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Touch-to-share a Facebook Tablet photo 6

by Adam Marks Wed, 05 Sep 2012 9:09 am EDT

Touch to Share

Touch-to-share was a grand concept introduced with the TouchPad, Pre3 and Veer to be able to share data between two devices by simply tapping them together. Unfortunately, the initial implementation of TTS only allowed you to share web page URLs, and it never even came to the Veer in the promised software update to webOS 2.2.  So, unless you have a Pre3 and a TouchPad (or two TouchPads), you are seemingly just limited to sending website address to and from the browser app.

It turns out, though, you are not just limited to the browser app to share these website addresses. We have already seen Zap Photoshare utilize touch-to-share to send the website address to view photos on a second device, and now forum member kmoll3ster noticed that the TouchPad's Facebook app also includes a Touch-to-share feature. If you are viewing a photo from within the Facebook Tablet app and then Touch-to-share with another TouchPad or Pre3, the browser will launch and load up the website for that photo. Not exactly an extremely useful feature, but one that exists nonetheless and only for photos, as it does not work with other articles or posts. And be aware that this is a one-way feature as it's only built into the TouchPad's Facebook app and not the smartphone version, although you can use App Tuckerbox to install Facebook Tablet on your Pre3 to send it from a Pre3 to a TouchPad.

Thanks to kmoll3ster in our forums for this tip!

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anyone remember the scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big, when he is watching the building/robot demo? this is what that makes me feel like.

Never could get my pre to send a bluetooth file to my TP, but now that I have an android phone, the bluetooth pairs nicely, and I'm really liking the ability to transfer photos and documents so quickly.

Don't forget that if you have SynerGV 1 on your Pre 3 / upgraded Veer and 2 on your TouchPad, you can select a voicemail on your phone, tap to the TouchPad, and it will launch S2 so you can listen to it on the infinitely better speakers. :)

Unfortunately, it was about all that I could think of for functionality ..

The best part about this article "or two TouchPad's" I had no idea you could do it with two TouchPad's! Lol sweet!

How do you share stuff between two Touchpads?

the easiest way is to put them screen-to-screen, so the home buttons are touching.

If only someone was able to create a game that took advantage of this....the possibilities!