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TigerDirect to have limited stock of TouchPads tomorrow, starting at 2:30 PM Eastern 52

by Derek Kessler Thu, 03 Nov 2011 4:52 pm EDT

Headline says it all, folks. HP’s out of TouchPads and there are but a few venues left with them in stock (aside from Ebay, of course). Tomorrow, online electronics retailer TigerDirect will have a limited stock of 32GB TouchPads and they’re going to start selling them at 2:30 PM Eastern Time.

The TouchPads will only be available as part of a $279.99 bundle. Included in the package will be a Belkin case, a Belkin FlipBlade collapsible stand, an HP-branded 16GB USB flash drive, and a Creative Labs D80 Bluetooth speaker. Not a bad deal, but you won’t have the option to purchase the TouchPad separately. That's better than Best Buy requiring you to buy an HP PC to get a discounted TouchPad, though.

Just how limited will TigerDirect’s supply be? They’re limiting customers to just one TouchPad per purchase, will only be selling them via the URL in the source link, and expect to be completely sold out 5-10 minutes after the sale begins. That’s limited.

Source: TigerDirect


Do you think the powers that be at the ever confused HP headquarters take note of the immense popularity of the HP webOS driven Touchpad? Isn't it obvious that there is a real market for these beautiful pads?

Sure there is. Just not a PROFITABLE market.

We've been over this. HP must sell these at a profit because they don't have an ecosystem to reap massive amounts of backend revenue. They're not Barnes & Noble using the Nook as a portal for their products, or Amazon using the Kindle Fire for theirs.

They only secondary revenue WebOS can bring is apps and accessories. Accessories won't even come close to offsetting he costs, and neither will apps.

You'd think this would be common sense.

Common sense would be not spending $1.2 billion on a company, only to release guaranteed to fail products like the Veer and Pre 2, and then flood the market with a million units of an unfinished and overpriced tablet. But then HP's strategy with webOS never seemed to involve any common sense.

The Veer is the best out of my 3 webOS Phones. Small form factor is small, and it pretty much owns for 95% of my daily use.

Got my TigerDirect e-mail,

"Our call center does NOT have access to this inventory. Again, you can only purchase the
TouchPads online by going to:

Thanks, now my chances of purchasing one have dropped dramatically with this post.

You could buy one on ebay for cheaper. I suppose it's easier to complain though

The touchpad is only popular because it's been sold for peanuts and tiger direct is using it to make money. Why not buy a kindle fire for 199 and get a current, supported, tablet? The HP, Palm hardware is past tense.

If the Kindle fire is better because the software will be getting more updates, just look at most Android devices and the software that they get. "of 18 Android devices from the US, 10 were at least two major versions behind within their two-year contract period."


EDIT: http://tinyurl.com/3hfwq9p

Except the Kindle Fire and the Android fork that powers it is controlled by Amazon. The chart is valid, but it does not cover this case.

Uh, aren't we comparing TABLETS - to which this applies in no way, shape or form - not phones?


"P.S.: To give you a better shot of purchasing the HP TouchPad, we recommend that you
do NOT forward this to your friends or post it on Facebook. That will prevent you from
competing with your friends on this deal."

279 for a bunch of junk is not a deal.

Is tigerdirect prepared for the DOS attack that will take place since they are advertising this a day in advance?

Just to clarify, TigerDirect DID NOT advertise this. This was sent in an email directly to subscribers that honestly requested this. (Please see the post by By smittypap)

NOT to the general public.

Personally I think it's simply NOT cool to have posted this. :-(

Unfortunately it's been posted to Slickdeals, which is going to do a lot more damage than posting it to PreCentral.

Well tiger direct didnt really advertise it, they sent emails to the ppl who signed up earlier during the fire sale days, but now the world knows, ah oh well. Its impossible to keep things on the low now a days anyway so if it wasn't precentral it'd be someone else to broadcast it to the masses.

Kinda hard to justify the $279.99 bundle price though. It sold so well cuz it was dirt cheap, now its cheap but not extremely anymore. Might as well get the Kindle Fire for $200, which may not do everything, but does a lot and is actually supported and has a future.
Or add a little more $ to that price and get a HTC View, price on that seems to be dropping.

HP should of went the amazon business model route, and sell the touchpad at a loss at first just to get it out there, they have the resources to do it, oh well its all water under the bridge now.

hahah bundling a bunch of **** that they can't sell... it's like what BB did with their promotion: forcing you to buy those crappy laptop/desktops in order to buy the TP at $149

Thanks for significantly lowering my chances... Bet several people will slickdeal it... Great...

It doesn't matter....people who are on slickdeals already signed up for this e-mail also. It would have been posted there no matter if precentral posted this news article or not. Such is life in the internet age...

Go run to ebay and buy one for cheaper. You won't of course.

Yeah seriously.
Now the chances are lowered by this damn post. And I want one, now some dude who already has 10 will get one before I can.

