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Today only: Grab a 16GB HP TouchPad off Woot for $380 132

by Derek Kessler Fri, 05 Aug 2011 8:19 am EDT

So here we are, just over a month of availability for the HP TouchPad, and the tablet’s already on The daily deals site puts up a sale for just one day, and today’s big item: the 16GB HP TouchPad, which Woot is hawking for just $379.99, plus $5 shipping. Even with the shipping that’s a good 23% off the list price.

Is this a sign that the TouchPad isn’t selling well? We wouldn’t say so, though we don’t expect that it is selling like gangbusters either. If anything, combined with this weekend’s sales at HP and Staples, HP might be building up for a big push to get the TouchPad into the hands of more customers. And what better way to do that than to slash a fistful of dineros from the price?

Source: Woot; Thanks to the dozens of you that sent in tips!



Always looking for that silver lining.

News reports have Motorola ready to kill the Xoom because of "dismal" sales of 400,000 units. And we're claiming the beginning of a new era on that same number.

Reminds me of when OS/2 Warp came out, sadly.

100% agreed my dude.

Just one of the articles about an apple product on woot. This is a 64 gig, 3G, iPad...

Take it however you will, but HP isn't the only company selling tech on woot.

Seeing as how the front page comments have been lately I expect this to net at least double digit thumbs down because the whiners and trolls don't enjoy reality.

LOL @ posting an article about a YEAR OLD (refurbished) iPAD on woot and comparing that to a MONTH OLD (brand new) TouchPad on woot while stating that it is "everyone else" that don't enjoy reality.

You miss the point that the Woot price is inline with what HP is selling the TP for the 5th to the 7th... THAT IS REALITY.

You can walk into a staples today and pay 399 for the 16 gig TP. Woot doesn't have brick and mortar overhead... THAT IS REALITY

I don't know how people don't get that 379.99 on woot is inline with the TP sale this weekend.

The reality is we are seeing the beginning of the Great HP FIRESALE on WebOS. No lack luster sales of the Veer. Strike one. No existent sales of the TP. Strike two. Panic cuts in the TP. STRIKE THREE YER OUTTA HERE.

We all told them it didn't have to be this way. Live and learn. Oh wait this is HPalm they never do that.

Staples has $100 coupons for any tablet excluding touchpad and kindle. Maybe all tablets are dead?

Or maybe this is a back to school sale and they want to get more devices into people's hands.

Plus aren't they releasing other models this month?

Actually, Staples has a seperate coupon for $100 of the Touchpad as well. You can find it at fatwallet. Combined with the HP instant $100 discount you can pick up a 32Gb Touchpad for $399, in store only.

OR, pick up a 16gb TouchPad for $299!!

If you can find a Staples that actually has one in stock! Good luck with that!

Yes, because discounting refurbished items is EXACTLY the same as selling brand new items.

WebOSheep, glass half full post of the year right here!!!!!!

And selling an item on Woot for the same price you are selling it on a sale is what????

BTW, you are a waste of bandwidth, can't believe P|C hasn't IP banned you yet.

You tried to say Apple sells ipads on woot discounted, so it's no different, and not a negative for HP.

I pointed out that Apple sells refurbished ipads and not new, like HP is doing with touchpad. It is not even REMOTELY similar.

You are like NBC news, take a story and completely beat it and bend it so it work for your own agenda.

If the touchpad was selling well, or even close to well, it would still be $499/599. That is how business works, if there is demand for your product prices stay high.

It is so hard being this smart in the land of the lobotomized WebOSheep. But keep laughing at those cute russel brand commercials. SIGH...

HA, "smart".

Refurbished? I'm guessing you're not referring to the Woot today, because my Woot says NEW.

...and yet OS/2 is still going....

As long as you're not interested in updating your video card, or you motherboard, or your network card, or......

Still have it running on my main desktop machine, but I think I'll finally go through the effort of moving all my e-mail to a Windows program and finally depart.


Woot is owned by Amazon. This is another way for HP to cement the relationship, show they can move units (and therefore Amazon should have a special relationship with HP...)

Sounds like classic HP to me. The MSRP is where the price cuts start. Rather than offer a device for $400, offer it for $500 and then give them a $100 "discount." Now HP gets the best of both worlds. A similar price point of the iPad so the quality can be compared, but a $100 incentive to buy the TouchPad instead.

I like the Touchpad, just like I liked my Pre Plus. However the market seems to have rejected WebOS over and over again.

The market itself didn't reject webOS, Palm messed up on how they handled webOS. That's why Palm is out of business and HP owns all their stuff.

