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Tip Roundup: The Gesture Area 5

by Adam Marks Fri, 05 Nov 2010 11:18 am EDT

As we are now approaching almost 100 published tips, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of our past tips for any new PreCentral readers or just as a good reminder for our veteran readers.  So, we will be publishing some "Tip Roundups" that will each showcase a handful of previously published but related tips. 

Gesture Area For this introductory edition of PreCentral's Tip Roundup, we wanted to provide a set of tips that are crucial to navigating around webOS. Since the Gesture Area is one thing that really sets webOS apart from all other smartphone operating systems and hardware on the market, we thought it best to cover the different gestures or uses of the gesture area that are available to you. Keep reading after the break to learn all about the Gesture Area.


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always good to have a refresher. And my first first!

just wanted to point out that the center button does not bring up the app launcher, as the writing may lead one to believe.

and another tip to add: in tweed, forward swipe from any scene goes to compose tweet.

keep the tips coming!

I think they mean the launcher at the bottom of the screen

Awesome, I had no idea about refreshing Internalz and just started wishing for it recently.

Thanks for the tips. You mentions the gesture make the phone different from other smartphones. Make no mistake the gestures are under used and at this point make it no different then simple buttons on other devices. I'm looking at what you call a meta-tap. This would be great for highlighting rather than holding caps. Other than that there really aren't too much the gestures do. Scrolling is alright but the screen is touch anyway. The double tap for adding a keyboard in the homebrew applications was an excellent idea, though it doesn't really work all that well all the tie need to make sure Palm users, other than beginners don't get too caught up in the gestures at this point as they are actually considered a light innovation. I had a perfect analogy on the Palm forums for gestures as equal to the dimmer switch. In most cases the light switch will be used the same way in most cases. The innovation allows for a more sophisticated approach. Not something you mention too often, I hope you agree.