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Topaz Specs! Exclusive details on Touchstone v2 and much more! 203

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:57 pm EST

We've received a massive document detailing HP's plans for the Topaz webOS slate from last year. While these details aren't final, what we know is that HP is planning to make the Topaz highly competitive with the iPad from both a hardware and a software perspective. We've got a better idea of the specs, we've got prototype photos, we've got plans, and plenty more.

Oh yes, you want to click that Read More link right now.

Targeted Topaz Specs

It looks like HP is going with the Qualcomm MSM8660 processor clocked at 1.2GHz rather than the new hotness coming from NVIDIA (however we did see one random NVIDIA logo in the document, take that for what it's worth). However, there probably won't be any flies on that 8660, as it sports two scorpion cores in the Snapdragon-based processor.

The MSM8660 has a built-in Adreno 220 GPU with 2D/3D acceleration engines with support for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 acceleration, 1080p video, and integrated GPS. More on it at anandtech

The Topaz will be black with both the HP and Palm branding. They also intend to get the Beats audio branding on the device as well, at least in the software and likely on the hardware as well. Finally, they haven't closed the door on carrier branding for the 3G and 4G versions.

As far as buttons go, it looks like there will be precisely three: power, volume up, and volume down. There will be no silent / ringer switch - you will mute the Topaz by holding down the volume-down button. There will also be ways to reset and hard-reset the device by holding down various button combinations. The Topaz will have webOS's notification light.

In any case, these are the targeted specs. We'll see if anything has changed next month:

Processor Dual-core Qualcomm MSM8660 at 1.2GHz
Graphics Integrated Adreno 220 GPU
Screen 9.7" XGA 1024 x 768
Dimensions 190mm x 240mm x 13.7mm
Weight 700g / 1.5lb (estimated)
Storage 16g / 32g / 64g eMMC
Camera Front-facing 1.3mp camera for Video Chat
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
WiFi Dual-band 802.11 b/g/n
Other Radios Optional WWAN for HSPA, LTE, perhaps CDMA later
Sensors Accelerometer, eCompass, Gyro, Light Sensor, Microphone
Speakers 2 integrated speakers with Beats Audio, 3.5mm audio jack
Battery 24WHr for >8hrs, using two 3150mAh cells

Beyond that we have specs that aren't necessarily awe-inspiring. A 1024x768 screen filling out 9" behind oleophobic Gorilla Glass, 512mb of RAM, and three storage options: 16g / 32g / 64g. The board will support 128gb of RAM, but it doesn't appear like that will be an option at launch.

There will be one camera on the front of the device clocking in at 1.3 megapixels. Said camera will be used for video chat and "mug shots" and HP dearly hopes that they will be able to enable video chat beyond just webOS-to-webOS devices, including support for Skype and Google Talk. The camera will be at the top when the device is in portrait mode and won't have a status light. They won't make a version without a camera.

The Topaz is currently targeted to have a WiFi-only version as well as HSPA and LTE options with CDMA coming later. Both the HSPA and LTE versions will likely be SIM-locked but it will be possible to unlock the SIM card for use on alternate networks.

The HPSPA bands will be 850, 1900, 2100 MHz with support for quad-band EDGE. The Topaz will use a full-size SIM card via a pop-out SIM tray. They won't be supporting NFC. It looks as though the 3G and 4G versions will have A-GPS but it doesn't look like the WiFi-only version will.

On the versions with a radio, it looks like HP fully intends to support SMS/MMS on the device itself (and presumably still intends to support the text-message forwarding and call-forwarding we previously discussed).

Although it wasn't nailed down at the time of this document's writing, HP was definitely aiming to support USB Host so you could plug a digital camera into the Topaz and be able to import and edit your photos on the device.

Touchstone v2

The Topaz will support Touchstone inductive charging - but obviously it won't work with the current Touchstone. Instead, HP is developing something they were calling "Touchstone v2" that supports additional functionality. That functionality looks to include both Bluetooth for wireless streaming of content and speakers for music.

The tap to share functionality comes via "communication coils" that enable "tap to share" use cases. Here's what HP has planned for Touchstone v2:

  • Wireless charging similar to what we have now
  • Wireless picture sharing
  • Wireless website sharing
  • Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth to speaker dock
  • Wireless map and directions
  • Wireless music sharing from Palm smartphone (eg Broadway) to Topaz
  • Wireless contact sharing
  • Wireless printing
  • Wireless video streaming from Touchstone video dock to VGA or HDMI out
  • Wireless video game playing via Touchstone video dock

That last is intriguing. The idea is that you can start watching a movie on the dock, but when you lift the Topaz out of the dock it switches into a wireless remote to control the video that it's wirelessly streaming to the controller for play on your television. As of last fall, HP was hoping to include a 3-axis Gyro for gaming.

Cloud integration

We've already surmised that HP intends to make webOS a "continuous client" by allowing you to start work on one device and continue it on another. A part of the Touchstone v2 technology does involve "tap to send," but there are hints of further services that HP hopes to support, including:

  • Snapfish for photos
  • Melodeo music integration
  • HP Cloud Drive
  • HP Cloud Canvas

That last, the "Cloud canvas" is new to us and details are still thin, but we suspect it will be the technology behind the ability to easily share documents and other content between multiple devices.

HP also has an existing partnership with Rhapsody that may or may not find its way onto the Topaz. We've heard previous rumors that HP is looking for heavy integration with Amazon's services for music and video, so that's unclear as of yet.

