now they became part of other tech sites. So it's that you must understand as well. They are out there but this site is not enough to reach them. When the article broke ground that LG was acquiring Hp's Webos, I read a few article and the response of people that voice there option about webos they seemed very excited and very optimistic for hoping that LG would later create a mobile device using webos although LG said only Smart TV right now.

The page will not work either with the ie9 without Java, too. is not owned by MS.
Everyone should be able to sign without bullying!

Works with ie10 with Java applet disable.
You can upgrade...or start a petition on to make them support ie9 :D

The site didn't like my latest Firefox much, but I successfully signed with the pre2 browser!

@HerrKarl: That said, you owe it to yourself to get the most modern browser for your system. The latest IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc...

@bushi.Mich: As you wrote off webOS a long time ago, why are you wasting your valuable time here telling us we're wasting all of 30 secs signing a petition? Don't feel obliged to answer. You're needed over at Crackberry - the poor fools! But don't take too long - those windows phone idiots need your input fast! So many minority systems so little time...

all good points. There's very little appreciation for reality checks across the population. Bye!

BTW, both BB X, and WM are in much better positions, than webOS ever was (and infinitely better position, than webOS will ever be), yet true, their long-term survival is very much questionable. Just answer yourself in what light it puts webOS' chances to "shine"

The result should not be a discussion about browsers, which has been installed by your admin.

The result is no signatures for webos!

No not until you can add attachments in the web browser.

LG should learn lessons from black berry. LG should continue with Android get their money back. Start one model with WebOS and see how community responds to it.

Release simple phone with Dual core processor 4.2" screen and 16 GB. Like LG Optimus L9. Convert the webOS to business customers with Keyboard option.

High End- Android
Middle - webOS and Android
Low-end Firefox.

Request sent to LG support site!

The Great webOS Nation Giveaway Entry

LG needs to know
The best OS webOS
LG Make a phone