That's because there are no phones (other than the veer, but lets forget about this phone) that go with the touchpad. People want their mobile ecosystem to match.

I agree! I have never purchased a device from HP at list price. The list the items at competition comparable prices then mark them down to appeal to the bargain hunters.

You sir are correct. The fools who rank you down are foolish.

I ordered mine. I'd really like to get it for a bit less, but it's a good deal.

Every time the price drops, people claim it's because HP is getting ready for a big push. Kind of like when some webOS devices became free it was claimed to be in preparation for a "big push"; one that never happend by the way.

"I love Woot. Best shopping site ever. But Woot (generally) is where gadgets go to die. It’s where you can get a $99 smartphone that the rest of the world didn’t want or a failed manufacturing experiment that no one wanted to buy."


["The amount we've sold sadly isn't near expectations," one HP partner told CRN on Thursday.

However, the partner is confident that the $100 price cut will make the HP TouchPad more appealing to customers. "All we need now are applications and the TouchPad will start selling," said the source, who requested anonymity.]


[Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) and Android tablet makers also had a large installed base of smartphones that greased the skids for application development for tablets, a luxury that HP doesn't enjoy with the TouchPad...]

This is something the fans here have been yelling to HP for months. They want phones first.

They did bring the phone first. The Veer. Laughingly not the phone we wanted, but it was a phone. Maybe they just gave us what they had ready. They overshot the time it would take to have it ready, but got tired of people hounding them for the product.

You have to imagine, buying into a company that was already in trouble and then have some of the key people leave in that products development. Not an ideal way to start a company, but I do believe they are working. Not holding my breath for the Pre3 launch, but I will hold on to my Sprint Pre for as long as I can.

(clinking glass) Here is to an improved Pre3 and a new and improved TP2 coming out soon.

What phone do you use now?

Maybe they should have not wasted any resources on the Veer in the first place and focused on the Pre3. Look at the Feb 9th event video again. You could almost hear a pin drop (see what I did there) when the Veer was presented. The Pre3 and the TouchPad are what got all the cheers. Yet they pushed on and got the Veer our first.

The Veer represented a much higher risk since it did not fit into current trends. They should have tried to get a foothold first and THEN go with the "experiments".

Again, I am not sure why they went the Veer route. Maybe, Palm already had it in the works. Maybe the Pre3 is more difficult of a task than previously thought. They should probably announce that the Pre3 will come out as is and the Pre4 will follow closely behind. Let the public know it is as is. It is a great phone but the Pre4 will be the polished finished product we wanted the Pre3 to be.

I did get that. I actually chuckled aloud. Thanks.

" Maybe the Pre3 is more difficult of a task than previously thought."
..yeah, most definitely, releasing a mainstream phone, that in all probability was well in works already when HP have bought Palm a year ago (then it was when Hummingbirds were "the latest and greatest" SOC), must be impossibly complicated thing to do.

So sorry for HP, that anyone else OEM can somehow manage to pull several such "incredible" stunts a year!

AS for Pre 4 "closely following" Pre 3, yuou must have missed the recently published HPalm Roadmaps. Pre 3 is the latest one to be released in 2011, anything beyond 2011 is considered as "another devices", somewhere in 2012

The funny thing about the prospect of a Pre 4 "closely following" the Pre 3 is that the Pre 3 was announced to closely following the Pre 2.

"Maybe they should have not wasted any resources on the Veer in the first place and focused on the Pre3" a thousand times yes!
If the pre 3 was out today on my carrier (Sprint) I would have bought the touchpad at $400.
But now i'm still on the fence for buying it because a lot of the places offer a 21 day return policy. According the HP news, which there isn't any, the pre will not be out in the next 21 days.

I agree with this. Should have waited a few more weeks to do the price cut. Get the Pre 3 out and then cut the price of the tablet a few days later. Then you have a better chance of the "ecosystem" they are trying to sell. Yes, I know the Pre 2 and +- work with the TP, but they sold everyone on the Pre3. I don't recall any demos or press releases of anything other than the 3 and TP together. And by waiting till so late in the summer, if you call August 31st the summer, you miss out on all of the kids going back to college. They have money to spend at the end of the summer from work. Now the products will just have to sit and wait until the holidays. By then, 30 more Android phones, 1 more iPhone, and 12 more Win7 phones will be on the market. All with support. While we wait.

I think everyone would agree, all HP has to do, is put out a press release, or have some anon person jump in and give us a glimmer of hope. We are all here because we want the same thing, except for the trolls. I am desperate to give Verizon my money for a new Pre 3. I'm tired of my +. I can only wait so long. Too much candy in the store.

