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Today Only: Get Glimpse by Inglorious Apps at 80% off: $1.00! 29

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 14 Sep 2011 4:25 am EDT

Glimpse, by Inglorious Apps, is one of the most popular apps built for the TouchPad to date, and there really is no wondering why. Not only does it bring superb multi-tasking capability to the tablet-sized screen, allowing you to view Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds, your task list, local weather and more from within one view; but the developer is very active and a major participant within the community. Even before he shared that his app was bringing in some of the highest number of sales of all apps in the catalog, we knew this was definitely a winner. And with today's promotion to bring the cost of the app from $5 down to a single buck, that title is solidified even more.

Today only, you can get a copy of Glimpse from the webOS App Catalog for $1 (instead of the regular $5). You have until Midnight PST tonight to get the app at this price, so do not hesitate. If you do hesitate, you are completely insane. This is one of those deals you do not want to let slide by you casually.

Still not swayed to buy? Read our review here and look in the comments below to be convinced by some of the thousands of users who have already been using this app every day. Trust us, Glimpse is not just your everyday app to install on your device; It takes one of the best features of the TouchPad, webOS multi-tasking, to a whole new level of coolness.

App Catalog Link: Glimpse


Thanks for the offer--I will definitely check out this app! If I find it as great as y'all say, I will download a second copy on my son's TP at full price tomorrow.

Might as well just buy it for a dollar on both TouchPads. If anything, if it sucks, you're only out $1. If you like it, you're out $6 total to put it on the other TP.

Might as well take the chance for $2.

This is the one app I wish I could have gotten when Palm was giving apps away after the TP fire sales.

I haven't bought it yet, I was hoping there would be a demo version I could try out before plunking down $5 on it. But probably will pick it up tonight for $1.

I think his point is, if he likes the app, he'd like to show is support for the developer by purchasing it at full price the next day.

Is this one of those deals that will be gone by the time I get home and get to my TouchPad?

Those Palm give-a-ways are killing me.

I really wish there was a way to purchase apps for my TouchPad when I don't have my TouchPad with me.

FYI...I bought the app. The buy button said $0.99, but my receipt showed HP charged $5.00 to my $50 coupon code.

I noticed people were complaining about still being charged $5.

Having that taken from your $50 is just insulting, though. :(

Seems like another wonderful bug in the App Catalog. The App Catalog seems to have an incredibly buggy back-end with bad developer metrics and strange restrictions on promo-codes, etc.

Not to mention IngloriousApps will get the bad rep for this with people demanding refunds and they can't even do a refund (No refunds through the App Catalog and I'm guessing the devs can't determine legitimate buyers to even offer a refund outside the App Cat).

I'll check it out

i just bought it and in my apps list the description is too long, its write glimpse 80%.... instead of just glimpse. how to rename it to normal name?

Same here. I haven't found a way to rename the icon. I hope it is just a bug and/or gets changed when the developer posts an update after changing the title back to just "Glimpse".

and my touchpad is being fixed. :(

you should be able to buy apps via a PC for situations like that

I will definitely try it out....

I will definitely give it a try

I just purchased it. I missed out when it was free and it's the only app I really wanted to try.

Great deal and I played with it for a bit and like it.

Nice job!

I, too, was $5 charged. Use the App Catalog live chat feature. They gave me an address to forward my receipt to. I have not heard back though, and not sure if the address is supposed to be publicly published or not

I still don't have a Touchpad. :P Both that I ordered got cancelled and I haven't been able to try for another at fire sale price because of school. If I don't get one from the next round, I'll probably give in. I love webOS anyways.

I also was charged $5 dollars. I called HP Butler - they are going to have a Level 3 engineers call me me back.

were you charged $5 from your Promo balance, or charged $5 in real money?

either one is wrong, I'm just trying to find out if this is a promo-balance only bug, or a pricing bug for all purchasers?

A bout as real as a credit card charge can be. I'm half tempted to tell the bank to reject the charge as invalid. Still waiting on HP to call.

Cool as HP!

damn it my touchpad arrives tomorrow grrrr

Last night I read a tweet that said "Tomorrow is the last day to get 80% off glimpse..." I thought that meant the price was going up so, at 11:58pm I bought it (for $5). Tweet, bird brain, tweet.

As real as a credit card charge. I'm half tempted to have the bank reject the charge as invalid

I just waited till late in the afternoon east coast time. Then my daughter and I both got it. And the correct price was reflected.

Looks pretty neat right at first launch. Set up with weather and news feed. Will explore it further tonight. Great app. and the price is even better!

I bought it around 7:00 a.m. Eastern time. Damn if I wasn't charged the full price. Not a promo-balance, but a charge on my card. How do I engage the App Catalog live chat that someone suggested above?

So, what are some examples of how people are using this? I don't use Twitter, or RSS feeds... in fact, I rarely even use my TP at all due to a lack of apps... which is why I'm looking for good ones to make it more useful.

What kinds of things will this allow me to do that I can't do without it?

I'll be offline pretty much any time I leave the house with my TP as well since there are very few hot spots in my area.

My QVC Touchpad combo came in today - after doing the update, I bought this.

First App catalog purchase, for some reason I never found anything on my Sprint Pre that I wanted/needed that it couldn't handle on it's own.

Good deal.

Inglorious Apps: *please* get Notes working on the Pre 3!