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TouchPad to lack document editing at launch 187

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 3:29 pm EDT

We wouldn’t say HP’s been evasive when it comes to document editing on the TouchPad, but they haven’t exactly been forthcoming about it. Since the day the TouchPad was announced, HP’s touted the inclusion of the QuickOffice document suite so that you can view documents, but only stated that they were “working with Quickoffice to include the Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, which lets you view and edit documents, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.”

You might have noticed the lack of any document editing demos in all those TouchPad videos that have come out recently. That’s for a reason: it’s just not ready yet. We got our first hint of this yesterday when erasef301 posted the response he got from an HP after asking about document editing, confirming out fears that the TouchPad wouldn’t have document editing at launch. And then today an anonymous tipster sent us an HP presentation meant for corporate partners, which contained the following in the footnotes:

The initial version of QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite will support viewing of Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents. QuickOffice is expected to make PowerPoint viewing capabilities available at launch via a downloadable update in the App Catalog, and to add PowerPoint editing capabilities via a downloadable update in Q3 2011.

So out of the box, QuickOffice on the TouchPad will support Word and Excel viewing. If you want PowerPoint, you’ll need to download an update from the App Catalog, which seems like a strange delivery system until you consider that it might be using HP’s new in-app purchasing system. Additionally, document editing will be coming via an update in Q3 2011 (the slide says PowerPoint, though we suspect – and hope – it will encompass Word and Excel as well). That might seem bad, and for potential corporate customers it’s surely not great, but an update in Q3 2011 puts it sometime in the first three months of the TouchPad’s publicly available life.

Thanks to anonymous and erasef301 in our forums!


I think this is a big deal. Still plan to get one, but my enthusiasm just took a dive.

This will be HUGE for corporate clients and they will sell almost none of these through corporate routes until the entire Microsoft suite of office products are both viewable and editable.

sprint users think they are the only webOS users

LOL, for ahabenezer and Vito and all the other WebOS rookies. SSDD. When you call WebOS veterans "trolls", you just dont grasp that WebOS is cursed with FAIL after FAIL. Two years without docs editing. Doc editing was one of the first "leaks" HP let go when they took it over. A key part WebOS 2.0 that all devices were going to get.

This is just the latest episode where Leo p**ps in the Fruit Loops. We complain about it and turn our backs, you moops call us trolls, smile and reach for the milk. Bon Appetite.

For HP to think they can sell this stuff to enterprise, it's just history repeating itself. So absorbed in creating a device advanced beyond the user's grasp, yet failing on the very basics that Treo's, BB's, Iphones and droids conquered YEARS AGO. HP is so bloated and overweight, they may never conquer the lower hurdles.

More profitless labor. Oh joy. Ok Mark Hurd, we believe you now. HP didn't buy Palm to get into the wireless space.

ROFL, while you're downticking the above, take an extra second and down tick this too! Ten months later, "coming months".

other webOS users didnt buy a pre or a pixi cause they were promised that it was gonna be big(gambling),we bought it cause we like the way it works ,i really dont care about updates,apps
just buy something that u can use dont gamble on its future

That's fine. The WebOS phones have become the new Razr. A fine, no frills product that's easy to use and doesn't take up too much room.


They are not the only. They are the oldest, and they've never had an upgrade option. They were the most numerous at one time. They did fund Palm long enough for it to launch on other carriers. You dont appreciate that, fine. But no amount of complaining about it will make the Sprint users stop asking. This is the burden of supporting WebOS. Learn to live with it.

you are going to be one of those ppl that wait for things to come to them.
if u like something you chase it,you dont owe the carriers anything...
if it is expensive on verizon or att and you wanna be cheap on sprint "u get what u paid for"
use inferior glorified product with inferior glorified user experience

I was ready to follow WebOS to VZ. Then on Feb 9, realized that HP was impeding WebeOS more than Sprint. Sprint has never lied to me, never failed to deliver on promises. Sprint has just been silent. I am empowered to get the device I want and need on any service I choose. Sprint has delivered, I'll stick with them. All the power apps Palm had before the Pre, are available on other platforms now. WebOS has a nice interface, but a great pizza is not a party on its own. The HP party has great pizza, but the music, girls, venue and flat expired soft drinks all suck.

Sprint please.

Yes, it is important to have document editing capabilities but corporate buyers don't line up on day one to buy any device. They test it first for a month to several months and develop a deployment roadmap. There are companies still evaluating iPads a year after launch.