I don't like this argument that HP released the Veer first (or the Touchpad on July 1 before the patch) because they were tired of being hounded by the Precentral regulars.

Since when has HP/Palm jumped to the community's requests? Why would a long history of ignoring the community be broken just to commit a business blunder?

Really, HP, how about offering a rebate plus the "make things right" promise for German customers?

HP blew it again. They thought they were competing with iPad. They should have targeted the slew of Android Tablets. People compare features whether they need it or not. HP has no rear camera, no GPS, no expandability (USB host for microSD), no HDMI.

These are all small tweaks that they could have included, but did not.

Market votes with their wallet.

even $350 android tablets have SD card slot and HDMI out. So even if they tried to compete their hardware with this they would have lost.

Heck of a deal. I bought my 32 GB TouchPad at almost retail and am not disappointed one bit.

If you love webOS on a phone, you'll be blown away by it on a tablet. The apps will come, don't worry.

I think I've turned my laptop on one time since I got my TouchPad. And that was only to load Preware onto my TouchPad! It's really a full-featured device.

"The apps will come, don't worry."

LOL. I would say that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while, but I've been hearing that exact funny thing pretty regularly since 2009.

The app selection is mediocre at best, we can agree on that. But it can only get better.

I think that these great TouchPad sales will get the device in more people's hands. Add in the fact that webOS will be on HP PC's - that's a lot of webOS instances.

I think that scale will motivate developers. It can't hurt at least. But I'm just a fanboy clinging to my favorite OS.

The current app selection being mediocre is not as much of a problem as the slow as molases growth. The "growth rate" is the problem. It means that even if you are lucky enough to find the apps that meet your current needs/desires, there is a high probability that you won't find the apps that meet your need in the future when your needs/desires change.

As for webOS on far they've done a piss-poor job at keeping the same version on the mobile devices the thing was actually designed for.

I'm stocking up on popcorn so I can watch what happens when webOS must support phones, tablets AND PCs. At the very least, it will be entertaining.

I wonder how many times the term "flood of apps" has been used here since 2009.

I'm willing the bet that number is pretty close to the app count itself.


Your Apps are Gonna Come [X4]

Lyin', misleadin', hurtin, that's all you seem to do.
Messin' around with every carrier but one
Puttin' me down for thinkin' of a different OS
Always the same, playin' your game,
Drive me insane, trouble is gonna come to you,
One of these days and it won't be long,
You'll look for me but baby, I'll be gone.
This is all you gonna say HP:

Your Apps are Gonna Come [X4]

Really? So you plan on installing a couple thousand apps on your TP? No, I din't think so. Most average people only use a dozen or so apps on a regular basis. So whether or not the HP marketplace has two hundred thousand apps right now is not worth arguing about. Once the mainstream apps become available, that's all that will matter. Oh wait, you need 50 **** apps right?

"The apps will come, don't worry."
...or not. Rather not. Not when HP does everything in their might, to convince everybody (who has a shrewd of objectivity), that they don't have a slightest clue what they are doing with webOS/mobile platform.

Agreed, this is a very good sign. With the current state of our economy "less is better". And, the more people can afford the TouchPad the better for webOS.

That prices getting reduced to realistic levels - that is a good thing.

That they are trying to keep the face by making all these "temporary sale" stunts, will not provide (so desperately needed for webOS) steady, long-term increase in sales. And it is also laughable and embarrassing, and displays lack of balls to make much needed, firm and bold decisions.

That HP have displayed once again their ignorance, arrogance, and burned every fan and early adopter in the process - hardly is a good thing...

Exactly bushi. I've wanted a webOS device since its conception and I had to... I mean really, I was forced to, return the TP four days after buying it. The cards are great... but unless you are new to mobile applications, you will know just how badly you are made to suffer for being an early adopter.

HP could of waited another 6 months and came out with slightly better featured hardware, more apps, everything running smoothly and very importantly at full fledged office document suite that is kick ****

I would of make the current edition a developer model or a really cheap webOS community offering. That would of shown some real love.

A low price is a good thing, but Woot? That is like the imperfect rack at Marshalls. You go there to pick up a failed-but-fun gizmo for a bargain. This is not the image that HP should be building. They need real price cuts in real stores.

Woot gets products in the hands of people that probably would not normally get it at a good price. Marshalls or not, you get the product, tell other people about it, (if you love it) and they get one.

You see a product someone else has, no matter where they got it, if they are happy with and tell you about it, you may go looking for it. Once the product is in your hands, you fall for it. You buy accessories to go with it. You make it yours. No matter how you got it, you make it your own.