HP also may be planning on partnering with BLIO for ereading

Flash & errata

Fully supporting Flash is a very high priority for HP as it will be one of the key differentiators between the Topaz and the iPad. It may also be possible that they will support Adobe Air apps, but it's not clear if that's possible yet.

HP is also making space for carrier customization as well.

Wrapping up

So that's the Topaz - or at least HP's plans for the Topaz as of last fall. A dual-core Snapdragon processor powering a 9" 1024x768 screen in a form factor designed from jump-street to compete with the iPad. It will bring serious Touchstone v2 integration as well as plenty of cloud integration.

The Topaz should share both HP and Palm branding. It looks like it was a project that HP started way back in April under the codename "Marble" before they began the work of switching it over to webOS in July, after the Palm acquisition. As late as last fall, HP was targeting betweek 400k and 1.5 million unit sales for the device and has been targeting a CES 2011 launch for some time as well - a launch they smartly moved away from the event itself.

Thanks Fudge!



The GPS integration is awesome.(why doesn't my HP tm2 have this?) And I'm excited to see how the touchstone v2 is leveraged. Gorilla glass-expected...

But how do I watch 1080p (1920x1080) on a screen with the resolution of 1024 x 768?

You don't.

The "leaked" documents (if they're not just flat out made up) say it has HDMI-out on the Touchstone

A large LCD panel costs less than a tablet, so why would I care about squeezing videos onto the screen of my tablet or phone?

For my purposes, tbe Pre2 would be better than the iPhone or any droid phone. Likewise, the Topaz would be better (for my purposes) than any other tablet I know of -- on the market, announced, or leaked. Count me in.

A large LCD panel costs less than a tablet, so why would I care about squeezing videos onto the screen of my tablet???

Because these devices are made to consume media. Nephews and neices already watch Dora on the iPad. Next is going to be HD Video.
Look either you do it right or someone else will. That is the point of competition, HP needs to know "Go Big"

HP webOS is the little guy. They NEED to make everyone go wow this is awesome. This is what we are waiting for. Otherwise why bother doing it at all?

"Wireless video streaming from Touchstone video dock to VGA or HDMI out.

The idea is that you can start watching a movie on the dock, but when you lift the Topaz out of the dock it switches into a wireless remote to control the video that it's wirelessly streaming to the controller for play on your television"

So your saying I can use my PalmPad as a HTPC and HTPC remote at the sametime!??!

If so I will definitly be buying this!

if by sweet you mean, please have a rear camera like the iPad2 so I don't HAVE to own a Pre like another commentor said. Please have a rear camera so I can take and edit HD-esqe video on a larger screen than a Pre with a bigger harddrive. I know 3 people that said they were waiting till iPad2 came out with a rear camera. And the screen resolution/dpi seems to suck to say the least. I have been waiting around long enough that I can wait till Feb 9th. I am not trying to slam a company and product that I obviously like enough to be one of the few of us still around, but face reality. If this is the Production device, iPad2 is going to wipe its ass with it.

I am extremely dissapointed..... only because of one thing:


That thing is going to be outdate and weak in a month because of qualcomm's cheap, underpowered processors. Look at the difference in performance between a Pre and a Pixi! It's phenomenal. Both at the same clock speed, yet the Pixi performs much slower. Why? QUALCOMM instead of TI.

I switched to an Evo after I was eligible to upgrade from my Pre. Lets just say I said to myself I would never purchase a device ran by Qualcomm again. I felt like it was a DOWNGRADE in power compared to my Pre. I am on a Samsung Epic now, and have been anxiously waiting for the next Palm device. But if they are powered by Qualcomm, I think I may stick with the Motorola XOOM, which will be many times more powerful.

The EVO uses a Qualcomm snapdragon processor. I agree the Pixi processor sucks, but Qualcomm can make high end processors just fine.

The evo uses a qualcomm... ROFL. you got owned so hard.

This is all kinds of awesome.

How much? Any guesses?

I'm liking what I see. They haven't gone overboard with the specs by adding on extras that aren't necessary. The lack of buttons and only having one camera (which I think is brilliant), among other things, help keep the cost down. I'm expecting a price right around the 500 dollar mark.

I wish they had a camera on the back. I think that would be nice for sharing a viewpoint with a video chat . and a cool use for augmented reality, layar type stuff.

I just got hard.

I have some tissues.


Nice but also kinda disappointing, especially on the resolution front, they need to be competing with whatever Apple bring out in 2011, not in 2010.

The details are not yet final, maybe we can expect to see better specs when they unveil everything.

I really hope that's the case, 1gb of RAM would also be nice and set the bar where it needs to be: high

I am excited by the "non-customer upgradeable" right next to 512 MB DDR2 RAM option so there may be a 1 GB version as well.

I've got to agree. There is not much here to be excited about...other than a WebOS tablet. The tablet space will be insanely competitive this year...and these specs are blah TODAY...and who knows what they will look like by the time HP gets this out.

The world isn't waiting with bated breath for HP's WebOS offering. All the excitement is behind iOS and Android. HP/Palm were going to have to blow folks away with their tablet...and this is not it. If the real specs match these, I forecast a slight press bump for the release followed by a rapid retreat into obscurity...not unlike the Pre.

Palm, you waited far too long to get a WebOS phone on the street...two years too late...and it killed you. You lost the insane lead that you had in the smartphone space...and essentially lost the company. You are doing it again. These specs would have been fine...12 months ago. Not any longer. You need to blow away the future iPad 2...not crawl up to iPad 1.

