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TouchPad 4G, Go, and Go 3G available for HP product registration, should you happen to have one 16

by Derek Kessler Tue, 20 Dec 2011 6:53 pm EST

Got an HP TouchPad 4G, TouchPad Go, or TouchPad Go 3G and want to make sure HP both knows about it so they can send you product support alerts for the product that was never released? Well, you're in luck - HP's product registration page actually has options for the aforementioned unreleased webOS tablets. If you do a search for TouchPad it spits out four options, only one of which was ever actually released. Other options include registering your TouchPad Bluetooth keyboard and slipcase, should you feel the need to receive support alerts for a sleeve case. Granted, we doubt HP's system would actually recognize the serial numbers of any TouchPad 4G or Go [addendum: AndrewRich in the comments notes that the system accepted his TouchPad 4G serial number, but it's possible the system doesn't actually reference a database for valid serial numbers] , but the fact that they're listed in the registration system is an indication that they were relatively close to launch before HP pulled the plug on webOS hardware.

Source: HP Product Registration (search TouchPad); Thanks to EvanKr for the tip!


First thing that came to my mind was HP decided to start up production again and ship out the TP GO 3G/4G, & WIFI GO. I am cray. Just give me my 3.0.5 update b4 Xmas, thankie.

As demonstrated by the success of the Kindle Fire, the smaller TouchPad Go might've been wildly successful for HP this holiday season if they had priced it right.

That's only half the story. The Kindle's appeal is that Amazon was also selling an established ecosystem. Books, magazines, music, movies, TV shows and apps all sold from one incredibly popular store.

Only Google and Apple so far match that.

As dohtem put it Kindle isn't marketed as a really a tablet. One Kindles were already successful but it's sold as an ebook reader that's now color. but it's a device meant and formatted to drive people to buy merchandise from one of the planets biggest online retailers. It lacks very much memory or hdmi out or other advance features. It's just a misunderstanding of how kindles are sold to think it's a simple case of size. IT's not like the kindle was the first or only 7 inch tablet. In fact by your rational, any smaller tablet, "might" have been successful. But it's an over simplification. When hp has one of the biggest online product retail stores then makes a device targeted at buying content from that store i think we can truly make 1 to 1 comparisons that are effective.

This "pricing it right" line has to be retired.

The only right price for WebOS hardware - as far as HP is concerned - is with a healthy profit margin as WebOS generates NO other streams of revenue unlike Android (Google search revenue, apps, movies, music, and manufacturers having to pay a royalty for Google apps and market access on EVERY device) and Apple (iTunes. 'Nuff said).

Since no WebOS hardware can sell at that price point, there's no point in making it. The end.

>> Granted, we doubt HP's system would actually recognize the serial numbers of any TouchPad 4G ...

I just put in the serial number from my TouchPad 4G. It worked fine.

Duly noted.

It looks like someone is late to the party...

Can someone enlighten me on why i should register a product? Like say i buy a Pre 2. What's the point? I like my privacy.

"so they can send you product support alerts for the product..."

For me it was just a matter of adding one more name to the list of people using HP's webOS products. Who knows? The more people who register, the more likely HP is to bring out more hardware.

I might not be understanding the point here but in order to use the TP you are required to initially register... right? This is what I had to do for my wife's and my TP.

On another topic, I received an email from HP yesterday referencing the recent ebay refurb fire sale. They apologized for the miscalculation for the shipping charges AND the fact that the overwhelming response swamped ebay and payal. They credited me back $10 for shipping and an additional $9 for the aggravation ($19 total).

If you like your privacy, then by all means do what you have to in order to protect it. You can get product support updates or info of such through other means (forums? tweets?) and that's easier today than in the past. The drawback is that it wont necessarily be first hand or timely, which is but a minor compromise (we're not talking about food or drug recalls here).

Another thing that immediately struck me...
If sale of the unreleased Go is apparently frowned upon by HP (see link below), why would they be seeking info on who has such a device?

Pre3 OTA Update / Go & 3G Registration possibilities... ok HP, now show us some Veer love! a product that has been officially released by the way!

It seems like that the TP Go has native Chinese language support. Hmm, HP, Can you restart the production of New Touchpad.

I would kill for a touchpad should review one and trash it so I can get on with my miserable life...