1. People must first WANT that thing that Woot has on offer. Which is questionable, if it is the case with TP

2. ...and how many of those TPs you think they will move during this one-day sale, so them Wooters will start contagiously spread webOS awesomeness? 10.000? I guess big overestimation, yet still just a drop in the ocean.

One-day sales are not the way out for webOS adoption, nor they influence developers outlook of webOS as a platform.

The price is getting closer to right.

I guess I forgot to forget to remember but wasn't some genius (yes, that was sarcasm) opining about how great the original pricing strategy was (which it obviously was not).

Is there any accountability left in the world of "opinion"?

No offense, but anyone who sees the TouchPad going on Woot as a "good sign" is delusional. Wait for the apps? If no one is buying this thing except for cheap Wooters, then no one is going to bother developing apps. Just look at how slowly Honeycomb apps are coming for Android. And that's with probably 10x the sales of the TouchPad.

I love WebOS, but HP screwed the pooch with this device and putting it on Woot or up for a "temporary" $100 sale isn't a tactic to get the product into more hands, it's a tactic to get rid of stock.

So is that a good move on HP's part to get their product into the hands of any and every consumer possible?

HP is trying to pick up whatever pieces they dropped.

The people who bought it for the original price bought it, now the people who only get things that are on sale will buy it. No matter how good the original price is, a sale price is better, and some will never buy at original price no matter how great.

HP, pretty smart. The sale price may be the price they were shooting at using in the first place, and if it goes any lower, that lower price may be their bottom price.

My opinion.

You shouldn't have to tailor and sell a product to get those who "only buy on sale." People should see the value in your product and WANT to pay full price. Again...see iPad.

The whole Apple product line has a huge following. It has been developed. They have more than one Iphone, they have been making apps for years. They have their own market. HP is trying to develop that with their offshoot WebOS devices. They are trying to be what Apple is with this WebOS product.

They had a chance in the beginning, with Palm, and given some time and effort they will have a chance again. They just have to find a way not to lose the followers they have. The OS is there they just need the speed of development and the marketing.

You have to see before you buy. The product is not pushed in the stores, so if you dont know, you dont know.

All just my opinion.

Problem is HP marketing. Here in the UK I went to a PCworld store which are the biggest in the UK and asked for a Touchpad and was told they did not sell them and yet when I went looking in there I found one but it was not listed as a Touchpad but as a HP tablet. A friend of mine in the US Virgin Islands had exactly the same experience at Office depot.

There's much more problems there than just "HP marketing", and also major ones:

-HP pricing,
-HP leadership, who are disconnected from their market, delusional, and have absolutely NO CLUE, and have big mouths, to demonstrate it over & over again
-HP stupid decision making
-HP priorities on the order of delivering devices to consumers
-HP lack of direction & focus point(s) for webOS developers
-...I am getting tired, and my keyboard too. It will not change a thing anyway.

"Is this a sign that the TouchPad isn’t selling well? We wouldn’t say so..."

Yeah. I would.

You are in the land of the blind. Very few people here actually get it.

LOL - Of course you will be cursed for the Blasphemy.

Keep discounting this TP all you want HP. I'm not buying your lame tablet until I have a webos phone in my hand.

HP, before Apple and Andriod started making tablets, they made and sold tons of phones first, so people knew what to expect with their tablets.

But no, you morons at HP think you can do it vice versa and make it work because you're HP?

A sheep could've done better with this webos plan from the get go

...just the same as with the phones: "let's make a boutique phone first (that nobody wants and nobody asks for), then a tablet (that has similar demand - ZERO), and at the end, lets wait another generation, before releasing a phone that everyone CRAVES for, since Pre- has been released - webOS solid, powerhouse phone, Pre 3). And last but not least, let's postpone indefinitely a phone that would be bound to grab tech-media and geeks attention BY THEIR THROATS, create free buzz and build-up an excitement and confidence that good things-webOS are sure to come - an old-rumored, but not even on our roadmaps, high-end slab.

Just because we are HP, and we are the biggest IT company, and we have bucketloads of cash, and what we say turns into gold, even if contrary to common sense and to what everyone anything successful is doing IN SPADES."

Well, apparently, NOT.

Well said. HP arrogance of a market they had no business getting into.

But hey... HP made it right by giving us $50 dollars off last month!

HAHA Suckers, all these newbies are only getting $120 off!

Thanks again HP for how well you treat your most loyal customers! Please price Pre3 at $200.00 for the first few weeks before the price drop to one penny, just so you can bleed every last dollar out of the WebOSheep who pay full price for your garbage!

