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by Adam Marks Mon, 28 Feb 2011 5:25 pm EST

If you are a webOS user on an unlimited data plan, you never think twice about using your cellular data connection when you are out. However, if you are on a limited data plan and want to ensure that you do not unexpectedly use up all your data (or at least want to limit when you use you data), you can easily toggle your data usage on or off, while still keeping Wi-Fi on for almost all your data needs. While you will continue to receive phone calls and SMS messages, the only drawback to this is that you will not receive any MMS (photo/video) messages, nor will you even be notified of these messages until you turn data back on.

To toggle your data connection:

  • Open up the Phone app, swipe down from the top-left corner to bring up the Phone application drop-down and select "Preferences". A new card will open with your Phone preferences options
  • Scroll down to the "NETWORK" section
  • Toggle "Data Usage" between On or Off

To make this even easier, there are many patches that add a "Data" toggle to the Connection Menu dropdown (when you swipe down from the top-right corner). This will allow you to turn your data on or off from almost anywhere on the phone and it just a matter of seconds



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I found this out the other day when I was poking around my phone, and I don't have use for it since I do have unlimited data, but it's nice to have.

Do you get charged for turning the Data Roaming to "Enabled" if you're on an unlimited plan?

all depends on your cellular plan. Sprint, for example, allows free data roaming. others may not

Turning the data off is more important for saving battery than data usage for me.

Without data enabled I can actually have my phone last for more than a day, which is nice.

YES. This is the most important thing about that toggle.

For me, I installed the patch to give you this toggle from the top bar menu. I use it all the time. My data is off whenever I'm in front of a computer at work. When I leave work, my phone's at 75-85% battery life.

Without toggling that off, my phone will be at 40-50% battery life when I leave work. This is with the same amount of usage. And why would I need data on when I'm at work in front of a computer?

I need it for MMS messages. I get pics from my wife (usually of my daughter being cute or doing silly things) all day. without data, i dont get the pics!

there is another issue about not using the mobile data:
The backup gets confused. When the device is offline during the attempt backup stops. And does not continue even if data connexion is back nor the next day.
Operators may love the always on philosophy charging for it...