Every CIO who was at HP Discover was told that editing would come in an OTA update shortly after launch. So yes this is important, but it's hardly a corporate deal breaker and it's not an undisclosed surprise. HP has been saying this for weeks.

If the reason they haven't finalized this feature is what I think it is, (developing a full file system for the TouchPad) then it's well worth the wait because iPad doesn't have this a full year after launch and probably won't have it since it doesn't support USB mode.

Large corporations do that. Smaller ones buy a sample or 2 and try to solve their needs asap. These is where the $$ is; in the small to medium business market. This has put a major cramp on my plans for my company to the point where a 3 more month delay will probably mean a focus on iPad vs the Touchpad which sucks as webOS is much easier for us to get custom business apps developed adn working.

"As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz is happy to tell you that we'll be releasing Documents To Go for webOS later this year, allowing you to edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your Pre!" - DataViz Mid 2009

"The initial version of QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite will support viewing of Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents. QuickOffice is expected to make PowerPoint viewing capabilities available at launch via a downloadable update in the App Catalog, and to add PowerPoint editing capabilities via a downloadable update in Q3 2011." - HP Mid 2011

Jump to 1:33

"It's deja vu, all over again."

Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame catcher and high tech consultant.

The difference is that now it is HP – the largest computer & printer company in the world – with which we are dealing, not the moribund company who was at the border of the bankrupt. QuickOffice now has the assurance DataViz didn't have with Palm.

Largest doesn't scale out in WebOS's favor when the effort is spread over such a wide range of products. HP is not exactly a money machine. The marginally profitable items they sell, have to cover the ones that run for loss. Among tech companies, HP isn't floating in R&D cash.

HP is not exactly a money machine?

They made $8.8 billion in profit in 2010... how much do they have to make in order to qualify as a money machine?

How much did they spent to make that amount of money? Look at their profit multiples in Yahoo, then compare with IBM, Cisco, Google, Apple and other technology companies. 8.8B is a lot of money if you're selling hamburgers or Dunder Mifflin paper, but considering the resources it took to make 8.8B it is clear, they know how to make revenue, but they're losing their grasp on profitability. HP is on the edge, the next two years will crucial, this is not a well run company and if this is news to you, time to do some reading. HP is due for their next round of layoffs, stay tuned, maybe Rubi will make the rate 9.1000001!

Ummm, hello that's what Citrix is for. Better enterprise security feature as well since Citrix sessions are separate from the users actual logon. Actual apps and data cannot be stored on the personal device. Integrity maintained and sessions better maintained/logged by the corporation.

Best part of Citrix is that the only resource would primarily be graphics. The Citrix servers will take care of processing and memory resources. Imagine running CAD natively instead of through Citrix.

Also most companies have designated computers for presentations, so there's no immediate need for video out on the touchpad in the corporate sector. Citrix can help in this area as well.

Don't know why the average consumer is jumping in like they know it's a fail. Obviously, they don't know business solutions. HP knows, especially productivity. Why else did they go after Citrix.

Most consumers are one track minded, there are other ways to skin a cat. HP, despite some roadblocks, is making a big effort exploit these solutions. I like HP's innovation and 'outside the box' thinking.

If it wasn't for HP, the tablet would probably never existed, or the possibility of webos on pc, or the watch concept, or the best part 'a world of interconnected devices' with the use of the 'cloud' and user profile to bind them together. If hp gave into what consmers demand a year ago, none of this would happen and the best product that could come of it would be a 'slab' phone.

SWAT team Fail!

I think I hear the "You Don't Need That" choir getting ready to chime in. I'm guessing their first selection will be "I Use a Notebook if I Want to Edit Documents" followed by "Google Docs will still work online".

And-a-one and-a-two...

I need that :-P

But I guess I will survive if it's delivered due in 2011. At least better than delivering it without an Email-Client, Flash or Copy & Paste ;)

So for the start I will have to use my usual tools. I was also expecting it a bit, as those Suits usually take very long to get developed, so I was a bit suspicious that they should have done it "that fast" for the Touchpad.

I don't need it, but HP does to sell the TouchPad to enterprise.

Yep, dampens the corporate channel. Wondering what apps will be available for consumer at launch. Seems to be a lot of enthusiasm by everyone who has seen the TouchPad in person, would love to see the details on which this is based.

All this time and no document editing at launch. I thought this was going to be targeted to enterprise?

