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TouchPad and webOS apps getting Black Friday treatment 28

by Derek Kessler Wed, 23 Nov 2011 7:51 pm EST

Black Friday has turned into a day of manic shopping and deal hunting for American consumers, but what many people don’t realize or have forgotten is the origin of the name for the salesplosion that is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s the day that many cut-throat retailers strive to finally turn a profit for the year, to break into “the black” on the ledger books (red being negative). Turns out webOS is going to be participating in the Black Friday madness, even if HP’s already taken its multi-billion loss on webOS.

First up is an already familiar deal: buy an HP PC, get a 32GB TouchPad for an extra $150. This time it’s spread to Office Depot, which pretty much nails down the TouchPad as upsell material at every brick-and-mortar computer dealer and many online outlets.

Thankfully there’s at least one retailer willing to break with that trend: CompUSA. Assuming that you live near one of the 36 revived CompUSA locations in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinios, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, or Texas you’ll be able to grab a 32GB TouchPad (the only size HP made for the final run). CompUSA will be selling the TouchPads exclusively as part of a bundle including a Belkin case, Belkin FlipBlade collapsible stand, and Creative Labs D80 Bluetooth speaker. That’s practically the same bundle as parent company TigerDirect offered at the beginning of the month, but this time it’s a full Ulysses S. Grant cheaper at $229.99. At this time it doesn’t appear that this offer will be available on or affiliated sites TigerDirect and

Lastly, HP’s getting in on the Black Friday action with an App Catalog sale. As posted on the HP webOS Developer Blog, HP plans to have “a big sale on some fantastic apps,” but which apps specificially and how much of a sale we’re talking about they’re keeping secret for now. HP will be sending out an email to TouchPad owners about the sale, which begins on Friday morning and will be running through Cyber Monday (the online retailer equivalent of Black Friday), the 28th of November. If the App Catalog sales and giveaways of the past are any indication, HP will still pass the full 70% to app developers as if the app was never on sale, so don’t worry about cheating your favorite devs out of their hard-earned cash.

This blogger, for one, plans to hunker down at home and avoid the shopping madness. Camping out is meant for phone releases, darn it!

Source: Office Depot, CompUSA, HP webOS Developer Blog; Thanks to ericco, henoch, Brandon, and Daaknes for the tips!


App catalog black Friday sale sounds great. I am looking forward to Friday to see these great apps.

Can't wait..I have a few apps in mind. ;-)

how exciting!!!! me tooo.

Touchpad despatched (dev discounted to £130), so hopefully it will be with me before Friday! Yay - now, whats on my list, well :

-Quick Office
-Games (Angry Birds / Need for Speed
-Auction Mate Pro

Then I'm gunna see whats in the catalogue.

It's my Birthday Present, and my only Touchpad for testing my own Apps (just starting out as a Dev), so looking forward to seeing what it does, and what I can come up with (some handy tools for website devs I think, sound good?)

I got my UK dev TouchPad yesterday. It all looks great so far :-)

Gonna try running my in-dev app on it tonight hopefully.

I'd prefer that Rovio would update their Angry Bird series on webOS, too - Seasons on iPhone has already one more update and Rio even two.

Very cool idea!

I have about $20 left of my $50 promo for early adopters. Can't wait to see what shows up!

How exciting!

In Puerto Rico Radio Shack Has the same offer. I took a flyer yesterday.

Yeeehaaaa :) Time to buy lots of apps :)

Sounds nice, but what about für german, european TouchPad owners?

hello forum,I am new in this, got a question, how do I post a comment for the free wall switch app?

I work at an office depot and to say quantities are limited is a massive understatement. Our store got two touchpads, two touchpad keyboards and one touchpad case for black friday. No touchstones.

I hope they're not apps I already have!

Also, I totally agree that i will stay home rather go out in that madness. I will totally camp out for a pre4 release!! ... ...

Got an email that Smartoffice is on sale this weekend, 50% off. I already have it though.

Notice: white...I think they are just trying to drive the devotees mad, lol.

BTW, P|C, why is it that every device I use to connect to your site,forums,downloads, etc. Can remember my login details EXCEPT the very devices I am on here to share and learn about? If it's my WebOS devices (or even if not), why not do a little work to help this issue out? (I remember having issues on my Treo with, you guessed it, TreoCentral) :) Thanks for being out here for us.

I want it!

Funny UK catalog seams that isn't updated for about 3 days now...

No love for Germany?
C'mon, even apple sells their gear cheaper today...

I went to Comp USA this morning and got the Touchpad bundle

any idea what apps are on sale? No e-mail here and nothing looks dropped in app store. It is after lunch here and nothing...

not seeing any apps on sale either...

hey guys I just wanted to post a true black Friday deal. I use a palm pre + on at&t. My wife had the same pre+ until this morning. Her contract was up, so she has been looking to switch (due to hp killing web os) we got a samsung galaxy SII this morning at radio shack for $49.99. My contract isn't up until the spring & I'm pretty jealous right now. Great phone for a great price.

sale ends today when radio shack closes, goood luck if you scoop one up, you won't be disappointed !!!

never got the black Friday email. Can someone post it?

this is posted on

....I can't tell if any of the apps mentioned in the article are on sale or not....

Kick off your holiday shopping in the App Catalog

Black Friday has hit the App Catalog. (And, no, Virginia – Black Friday was not named in honor of the “Friday” song by Rebecca Black.) You’ll find a bagful of apps on sale, ranging from seasonal picks like How The Grinch Stole Christmas,, or useful guides like Audubon Trees to help you get to know your Tannenbaums.

Beat the crowds, skip the traffic and parking hassles, and kick-start your holiday shopping this season. Pick up a new game for 99 cents, -- or plan ahead for your 2012 resolutions with Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga.

Jon Zilber

EDIT ...just had the webos news email arrive and it look likes the apps mentioned in the article are on sale, along with a bunch of others....

Picked up a bundle at compusa in Texas & very pleased with deal. Bluetooth speaker very cool and even the stand is surprisingly useful. Got there right at 5am and thought there wouldn't be enough TPs. There were at least 30. Clerk said first 3 checkouts were for bundle so I guess they thought there would only be a few too. Almost got one on craiglist for same $ but no bundle of course. Now to get some new apps on special.