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Tiny HP Veer gets cut to tiny German price: €179 unlocked, no contract 23

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Aug 2011 10:03 am EDT

Germans looking for a small smartphone: your time has come. Not only is the HP Veer available in your country (as it has been since June), but it’s just received a very hefty price cut. The miniature webOS smartphone debuted at the price of €379, but as of today is now available for just €179 (that’s US$255). And to make matters even more awesome – that’s an off-contract price for the unlocked QWERTZ Veer. Is there any reason not to buy anymore?


Source: HP Germany; Thanks to Beatmaster, hux, rot, and StephanP for the tips!



And don't you rant now bc of the QWERTZ keyboard. The pre2 only was available with QWERTY... ;)

Only reason you may want to, ahem, wait: pre3...
Stay tuned...


Definitely, someone did have received a message, down there in HP (or rather somewhere UP in HP)!

I am betting on the new man in charge - that would be a very good sign, that someone who understands market is pulling the strings now!

Now, you do not only need competitive prices (it is very competitive, as it is!), but you need accompanying massive marketing campaign. And there still is chance of turning the tide.

Remember, it is not only in your hands, success or failure of webOS - it is users/developer adoption that will seal it's fate.

Developers will come, if they see the serious
commitment (like appropriate pricing & big marketing efforts) and long-term push. Basically, they will invest, when they see a possible ROI.


Now put it on prepaid. I can see quite a bit of sales there.

Good to see HP give some love to our euro faithful. Now if they would make the unlocked Veer here in the US say 99.99 I'd jump on it. I have a gophone chip i'd love to get into a Veer. No way in H3LL i'm paying over a 100 for it though.

If they did make the Veer cheaper for prepaid users it's likely price would about $199 in the US.

I ordered one myself. Just received the confirmation that they booked the order, so I am pretty sure they will deliver. Nice! I like my Pre 2, but a Veer is very nice for... dunno, probably as a GPS/MP3 Player when doing sports, and as a small pocket phone when I am out drinking with the gang. :D

Now let's see if we get a serious deal like this on the touchpad in the future, than I will probably buy one.

This phone will sell in teh U.S. if it is offered with inexpensive plans. It won't sell at any price if it requires the typical $90/month minimum smartphone plan.

Sell it on a major network with a useable voice/text/data plan for $100 and $40 a month and you will have a hit.

Stop trying to make sense. You make the carriers nervous.

Just ordered one as well :) But for 170 Euro since I'm a student ^^

The product page says it comes with a touchstone. Ordered.

Finally one of my tips got trough...

But that phone is too small for me.

Thanks for the tip Stephan & the others!
I was looking to buy a Veer anyway but the 300€ price tag held me back a bit. Didn't hesitate a second after I saw this, should arrive next week :-)

Thanks again, would have missed this price cut and bought it amazon (where it's now for 250€).

I can't order. It does not let me choose an address outside Germany. How did you guys order it. Or are you all from Germany ( the people who ordered it)

Here's a good reason not to buy it... it sucks.

Ohhhh. Just like the Pixi Plus before it. I got a Pixi on o2 for £120 just a month after its release (roughly, I think), and it feels exactly like that.

DEAL!!! Just ordered one. Even without a Touchstone it'd be the **** of a deal.

hmmm, I want to order one, but I dont speak German, and I dont know whether they would deliver it to my country?
I am ready to move from my bulky N900 to something basic and small...help please?

@ahmad: I hope ou are aware of the German version having a QWERTZ-Keyboard instead of a QWERTY. Apart from that, I'm pretty sure you will find a shop that delivers to wherever you want it to, only the shipping costs might get higher than a delivery within Europe.

thanks for your reply.. keyboard doesn't matter, eventually i will get used to it.
Actually i own an Aramex mail box in the UK, so even delivery within Europe shouldn't be trouble..the only thing is that I still see prices are higher in Amazon.de, as well hp's site doesn't have English language (too paranoid to do shopping using google translate..lol)
any help is highly appreciated :)

" Is there any reason not to buy anymore?"

Yes, Its not CDMA....
You couldn't pay me to go back to GSM service.

availble for 149€ an no shipping cost in HP Employee store in Germany....

This tiny great and new WebOs phone for only US$ 225 and the "ancient" Pre2 unlocked for US$ 450?? Make sense??
How much do we have to wait to get an unlocked Pre3 in the US, Mexico or South America?
Does HP really want to expand the WebOs users basis and TouchPad buyers? It seems not.