I have been a Palm supporter (and owner) for over a decade, but I see the ride coming to an end. We have three launch day Pre's in my house...and a phone contract expiring by summer...and Android looks like our next platform...unless HP/Palm blows us away.

Your move HP...and I suggest a move that involves more than self-leaking tablet teasers.

Thank you for spelling "bated" correctly. That is all. :)

I don't understand you guys here getting wrapped up in specs. If the thing runs on webOS and expands the synergy concept as shown in the diagram then that's basically what is needed. If it runs smooth and looks good then it's good enough for me.

I'm not looking for an "iPad killer", I'm looking for a webOS tablet that works well.

They think the entire world geeks out about specs as much as they do.

People are sheep...and most will follow conventional wisdom...especially when the decision relates to technology.

The conventional wisdom was that Windows Vista sucked. Did it? Perhaps a tad, but not nearly as much as many uninformed users believed...and repeated. My own mother-in-law stated as much to me...and when I asked for specific examples of how, she could not provide even one example. She just repeated what she had heard...and the OS tanked.

Fast forward to Vista tweaked and rebranded as Windows 7 and we have a different story. The press loved Windows 7 and, hence, it succeeded...with unprecedented adoption rates. Was there really that much of a difference? The driver issues were already mostly worked out with Vista. No, the Vista brand was dead...and if the Palm brand isn't dead, it's close. This is now a battle between iOS and Android. If Palm wants to try to crawl from the grave, they need to blow folks away...and that starts with whom specs DO matter.

The press will crucify a tablet with these specs...and will almost certainly mention the superiority of iPad 2 in the same review...and then Palm is done. They are already operating at a perception deficit given the paucity of apps for the platform...especially for things like NetFlix, MLB TV, etc.

Couple that app deficit with anemic tablet specs, and you end up with reviews for a WebOS-based tablet that will read like commercials for their competitors.

That's why specs matter.

I have to disagree. First off, who knows what specs will show up on Feb. 9. Secondly, nobody ever wins the specs race. If we're expecting HP to win the specs race on Feb. 9, then we'll all be disappointed.

The mobile device market will be won by whomever delivers a product that creates a need. Specs don't do that. Innovation does that.

Right now, I don't NEED a tablet. I have a laptop and a Palm Pre. I could care less about tablet specs. I'm guessing that I am just like 95% of U.S. consumers.

But, on Feb. 9, if Palm delivers a ecosystem of products that are affordable and cause me to think, "hmmm, I really need that..." then they win.

Shameless plug - I just wrote an article about this topic here:

The press is in love with the iPad 2 no matter who the competitors are. Specs won't change that.

Weird comment considering the iPad was missing obvious and necessary features, like camera, flash, etc.

So, you're simply not correct.

It's marketing and not much else.

It was missing tons of stuff but that didn't stop it from selling like gangbusters. It had a picture of fruit on it.

"Missing camera"

You mean like the Topaz HP is about to release after seeing Apple's "mistake"?

I have disliked Apple for a long time, but my company is swithcing to Verizon for wireless. Feb 9th is my date. After that day I will have make up my mind whether to sell my sole to the devil and get a VZ iPhone 5 and probably a iPad 2. Both would be my first Apple products. Sad

If specs are all that matters then why is Apple so very successful?
It's not because they provide the highest specced devices and certainly not the most bang for the buck.
Whenever Apples sells a cool device it's easy to find other products with more RAM, more GHz, bigger HDDs, whatever - and often even at less cost.

So clearly other aspects play an important role - design, attention to detail, integration, great marketing, etc...

And yes - Vista really did suck - a lot.
I'm with you on W7 being just a tweaked and re-branded Vista. But the tweaking matters and the re-branding helped. Not to mention the pent-up demand and MS killing support for XP. People had to upgrade, Vista was hated (with good reason) - so of course the improved version with the new name sold like hot cakes. Under the hood W7 is just Vista SP 2 - the quick re-branding and changing the GUI was good marketing (and fueled by desperation).

Back to webos Tablets - regular users have the weirdest reasons for buying one device over another - recommendations from friends, looks, a killer feature (my GF can't forgive Apple for not including USB for example), what the sales guy tries to push, the price, color, weight, battery life. Stuff like Qualcomm processor or even dual core has barely any meaning to non-geeks. To an individual it might come down to person A buying the IPad because it integrates best with Itunes and Person B buying a webos Tablet because it has Flash.

Flash alone could make plenty people choose a non-IPad device.

And if HP can offer some cool integration features of their own they might have a hot seller.
All those specs mainly confuse non-geeks. It's a lot of numbers and weird identifiers.
"Yeah that whole retina-whatever-screen thing sounds cool - but this other pad also has a nice picture quality - can't really tell a difference while playing my facebook games though. So what you're saying is that this one has best ITunes and runs for 10 hours while this other one has flash, can connect my camera with my regular U-whatever-cable and runs for 8 hours?"
"Well - they both look nice and roughly fell and weigh the same - price is similar too - tough decision man".

A lot of good points, but it boils down to this.

Apple continuously setting the bar + products you have heard about + iTunes which MAJORITY of people use or used


HP webOS whom non-geek's haven't used or heard about and not setting the bar specs.

You have to top Apple to succeed. PERIOD You have to give users a reason to pick your product over the product that integrates with iTunes. iTunes is Apples secret sauce.

I agree that non-geeks hardly know about webos. Obviously HP will have to invest in marketing - that's a given. It helps that HP is well and wide established and has access to a lot of shelf space everywhere.

