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TouchPad to be available as soon as April? [rumor] 40

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:36 pm EST

As always, keep your sodium chloride distribution vessels on standby. The folks at DigiTimes are chiming in again on the HP TouchPad, claiming that the webOS tablet is slated to start shipping out at the end of March with sales beginning in April. And in case you're wondering, April does come earlier than "summer," which is when HP says they're planning to have the TouchPad ready. DigiTimes claims “upstream component partners” as their source, and for all we know that could be the case, though we aren't going to be getting our hopes up.

But we are going to wash down some of that salt with a splash of cold water: we’re not so sure the TouchPad will be ready to go before summer, let alone as early as April. Hardware, sure, but webOS 3.0 was very much a work in progress at Think Beyond and no matter how many chefs you put in the kitchen, the soufflé isn’t going to rise any faster. Or perhaps HP's rushing to get the TouchPad to market before the iPad 2 arrives.

That said, this does match up somewhat with DigiTimes’ report from last month wherein they claimed the tablet was due in March. Their sources also claim that HP is planning on shipping some 45-48 million notebooks and tablets in 2011, which when you subtract their previous notebooks-only estimates leaves 4-5 million tablets.

Don't get us wrong: we'd be tickled to have a TouchPad (and Pre 3 and Veer) in our hands in April, but we just don't see it happening. But if we have to wait until some undetermined point in the summer to get a finished product, then that's what we'll do.

Source: DigiTimes; Thanks to akitayo for the tip!



the sooner the better... My launchday Sprint Pre needs a successor lol

@swyppuh on twitter

i'll be first in line for a pre3/tp combo :)

If you are not first in line I will save you a spot :-)

Maybe this is where HP differs from Palm: Underpromise, Overdeliver! Oh, well, a guy can hope, right?

I hope so too but am disappointed to see precentral posting this in part because it raises people's hopes, especially afficionados (which we all are), after numerous times of missing milestones.

rather than say "bring out the salt" I think the writers should say that even given the digitimes report, it is probably more wise to expect May at the soonest and we'll all be pleasantly surprised if it is in april or at least not disappointed if it is not.

--edit, nevermind. they did just that

I am debating. I would prefer an Android device but WebOS is great. Will they start producing more apps for WebOS?

definitely yes. more apps.

I think DigiTimes'source is pulling an April fools joke on them.

Under-promise,Over-deliver. might be a worthwhile change in strategy.

I hate you so much for giving me hope, I want this, I really really want this and april while still a long way away is within sight, but if it doesnt I'll have built up hype until then only to find out I really am going to have to wait for summer.

4-5 million tablets? Is that a joke?

I wonder if it's plausible that they might release the TouchPad before WebOS 3.0 is done... maybe a 2.x version with the promise of a "summer" update to 3.0.

Then too, would it be a WiFi version first, or a Sprint CDMA/WiMax version (the latter please HP/Sprint).

I'd prefer to get a Sprint-branded Pre3 first though. :-)

2.1.4 version will come out early summer with the 3.0 scheduled to come out in the fall, then the following spring (big announcement scheduled for early February). It will actually hit the market late Q2. We'll then find out that the 2.x version will NOT be upgradeable to 3.0 AND with our service plan we won't be able to purchase discounted 3.0 for 22 flippin months...

Bitter much,

YES I am.

A hard sell, 3 in a big way is to allow tablet use. 2.x wouldn't suffice in my view.

Enough with the salt jokes. It wasn't funny the umpteenth time.


What if what we saw at the event wasn't what they actually had? In the sense that, they may have a finished product but didn't want to pull out all the stops. Don't they still have another event in late March planned?

I'm on high hopes with this one, as I was thinking about an April release today before I saw any of this stuff. I'd love it then, as my work travel schedule will be ramping up, and after my boring time at the airport/on the plane today, I want one asap ;)

I hope, im really tired of Android and want to get my WebOS back. i get to play with my old Pre from time to time since my ex-stepdaughter has it now and needs help with it from time to time (hell she even admitted she likes WebOS now!!!). I am a patient person, but get antcy at the same time.

and i need a tablet, but am waiting for the right one. may have to get a low end laptop to hold me over if its not released soon.

dont you get it yet, their plan is to release last years products this year(pre2)when they announce next years products! (touchpad, hp pre, veer)D'OH!

Speaking of finished products I'm still waiting for the Pre to be finished.

