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Toggle Wi-Fi to find missing network 8

by Adam Marks Wed, 30 May 2012 5:28 pm EDT

WP CentralWhile you will not typically hear complaints about the Wi-Fi on most webOS devices, the Pre3 seemed to take a step backward in the reliability of its wireless radio. In addition to a seemingly decreased W-Fi range, it also tends to not show all the available networks that are in range, even if they are previously saved Wi-Fi profiles. This can be an extremely annoying bug that will cause your device to fail to connect to a known network, but it has an equally annoying (although relatively simple) fix. All you need to do is turn Wi-Fi off and then back on again, and all the wireless networks within range will show up again.

If you are a homebrewer, you can also install the "Cycle Wi-Fi in Device Menu" patch in Preware by GuyFromNam that will, not surprisingly, add a "Cycle Wi-Fi" option to the device menu to toggle your Wi-Fi off and then back on. This also appears to work alongside some of the Device Menu expansion patches such as Jason Robitaille's "Device Menu Megamix" patch.

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this bug seems to have got much worse recently. I used to have no trouble at all.

same here - weird.

Me, too! My wi-fi is ridiculously unreliable now. Most of the time I don't even bother using it because my regular Verizon connection will move data quicker.

Now that's sad!

I installed the Cycle WiFi patch. It's a huge time saver.

I guess I just always considered this the nature of wifi. I constantly have to do the same on my PC.

I had a similar problem on my TouchPad but I fixed it by changing the settings in my router. This solution was discovered by others elsewhere in the forums but I have the method posted in the forums here:

Could someone explain why my comments about GuyFromNam continue to be removed please? You gave him credit in the article after he was banned. A PM would be fine, I'm just curious why you feel the need to censor harmless reporting of facts. I don't recall even inserting an opinion other than the grief over being censored the first time. I feel like I've tried to be helpful over the years, but with the current state of the webOS Nation this is not what we need right now. Can we please try to let opinions and facts stand on there own and let the forums vet out the truth? I thought that's what open discussion was all about. Perhaps I've been wrong all this time.

I do face this same issue and I have been doing exactly what you had just said here. It was my basic instinct, but I wonder why haven’t they released an update to fix this bug till now? This is very disappointing and what keeps people out of using this platform.

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