ITunes - yup - agreed - big advantage for Apple. Anybody invested in ITunes will prefer a device that allows easy access to that.

OTOH Apple really limited itself by ignoring Flash. That's a lot of popular content that is currently not available on IPad but will be on a PalmPad - big advantage for HPalm.

But I really don't see the specs playing a big role in the decision making for the vast majority of non-geeks. The main way specs will play a role is if they fail in some obvious way. IPad has great battery life. If one device has 8 hours and the other has 7 - meh - no big deal. Especially if the 7 hour device has cool no-cables inductive charging. But if one has 8 hours and the other 4-5 that would become a major part of the decision making.

I listen to what my friends and family say about the devices they buy or want to buy - and specs get hardly mentioned at all. The design is important - also the price. A number of killer applications that people already know or want to have. My GF heard of the IPad and liked what she saw - but lost all interest when she learned that it doesn't have USB. Then she saw an article of the Playbook - looks similar but has USB - bingo - she likes.

The main uses for all those tablets (outside enterprise) will be videos and browsing. Some will use it as an E-Reader and there will be an occasional game thrown in (manyy of those could be Flash-based browser games).
All the tablets will be capable of doing all of that. The main differentiator will be good-looks and price and rumors of short battery life will be a killer. That's the "specs" that people outside of this forum will understand and consider mostly.

Thank you!!!! +10000

righttt.. a dual core 1.2ghz processor is totally obsolete from the beginning and isn't top of the line at all, and 64gb storage? puh-leez, get with it HP! /s

- No rear-facing camera
- Front-facing camera at 1.3 MP
- Screen resolution one-quarter that of what is expected for iPad2

Screw the other specs...they are done with just those three when they are trying to market a device with such specs after iPad 2 hits the street...especially since the price will almost certainly be no lower than the iPad2.

Why pay as much (or more) for less...especially when "less" also applies to number of apps? iPhone/iPad: 300,000. WebOS: 5000...and half of those are BS titles (e.g., "agent" apps).

Hey, I am typically an Apple basher...but let's not ignore reality.

When you are locked out of the house and want to get in, you can kick in the door...or just stand there and hope that someone will invite you in. Palm is not getting an invitation...and I think that they need to put on their big boy boots and start kicking.

why do you want a rear facing camera? do you like taking pictures with a tabletop!? I don't get why people think that two cameras are a new requirement for tablets.

+1 I don't get it either man! I mean holding a 5"+ screen trying to take a picture is just ridiculous. Does anyone else take photographs with their netbook with a rear facing cam?!

I hate to say it, but you are probably right. Hopefully this spec sheet is old enough that it has been revised since.

Don't get me wrong, I like the look. But it needs AT MINIMUM the following spec bumps:

1. Above basic HD resolution. Minimum (1400x1050)

2. High resolution rear-facing camera for movies and photos. 5MP minimum, 8MP preferred.

3. front facing camera bumped to 3MP for improved picture quality.

4. High-capacity REMOVABLE Lithium Polymer battery with integrated overcharge protection.

5. Internal storage STARTS at 64Gb and goes all the way to 128GB.

6. Micro SD card slot to expand storage (Although may be unnecessary if #5 is met)

Less hardware-spec oriented items:

7. Videochat (Skype, other SIP capable application) MUST work over Wifi, EVEN ON THE BROADBAND ENABLED VERSION. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE! In a world where "unlimited" mobile plans are going the way of the Dodo, forcing us to gobble minutes for video chat is no longer acceptable. Period.

8. Broadband versions launch on all carriers simultaneously. We Sprint customers brought you to the dance, You had better damn well dance with us. No leaving Sprint to languish. (IE: That CMDA version had better be here on Launch Day.)

EDIT: rethought and revised feature minimums. Kept basic HD resolution as minimum rez as this is not an absurd request. I happen to own a laptop with this screen resolution. It is 4 years old. Not unusual and manufacturers can supply this easily.

Those specs would be nice, but if those were the minimum specs, you'd be looking at a minimum pricetag of $1,200. No one even makes TVs that support anything over 1080 yet, so there's not even content for it. A 15 MP camera with a decent sensor to make use of 15 million pixels would likely run a few hundred bucks alone, and minimum 64 gigs of storage would also make this insanely expensive. And that's not even including HP markup for things like Beats audio and cloud support.

Like I said, those specs are nice, but no one would be able to afford something like that. If HP can give us something with specs competitive with Apple and Droid manufacturers, but for cheaper, then you've got a winner.

1. I like high resolutions as much as the next geek, but the reality is that it's difficult right now to find them even on laptops regardless of cost. And then there's the cost issue. The only company that could pull off such a high res display right now is Apple because they are in a position to negotiate incredibly cheap prices for parts. High pixel density is expensive, and a display like the ones you mentioned would put the Topaz well out of its financial comfort zone.

2. There is no reason to have such a ridiculously high-res camera CCD on this device because the optics are simply too small. A 15 MP sensor would simply create huge photo files that are hard to move around (given current data transmission methods) that look no better than files that are half the size or less.

3. There isn't enough wireless bandwidth on most connections to even take advantage of a 2MP front-facing camera for video chat. 3MP is overkill and just increases cost.

4. Agreed.

5. I prefer to have a lower priced, smaller storage option since I don't plan on storing my entire movie collection on my tablet. I would be perfectly happy with 32 GB, and I don't want to be forced to pay for 64 GB.

