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Three years ago today, the era of webOS began 30

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Jun 2012 5:12 pm EDT

Three years ago today, the era of webOS began

Three years. Has it really been that long? Has it really been only that long?

On June 6, 2009, I lined up in the early morning with a few dozen other excited persons outside the Sprint Store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. We were there for something new and exciting. It was the Palm Pre.

Yesterday we got a deep look into the past three years of webOS, but for a good many of us it's something we lived through. It's been ups and downs (and downs and downs), and while things haven't gone exactly as planned, there's still a future for webOS.

Three years ago today, the era of webOS began



webos20090606 - that is all
My original Sprint Pre- still works!  Thanks webOS for getting me into mobile app development.

I also have a Sprint Pre... fully functional in excellent condition (should anybody want one for a good price).

I started with the Pre on release day... and replaced it with a new one just last year (Sprint warranty).

I finally abandoned my Pre the day the Galaxy II hit the shelves. I do like my Galaxy II, but I still miss my Pre and pull it out of the drawer and turn it on every now and then just for the memories. Man...I wish there had been new hardware support!

Hello cradrock.

Being the Die-hard Palm / webOS fan that I am, and overtly avoiding Android Until the VHS or Beta style force-fed Market choice will not allow any real choice for a system that works and is solid from the start, I find myself shopping for a replacement for the Palm that couldn't swim. The Sprint guy said that he wasn't sure if could get them any longer.... (do those guys work on commission?) as he was leaving from his day at the sales floor.
If you were serious about selling your old one, and the price fits my "Bush, Bush, Obama, 'bama budget" , (how far am I in the hole?) I would be interested in getting it from you. Please let me know if you are serious about selling yours, if it is in good shape. email to:
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
If you use your screen name here, and palm in the subject, I'll be sure to keep it out of the spam / junk folders.

What does it matter that Palm is dead and that HP killed webOS? Doesn't change the fact that my Pre3 is still a good phone. I don't need a bumper for it to properly receive cellular signal. I can web browse, check my email, take the occasional video or photo. Haters seriously need to channel their energies to more constructive endeavors...maybe like making a difference in the world. Is there an app for that?

BTW, Easton my Sprint Pixi from the same place.

Hey, I didn't know you were in Columbus! I jumped ship from sprint to att in Feb so I could keep webOS. My pre still works, and I use it for wifi and the alarm, but it was starting to get the usb cracks by the door (ironic that it started several months AFTER I got a touchstone) and the sprint network was just too slow. I hope to get a pre 3 if they still have them by the time I get the money together.

Im still using my Sprint Pre - but not sure for how much longer. Sprint coverage problems lately so im just waiting for rest of family to come off contract. I do use my Touchpad everyday.

Remember when they went from city to city in those Palm cars.. Maybe someone has one and will try to sell it on Pawn Stars. Hey the old man likes antique cars..

Viva Webos :D

I bought my pre minus at a radio shack on 6/7/2009. Now on a pre 2 on Verizon and just as I have been waiting for a Pre3 on verizon, I find myself now waiting for the next iphone because it's not android. I am so used to webos, and it sucks...but no big players who make phones wanted or want it. I don't think open sourcing it will help. They should have sold it for even 1/2 what they paid foe palm and given someone else like HTC or Samsung a crack at it. HP sucks.

I remember bringing my daughters to wait in line on launch day. What an amazing time! I use my Pre 3 and am proud to show it off. This is not where I envisioned the webOS community being in 3 years, but I have great hope that with an open source webOS we still have a shot! Maybe not a good shot, but I've held out this long; I'm not giving up yet!

HAHAHA @ showing off Pre3

I was in a meeting this morning (lowest paid cat in the room), big solid oak tables and like 4 people had their iPhones (or look alike slabs) on the table. Someones kept vibrating and I could hear it... made me so badly want to pull my Pre3 out slide open the keyboard and just set it on the table.

I was number 14 in line outside the Sprint store in Pasadena, CA at 6:30am. The first picture I took with the phone was of the card they gave me with my number on it. The Store opened at 8am and there were probably 100 people in line. I walked across the street to a British style pub (it was open so that Brits could watch live soccer and drink beer at sunrise) and ate bangers and scrambled eggs while I played around with the greatest cell phone I had ever purchased. Now I have an Android Motorola Photon, and I just wish that webOS was on this size screen and powerful hardware.

I am proud to have owned the DeLorean of smartphones!

Ha! I was also #14 in line on launch day, but in a Sprint store in Brier Creek shopping center in Raleigh NC at around 3 or 3:30 am. By 4:30 am there were like 70 people in line. The store opened 15 minutes before 8 am and 2the employees gave us a card with a number and we began to go in 4 people at a time to buy the greatest multitasking experience there has ever been! My wife and our daughter were there with me making history. Nice unforgettable times!
Now I also have the Motorola Photon 4G and really like it, but boy I would love to have webOS in it! At least my wife and I have a "PalmPad" (TouchPad). Also, I still have my Palm Prē which I use from time to time just to get my smartphone webOS "fix"

I wouldn't care one bit if Leo Idiotheker and HP burned and suffered slowly to pay for the big crime of killing my beloved mobile OS.


"Sniff" 3 years ago I was the"advocate" at Sprint for the Pre. LONG LIVE WEBOS!

Got my Pre 3 with Straight Talk - works fine for me, until Android catches up.

