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by Adam Marks Mon, 13 Dec 2010 2:02 pm EST

Phone Prefs - Roaming options If you are in an area where you do not get good service from your carrier, you have the ability to roam on other carrier's networks for both voice and data. Depending on your level of service, roaming might be included in your monthly bill (e.g. Sprint gets "unlimited" roaming included) or it might be an extra charge, so be careful about how you set your Roaming options. To toggle these options:

  • Open up the Phone app ( Phone app ), swipe down from the top-left corner to bring up the Phone application drop-down and select "Preferences". A new card will open with your Phone preferences options
  • Scroll down to the "NETWORK" section
  • To toggle Voice roaming, tap the "VOICE NETWORK" line and choose between "Carrier Only" or "Automatic".
  • If you select "Automatic" for voice, you then get an option for "DATA ROAMING" where you can either be "Enabled" or "Disabled" data roaming
  • Note that you can also turn off your Data Usage entirely here, if you are trying to conserve your plan's data allowance.

Thanks to brendu for suggesting this tip

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"Note that you can also turn off your Data Usage entirely here, if you are trying to conserve your plan's data allowance."

FYI -- there is also a great patch that adds 'Data' to the device menu (with WiFi & Bluetooth) if you toggle this on/off frequently

Network options look different on AT&T. There is no Voice Network option. GSM thing I suppose.

Does Sprint offer unlimited DATA roaming as well? I'd be shocked if so, since you'd obviously be roaming on Verizon's data network which is tightly monitored.

data roaming, like voice, is unlimited on Sprint. The catch is you're roaming on 1xRTT in both cases (I have yet to see EvDO roaming). So yes, free data roaming, but slower than you may like.

There is defiantly EVDO roaming. You can check their map. There is just very little of it. I haven't experienced it but my mom has..........

There is no charge for Data Roaming. I've never seen it on my bill.

RealMayo - yes, sprint do give free data roaming, I believe it's covered by a fair usage policy (ie, it's free unless you go nuts)
Thanks for this tip... I was thinking Sprint had shut off data roaming, seems instead they set my replacement Pre to have it disabled :-/

Actually, Sprint does not give unlimited roaming... I'm pretty sure its technically 200mb/month data and you can't place more than half of your calls while roaming. Surprised to see this tip on precentral so long after the phones launched... One of the first things I did to my Pre and Pixi when I noticed how weak their antennas are... Until I got my Airave Access Point :)

I am pretty sure that danisnotstan is correct about the mb limit on roaming. I believe the south has some 3g roaming.
People should be warned, if you have data turned off and you do a reset or your phone crashes and makes you log back into your palm profile, you'll be in quite a pickle. Without a connection to the network, it won't log in. Even doctoring twice won't fix the problem. YMMV

My Sprint plan includes "unlimited" voice roaming, but data roaming costs some outlandish amount like a buck a minute. Before you switch to roaming, be sure you can afford it!