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Tips to revive a dead TouchPad 18

by Adam Marks Fri, 28 Sep 2012 11:27 am EDT

No battery iconYou grab your TouchPad, press the power button, and nothing happens. It appears to be completely dead. You assume that maybe it's just a dead battery and place it on a Touchstone or plug it in, but you don't even get the "dead battery" picture that typically appears. Before you throw the TouchPad across the room in anger, here are a few tips that you can try to revive a dead TouchPad first. Of course, none of these are guaranteed to work, but give them a shot.

  • Charge the device for a few hours. We have seen completely drained TouchPads that were unresponsive for almost 8 hours before showing the dead battery screen and finally the HP logo. So just be patient
  • While the tip above may work using either a Touchstone or the microUSB AC adapter, some times only the direct plug works. So be on the safe side and directly plug in your device.
  • And if that doesn't work, try different chargers or power outlets to make sure that a bad plug or outlet isn't the issue.
  • If still unresponsive, you can try to initiate a hardware reboot by pressing the device's home button and power button together for about 20-30 seconds.  While you can try this first if you would like, we would recommend doing this while the TouchPad is plugged in and charged for a few hours to ensure there is at least a little juice in the battery.
  • Finally, if by slim chance you are still within your one year of purchase or have an extended warranty, you can also give HP support a call and see if you are still under warranty and see if they can fix or replate it.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options that you have if your TouchPad is totally unresponsive. Hopefully one of these steps will fix your issue, but your mileage may vary.

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ahhh, excellent. this just recently happened to mine and i wasn't sure how to go about fixing it. hopefully one of these tips works. thank you

So far, no luck for me. My Touchpad stopped responding a month ago and nothing I've tried has resuscitated it. I'm debating whether or not to buy a replacement battery online somewhere and trying to replace the battery myself, or just take this as the first step towards my WebOS exit. My FrankenPre 2 is still running ok, but showing signs of age related stress as well. I've got wi-fi issues and phone network issues, battery issues and running hot issues. I'm fine tuning and babying it along, but I think its only a matter of time.

Always looking to gain more hardware .. feel free to send it my way if you decide to get rid of it.  Especially wouldn't mind one that I can take apart without feeling bad if I break it! haha

You may have a situation where your battery is so dead that the charging hardware can not recognize it as chargable. But even though the curcuits in the TouchPad wont let you charge it, you might be able to jump-start it.
If you can get the TouchPad open, take a laptop battery or something, strip some wires and go positive to positive, negative to negative. Hold it there for a bit, like 30 seconds maybe. This will force some juice into the battery, enough that the charger will be able to do it's job.
I have never done this with a touchpad, and I dont know if it would work, but I did have to do it with a camera battery that I left uncharged for a month, and would no longer charge. Do some searches on the web for the idea, and you may get more information.

Hi. You propose to charge the device when to battery is empty? I'll think about it....

This happened to me, and I found the answer at android central in the touchpad forums. You must "trickle" charge the battery from a computer or laptop usb port. Takes up to an hour or two for the dead battery icon to show up, then some more waiting for a boot up. After that all is good. Hope this helps someone.

I agree with the "trickle" charge tip. On either of my two 32 GB Touchpads I have the same issue. If the battery drains all the way (whether WebOS or CM9 was running), I am unable to get the device to charge using the included 2 amp charger. All it does is continually show the dead battery image, even if left that way overnight. If I use a charger with a smaller current (or from the USB port of a computer), the screen will show me a warning that there may not be enough current, but if left that way for an hour or two, it will take enough charge so I can get it to boot up. Then I can finish charging with the 2 amp charger.

Some times when it seems like the battery has 30-40% of battery left, and I leave it in standby mode, I can come a few hours later and it is dead. Then I have to go through the trickle charge steps again. I was hoping that Juice Defender would help by slowing the battery drain when in standby mode, but it doesn't prevent total drainage. It would be nice to have an Android app that would send me an e-mail when the battery got low, then I could remember to plug it in before it dies.

It took me a while to figure out these steps to revive a seemingly dead Touchpad. The discovery was complicated by the fact that one of the factory sent USB cables was intermittently working. HP tech support sent me a new cable, but did not offer any comment on why the Touchpad is so hard to kick start once the battery dies.

Here is something that worked for me:
Boot the Touchpad in recovery / developer mode (hold volume up + power) while it's hooked up to the charger and leave it there for like an hour. It will charge (you can see the battery icon fills up a bit) then you can boot and continue to charge normally.

There are all kinds of fixes out there. I did everythign here with no luck. I finally saw one post where it was suggested that the TP was in a sleep of death situation and was powered on, but nothing could wake it. The suggested fix was to let it sit for 2 weeks and then try powering it on. I was nervous about letting sit because of all the issues regarding running the battery down. However, after I let it sit for 2 weeks I put it on the charger and within 15 minutes I got the charging battery sign and within 30 minutes it was powered on. In my case, I really do think the sleep of death was the issue because it was actually on the charger when it died. (and the same charger before and after had no problem charging a second TP that I have).

You want my tip? Smash it with a hammer, cut your losses, cry like a baby for the money you wasted and then save up for an Android or iPad tablet.....

My TP was left in my truck overnight in below zero weather. I let it thaw out, it had the dreaded battery icon and I tried a reboot. Nothing happened. I put it on the regular charger and and also the Touchstone. Absolutely nothing! Does anyone have any ideas. I've tried the reboot and also the power and volume up button, still nothing.

It is ridiculous that any of us have to ask this. And the fact that we have to over and over is even more absurd. I am going on vacation and wanted this so everyone would have a device on the plane. Looks like this one has to stay home dead. I have used this about 10 hours since I got it. What a nightmare on HP street !!

So many years later you pitched it, but the method you used works...but it takes like 2-3 weeks!

When you spend money for a device you should not have to "trickle" or trick the darn thing. It should WORK. My touchpad has been a nightmare from day 1. It had gone to dead mode over and over. I should not have to catch my device before it drains. I should be able to go on vacation and not have to worry that my device will die!

I have a samsung galaxy, an ipad and a touchpad. None of my other pads have issues like this. It just goes to show that HP should not have bothered.

And my Touchpad is straight out of the box OS with updates only. No dual boot, no fancy other crap. Just their software.

After playing with this for weeks, I somehow missed this trickle charge trick... thank you it is back!!!

This is simply amazing. I have a studio 1737 battery and I always need to charge it regularly. This tricks really help me for charging the batteries. I want to use this charging tricks.

new touchpad in box sitting in a closet. Knew system updates shutting down shortly - open box and decide will make a nice bedside clock radio. More than 2 years later. Dead battery. Long story short. Home page light racing back forth but no charging. Left connected to HP charger - nothing. Tried suggested trickle charge on laptop usb - nothing. Connected to phone charger - message touchpad did not like that charger - which seemed to then bring up charging graphic. Might have been connected to ongoing charging or might have kick started charging process. End result, now charging and back in game. Useful posts here.

I just purchased an HP Touchpad from eBay and I too was unaware if how to fix it and thought I was going to have to return it. However thanks your this forum I had patience and charged the tablet I ernivht. Using the home button, volume down button and power at the same time I saw the low battery symbol but no hp logo. The charger light on the home button would start to go out after a few seconds and I thought there was no hope. However I kept unplugging it and replugging a few times and finally let it sit a few more hours and did the 3 key reset truck and wallah !!!! I finally saw the hp logo and it booted into the startup screen. It did have the battery low in red at the top but at least it didn't appear to be no hope for the poor fella. So hope this helps someone else out there who may have stored their HP Touchpad too long and thought that they had to throw thiers out or sell it so cheap! Cheers!