I love precentral, but please be realistic, the touchpad is not selling well. HP like Palm is blundering WebOS.

The mistake is trying to compete with the IPad which is already a staple. WebOS is not a staple "yet." We WebOS faithful are hopeful that this wonderful OS well come into its own. The more people who learn and know about it, the better it will do. We can only hope that it happens before HP all but abandons it.

WebOS is better than IOS, the problem is getting products in peoples hands to prove this. WebOS fans tend to be loyal because of the operating system, and IOS fans seem to be fans of the products.

Parents love their kids, but not always what the kids do. This is how "we" are with WebOS. We love it, just not necessarily the way we have it.

I just overclocked my Pre minus to 1GHz, and it brought a warm smile to my face kinda like when the good guy comes in and saves the day.

I could be wrong about this with IOS and Android fans as compared to WebOS because I dont go around to the different sights to check. This is just my opinion.

(still hoping for Pre3 on Sprint.)

"I could be wrong about this with IOS and Android fans as compared to WebOS because I dont go around to the different sights to check."

This diminishes the credibility of your previous statement.

"WebOS is better than IOS, the problem is getting products in peoples hands to prove this. "

I'm not saying you're right or wrong, just that (contrary to what some people here seem to believe) there is nothing wrong with reading up on the other platforms if you're gonna start comparing them.

I am not saying that it is wrong to check up on the other web sites in no way. I just dont do it. Competition is what makes the world go around.

I bought an Evo and used it for 2 months, and gave my Pre minus to my daughter, but I ended up giving my 10 year old my Evo and got my Pre back. After that I overclocked it to 800 and now I am even more enamoured with WebOS.

I will always tell people about the greatness of WebOS. I think it is wrong going to someone elses "house" and talking about how bad their kids and their family is though. It is one thing to say how slow, choppy, how it doesnt have this or that, but sometimes it gets too personal. "HP/Palm treated you like **** and you are still with them. The constant bashing sometimes gets to be too much. I guess it would be easier to tolerate if we could add some humor to it. Get creative with the bashing so it doesnt seem so angry.

Pre3 on Sprint. Want one?

Thanks for your reply also.

Meh, this is noone's "house". It's a site that talks about a particular platform. Nothing said here should be taken personal. It's just talk about tech.

Speaking as one parent to another, WHY on earth would you equate someone talking about an inanimate electrical object that you bought with someone talking about YOUR CHILD?

In fact, not even the object, but the multibillion dollar corporation that makes the object!

I think it's already gotten too personal for you, my friend.

Mikah, it was just an analogy. It was not meant to be taken to the level you decided to take it to.

I was speaking of pre/central website as the house. Such as Crackberry,(house)Android Central (house), and the children in the house are the products they represent. (sometimes people speak of projects and things they are working on as their baby) Hence the parent child reference.

I apologize if I offended you and your child/or children. Judging by your statement you seem offended, and that was not the intent.

WebOS is great for me, and Sprint is great for me. I have always gotten free upgrades and prompt service, customer service treats me great, and because of my length of service, I can take my phone to them and they replace it or fix it, no questions asked.

Chant with me Pre3 Pre3 Pre3 on Sprint!

Not personal.

"WebOS is better than IOS"

So **** what?
-OS2 was better than windows NT
-Amiga OS was better than DOS/Windows 3.11
-beOS was better than any other OS on the market back then
-BETA CAM was better than VHS
-Steam engines are BETTER in many regards than internal combustion ones

...but they are all on the technology junkyard, regardless. Last time I checked with them, they were preparing a cozy place for webOS amongst them
(oh, forgot to mention - salad is also better for you than a steak, which one do you prefer?)

"WebOS is better than IOS, the problem is getting products in peoples hands to prove this."

They did get it into the reviewers' hands. They uniformly said they would not recommend it over the iPad. I like WebOS but I wouldn't buy or recommend the Touchpad over an iPad.

No, they have bigger problems than getting it into people's hands. They need apps and price. Price can help drive apps, so they need to double down on that.

And sell it at a low price ($300) in regular stores that sells current, successful products. Stores that also sell accessories. Not Woot.

BTW I have seen several different tablets and phones on Woot, including Android and IOS. The fact that HP is doing what it can to get the tablet in peoples hands is a smart move.

Sales are down, what do you expect them to do, Scrap it, or do what they can to get their WebOS product in the peoples hands. It is always a smart move to start high and give sales. How many of you pay full price for a car? Even the car you want. You haggle, and the more popular the car gets the less discounts they give you on it.

Pre3 on Sprint. Someday.

