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Todd Bradley: webOS shut down an "unfounded rumor" [video] 82

by Derek Kessler Fri, 28 Oct 2011 10:44 pm EDT

HP Personal Systems Group Executive Vice President Todd Bradley went on Bloomberg today to discuss HP’s decision to not spin off his division (of which we would have likely become CEO as an independent company). He spoke in defense of the decision, unsurprisingly, saying that it would have simply been too expensive to go separately. That is the company line on the matter, naturally.

Thing quickly turned to webOS, with Bradley saying that HP’s “next focus” now that they’ve “resolved the questions around the PC business, is to determine how we’ll best utilize webOS and those great software assets we have.” When Bloomberg West TV host Emily Changbrought up today’s report that HP was moving to shut down the webOS Global Business Unit in the very near future, Bradley responded that it was “an unfounded rumor,” and that HP has “phenomenal software and phenomenal talent” in the webOS GBU that they need to utilize more effectively.

As to how exactly they’ll utilize that software and talent, Bradley was not forthcoming. As with the deep analysis that HP performed on the potential PSG spin-off, they’re also looking long and hard at their options with webOS. Those options we’ve gone over ad nauseum here, so we won’t bore you further with that. Bradley is a former CEO of Palm, and championed HP’s acquisition of Palm back in 2010. While HP might not be interested in making webOS devices anymore, we’re hopeful that Bradley’s going to push for the best option for webOS and its users, even if that means they’re not with HP anymore.

The whole interview is after the break, webOS talk begins at 2:43.

Source: Bloomberg


Open source it.

Hp wants to make back some money on webOS. So that either means sell it for a non-embarrassing amount of money or convincingly use it in existing or new products. Open source won't happen. HP probably doesn't care if webOS will be used by the buyer in a functional product at this point but we can hope.

open source doesn't mean they won't make money.
At this rate, they'll probably make more money!

Sigh, even Todd is lying to us now. This sucks.

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"Blessed are the Pre-Makers? What's so special about them?"

"I'm sure he doesn't mean that literally. Obviously, he is referring to all manufacturers of mobile electronics!"

One of the greatest movies of all time. Thanks for making me smile today!!!

so... basically he didnt really say anything at all, other than the standard ceo-speak "we are working on blah blah blah"

What he's saying is the hardware business is the backbone of their brand right now. And they damaged the stand-alone value by declaring it expendable before determining it's true value and lining up potential suitors. And WebOS had resale value before they full-panic dumped it overnight, a product so market-poor they didn't even want to ease out of it. And now they'll say development continues, to give it perceived value and hope they can some cash for it soon, rather than bartering for used toilet paper and stacks of old Popular Science magazines.

Note, he didn't say WebOS was imminently due on printers or laptops like they had declared previously and is due in two months time in the case of laptops.

Hey, I like old Popular Science magazines!

And they've always been "working on...blah blah" and see where it got them?

What is HP/Palm's effort really worth. Lot's of B-list celebrities putting hand-goo smudges on unfinished touchscreen products.

He showed up to dispute a rumor that could further devalue webOS and scare off any (if any are left) potential suitors. He stumbled when he was talking about webOS probably because there are any number of scenarios that could happen and he won't be making the final call.

Wow this guy sucks....hes not even a good spinner or liar. SImply put...webOs is dead for HP.....if they can sell it they will....even if its to some asian company who doesn't even sell in US.

THis sucks....its so sad its almost criminal. 1000s laid off...great software buried.....billions wasted.....the entire tech world suffers.

I almost miss the days of reading Sprint customers complain about not getting new webOs phones....ive actually never seen the forums so civil!

They are just trying to keep some value in WebOS while they try to find someone willing to buy it. You can't expect him to say it's over if they can get a few million for it.

Who'd want to buy it, or license it? Even HP gave up on it.

Sniff, sniff. Ewwwww. I stepped in scale.

Feel bad for WebOS people. HP execs have been lying to you all for the past year.

I want to believe him but he is obviously lying and quickly wanted to jump back to PC's.

I dunno... He brightend up every time webOS was mentioned. I like him.

Yeah, I noticed that. I have a hard time telling if it was because he was happy for the questions or realized he was being chased on something he couldn't discuss and thought it funny.