6-8. Agreed

OMG. Someone spelled "bated" correctly. What's next? Not using "begs the question" correctly, not like the way everyone uses it incorrectly every day?

So this begs the question [sic] - Why would anyone buy this instead of an iPad or Android tablet?

Because webOS makes (or will make) much better use of a tablet form factor for actual productive work. Side-by-side cards, easy switching between live apps, real-time syncing via the cloud, tight integration between smartphone and tablet, and so forth. Just like webOS is the only smartphone operating system that serves my needs, so too would it be on a tablet. I've used an iPad, and just wouldn't buy one. There are certainly many professionals like me. {Jonathan}

Well, leaving aside the fact that you are touting features that have are yet to be shown in real or fake-life, I must give you mega-props for describing the qualities of this pad without using the word "seamless".



And I'm done.

Now, if you could only convince them to say "This JIBES with ...", not "JIVES", then we'd have it made! :)

Can we also kill off "could of" and related evils? And abuse of the word "literally"? That's all I ask. That's not so much.

All that is great, but what irks me the most is what I consider the number one mix-up on the internet: confusing 'lose' and 'loose'


I think the number one mix up is your you're there their they're :)

As much as I avoid taking this tone, I couldn't agree more.

That said, last fall was a LONG TIME AGO. HP's poem a few weeks back made me think they've been paying attention, and that these leaks are orchestrated to set expectations they can blow away on February 9th. Let's hope so!

*** State of the Fanboi nation ***

Let's review:

Comment "This is all kinds of awesome." gets +3 karma as of now

In contrast, one man's opinion on why a tablet with specs similar to those in the original article are likely to be inadequate is slammed downward to -5...indicating at least 5 people (and likely more) think the post detracts from the dialog.


Folks, you can circle the wagons and slam anyone in that circle when they mention that the natives are armed, massing, and surrounding the circle...but that strategy doesn't make the natives disappear. ;)

No worries...I expected as much. :)


Agreed, not much to be excited about. But either they are doing it purpose, or they are going to fail.

512 Ram can't wait for Too Many Cards errors.

Gotta love leaks.

Non-removable battery, huh? I hope that bit of information is inaccurate and/or outdated.

you sacrifice a lot of design with a removable battery

No argument there, but removable batteries have been part of Palm devices since the dawn of time (give or take a few years) and it would be a shame to lose that. I know I've had more than one occasion that a soft reset didn't fix a problem and I've had to pull the battery instead.

To be accurate, there were many, very successful Palm devices without removable batteries, such as my beloved T|X. Under PalmOS particularly, the reset hole took the place of a battery pull for the vast majority of problems. {Jonathan}

The LifeDrive also had a non-removable battery.

Wait a minute. MOST Palm PDAs had non-removable batteries!

If I remember correctly, the internal memory on the palm PDAs would be wiped if the battery was disconnected or had completely died. At least that's how it was on my tungsten C.

You get a design-boost when it's non-removable, which helps marketing. Plus when it's non-removable the resell value plummets, which means the used market will be small, which means that the sales department will be buzzing when the Topaz 2 comes out! Double-win for HPalm! Double-loss for customers! Yay for stock holders!

Where exactly did you see it say that the battery isn't removable? Or are you just inferring based on the renders?

It was on the second image, bottom right. ~24 WHr (non-removable.)

Thanks for the response. I'm with you on hoping that's changed since last fall...

Nucking Futs!

Only wishing for a higher resolution screen.

i luv fudge

24 WHr, what the hell :( Needs more giggawatz!

The rest looks good :) Although you have to keep in mind that the iPad v2 might be immanent with a dual core, more RAM etc.

"tap to share" looks interesting, can't wait to get more details. HP, I have cash in hand and can't wait to part with it.

no mention of a gesture bar?

Looks pretty good to me touchstone integration sounds fab. But the webOS complainers will still moan its good enough. Cloud seems awesome.

Yeah, the cloud and wireless features are really what separates this from the iPad, more so than Flash. If HP does this well, and unveils some new damn developer relationships, this could be a winner winner chicken dinner. Hope it comes out before I spend my tax refund to pay down my student loans...

It does look like a black iPad. However, this was an early render. I love all the features that are going in to this. Only 16d 00:26:48 left!

lol @ 128g of RAM... but anyways dissapointing that there wont be any sprint at least at the jump. This is the first time we've seen actual specs on this thing but I really wish someone could dig something up on a webOS PHONE.

Really, I don't know of even any desktops that support 128g of RAM. 8-12g is usually the maximum in today's market.

i believe they're talking about storage, as in ssd and not ram

could be wrong

They are, it's a common mistake non-technical people make, mixing storage with RAM, with the introduction of solid-state about forever ago. :P

Very tasty! I suppose it's too much to ask that my existing Pre Plus also be able to land on the Touchstone v2 to charge and get some of that Bluetooth steaming goodness thanks to the soon-to-be released webOS 2.x update.

Not really. It would actually surprise me if Pre-+2/Pixi can't use Touchstone 2.

So no back camera? Only a 1.3 MP front facing camera? I personally don't care but Im sure some people wont like that.

Think Beyond dude.

I can see using my Pre camera AND my Topaz camera simultaneously. Why clog the Topaz with a rear camera that is unweildy, when you can use a smaller handheld device?

I like to believe that this doc is a relict of the past...

I guess it must have been changed a few times...and this is just leaked to surprise everybody on Feb. 9th.