I followed the Pre launch from Honduras, Central America, but couldn't get one until the Palm Pre Plus (still have it). Bought the Pre³ (and lost it :'( ), which should serve as a good prototype to carry on with Open webOS, to any enthusiast (Phoenix maybe?). Now, I'm rocking it with my mighty VEER! ;-)
But if webOS is to stand a chance, is on a "sick" hardware. Look what iOS (since 2007) and android (since 2008) have done it such "little" time! webOS has been around 3 awful years -though almost everyone involved in the business has stated wonders on its potential (Jobs included)- and I know if the "5 year Open webOS plan" to resurrect the platform is well -at least not as bad as they've been- executed and either hp or Phoenix comes up with some sick hardware -I think the Pre³ improved (slimmer, better resolution and camera, an even nicer look) and -for the love of GOD!!!- well marketed should be a great start (just not 5 nor 3 nor 2 years from now; 2013 have got to be the year if webOS is going to have some kind of a shot) and we all know the OS itself has already a -somewhat- good appreciation withing the tech geeks. It just has to be backed up with good quality hardware (Pre³ was but never saw the daylight!). Some other would prefer a 4.3" touchscreen.
Whatever it is, webOS is the best!

I was at my Sprint kiosk (too small an area for a store) at 5 a.m. I was the only 1 there, the manager didnt get there til 8:30. I was so proud of my Pre and I miss it (Evo 3D now)/
I was lucky to get a Touchpad during the firesale and love it. I would to see webOS make a comeback

It's sad that things turned out the way they did. I bought a TouchPad about a month ago because I was dying to get a look at webOS and I wanted a cheap Android Tablet. If it wasn't for the lack of apps in my country and the fact that I can't buy the ones I need, I would stay booted in webOS.

It must be the most beautiful interface I've ever seen on a mobile device. Let's hope that Open webOS pulls through. Android 4.0 is nice, but it just doesn't have that charm.

Still rockin my Pre-...2.5 years later for me!

Have a Pre3 (actually 2) on AT&T, but I can't bring myself to pay an extra $30+/mo. for the "priviledge" of their faulty network and lock in for 2 years. Gonna get these unlocked and try the "Edge" on T-mobile. Hopefully I won't shoot myself in the head while waiting for webpages/etc. to download. Regardless...

Long live WebOS!!!

Edge is so very slow, sometimes so slow it effectively doesn't work at all. I'm giving up on T-Mo and switching my Pre3 to Straight Talk at the end of the month; $45 a month, uses AT&T network.

Caught an interesting story...

HTC said to be shut out of the next version of Windows --

Declining sales, less handsets coming out vs. the Samsung juggernaut (despite in my opinion being of better overall quality), and less attention from Google after Motorola Mobility merged with them. Perhaps HTC would consider making a webOS tablet on a lark?

I just find it fascinating that Microsoft would dare call them a 'lesser' manufacturer. They have worldwide reach and good hardware, it's just that Windows Mobile was iceskating uphill even back in the day compared to Blackberry and Palm. That's why HTC had such a hard time marketing their devices.

I still have my Palm Pre, unfortunately with a broken screen =/ Using it for 2 years and a half, that's a record! Now I have a Pantech Link 2 and I miss wOS, maybe I'll be buying a Pre3 in a near future, I hope so...

I just started using my Pre3 again after using my Droid3 only the past couple months. I just get too ticked off at Android's crummy functioning. Now, when I leave for work, I un-forward my phone to the Droid3. After work, *72 forwards back to my Pre3 for a phone I like to use!

My Pre3 has displaced my GSII. I got tired of loosing email and all the quirks Android has. I've been very happy with the Pre3 its rock solid exchange email support is very important to me. The multitasking works great. Until android catches up, I wil stick with my pre3.


3 years later and I've got 3 webos devices. Pre3 is the best phone I've used so far - and boy there were many! Just got a Veer - I did not expect it to be so cute, I love it my son wants to steal it from me, so I guess I'll end up buying another Veer. I'm a little bit afraid that something happens to my pre3 so I might get one spare while they still sell them. My touchpad 64 is great - bit bulky but great for home use. Just got one 32 touchpad for my dad he's not so friendly with computers - so the intuitivity of Webos is just what he needs!

I knew it as it was yesterday. I got my Pre on 7th november 09, it started just one or two weeks before in germany.

It is still working but sadly the hardware is not that good as the charge-plug cover drops off an there is a crack going from that plug to the screen. Well and the sliding mechanic is wiggling. Sadly i was not able to get a Pre3 or Touchpad.

But i would love to get a new webos on current hardware as android (HC on my tablet and ICS on my NexS) can not compare with webos.

From that day I tried to have a Palm Pre...I owned a Palm Centro and finally I got my first Pre, a used one from England, in november 2009.
After that I got Pre Plus, and upgraded it to webOS 2.0.
Now I use a Pre 3 and cannot get used with Android despite my cellular provider gave me one (Samsung).
I also have a TouchPad and I use it a lot.
My wife also has a TouchPad and an Pre 2.
We enjoy very much webOS.

Long Live webOS from Santiago, Chile.!! ...and also eBay that made it happen for me (The Pre was never sold in Chile)

posted from my TouchPad

Today, Palm Pre on Sprint is my only phone. Replaced five times under warranty. Will replace again if this one gives me problems.

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