I saw it too! He seemed to be struggling to not smile, like he wanted to giggle. It reminded me of a school girl talking about a boy that she liked, but not wanted to let on that she liked him. Very coy.

HP is positioning themselves to continue to be the bland company they've always been...

true. That's what webOS brings to the table for hp. Its the only product they produce that actually has some fanfare.

But only at 99 dollars


So...that might explain why it's dead.

In a cost/function perspective, the Touchpad "fanfare" cost HP over $200 per fan.

Downtick until your heart's content, HP turned champion showdog pedigree, into champion dog poo. ;) Google and Apple could not have harmed HP/Palm branding more than HP did on their own. The fact that there are still Palm-diehard supporters punching the thumbs-down righteously is so entertaining. In the high tech Special Olympics, everybody gets a medal.

Wow! Great interview. Asked some great questions and kept pressing.

I am loving my Touchpad! Hope they keep up with WebOS!

I don't think that he knows anything. I wish that WebOS would live but I think that it is ding a painful slow death.

Maybe (they apparently kept even him in the dark when they decided to spin-off PSG), but more likely he just can't say anything beyond damage control.

I think Todd was as blind sided as the rest of us in August. And I also believe that was Leo A****** doing. I suspect Meg actually has conversations with her senior management.

Whew! Am I glad that someone from HP settled that. Now that I know webOS is safe, I'll go out and buy whatever I can. After all, they wouldn't lie to us....... would they......

Oh, wait.....

Anyone remember fuzzy logic.It was designed and offered to US manufacturing and they said it wouldn't work and the guy sold it to a company in Japan.It basically determines how many people are in a Room and decides how hard the ac would need to run to cool that room,worked the same way in dryer.Determines the load and how much heat you would need to dry those items.Who knows web OS just might be the next fuzzy logic.
Just hope it is not China.

unreal, so does that mean its time to switch over to another phone, sprint is probably going to come out next and say they will stop supporting by a certain time. Its so funny how politics can kill kill kill good technology. So the patent for the technology will stay buried just because these corporate fools dont know how to market it. o boy hp u do make good printers I do see some of your switches in I.T. closets too funny.

Time to switch to a new phone began in August when they killed the Pre 3. I love webOS and I am typing this from my TouchPad, but there are no new products to buy. Even if they keep webOS and decide to make phones again or license the OS to another handset maker, we will not see a new webOS phone for almost a year. I'm waiting for a price drop on the Galaxy S II and I'm replacing my Pre minus. The recent update to the TouchPad allows me to pair it with any phone so I will be content. It's a shame that they lost so many customers with this fiasco.

"I'm waiting for a price drop on the Galaxy S II"

Spoken like a typical webOS fan.

interesting article about webos going away.,2817,2395541,00.asp#fbid=tKpKVDAT0YH

I am not seeing the rest of the post what happened?

@ JohnnyPre great idea open source it,

I wonder whether Todd Bradley knows anything. He was kept in the dark before. The culture hasn't changed, only the CEO.

Inept decisions and actions have largely destroyed HP's entire investment in Palm. Any accounting reserve for goodwill should be written off. The best we can hope for is that HP keeps webOS on life-support and offers it as an alternative, along with Android 4 and Windows 8 on a new family of ARM-based devices.

HP's next generation of hardware devices will have to be ground breaking. If they release commodity hardware or it is late, the outcome will be the same, regardless of the OS.

Doesn't this remind you of another great technology company long ago before it was swallowed up by Nvidia? That said company pioneered the most incredible piece of hardware for graphics control ever and it fell in the hands of the board of directors on how best to market the products.... That said company was 3DFX interactive :-)

No - Palm were never a great technology company.

WebOS is not dead yet... That'll happen in the coming months... Everyone else has been implementing aspects of webOS into their stuff already; if it wasn't irrelevant enough, it seems that it sure will be... In the coming months.....

hp is poison

WebOS will survive. It is Tod Bradley and Jon Rubenstein will decide what HP does with webOS. I think they are working on implementing webOS on ultralights and new tablets which will come out in 2012.

That's correct...They are working on it....WebOS will survive. Tod and Jon both former Palm CEOs will not let it die. However I am not sure what will be new form of webOS.

I LOVE WebOs and really want it to survive. However, I have finally come to the question/conclusion of Why??

Why would they save it. Between relationship with Microsoft and ability to utilize Android with little barriers.