Apparently HP is resurrecting the Palm line. "We'll release it via OTA soon..."

Hey might work again, worked well enough on many here.

And still is working!

After living through promises from Documents To Go about WebOS editing "coming soon", I won't take a chance on the TouchPad until document creation and editing is actually possible.

With DocumentsToGo I guess it was supposed to be a purchasable upgrade. In case of the Touchpad this is supposed to be "included" (therefore via free OTA-update). So I expect that HP already paid them to do that stuff.

Any delay or even the cancellation sure will cost them a lot of money.

im sure the highly coveted enterprise users will not be happy about this.

Looking more and more like the playbook every day. This is basic functionality that should be in every tablet at shipping. Oh well at least its got an email app.

Whoa! slow down there cowboy. There are light years difference between the Touchpad and the Playbook. The Touchpad is definitely not perfect but it is not the mess that is the Playbook.

Yeah, the Playbook has a synergistic relationship with one of the most popular smartphone platforms out there. The TP has a synergistic relationship with zilch right now.

And what are they actually doing with that synergy? Zilch right now. Obviously you haven't noticed that RIM is on the Decline.

Lastly I was talking about the Playbooks draw backs apposed to the Touchpad and my statement still holds true. Thanks for changing the subject though.

And Flash^^

For me it will work, even though I was also hoping that I will be able to use the included Document-editing app. Otherwise I will have to use my own Applications.

Frankly TP doent hold up to IP-2 or Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 in specs now doesnt have document imaging also. This really sucks, so we are not good in hardware and software. I hope they have netflix and Kindle on July 1st.

Of course it will. It's already been confirmed that the TP will have all essential apps on launch. It said so in this article. - Guy Who Will Believe Anything

Negative much?

You are right about that.

Still waiting for my Flash update I was promised on my original Pre from two years ago.

Give me your email so I can send it to you ;)

i sense the impending death of webOS...

here we go yet again... im a die hard webos fan (use my failing 18mos old pre-) but this kind of news is getting hard to take at this point esp with the pre3 nowhere near sprint and no formal announcements made.

I remember Leo being quoted at the D9 Conference as saying "We will not release a tablet that isn't perfect.",2817,2386285,00.asp

This does not sound perfect to me.


i heard the same thing. now factor in what he said about licensing webos. he likes to vomit things...

"We will not release a tablet that isn't perfect" - Guy Who Isn't Ready to Release a Tablet Yet.

Stop being ignored!

Join the FaceBook group dedicated to getting HP WebOS back on Sprint.

Together we can do this!
Go WebOS!

With RIM in trouble, this is HP's best chance to shine.

You don't do it launching functionally incomplete, especially with something that would so important to enterprise customers.

Man oh man, it's like we have the Palm brigade of failed promises and execution all over again.

But the Touchpad is supposed to have "millions of thousands of applications!" - Eric Cador, Head of HP Europe @ 2:34

man, how hard can it possibly be to have the option to edit things in word and excel!! is it some sort of licensing issue? what can be the bottle neck? there is no way it can take more than 6 months to let u implement editing into the software. WOW man... i just cant believe this -=\

Well... it IS hard.

As I stated above, I got suspicious because I couldn't believe that they did it that fast (as probably the tipster got also).

Even doing this until Q3 with the most important functions and being able to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint is fast. Nevertheless I'am a bit disappointed.

If it would be easy you would see more Apps in the Catalog that actually can do this instead of 10 music player and 30 Twitter-Apps (which also isn't "easy" but still not as hard as a fully featured Office Application, look at Notes and how much work the developer put into it and still it "only" can do notes).

There is no tipster - ask anyone who paid money to attend HP Discover and they'll tell you that HP pretty much repeated this over and over. Doing a full rebuild of an office editing suite is hard. Apple had iWork so for them doing a mobile rewrite was simpler for them.

I need to remind the grand whiners on this board, it took Apple 6 full months after launch and a year after announcement to bring half-assed multi-tasking to the iPad in iOS 4.2 -November 20th 2010, that feature set is less than 7 months old on iPads. HP has that handily beaten already before launch.

Have you considered a scenario where HP wanted even better integration with the full versions of Office and needed to arrange additional licensing rights for some functionality with Microsoft..? This reaction is so over-the-top drama queen, frankly, I'm speechless.

Different things move at different speeds. If you're going to blow a hissy fit about stuff coming 40 days later, you don't really know what you want. Don't buy the TouchPad, buy something else that does what you want today.