"BTW I have seen several different tablets and phones on Woot, including Android and IOS. The fact that HP is doing what it can to get the tablet in peoples hands is a smart move."

A month after launch? Really?

Not necessarily a month after launch. I am not saying that sales aren't low. I am sure they are, even though I dont know. I have just seen them on there. I think it is still a smart move by HP to get them in the hands of people as quickly and easily as possible while still trying to make a profit.

It is better to get them out to the public than to hold on to them. There are people on Woot now who have at least seen a TP now, who may not have seen it at all before. No matter where they advertise or sell it is good. If someone gets a bunch of them and sells them on the corner, it is still advertisement of a OS that they now have a chance to tell other people about.

You know what the Woot regulars are asking? "Why is this tablet $279 better than the SORNY or TOBISHA tablet you sold last week?"

Exposure is great. But exposure hasn't exactly been a problem given the massive Touchpad advertising campaign, now has it?

"Sales are down, what do you expect them to do, Scrap it, or do what they can to get their WebOS product in the peoples hands."

I expect the to apologize profusely to all of us. For this P.O.S product and their attitude of we will get this out and you will love it. Other wise tough s.... Well HPalm looks like the people have spoken and it's harsh to be kind.

Come back 2 years from now with a product from last year and see how well you do again. It truly makes me sick as to how badly the screwed this. I though no one could be as bad as Palm...I was wrong.

finally the right price point!

Those that still want the TouchPad can get it for $399 at amazon too, primed and 3x amazon points if you're using their CC.

Newegg is also listing at $399.

What fries me is that if they had released the Pre3 (on Sprint) first, so many people would be all over both devices. Instead the TouchPad looks to be bleeding out all over the floor. That's what happens when you make a product desirable mostly to a subset of a subset.

Virtually any pre-centralite could have suggested a better order for the product rollout, I think.

Wow, Really? Everything I've ever bought from Woot! has been **** Need I say more about the TP on said site?

Needham sees Apple stock hitting $540 on sales of 54M iPads in 2012
Investment firm Needham & Company on Friday upped its price target for Apple stock to $540, with projected sales of 54 million iPads and 108 million iPhones in 2012.

Meanwhile the TP is the sale of the day on Woot only one month after a "soft launch" and about 6 months of anticipation.

Yeah, it's a marathon, not a sprint, however, you have to enter the race at some point.

On the bright side, if they keep running in reverse they will eventually see their competitors again.

But webOS has multitasking! Apparently HP plans on running each of those 26 miles in 26 separate cards. So they can afford to take their time and warm up during the initial .2 miles.

I wonder if people are paying trolls for negative posts. Think 350$ is the right price point for a TP. It is awesome at that price point.

"Think 350$ is the right price point for a TP"

yeah, I think so, too! So tell me, my positive anti-troll genius, what is the LIST PRICE of TP, that HP tries to fool people with (and have fooled quite a few already)?

And what price OTHER PROSPECTIVE users of webOS would have to pay for this elite luxury of becoming webOS user, after these "ONE-DAY" firesales ends?

So, what do you think, is it enough to sell, say, 10 000 TPs on a firesale day, and then stop selling them AGAIN?

And What message does it send to prospective webOS developers - if all they can see is a "temporary" price reduction, after which sales will (inevitably) stop again?

Did I manage to break through your armor of "positivity", with my reasoning, or "negative trolling" as you'd rather have it?

I have one answer for you...ONLY SUCKERS PAY RETAIL. Why r u pissed at YOUP decision to buy something at retail. If your toyota dealer introduced a 0 % financing do you go all bonkers that you got your car at 4.9%. Now that home interests are low do you go all bonkers that your rate was high and you overpain for your house. These are just silly TROLL type excuses. This includes people who buy IPADS, they just have money to burn and really dont use it much anyway. Cheers

Yeah, you have one answer, indeed, one that doesn't answer any of my questions..

And really, "only suckers pay the retail"? So tell me, my clever friend, where all these street-wise boys could get those fantastic-discounted TPs, starting Monday next? Huh?

As for "suckers", usually called "early adopters", it seems like they are all that HP has managed to sell to, as of date. Maybe there lies the problem of low sales, huh? Non-suckers stay away, when somebody tries to make fool of them, with completely inadequate pricing? Huh?

Maybe (just maybe), if you make an effort, you will be able to understand what I wrote, and who am I pissed off with? Certainly, not with the $350 price.