If they deliver more everybody will be happy...they have strong competitors - Motorola, RIM and the magic pad...

that said it'd better be an ace they have up their sleeve...

thanks fudge for the artefact though ;)

I'd like to see them come out with "Think you saw the latest on PreCentral? Think Again."

feb.9,don't know how much more teasing i can take. bring it already.
now for the webOS phone coolness.

It says "Home Button" in the picture. That would be a 4th button if correct.

It's labeled as a button, but its most likely a virtual button like on the Pre Plus

I'm commenting before I even read it. I feel bad to read this article, I sorta hate to steal HP's thunder from Feb. 9th. But I gotta know the score.

Sounds good. Idk how much screen resolution back will affect me. but the weak front cam and gloos back are well disappointing. All in all that cloud intergration seems sweet.

Sweetness. My only hope is that the resolution is better, given the benefit of several months since this was created (and knowing that the next iPad HAS to have a higher resolution, right?).

Happy I made the wife wait on getting an iPad. Hopefully we can get her a new phone (replacing a centro) and the WebOS Slate. Nice.

well given that the first THREE iphones/ ipod touches had the same screen rez, i would say the second gen ipad will use the same screen. the screen on the ipad is really nice. the rez on the topaz is similar. i dont know what u guess are complaining about. that DPI is plenty imho

gesture bar is apart of web OS... No compromises

Someone please leak some phone info.

I second that.

Creo que hp deber despertar y poner mucha atención de lo que ocurre a su alrededor, hablo especialmente de apple con su ipad 2, ya se que son rumores pero se necesitara mas artillería pesada para poder desbancar de una vez por todas a la manzana.
en lo que acerto muy bien hp/palm es en incluir la tecnología beats ya que esto atraera a los amantes de la musica, tambien el diseño me encanta y espero que los rumores de webos 2.5 sean ciertos adelante palm esperamos el 9/02........

I'm hoping this is an older iteration and that they've had a chance to add an SDHC slot (or maybe MicroSDHC if space is a concern). Hoping, yes; holding my breath, no.

Of course, I'm more inclined toward the Opal, anyway--both for easier portability and because I find 1.5 lbs gets awkward to hold fast (using the iPad as a reference point).

Ok, my first quick read-through missed the mention of USB host capability, so that would be one (albeit somewhat awkward) way to handle an expansion card. It'll also mean finding a micro USB-to-full USB adapter--and while I'm sure those are out there, I haven't had occasion to go looking so far.

That was one thing I was hoping for too, would be nice not having to carry my camera cord to transfer photos. If I have to, so be it, as I'll probably be carrying my tablet in a bag or something anyway. Would just be more convenient that way.

However, with the tablet being a USB host... I would think they need to modify the browser to allow uploading to services other than their own eg. forum photo upload, Facebook batch upload.

Mostly good stuff. Only two disappointments for me (1) fixed memory and (2) no rear camera.

Memory is cheap and HP is sure to charge FAR more for extra memory than it would cost me to buy an identically sized Sd card.

As far as the rear camera goes. I am thinking more like a shooting some impromptu movies of the kids or (like I did this year with my Pre) a fireworks display that I just stumbled on walking to the train after work one day.

Wouldn't that be much easier with a small device like the Pre than holding up a tablet to the sky?

I hope the final product has a higher resolution.

no matter what hp/palm does, people that keep looking into what apple is doing are never going to be happy...imagine if the detroit 3 always worried about keeping up with the european brands instead of worrying about building a great car...this is not keeping up with the jones's its about creating your own identity.....cannt wait for tablet to come HP/Palm all the way..

Heck, maybe if they did, all three of them would have gotten through without a government bailout, instead of just Ford.

[Failed] Detroit should have worried about keeping up with Brands from outside the US. Then perhaps they wouldn't have failed so spectacularly.

I would hope that HP does look at the competition and wants to do better.

I understand your argument, but I would have gone with something stronger than Detroit!!

First of all the Big 3 didn't fail and their problems were not from keeping up with the Jones! Their dilemma arose from the good old UNIONS and not standing up to them. A job bank? Where you just sit in a room and continue to receive the same pay and benefits even though they were laid off. Clocking in and then taking off for the night or finding a nice quiet corner and sleeping through the night. They couldn't fight with the unions so they decided to OUT SOURCE the manufacture of most of the AMERICAN auto's. Did you know that most of the American made cars are manufactured in Mexico and Canada???? They were forced to do this because the UNION employee's here were sucking them dry. Now before anyone starts in on me about being anti-union, They were a very necessary entity and served their purpose well but along the way they just had it too good and the Big 3 just had enough. Nope it wasn't not keeping up with the Jones it was the workers themselves that caused quite a bit of the problems that brought the entire American auto industry to it's knees.

If the unions were Detroit's main problem - why is Europe's - especially Germany's car industry not in *much* worse shape?

I'm not saying Unions might not occasionally share responsibility for some severe problems - but clearly that's not even close to being the whole story.

Canada has no unions? ;-)

I would also like to see a micro HDMI out too, especially on the larger model. Download a movie from NF, head over to a friends and watch it on their HDTV.

What I see is a lot of matching of the iPad and not enough exceeding. This approach failed with the Pre.

It sounds like the HDMI interface is going on the Touchstone v2. I just hope it's light enough to be portable.

Yes, I missed that. Still, that's fine at home but why should I have to carry my touchstone around too?

So the Pre's sale problems had nothing to do with bad marketing, lack of resources and high return rates?


"HP is also making space for carrier customization as well." -- Lol.

