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ToodleTasks hops, skips, and jumps onto webOS smartphones and Android 12

by Derek Kessler Thu, 03 May 2012 6:51 pm EDT

ToodleTasks hops, skips, and jumps onto webOS smartphones and Android

The joy of the Enyo application framework is that apps can be easily built not only to work on webOS smartphones and tablets, but across platforms. We've seen plenty of apps take advantage of this cross-platform nature, including Exhibition-emulator Dock, Flashcards to Go, and Instapaper-reader Paper Mache. Now, one of our favorite apps for task management - ToodleTasks - is making that same jump.

ToodleTasks HD, built by ProdiSoft on Enyo, has been available for some time on the TouchPad. The toodledo client for webOS recently made the jump not only to webOS smartphones, but to Android smartphones and tablets. For smartphones, there's ToodleTasks Phone Edition for webOS ($3.99) and Android ($2.99), and for Android tablets you can download ToodleTasks Tablet ($3.99). And, of course, there's still the original ToodleTasks HD ($4.99), with the same sliding Enyo panels interface and feature set as the other three versions. That's the power of Enyo, baby.


As much as I love my Pre3's hardware keyboard, gimme some Open webOS on that puppy and I'm in!


Can't wait to see this and more like it. I hope it runs well!

hard not to notice that we have to pay a dollar more though we are the original platform

while I understand "the point" of your statement, I definitely don't mind paying $1 extra to keep the developers attention on webOS. Plus, its a solid app (already) for the Touchpad and I personally appreciate the product. I didn't hesitate to support.

No one wants to feel like they are "not as good" as someone else. Hopefully there will be a package deal for the webOS version that puts touchpad/phone app together in a value price?

Paying for an app that's available for less--or free--on other platforms isn't an incentive to pay attention to a platform. It's incentive to make a quick buck on the "sucker" platform (industry-speak) since there's little competition and lots of people that'll pay in the name of "supporting" the platform they hold dear even if they won't use the app.
Business 101, dude. Business 101. Opportunism is seriously easy money and there's always plenty of people who'll buy right into it between webOS, Blackberry, and WP7.

Dont hit refresh

not to forget about DataJog (webos, android), MeOrg! and ReadOnTouch (webos,blackberry)

I had this app on my Touchpad for some time already, when they made the jump to the Pre3. I was pleasantly surprised to see how elegantly the UI was adapted to the smaller screen, and still was easy and intuitive to use. I'm not a developer, but if that is due to Enyo - and of course some good practive programming - then I agree on 'the power of Enyo' ;-)

Can I run this on my Sprint FrankenPixi? It says I need WebOS 2.1, but it also says it runs on a Pixi.

(disclamer: I'm the developper of tooldeTasks:)

toodleTasks runs on androids phones and tablets but also runs on the balckberry Playbook. visite for more infos.

@unca Andoo: toodleTasks will not run on device with version lower thans 2.1.

Pricing difference was mainly due to the fact that there is more competitors on android and also that there is (unfortunatly) more potential to sell apps on android.