Why save it?

With each passing day, Android and iOS are catching up. When ice cream sandwich goes live, you'll see the closest thing to webOS out there...obviously due to Martias Duarte heading that up.

Who was with RIM when the Playbook copied webOS?

Autoplay videos are worse than Hitler.

Posted elsewhere, but bears repeating here. This is a rich company getting into the crash position as it knows the upcoming landing is gonna be a hard one, so just trying to keep it's powder dry.

Sadly, you all are missing the point. Go read zerohedge for a month. Read it religiously, not closely. Everyone that has done this at my behest has started to understand the issues that are truly facing the planet. Yes there is a whole lot of stuff there that is complicated, but there's lots that isn't. Over a 30 day period of just scanning the front page you will begin to understand.

The HP board are members of the global elite and they know what is coming (see zerohedge) and they are/were simply trying to get into a defensive position. I'm sure it makes sense viewed from their position that the unwashed masses will rise up, while at the same time not spend. So it makes sense to bet long on enterprise as they are 1%ers and will pay their bills. Hence exit retail and try to replicate what IBM did. Sadly, it's too late. IBM was smart and got out before the crash suckering the Lenovo folks out of their cash.

It's the same sort of "fencing of the commons"(wikipedia that) that was behind the acquisition of Palm. Yes Hurd shared Ruby's vision, and ours, of WebOS as a playah, but the elites of the board simply wanted to make sure the patents didn't find their way to the 99%. The Nortel patents sale, the Googorolla deal...again all defensive maneuvers as monopolists "plunge their blood funnels" wildly to stock their larders for the coming winter.

Take this as a warning and a fact. If they thought we were just going through a minor speed bump they would've stayed the course on WebOS. They know the future, and they are just battening down the hatches and hoping to ride out the longest darkest storm in a century. It is going to take a long time to unwind six hundred trillion (yes with a T!) in derivatives and other toxicity, plus bankruptcies by every organisation from hamlets, to nation states, PLUS the collapse of most, if not all currencies. When you see the facts they are faced with, you can imagine these board members see themselves as visonary protectors of Dave and Bill's, their fellow swells, legacy.

zerohedge is so misguided, they make Cohen look like Moses. Good luck with that.

"The HP board are members of the global elite"

LOL. Which globe?

Hired Leo without a meeting? I guess it was too hard to move a single guy between two different globes.

Good luck, PreDogs on Global Earth

You lost me at 'global elite' - idiot.

what talent? didnt they pretty much fire all the engineers?

No. Much of the OS & frameworks team is still around.

The reason he can't really talk about webos is actually obvious and reasonable.

He *has* to avoid commenting on it.
HP is trying to figure out what they are doing now that they decided to keep the consumer part of the business.

Now that they decided to keep playing in this market they *need* a mobile strategy.

For this they have several options - all with advantages and disadvantages and different risks and opportunities:
1) Go W8/WP7
2) Go Android
3) Keep webos
4) A mix of the above and see what works best

Until they decided and are ready to announce they need to keep their mouths shut to avoid another debacle and more lawsuits and confusion.

Option #1 has the charm that MS will foot the R&D bill and invest in marketing for the platform. And it seems superficially a safer choice given Windows PS dominance and existing close ties between MS and HP.
*But* MS will control the platform and W8 on tablets is actually a big risk and HP will be bound to MS fate. If MS fails with W8 on ARM hardware - so will HP. And HP will pay anyway trough licencing fees.

Option #2 avoids licencing costs and HP will have more influence on hat goes into the platform. But it's still controlled by others and shared with the competition. To distinguish themselves HP will still have some R&D costs.
But it's a relatively safe choice. The platform is well established and here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Option #3 is short term the most expensive and long-term the most rewarding. But also the riskiest. To really succeed HP needs to double-down and really do the marathon. This will not look great on balance sheets the first year.
But *if* successful is the eventually best outcome. Apple shows how nice it is to own your own platform. You can't share the R&D and marketing - but neither do you have to share the profits. And there are nice lock-in opportunities to bind customers to your products (IPod -> ITunes -> IPhone -> IPad - why not get a Mac too?)
It will also be an embarassing about turn - but having just switched CEOs it's not too bad - and would be old news within weeks.