This is news. This is a news site. What do you guys expect?

Prior to this day we had zero percent chance of buying a touchpad from Newegg and guess what, tomorrow we have a much greater chance than today.

I suggest everyone that wants a chance better be logged in and hitting that refresh button on every reload until you see the add to cart button.

Not really sure how good a deal this is? I got a 16 Gig with the HP case, and a touchstone charger for 270 including shipping (that was a buy it now) on ebay. NIB still in the shrink wrap and it has been great- no problems. I also got one of the 32 gig during the firesale for the $149 plus shipping, but decided to give it to my son (he's been wanting an iPad, but oh well!) for Xmas. Of course I tried it out first, and so I started to look for one for me and went with the 16 gig on ebay. There are still some good deals on ebay and even Amazon. OTOH I understand the desire to get one.

Poor kid. He'll be disappointed wanting an ipad and getting a **** Touchpad instead. Way to ruin Xmas..

I got an ipod touch soon after getting a Pixi and had the pretty much the opposite reaction. I couldn't figure out how to multitask on it and was getting pissed off, then I googled it and was amazed to learn that there was no multitasking on iOS. I guess at least now the notifications are a bit less ghetto.

Touchpads also available at amazon.de for about € 330 - 340!
And I have seen loads of Pre³s at Saturn for € 269!

....crickets .......

Personally, I wouldn't deal with Tiger Direct even if they gave me a touchpad for free. Both times I've ever ordered from them it has been a nightmare, and the last time I had to do an "executive email carpet bomb" (a move probably familiar to consumerist readers) to finally get them to fix their error... and then the never ending saga STILL wasn't over because they sent the wrong thing and it took two MORE weeks to fix that.

Stay away from Tiger Direct, no matter how good the deal seems. The headache you're buying yourself isn't worth it, even for a cheap touchpad.

Yeah they are super sketchy with rebates also, and a bad rating on BBB.

not a good bundle but if you want one I guess people will pay it.

Damn, I saw the email and started to get excited

Then I saw it was $279 and decided against it.

Same here. For $150 I'd give it a shot but when you start talking $300 and up, I'm thinking......no.

$279.99. Hilarious. night night touchpad. Funny I kind of feel at peace now HP shot webOS in the face. DROID

Debating, but I think not... Want a TP desperately, but what would I do with all that bundled junk? Lame.

And I'm pissed at HP (what's new?) for telling us we'd get more direct from them, and didn't.

I sat on the page and clicked on buy at 11:30:01 Pacific and still did NOT get it to show up in my cart !! :o(

Same here, clicked buy within a minute of 2:30EST and nothing in my cart...

Ah, sure enough. Sold out within 2 minutes ...

2:34pm All gone, already!

im about to rage!
i clicked on it, and it said 'added to cart' but nothing was in my cart...
this happened 15 times and then it said Sold Out.

Same here, 230, never showed up in my basket, did they only have like 5 for sale, how is this possible?

C'mon TigerDirect, how many more are you holding in reserve to make up for all the ones you let people put in there carts?

An on-line store front is supposed to act like a real store. When there is no product left, you can't put any in your cart.

Didn't charge us, but still. Here's to hoping there's more out there. Maybe in white as well.

Wow, that was quick. I didn't get one either. "Add To Cart" (nothing in basket)... Sold out...

Ordered mine. search by part number. Wouldn't add to my cart from the link they sent me either.

search the site for FB356UT and add from that page.

Yup, same here -- the page reported "added to cart" several times, but cart remained empty.

Well, I dodged that bullet! I didn't need to spend that $279...

230 exactly, clicked over and over, never showed up in my cart. What, did they only have like 5? I'm finding them for $200 on Craig's List here in chicago, cash, no sales tax, no delivery, NIB.

Hahahhaha!!! AaaaHhaaaaaahahaahaahhaaaaahahahaaaha... ppffffftttHahahahahahaHaAAAhAaA

ROFLingMFAO :D ..."2 minutes" ..."DROID" 8-[

...aaah thats too funny.

Tiger Direct announced TP's for sale and put a count down clock on the page to create the sense that you should create an account prior to the sale, to speed things up. Even if the TP's were a loss (probably not even a loss, the deal wasn't all that great), it was a cheap way to get email and contact information from their target audience. Tiger Direct seems to already have a bad reputation so they didn't risk much by making people upset.

Did anyone or does anyone know anyone that got a touchpad off this marketing scheme. I hit the button at 1/10 of a second after they went on sale and the basket never updated. I have 3 browsers open and none of them would update. What a bunch of **** I think i have finally given up on the WebOS ecosystem. And its time to move on. ICS looks promising.

I bought one during the initial fire sale, so I forwarded this email from TD to a buddy of mine; he logged in about 8 minutes early and the site allowed him to buy the bundle.... he went back 10 minutes later and the site had crashed from the traffic...