HP is not competing against an iPad that can't multitask.

This is the same mistaken comparison done by folks at the Pre launch. You can't base comparisons on what some other company was doing a year ago. You have to compete against what is on the market NOW.

The TouchPad has to compete against the current state if iPads and Android tablets. Not having document editing is a huge ding.

And in the phone arena, the Pre 3 stats are already looking mediocre at best compared to other current phones, and it's not even released yet.

WebOS is great, I love it, but that alone isn't going to save it in he market when HP is failing to push the resources it can (and needs to) into WebOS proucts to make them successful.

wow. that's kinda a big thing to not have.

and how long til they get it because if it's more then a few weeks people will go with other platforms. W h a t if you have to wait 6 months why not get some other tablet since new tablets come ut like every year. why would you wait?

Don't worry, I'm sure it'll just be the same ~3 months that they estimated it would take to get Flash onto our Pre minuses when they first came out.

That worked out well!

Wow.. This is a real letdown. I guess this makes my decision easier to wait a couple of months after release to purchase. Are there any other office apps that allow editing?

it's the late game, and welcome to it. RIM played it with the Playbook, and shipped a terribly incomplete product. Xoom did it by not having it 4G. and now the TouchPad, incomplete, BUT DONT WORRY. we will have an ota update soon that will add new features. we wont backtrack, promise, trust us, be patient.

"Stay tuned" - Guy Who Isn't Ready With Whatever You Are Asking About.

It actually says "and to add PowerPoint editing capabilities via a downloadable update in Q3 2011[]", so Word and Excel editing might be available on release.

My enthusiasm for the word "lacking" in the WebOS world is lacking.

This is not believalbe. I cannot get my around the idea that HP is that stupid.
If you want to be a trustworthy partner of enterprise and small business owners you have to deliver this at launch with an app and with Google docs.

No other way I am afraid.

So you would prefer them to release the TP a couple months later?

Obviously HP and QuickOffice would love to ship full functionality right away. That they don't means that they couldn't get it done in time (and yes - supporting editing, especially for the terribly broken and badly documented MS Office formats *is* hard).
When the software isn't ready yet HP has exactly 2 choices - delay the launch - or launch update afterwards. They get complains either way - so might just as well launch and sell to the customers who don't intend to edit docs on a tablet.

As somebody else here recently said very correctly - if doc *editing* is a killer feature for you - don't buy the TP until that feature is available. Fair enough.

It actually says "and to add PowerPoint editing capabilities via a downloadable update in Q3 2011[]", so Word and Excel editing might be available upon release.

First sentence: "The initial version of QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite will support viewing of Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents."

Notice the word "editing" in there? Neither do I.

It doesn't say anything about editing Word and Excel documents, so can we assume that you will be able to edit PowerPoint by 3Q 2011 and Word and Excel documents at some point down the line? I think the response is poorly phrased. When QuickOffice was released for the iPad I believe that you could not edit PowerPoint slides initially, so that might be the model followed here.

View-only first, editing later after OTA update.

Would you not be able to edit with Google Docs until the app is ready?

This has all the hallmarks of the lackluster Pre launch. Here we go again...

Nope, it has ONE sign. Don't paint it darker than it is.

you sound like a bunch of women with all your moaning and groaning. It is obvious that hp doesn't value the current small webos customer base. Get over it! If you want a tablet with document editing capabilities buy an effing ipad !

this isn't about the current small userbase, its about the touchpad release, and to use your vocabulary, you should get an "effing" TouchPad if you want, I and many others will not get one untill it supports document editing, enterprise users want this.

If you don't think that the current user base isn't effected by this then you are smoking something very illegal. We are the only voices that HPWebOS has right now, and it probably isn't farfetched to say that we are the only people that are actually taking an active interest in the Touchpad right now. That being said, we are probably going to be the only people buying a touchpad on launch day. I guess you could go as far as to say that we are going to be the only people effected by this, until HP actually gets their advertising butts in gear.

I can't believe this. I just went from waiting to Pre-order my TP to waiting for Apps before I buy a TP, now. Every PDA & phone I've ever owned (3 iPaqs, 2 Nokia E-series phones and 4 Windows Mobile phones) have all had document editing beyond text files until I purchased a webOS device. Sure there are folks out there who only read and not edit and I can accept viewing but not editing on a screen as small as the Veer and Pre, but Pre³ and TP are must-haves. This is unacceptable and if our mobile platform is going to be a serious contender in the game, HP are going to either acquire a docs editing company or pay them enough money to give webOS a fighting chance.