Option #4 might tempt a big enterprise with a confused and in-fighting leadership. If the future is risky why not hedge all bets and try a bit of this (W8 Tablet) and a bit of that (TP2)? And let's decide in a year or 2 what to kill off?
There is some truth here - but the problem with this strategy is that it then ofte fails on all fronts due to half-measures everywhere.

Apple succeeded because Jobs focused on a few big things. That's risky because if things go wrong they go really wrong - but pays off when things work. And the total need to succeed makes success more likely. But this is much harder for a corp like HP than a corp like Apple.

They already made a decision about WebOS products. No more. They said it on Aug. 19. They confirmed it on this call. Future decisions are about the SOFTWARE ONLY. They were asked to confirm that verbatim, and they did.

Furthermore, when asked about their mobile strategy, they said Windows 8 tablets and ultraportables (ultrabooks).

They have clearly outlined their mobile strategy going forward. WebOS is not it. I don't know how much clearer or plain they could say that.

It's bizarre that people here put their choices of Windows or WebOS on equal footing. They only stopped making ONE of those products on Aug. 19. They've never stopped being behind the others. Now that they have a tablet product ready for next year, it's a wrap.

Don't you love how that his guy thinks MS might fail with windows 8?

Option 3 is insanity.

His last paragraph is hilarious and shows a lack of understanding which seems par for the course here at Precentral.

Agree wholeheartedly - I challenge anyone to give a real reason why HP would stick with webOS over Windows 8 at this point?

There is absolutely no reason to and plenty of reasons why HP will get back into bed with Microsoft for Enterprise and Consumer.

Forget Android - that is an IP minefield.

"The reason he can't really talk about webos is actually obvious and reasonable."

Exactly. WebOS was murdered and he can't comment on the investigation until the suspects are arrested.

Unfortunately, HP has proven it's word can't be trusted. It's willing to sell it's integrity for the pittance of (hopefully) selling a couple hundred thousand PCs/laptops through Best Buy. So, how can anybody believe anything they say?

They are obviously in the throws of reversing LA's policies.. they just can't do it without showing careful thought, and this will take time.

There is hope yet!


Uh....they spent the majority of their cash on Autonomy, and pledged their tablet future to Windows....don't think they're reversing course on anything but the spinoff.

If webOS dies, I'd hope HP would... ah...errr... ahem "make things right" again (sarcasm) by letting all owners of TP's gain access to a legit copy of W8. Then again, "making things right" has now become a dirty word to most of us "invested" webOS-philes.

Shifty and shady in ways, Bradley is doing what any subordinate would do, don't directly address the problem but quickly dismiss the accusation(s). The typical mass media is SO good at doing this but it's all in perspective to what was asked. It seems everytime a direct question is asked on the future of webOS, the reply seems to be directed towards the most recent rumor.

I've given up caring at this point. My Pre- is dying, I'm too broke and poor to move to Verizon or AT&T, I'm stuck with Sprint's options. If there is a future, albeit a bleak one, it will live on in my TouchPad.


You can buy a Pre2 and do a Franken Pre, switching the radios on both phones, just google Precentral for instruction.

Or if you are with Sprint for along time, take advantage of the $150 upgrade and get the iPhone 4S. I did that, it is a great phone.

Other wise you have to depend on the unfolding of this drama.

The bottom line is, HP investor don't want to put money on Phones and tablets, because it is a huge investment and the global economy is colapsing.

Wasting money like that just to hold on to an unsupported phone is beyond me. Sprint has free phones that are a **** of a lot better than the pre and pre 2 by a mile. The Pre to this day cannot edit documents.

yay, some good news.
Hopefully he won't pull an Apotheker

By algee650 on Sat, 29 Oct 2011 1:46 am EDT

"With each passing day, Android and iOS are catching up. When ice cream sandwich goes live, you'll see the closest thing to webOS out there...obviously due to Martias Duarte heading that up."


Catching up? I think they just grabbed tools off the tables of the webOS Flea Market at an intersection there in Silicon Valley, and then continued on their own separate ways.

And that is as it should be. It's technological evolution - take what works for you and your life, put it in your tool box, and keep on going down the road. If it doesn't work, throw it out, or make it better.

There are few condors in Nature being saved from extinction. That being said, I have a Verizon Pre3 because I am banking on it being a condor and flying again. To that end I am still working on medical apps to keep it doing what I need as a physician.