I'm not wasting one shiny penny on another WebOS product until "things are made right". I don't care how nice an OS WebOS is. The support is terrible.

Buyer Beware!

Felt good didn't it? You bought a product lesser than you have in your hands today, there was no promise when you bought it that you'd have a specific number of updates or support until a specific point. Updates are, for the most part, discretionary.

There was a indication made but plans change HP can't afford to keep looking while they're trying to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. The new platform and architecture will allow better support down the track. They did lose a product cycle in the acquisition and your current device wont last forever.

So help me to point out which phone maker out there have very good support?

As long as I know.. Almost all phone in market have problem of its own and almost none of phone maker out there have very good support.

If Pre- have bad quality of first batch.. I agreed.. Because I have one before and 2 months it has oreo effect and screen problem.. But after sold it and buy Pre+.. I don't have any problem up till now. Slider still solid and screen still ok.

It probably will be released in April. April 2012.

buyer beware? Retard beware! Support sucks on everythinhg the diff is that they where selling the company webos is the shit & I know if you use it you like it give it some hardware variations and marketing & its on go get some spec phone & wonder why it still sucks all the apps in the world only helps when ur useing apps you do have to us the phone eventually u'll fig it out if I was you I'd start hope they turn it around or we'll all be stuck with sub par user exp

I reckon they shouldn't have done the leaks and hype to the degree they did. I thought the level of hype could have meant a slab for the masses, they let too much out.

There was a hope in the back of my mind that HP was under promising at their Feb 9 event so they could over deliver on release dates and win some points. Would be awesome... But I certainly am not holding my breath.

I have to say-- the rumor mill is amusing today. Apple's iPad 2 delayed until June and the originally "summer" slated TouchPad coming in April (when most expect the iPad 2...)? Fun times ;)

Lets keep us come here to read rumor and rumor.. but hey.. at least it can make me a bit happier.. waiting HP TP for summer really makes me desperate :) April would be great.. it can be my birthday present... and it will be the best present I ever had in my live :D

how r these people still business? I won't be touchin Pre 3! However, as a fan of webos, I'll be buyin this big thing! Aka TouchPad! I hope Pre 3 does a horrible job as the pre 2 so they can change the form Factor of the pathitic Phone! Thank you, come again!

I chose Pre because of the form factor. I love the Pre 2 size and portrait slide keyboard. I'm sure a larger phone will show up eventually but I won't buy it.

It's funny to read someone that so hate with Pre design.. Pre design is far better then other sliding phone. I'm not talking about the defect pre (ie oreo effect)

I have pre+ and very happy with it and no problem with the design. Pre3 will be my next phone.

Why do you need to hope they change the form factor? Why not hope they add other form factors so that we all can be happy, because the Pre formfactor is perfect for me.

I own an almost launchday Pre, and I don't see why I would want the touchpad based on my previous experiences. Pre was full of promise, now it can't seem to do even some of the most basic things I need in a business phone. PDF viewer sucks, crashes constantly. E-mail forwards suck, can't view forwarded content most of the time.

I came from the Treo and bought the Pre based on promised potential. Now after waiting and waiting for an update to fix all these nagging issues I'm told too bad, so sad, but here is another launch day device that con do all of these wonderful things. Oh yeah, we also have a new phone that can do all the things we promised before.

Nevermind, see you over at TiPb.

if they do, it will be lioke the pre. beta testers again!!! i dont mind though -=)

People are rushing to get in the market. The Xoom released without flash after claiming they had the "real" internet experience. I can see it coming out early, with some major software updates coming down the pipelines

34th I think

HA! :)

perfect time to start saving. what would this go for?

I'm not going to get my hopes up, but if this becomes true, I'll be one happy camper!

I live in Eugene, Oregon. Just down the road from HP. In my local Sprint Corporate store today, during a conversation with a sales associate, he mentioned that he wasn't sure about phones, but that they are expecting the Touchpad in April. He then turned to his manager and asked, April right? to which the manager said yes. When I asked him about the Pre3, and that the touch to share would make sense that they offer the phone as well. He only said, "well yeah, that makes sense". I then mentioned that rumor had said April, and he responded, "yes definitely April, but I will ask my dad about the Pre3, he works for HP". A year ago, they had no communication about any Palm products, as you would suspect, they were pretty annoyed by the lack of training and communication from Palm. Today conversely, they were pretty cheerful and almost giddy about the Touchpad.