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TouchPad and Veer make "worst-named" gadgets list, feel even more misunderstood 24

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 10 Jul 2012 10:16 pm EDT

TouchPad and Veer make

We're the types to vigorously defend webOS at the drop of a hat. But we'll also admit our favorite mobile OS has its faults, though we love it overall. What we never really fell in love with was any of the marketing done by Palm or HP, and there are plenty of decisions made along the way by both entities that we can't vigorously defend. But sometimes some arguments just make us throw our hands in the air and shout "So the @#$& what?"

Case in point, a recent list put together by's Gadgetbox blog, listing the 20 worst-named phones and tablets. Both the HP Veer and HP TouchPad made it onto that ignominious list sharing space with a series of other poorly-selling devices, like the LG Lucid, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, and the Samsung Brightside, which we would like to point out is not even a smartphone. Also on the list is "the new iPad", which is just the iPad, or the third-generation iPad (i.e. the new one) and the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sprint Epic 4G Touch (from which Gadgetbox left out the comma and Sprint, making it an even worse name). Not on the list? The Palm Pixi. Seriously, TouchPad and Veer are a zillion times better names than that.

Also not on the list was a reason for the list to exist. We're not ragging on the list for including the TouchPad and Veer (and not the Pixi, which is seriously deserving of inclusion on such a list), but we have to wonder why anybody would put together such a list in the first place. The name is a massively small part of the device experience. Remember when the iPad was first announced and all of the juvenile feminine product jokes that followed (and still linger to this day)? A pad is also a piece of paper! You never saw Captain Picard snicker when he picked up a PADD from his ready room desk on the Starship Enterprise, did you? Nope, and Apple has sold well over 70 million iPads to date.

It doesn't come down to a name and snarky comments about confusing the TouchPad with a peripheral (or getting wrong how many days passed between launch and cancellation - 49). It's about the overall experience, the desirability, the marketing, the apps - the physical device, for Ruby's sake! There are plenty of marks where HP missed with the TouchPad, but we wouldn't say it or the Veer are worthy of inclusion on a list with devices like the HP iPaq Glisten (three slots for HP, best only by Samsung's 5) and eMatic eGlide XL Pro.

Sure, TouchPad and Veer aren't the best names in the world, but they're certainly not the worst. But don't feel bad - HP would have been guaranteed slots if they'd gone with names like Myte or TouchCanvas.



It's all good. Gadgetbox is on my list of worst named tech blogs...which is also completely arbitrary.


I'm sorry but neither Veer nor Touchpad seems bad names to me -then again I may not be the more objective one-. The BBs series of 8520, 9360, 9900 and more hears very weird. Samsung Galaxy Note is another one -in fact its marketing exemplifies so by saying: a phone? A tablet? Both ¿...? You decide-. What about the LG Evo LTE 4G 3D?! Don't tell me this make more sense than HP Veer?! Come on!!!
Well, whatever they say, I love webOS and if there's something to regret on HP's webOS devices is the lack of commitment and its availability (and the cheap feeling on the TP, though we know now the reason why this happened).

"LG Evo LTE 4G 3D" Awesome :D

I have no problem with "TouchPad". On the other hand "Pixi", "Veer" and "Pre" suck.

For a company that started off making signal generators, HP is astonishing tone deaf.

Palm Pre - alliterative, two syllables. Palm Pre 2 or 3 is easily pronounceable.

HP Pre - not alliterative, three syllables. Aitch Pee Pre Three - far too many ees.

Then there was the iPaq, unpronounceable in the language of your choice. At least they didn't call the Touchpad something like Compaq iPaq 9851

But then - Blackberry Torch? Orange San Francisco? Galaxy Nexus (which could equally be called Black Hole, because that's what is at the centre of the Galaxy.)

It takes a very special kind of person to name electronic products. Someone who probably names their children things like Cadillac, or Phoenix.

Why did HP not sue Apple for using "IPad" as a name?

When Apple can sue Samsung for building devices, which look maybe 'a little' similar to their Tablet, HP can sue Apple for using a 'd' instead of a 'q'. Am I wrong?