Sounds like the Pre release. Promises that don't come through.

Given the fact that Q3 hasn't gone by (or even started yet) how do you know that this promise won't be kept?

If this is an important feature for you - it would be entirely reasonable to wait until that functionality is actually available before your buy - but the *assumption* that it won't is silly.

very dissapointing.... i'm starting to lose faith HP...

as a developer I lost faith in them a very long time ago, as an end user I'm losing it every day

This is just ridiculous...I write for a living and have been holding off on buying an iPad because I want a WebOS tablet with the multi-tasking, in addition to being able to edit documents on the go. Not having it ready by launch is just ridiculous...and even with a third party option, it'll likely only utilize Google Docs, which isn't a very suitable substitute. I was thinking of buying this on launch day, but this latest news is making me seriously rethink my commitment.

I'm sure that browsing the web and viewing pictures is enough for corporate customers.
Oh, wait, it is NOT!!!!!!
I don't know about you, but the TouchPad is beginning to feel like a brick tablet to me. Is there anything I can actually do with it?
I love webOS, but I can't even view pdf files on my Pre. For God's sake, HP, do something with it!!!!!

This is so unbelievable and shocking that PreCentral needs to get word from HP immediately on this. This tablet was shown and demonstrated running all kinds of new software on February 9th. HP had prototypes and was obviously working on it in 2010. After working on it for a year (and even since the February event), are you telling me that HP can't get document editing for word and excel files at launch on a 10 inch tablet? Something I could do on my treo on a 2 inch screen?
I'm absolutely shocked by this. what in the world is HP thinking? I'm serious about this - if I was Leo, and I just heard this, I would fire Jon Rubenstein and other leaderhship at Palm. I really would. Editing word and excel documents is 10x more important than video calling or a new photo app, for example, for 90% of users of this device. What are they thinking? This should have been on the Pre - two years ago. Two years later and it is still not done?
Again, PreCentral needs to get this confirmed, because it is a killer. HP should immediately pay QuickOffice $10 million to get this ready by July 1. If it has been on the iPad forever, why can't Quickoffice port it to the Touchpad? What in the world is the holdup? Can any software developer on here tell us?

millertime, has it occurred to you that it could be because HP wants a complete rebuild with different things and capabilities integrated into it.

Do you seriously think it's because of something money can buy.

You're way over the top with your reaction to something that has been common knowledge for a while. Viewing first, editing shortly thereafter. If you can't wait 40 days, buy an iPad tomorrow and forget about this thing called an HP TouchPad.

I'm sorry but it's time to take on negative fire-breathers with real push-back, there's nothing constructive about continuous hand-wringing and endless whining. Just by an iPad already and go to Macrumors.

+ 1

this train wreck is becoming bigger by the day. can't.....stop.....lookiingg

Train wreck? This is more like a special needs kid being asked to build a tablet. You, of course, want to encourage him. But, at some point you have to know it actually isn't going to work out.

I wasn't upset in the least by HP cutting off the app feeds. I wasn't upset in the least by HP going to Enyo and leaving Mojo behind.

However, I expected given HP's long wait in getting this tablet out, that HP would include document editing. I don't care if it is pretty, just that it is useable, because if I'm going to carry a tablet for play and work, I need to be able to edit documents on it. For a tablet, it is a must have. it is not an optional thing. it is like shipping a netbook or notebook without the capability to edit documents on it because many are using tablets to replace their netbooks/notebooks.
Just because I'm unhappy with Palm/HP (and who couldn't be disappointed with their execution at this point, even optomistic Pre users like me), doesn't mean that I'm a negative fire-breather, but someone does need to hold HP's feet to the fire on this - be it Leo or the press or these forums, or hopefully all three. If it will be 40 days, then fine, but we have no idea because HP has never told us. If it is not about money, then hire 200 software engineers tomorrow and get it done by July 1.
Just because someone is negative about a pretty huge failing by HP, doesn't mean they want an iPad like 99% of the population. This is a very, very basic task of a tablet, and for HP to fail on this, it makes everyone doubt their execution going forward.
I will be the first to praise HP for good execution.

Very simple. Go buy an iPad.

I already had one. Wanted a new TP and Pre3. Oh wait i'm on Sprint. Darn!!!