OMG! I cannot wait till next month!

I'm waiting for HP to release another teaser add that says "Think you've see it all on Think again."

It's the cloud integration that will make or break HPalms offering. Think about it. Between phone, slate and laptop, you can have the same experience ANYWHERE simply by carrying the appropriate device. Leave your phone at home, and have a call come through via an encrypted conduit to your wifi only Topaz. I call that sweet!

I think we'll see a spec bump in 2 weeks as well as a better idea regarding the roadmap plus a few capabilities that are still under wraps. The bottom line is no device will ever be perfect nor address the needs of all users - but this is getting very, very close to meeting my desires.

15D, 23h, 35m, 20s to go.

p.s. The forwarded call is a wishlist item. I don't know if it will happen, but it sounds like a cool option, eh?

I sure hope they get it to market faster than the Slate 500. I ordered one mid-November for work and cancelled my order last week after continuously being told that HP had no idea when it would be ready.

That would never happen. You are speaking of HP, the largest technology company in the world. They would never have problems filling orders for something as simple as a Windows 7 tablet.

You need to find out from hparsons why the fact that you never got your HP Slate is your own fault.

They should've made the front face camera's MP higher than 1.3 because of the fact the evo has 1.3 MP. Other than that, it look like a good start for a tablet.

"The missing link to seamless office productivity"

Does this mean we'll be able to view, edit, and print MS Office documents, PDFs, etc?

Yes, with 2.x. There will be support for an Office-compatible suite with the new version, probably with a "premium" subscription offering editing capabilities.

Did it mention anything about release dates? I didn't see one mentioned in the article.

yea, "in the coming months"

so "just wait"

It's also sad that precentral is starting to delete comments. People have a right to comment, good bad or ugly. Not everything is supposed to be "peachy". I'll start being positive when Palm stops repeating their same mistakes and telling people "in the coming months"

Don't see a whole lot going for this other than WebOS. I'd much rather have a 7" WebOS version of the Nook Color at a similar price point.

Finally, an accelerometer, compass and gyro, so i can find Uranus, like all my iPad friends!

As a launch day Sprint Pre owner who keeps holding onto HP WebOS because it seriously is the best mobile OS in terms of user experience, I'm just so excited that this thing might actually really bring excitement and new energy to the platform. Obviously HP is really putting its weight behind WebOS with this tablet, and the devices to follow.

I play with my wife's EVO and see the millions of functons and customizations that Android brings that simply are absent in WebOS (voice actions, camera settings, numerous apps, etc) and every day get closer to giving up and going to the dark side. But then I flip through a few cards one-handed, and realize that WebOS at its core is just so easy and intuitive, it can't just be given up on. So I wait for Feb9.

Hardware is one thing - just hoping that along with all this the OS (now rumored at 2.1) is evolving in the HP kitchen and they are cooking it up to really undergo a serious and rapid "growing-up" to compete with the others (Android, iOS). Those docs suggest that partnerships are being established to help with this. And a new dual-core/superphone wouldn't hurt either :) EDIT

I wish some of these specs were a webos phone..

Great offering's... I hope for a good price! Palm Pre User 'OG' (Sprint). Hope for a new device.

Whoa! if this is old doc's/specs then it is just minimum specs so final will be more?

The cloud is the keeper here, as it means that those of us with any type of PRE/Pixi (webOS) device, will be integreeted when you add HPalm-Pad, for apps and data across multiple (2 to start) platforms, so if you have multiple PRE's/Pixi's in your home/business, and add one HPalm-Pad with TS2 then you have a pusedo network of users sharing whatever... very stong Marketing message... regardless of next gen Equipments and timing.

kudos for HP Palm for intentionally leaking this! this document is a year old???

As a developer and user, I'm excited to hear about the progress in the applications for the device (cloud, syncing, video playback, etc.) I'm a little bit concerned about the hardware, though:

1) No rear-facing camera. I don't use the camera on my Pre 2 much, but when I do use it, I'm extremely glad that it's there. Is there a specification for audio-video streaming over USB? Also, I hope that it's USB 3 that they support.

2) How well will the eCompass thing work with the Touchstone v2? Will it only work away from it? Will continuous placement on the Touchstone result in degradations of compass readings? Couple with 1) above, some of the compass's thunder will be diminished. One of the nice applications for both GPS, a compass and a camera is augmented reality.

Wow, it's kinda like opening your Christmas present on Christmas eve. It's almost here, and I can't stop myself from reading all of the leaks, but I want to be surprised by SOMETHING on Feb 9th!

I'm sure they'll have plenty of surprises for us in 2 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a response from HP, in the same vein as the response to Engadget. Like someone above said, "Think you saw the latest on P|C? Think Again."

And besides, there's been no news about the phones they'll be (hopefully) announcing, so that'll be a surprise.

Think Again? How about HP giving us something to "think again" about.

This is great, but how about leaking some info on phones. Seems like phones are taking a backseat to tablets for HP. Someone dig up some dirt on the phones, haha.

Totally agree. And right now, people actually buy phones!

Dude im willing to bet anything that it's HP that leaks this info. Real leaks contain updated/future or soon to be announced info. Real leaks usually contain recent website or trademarked brands. Think pictures of training info/ads/displays/accessories or even pictures of the actual hardware. Kinda like when we saw pictures of the (rumored) keyboard that is supposed to be used with these tablets. Like someone else said, these are old outdated bits of info by HP so we can be surprised by what they announce next month. Also, we shouldn't want leaks on phones. That leaves the risk of ideas and hardware designs being stolen. It's already known what the over 100 tablets will do this year. They've been announced. So tablet info isn't that dangerous. It would take forever for companies to go back,change the os to do some of the things that Hp has planned with their tablets/phones/computers. Well most companies not named apple.