HP could sue because of the name iPad that was on the market for a year before the Touchpad?

Apple already had an "i" line. iPod, iMac, iBook, etc. How was HP going to claim that iPad infringed on their trademark?

Because "iPaq" came first, and was an early handheld computer. I imagine that HP didn't realise just how profitable litigating about trademarks could be.

Even though the iPaq came first, Apple has used the "i" prefix in most of it's products (many mentioned above, but don't forget iLife, iTunes, etc.)

If HP was going to sue Apple for using the "i" prefix they would have had to have done so years ago, when Apple was building its brand around the "i" prefix. With that brand being far more well-recognized that what is mostly considered a defunct iPaq brand and with iPad being one letter off from iPod, it would be hard for HP to win a court case that they are being harmed by Apple's branding.

It would have been a nightmare for HP to bring up such a case. Not only would they lose and pay millions in the process, but the media would be all over them the same way that they were all over Yahoo for suing Facebook over those patents.

Somehow I doubt that.

iPaqs eventually sputtered out, but in the initial iPod 1G offering, iPaq was the mobile device to beat at the time. If HP sued then, I don't think the public backlash would have been as great as the Yahoo/Facebook case.

Considering that Yahoo was suing Facebook at a time that Yahoo CLEARLY FAILED at any attempt to make a viable social media product. Yahoo 360 (their only notable attempt at making such a network) was shuttered well before litigation was presented to Facebook this year, Yahoo Profiles, Answers, and other properties also faltered in being anywhere close to 360's membership or scope.

The don't "suck." They stick.

I always liked the ring that Palm Pre had.

My ex girlfriend always wanted to play with my PP :D

Pre? Terrible.

Veer? Terrible.

Touchpad? Great. The only name in the line that actually has something to do with what the product actually is.

I kinda agree on the Veer. Its to small and really kind of a girls phone. I think they should've released the Stingray / WindsorNot instead.

using my Touchpad now. Its an awesome tablet.

You do realise that something like half the population is female?

From a marketing perspective the Veer had three problems:

1. Too expensive (50% more than an HTC Wildfire? Seriously?)
2. Many women carry handbags, so paradoxically they can manage a large phone more easily than most men.
3. Sliders and handbags do not go well together owing to the lint phenomenon.

1 You do know that the Wildfire is a slab phone? The keyboard on the Veer makes it more expensive. Or did you think the keyboard on the Veer was manufactured for free?

Bigger display on a slab phone is more expensive than the smaller display on a Veer.

The reality is that in doing the tear down costs, the difference between a keyboard phone vs. a slab phone would be minimal. All the keyboard phones I see on the marketplace are generally quite cheap, sometimes free with contract.

I actually liked both names....I don't think that the name on its own sell the product. They failed for other reasons that we all know....

better than the "HP Pavilion Tablet dv25669487161tpg"
a decent name should be memorable, and not sound like a desperate bid to make the product seem better.

Touchpad isnt that great, but I like the name Veer.

Stop bickering about this, both touchpad and pre are great names, also veer of course.
instead, feel exited that amazon (still with Ruby "onboard" :) ) is rumored to release a phone...perhaps a webos one?

I like 'Veer'. It means 'feather' in Dutch. It is definitely a pleasant connotation.

It just seems like that author just hates everything in tech... nothing's safe on that list: Apple, Samsung, HP, etc. No sense in trying to please him.

Specific to this article, I don't see how the HP Touchpad is ugly. Physically, it's blow-for-blow similar to about any other tablet out there. Software, webOS isn't materially different from phone based webOS except for an onscreen keyboard.

As for the Veer, the best quip he has is a punditesque comment about HP and car crashes. Nothing intelligent to offer about why Veer failed to capture public attention, so I have no intelligent response to that. Comparatively, Samsung has had far worse names for devices (I agree with Rant being on there... nobody interested in texting got that device, it was primarily a first QWERTY phone for people who don't regularly text.)

HTC Sensation XL Lite didn't make it onto the list.