Furthermore, I hope that some enterprising Californians save the webOS Condor like the real ones flying in California now. As a PHONE, (not just tablet for crying out loud), webOS is a beautiful and powerful user experience when not getting killed by corporate DDT, and when given a chance to fly! Every doctor who sees me do medical things on my phone is impressed, but none recognize it...

And, THANK-YOU Derek for posting this video on a Saturday. It does brighten up my weekend after dropping $595 on a Verizon Pre3!

I have a 32GB Touchpad, brand new, unopened if you are interested. Email me at for price. Only one unit is available, so hurry-up.

Thank you HP. Please keep webOS alive.

FWIW, during the employee call yesterday the subject of webOS came up and both Bradley and Whitman gave fairly sincere answers. They both said they believe that webOS is an exceptional operating system and is clearly an asset. However, they are not sure that there is a clear answer about what to do with it even after several meetings to discuss it where one side argues to keep and one to disposesss.

went to another WebOS website, that believes MEG is all for WebOS and it's possible they start WebOS back up over there at HP.

I have my touchpad and pre3 so i'm pretty happy w/ my devices - at this point i'm hoping something happens more for the application factor. Would really love to watch Football on my pre3 & or play madden. *i dream*

They have every statistics program they need to analyze and still don't know what they are doing.

They are not enthusiasticly involved in mobile buisness.

They have got a clue about market besides pricing cuts to sell.

I am sorry for this pile of .... they tell us, their customers.


HP has indicated they want to provide solutions for cloud computing. It seems that WebOS could make an interesting solution that could run the same code on device when off the Internet providing a new cloud computing model.

Despite the UI benefits the problem that remains is that WebOS forces developers to open source their code. Even combining Enyo with the PDK requires open sourcing code. If this issue is finally wrong please point me where I can learn why.

WebOS is not dead! Hang in there. What may be dead is the mobile hardware part of HP.

HP will most likely keep the WebOS software and license it out to all the mobile phone developers. They may give exclusive licenses to certain handset manufacturers for an initial period of time, because there are many WebOS users desiring a mobile phone hardware update, which holds value to a new licensee for WebOS.

HP realized that they by no means can compete with the quickly evolving mobile hardware market and short product life cycles with these devices. As we all know, HP was extremely delayed in the WebOS tablet and phone product launches, and they realized the hardware was already 6 months outdated by the time it was making it on the shelf to the end user. Combine this with all the internal strife they were having and Leo at the helm, we had a recipe for disaster for HP and WebOS.

Therefore, HP is thinking currently, how do we utilize the great WebOS software asset that we have, while meeting the fast evolving mobile hardware market, now that we gave Leo the boot.

Todd says they stopped making WebOS tablets, but they continued the software update for over 1 million users. He is even commenting on the accolades that the software has received, and he continues to comment on the "software" part of it. He is saying that the "business model" they followed for WebOS wasn't good for them. In other words, HP was horrible at the hardware side of it and getting these tablet and phone hardware products to market before the products were outdated.

We will see WebOS products in the future. Todd recognizes the value of this "phenomenal" software. What you probably won't see in the short term is HP making WebOS phones and tablets. They will license the software out to other companies like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and others who will incorporate it into their mobile hardware offering. One or more of these companies will get an exclusive license to start. In addition, they will work on licensing the key IP they gained through the Palm acquisition. All this future WebOS strategy will be software focused.

BTW - Original Launch Day Pre still kicking!
3500 minutes per month, 450 texts per month, hundreds of incoming and outgoing emails per month!

They've said they were open to licensing this OS way back in late June when Apotheker was still around. In fact, HE is the one who said it.

Number of takers in the 5 months since: Zero
Number of companies publicly rejecting it: Qualcomm, Samsung, HTC.....

Yeah, looks real likely that you'll see some WebOS phones and tablets soon.

Come on... Actions speak so much louder than words. If all he can do is give it lip service, why even bother?

Show us what HP has done to tangible increase the value of webOS. Minor upgrades don't count.

If they were going to do anything in the consumer market with webOS they would have already said as much. An official statement of "We're thinking about it" means "we're hoping you'll eventually stop asking about this so we can quietly sweep it under the rug."

I just hope they keep support up for a while longer. A million units of anything isn't something that should just be abandoned.