Sounds "decent", but IMHO this is "Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond" all wrapped up in these two tablets....there will be no phones announced in February :-(

I think the opal looks better in design,and I was hoping the Topaz would be sleeker but it's not a big deal. I hope these are old specs,which I think they might be.But I guess we all have to wait. It should have a back and front camera,and better resolution.I like where this is going though.


I hope these specs are old. If they release it now, you'll just see history repeating itself. They dont seriously think they can have a tablet that doesnt support hdmi out do they! Plus that camera is beyond pathetic. Sure, good enough to compete with the iPad and GalaxyTab, but watch as it eats the dust of the iPad 2 and Tab 2 released one month later.

I really think these guys dont know what they are doing sometimes. I hope to be thouroughly surprised though. Id rather have a higher priced, higher spec tablet come out that is ready to compete, than a tab that has yesterdays tech by the time it is released.

pretty much sums it up

You don't even know that specs of the iPad 2. And nobody even knows the Tab 1, so what do they care about the Tab 2.

If you think you know so much about what will make a tablet sell, go offer your services to them. Let me know if they even offer to set up an interview.

Well if they don't know the about the galaxy 2 they will find out on Feb 13th when Samsung holds their event.

You really think HDMI is a killer feature for a tablet?

None of my non-geek friends would even know what you are talking about. Neither will they care if a tablet has one of these HD-whatever things.
They can recognize the sockets for headsets and possibly USB. That's about it.

HDMI is something that's important to *you* and that's fine. But don't kid yourself and believe that what might be cool for you or me is of much interest to the rest of the world.

Video-chat is massively overrated. Most people don't bother with it at all. It's way behind looks and price when it comes to making a buy decision.

Apple is not ahead because of specs. They are actually often behind on hardware features. It took Apple ages to concede that limiting a mouse to 1-button was going too far. You never got the biggest HDD or RAM on Macs, nor the fastest processors.
Apple is going well because they sell well-crafted, well-designed devices with great marketing and focusing on some killer-features like ITunes. As soon as people were invested in ITunes via the IPods - Apple had a big advantage on IPhone and IPad.

HPalm doesn't have to beat hardware specs. They only have to avoid hardware fails (like pathetic battery life - as soon as a PalmPad is even close to IPads bettery life it ceases to be a consideration).

HPalm needs to beat music collections and app-investments.

They have a good start with Flash. Cool wireless charging via Touchstone will help and together with nice design and hopefully some cool cloud integration features HPalm has something solid to compete with.

All this talk about 128 GB storage is silly. That gives some people here nerdgasms but for a non-geek it means nothing if his/her whole music collection fits in under 8 GB.

Talk about 1 GB RAM is even more silly. What for? Even with webos multitasking people have to open silly number of apps to even use up 512 MB. What exactly is the point of 1 GB if 60% of that is permamently unused?
All those unused extra capacity costs money. These costs raise final retail prices. Why would a sane manufacturer needlessly raise costs until it can't compete?

Sure - all else being equal sometimes the listed numbers might influence a buying decision. But that is way behind looks, price and killer features like ITunes or Flash (I'm not saying that either is a killer feature for everybody).

And HDMI is not even on the shortlist of non-geeks.

I believe before nightfall, there will be close to 1,000 comments on this forum thread. And am just grateful that HP will finally announce a new WebOS device next month.

I think this compares well with Motorola Xoom.

- It has lower screen res, yes. But the implications are that:
a) less battery juice used to process the pixels
b) less pixels mean faster rendering of pages, so it gives the impression that it is a faster device ;-)

- It has a 1.2GHz processor vs Xoom's 1GHz.

- It has the inductive charging and the other Unique HP add-ons

- It has a lower res camera and none at the back, but from my own point of view the rear facing camera is not a big deal at all

- The Xoom has external storage v.s. Topaz's cloud storage

- The Xoom is the flagship Android slate platform (haa!)

- Apps, oh apps. Well, let's see if HPalm can entice enough developers to come up with something compelling...

Why is it important that either of these tablets are released on sprint? Having a 3g radio would make the tablets more expensive right? I would rather have the opportunity to go to best buy and pick up a wifi only version. If a want another contract then I'll just go to whatever company has the best 3g reception in my area and get one of those 3g/4g cells. Which i won't because most of the places i would use the tablet would be in places that have free wifi. Also we can just use our phones and turn them into wifi hotspots with or without contracts for some of us ;). Also its obvious that these are also old slides and info. I'm willing to bet HP has upgraded at least some of the hardware/software. Plus, it seems that everyone(tech sites) is concerned with the software running these devices because that is what will set them apart. Look at how many articles are out about honeycomb and the software running android tablets. Same with Ios and Ipad 2. If webos will be able to do those things on a tablet(and phone) then they will be serious contenders.

cue the HP webpage with. You think what you saw on was awesome think again...

i'm just excited about usb host mode. Something I'd wished the pre had from day 1. Wonder if this will be a feature of webOS2.0 and/or how easy it would be to port to the phone now? 'course you'd need the proper cable, but I could see it as a nice time-saver.

I'm not a tablet guy, but if these multimedia specs are delivered I may pick one up. Gotta start saving... >.