PS. as for your funny, and completely inadequate parallels on how I over-payed my house, car and TouchPad - well, you couldn't be further away from reality (not surprisingly :) )... I bought my house years ago, and steered clear from "investing" into another during the bubble, and ever since buying my first brand new car for a credit, am currently only buying second-hand cars, for cash only (I am able enough to pick only a good ones - same with cars, same with tablets - and for a good price, and there's little sense in loosing money twice - once, on car's depreciation, and secondly, on interest payments)

Lastly, I wouldn't buy TouchPad even for $250 - I am not intersted in 10 incher, I am (was) after 7" tablet - currently, happily using $250 Nook Color, sporting Cyjanogenmod build of Android, running @950MHz (1.3GHz kernel waits for it's turn).

I don't like Android, though, so that's why I am so pissed off with HP - because they are doing everything they can, and then some more, to kill webOS.

Are all developers tied to just developing for one company, or are some of them able to spread their knowledge around.

If they are able to produce for other companies also, I dont see why they would frown on a paycheck from HP or any other company, as long as they get paid, and their product gets out there. Make the same app for multiple platforms.

Unless I am wrong about the developer thing, then I see your point about not wanting to work with a company that isnt selling what they create.

you are not getting my point: a TEMPORARY sale doesn't send the message to developers that HP had come to their senses, it also tells them that platform will stop selling the day after the sale ends, back again - so no really point to invest in it.

No, not all developers are tied to just developing for one company. On the other hand, it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to develop for multiple platforms. The effort is large enough that an entier sub-industry has been established to provide cross-platform tools to reduce said effort.

Even with that, developers generally tend to develop for their platform of choice or develop for the popular platforms. There are some bigger shops that have the resources they can dedicate to multiple platforms.

In the end, it comes down to ROI. If developers think it's high enough, they will likely invest. Sometimes, they invest and find out the ROI is too low, so they leave the platform (see Epocrates).

The point is, it's not simply a matter of frowning "on a paycheck from HP or any other company, as long as they get paid, and their product gets out there". It's a matter of having said paycheck both cover the investment of time and resources AND provide a profit.

Cool, thanks. Time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to see your "baby" sit on the shelves. Is the paycheck worth all of the physical and material effort you put into it.

I understand your point about it will only sell at a sales price.

I and maybe HP are hoping that once more people who are unfamiliar with the TP get it, they will tell friends and get the buzz going. TP is not as widely known as the others, so to sell it cheap in multiple markets may help to get the word out.

Maybe, there will continue to be sale prices because the initial price was just bait. You know how some women or people in fact will buy something just because it is on sale, whether or not they need it. Hopefully the sale price is the price they were really wanting to sale it at and they will continue to throw these out there, and eventually change the price to this altogether.

Just a thought.

Totally agree, I have never seen such a bunch of complainers...cricky!

"I wonder if people are paying trolls for negative posts."

Funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks.

I'm holding out for 200.00 then maybe. Otherwise see ya!

This is a good one. Funniest thing I have read on this site.


OK -- how many times have we complained about the "high price" of the TouchPad. Now, we are seeing discounts, and we do what? COMPLAIN!

Geez, with friends like this...

...and who is complaining about the sales prices, remind me? I can only see people complaining how stupid HP is, trying to fool people with premium REGULAR prices, and killing REGULAR sales in the process

The problem was that many, myself included, argued that the TouchPad should START at $400 when released. Now, which shoppers are going to spend lots of money on a device that is 20-25% reduced after ONE month on the market?!!!!! This is typical HP arrogance of overselling their product. Which is better - sell a few units at a high price point (early adopters who are likely webOS fans to begin with) or find the better sweet spot on price and LOTS more???

One's a complaint. One's an observation.

COMPLAINT: "Man, the TP launch price is too high. This isn't going to turn out well."
OBSERVATION: "It's on Woot a month after launch. Looks like I was right."

Should clear things up.

This is all in response to what we have said from the beginning. Did anyone there listen...NO!

Now we see the panic set in at HP. Someone got a clue and realized they made a mistake. That's why Ruby was moved and replaced. If anything they get it that they have a bomb on their hands. Best to clean house there. I just hope now that new people are there. That we get a better product. Thing is that's now even more months away. What a sad sad state we are in here.

Build it and the apps will come??? Sounds more like Field of Dreams. I have been with Palm forever and started with a Treo 180. Palm/HP have always over promised and under delivered. Heck the Treo 180 box claims there was WiFi. The Pre- is my last Palm/HP device. Web OS is great but it does no good if there are no apps. Same with the tablet. My wife can gets tons of real useful apps many for free on her iPhone and iPad. If a similar app even exists you have to pay for it on Web OS. I think HP has lost the battle and I for one will limp along with my Pre but its starting to have problems and it looks like its time for this Sprint user to say goodbye.