I don't actually expect Todd Bradley to hang around much longer - being passed over for CEO for someone like Meg Whitman is a total slap in the face.

HP is just kind of lost. I am glad that Tadd has confirmed HP will continue with webOS.

She (Meg) & he (Tadd) just don't know what webOS can do to change the world. One thing is clear that it's the power hunger Windows that costed the margin of their PSG. With both hardware design & webOS in hand, HP can easily rock the world with a series of green device as the alternative to WinPCs. Analysis show that there is still room for webOS base devices to stay together with iOS, Android and Windows. Here I see the opportunities.

To take this opportunity, on the top of the list is to optimize its hardware design to use the right parts for its intended performance and not better parts that cost the margin for nothing. One example is the attached keyboard to Veer: if there is voice commander, handwriting, ... & gesture (remember? it's unique from Palm) input method for the device, why would you need a tiny keyboard that one can barely push the right key. An elegant look Veer can go without the keyboard. There are more...

We don't need new hardware to build up to date devices. One should aware how fast Wintel hardware is moving within one Windows OS? While 4G is in sight, majority is still using 2G, 2.5G, 3G & 3.5G. So hardware is not the concern. It is the software that ticks. If others can stay, why not webOS.

It is all up to HP to build Androids', Windows' or webOS'. The market for mobile device in 2012 will over 500M, if HP expect to capture less than a million than she is better off going for either Android or Windows. With $10~15 per WMP license and expect to capture 1% will be 5M units or $50M~75M. The math is simple. HP should know where to go.

I am Guy Chan from HK, 2011/10/31 (Happy Halloween!)

running... out... of.... time...

1) Does anyone really think it was the fault of webOS as the operating system that led to its colossal commercial failure? Why does HP have any confidence that a Windows tablet will do any better? The bottom line with tablets is that they are still a very limited use item, and the market is really fueled by people who want an iPad because they think it's cool to have one and not because it is a truly useful item. A smartphone is still the most vital piece of equipment in most people's everyday life, especially those of us who have been palm users for well over a decade.

2) I really wish that these reporters would focus less on the TouchPad and ask a few more questions about the phones. I have a TouchPad. It's fine. I use it a little bit, but it will never replace my laptop. I have a FrankenPre2, which of course has no real interaction with the TP. A phone that did might have actually made both more useful.... The Pre3 really seems to have unfairly gotten thrown out with the proverbial bathwater.

3) Is it possible that Meg Whitman is doing what most rational people would do when taking over a new company, i.e. trying to gather as much data as possible and make the best decision possible based on all the available information? Seems to be what they did with the PSG, and I hope now are actually doing the same with webOS. All I know is that while I still love my FP2, there are some very cool things that I can do with my photon or that my wife can do with her iPhone 4S that the FP2 just can't.

4) I hope at the end of November that she announces that they are restarting the phones, perhaps contracting an outside hardware manufacturer, and that they are going to proceed with the tablets using a version of Windows 8 with some kind of webos compatibility..

I agree that existing tablets only added weight to my gear on top of a phone, a netbook while I am in the field. I also agree that smartphone is a good approach to start with. If webOS phone that reach a volume of say 5M a year (~1% of the total sales for mobile device expected for 2012), then I see no reason webOS can't stay.

But rather webOS can be a desktop replacement or not is all up to the managment. If they want to, I believe WebOS will.

For me, an OS (webOS, iOS, Linux or Windows) is just an environment for people to do works on easily. Different work requires different support. To build a auto-tester (eg. to test a switching mode power supply) I need a hardware interface to the equipment, a set of APIs to collect data and controls it, plus a programming language that I familiar with. To build a printer/copier with webOS, will add features (networked device, with instant print from flash & memory card, send scanned document via email...etc) to it and can sell for more. To build a motion detector with the TouchPad or Veer, I just need an APP plus a mount.

I has to admit that I share about the same vision as Leo had in March that webOS device can be a mobile device as well as a desktop, server alternative and even a router or digital radio with recorder. But if I were him, the TouchPad would not be the same. It would be a device that off load my netbook plus a lot more.

While the PSG can continue to build either/both Windows or/and Android products, with the webOS in hand plus control over the hardware design, HP in fact is in a very good position to take on.

I believe the webOS team is team of good engineers. It just need a visionary to lead and HP's guts to move on.

Guy, 2011/11/04