Does anyone know what the return policy on woot is?

HP's website says $400, but it's $450 when you add it to the cart. OMG they really suck at this. Now I'm def. not buying one.

YAWWWWWWWWWWWN! Just wait about 5-6 months when it's on Woot Refurbished for $200. Maybe by then, they'll actually have some useful apps too.

For those not willing to wait there's even a BETTER deal.

You can get it even cheaper on HP's site for $370 with Free Shipping using code SAVE30HP


$300 for the 16GB Touchpad!!!
$400 for the 32GB Touchpad!!!

Given the "cracking problem" with current TPs, it is quite possible that refurbs start showing up sooner rather than later

Look again. The $100 discount is through the retailers, not HP. If you purchase the TP through HP, you will only get a $50 discount. Even the SAVE30HP doesn't beat the Woot deal.

If anyone owns a TouchPad and is on the fence about walking away from the platform, I'd make your decision quick before the value of your device drops on places like Ebay and Amazon.

Had a long talk with a couple of Best Buy people yesterday (my main point was to complain that their demo TP's were not working) they knew nothing about the Touchpad really or the phones but kept talking about the training they have had with HP about dual-boot computers and how the HP people all talk about the coming computers and other devices. THAT was what they all seemed excited about.

You gotta do what you gotta do. Time to go to plan b (or was this plan a all along?) - Drop the price, get the product and WebOS in as many hands as possible so people can see how awesome WebOS is....follow up with TP2 and Pre3 in late 2011 and it's game on!


What if the problem is simply this - no one wants WebOS?

That's not accepted as a valid possibility around these parts.

The prevailing wisdom is EVERYONE wants webOS. They either don't know it yet or have been brainwashed by Steve Jobs.

Any other talk will have you flicked off this site like an unwanted card.

+50,000,000,000,000,000. the end of the day, it wont matter. They can insult customers, insult WebOS fans who aren't deluded, it wont make a difference except to continue to soothe their bizarre attachment to a obviously faltering and dying platform. Everyone, even the most extremist supports, knows at the back of their minds that this is probably the end of it.

Look at Nokia. Meego was a great, alternative mobile OS. No one cared. The product went away. Months later, Nokia Experts is taken down. Nokia will be producing WP7 handsets now, a platform that so far, has proven that people want it (and not just moronic nerds or geeks).

2009: Palm launched WebOS with the Pre and Pixi. Did well at first, but then people hated the hardware. WebOS faded away after that, and most stopped caring.

2010: Pre 2 is released. Great hardware, great OS. No one really cared. Palm as a company dies.

2011: WebOS is "relaunched" with Veer, TouchPad and Pre3. Average to above-average hardware. Great OS. No one cares. The HP WebOS kiosks at Best Buys are dead. Developers are left confused, and wondering if they should pick either WP7 over WebOS as the 3rd mobile OS to support.

At the end of the day, developers and consumers, for whatever reason, dont care about WebOS. If they dont like it, then they dont like it. No matter how low you lower the price, no matter how many incentives you throw at them, no matter how many insults you hand down to them for not picking WebOS, if general consumers dont like what WebOS offers when its on solid hardware (and despite the few issues, the Veer and TouchPad are solid devices), then thats as clear a message you are ever going to get.

NOOO, people do want it...they just don't know they want it = )

I'm just being over optimistic.

The truth of the matter is the combination of inferior (pathetic?) hardware (Pre Minus)to start, delay in getting new updated hardware out (they announce the Pre 3 in Feb and it's still not out? and it's not even coming to the US first?? DOA), lack of dev support and now failed attempt at the tablet market all might be too much to overcome.

I cannot see why people wouldn't want it, if PRICED right, on hardware that is ADEQUATE and does not FALL APART, and having at least BASIC software included out of the box.

lets check the above list... hm... priced right - umm, uncheck, hardware- ummm, erm... uncheck, build quality, ekhem, basic software included, erm....

...but it is great, you can multitask, and notifica... OK, OK, I'm just gone!


I'm going to stop looking and thinking about buying and just pull the trigger now and move on to using my soon to be received TouchPad.

They I can hopefully be more efficient with my time...mainly by thinking less about when and if to buy one.

Just went to woot for the first time... it really is where **** goes to die.

I just want to let everyone know that I just went to Staples and bought a 32gb TP and got $200 off the retail price. That's right, I got it for $399. They have it on sale for $499 and I received an additional $100 off by using a Staples coupon that I got in my email this morning. You can also find it here:

Awesome deal. Hint: the sign at Staples may say on sale for $549, but it's actually $499 in their POS system...

Good luck...

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