"Viewing first, editing shortly thereafter" Hmmmm.... Sounds familiar .... And Quit telling me to me to buy an iPad, I'm typing on one. It's my company's. It's cool but not cool enuf. I've been with palm since 96 and my palm pro.... I'm all in. I just want a solid device as promised delivery already. Mkay?

Actually the Feb 9 event was notable for its absence of significant software demonstration. There were magazines shown and I think one game. Other than that, no tablet software.

It's obvious you don't have the slightest idea how software development works.

If it's not ready now and needs a couple months more work then no amount of money can make it happen in a couple of weeks.
Rush too much and you produce more bugs than features. Throw too many new devs on the problem and you get to a point where it takes longer due to communication overhead.

Of course QuickOffice can port this to webos. They're doing it already. They just didn't funish in time.

Without specific information about that project nobody here can say what the reason for the delay is.

But I can well imagine the kind of problems that take longer than anticipated.

If anybody is interested why throwing more devs at a project (especially late in the project) does not work - there's a classic book about this: "The mythical man-month":

Throwing 200 fresh devs at the problem would delay the project further instead of completing faster.

A software project usually works best with a small team that works well together and is competent in the subject matter. When you add more devs you also add overhead in the form of tutoring the new guys, extra meetings and coordinators, more room for misunderstandings, more emails, paper, etc... Add a few very early and you might finish faster. Add many late and you will finish later or never.

I thought we had software development kits which would allow for the easy porting of applications?

Wasn't that a big deal a year ago? Where you could port something over in a couple days using the kit?

Editing Schmediting! It's not like they offered us a $50 keyboard for anything except chatting and searching. I mean... it's really hard to replicate a web address in an email when they won't let you copy-paste it. We all saw what happens to tablet reviews when expected software does not work as expected. Just look at how well RIM is doing... oh ****

This is getting literally embarrassing.

I feel like Linus Van Pelt, starting my freshman year at Dartmouth, explaining to the fellows that yes, the great Pumpkin *will* arrive this year. It just *will*.

Deal-breaker for me.


"In the coming months" lives on!



You know, if they said is wasnt ever coming, or had no idea when it was coming, I could see some of the reactions above being justified, but, come on... its coming in an update within weeks to months..

I think its prudent to give them a chance to prove themselves, rather than to be so pessimistic.

At the very least.


Prove themselves? We've already been let down:

Document editing
WebOS 2.0 on legacy devices

"in the coming months..."
"launch weeks after announcement..."

I'll just say this, this forum is webOS's worst enemy. A naked lie or an out of context distortion can make its way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its clothes on.

-This will get tweeted 1 million times and the full truth just won't follow it out. Great job fellows. I guess it's HP's fault for wanting to get this piece right. I wonder if Apple's fans were understanding when the iPad came out without the ability to switch between tasks. That was a deal breaker too as I recall, or was it??

Seriously, some serious first class whiners on this forum. Q3 ends in September by any measure of imagination. So some here wont buy a device that they'll use for 2 years because something won't be on it for 40 days. Go buy an iPad already!

I think some of them will. You are only causing negative people to leave. If positive ppl stay here it will only be you and derek posting in the comments.

Seriously, if people don't know what they want. They should buy what they consider the best and live with it. Customers do this all the time, that's capitalism.

Okay, I just had a June 2009 flashback! I thought I had pulled up an old article by mistake.


I bet Data Viz is say... 'see... I told ya'.

*or* using the my Captain Kirk voice... 'Khan!!!' I mean 'HP!!!'

This is how retail conversation could go for a number of consumers looking for their "key" app or integration:

- I'm in the medical field. Do you have Epocrates, the standard for medical apps? Answer: No, but we did and we're hoping to get them back "in the coming months".

- I'm in business. I'm assuming I'll be able to edit Office docs, the standard in business. Answer: No, but "in the coming months" you should be able to get it.

- I'm big into music and movies and all my music and video is on iTunes, the standard in media management. I'm assuming there is a conduit other than cut and paste to move all stuff to the TouchPad. Answer: No, but we're working on our own system "in the coming months".

- I love entertainment and already have a Netflix account, the standard in online entertainment. I'm assuming I'll be able to access on the Touchpad. Answer: No, but we hope it'll be here "in the coming months".

Of course, we don't know any of this until the TouchPad actually gets released, but this seems to be the direction we are headed.

I think the key words are you don't know any of this until the TouchPad actually gets released. Please buy an iPad and get it over with.

The TouchPad is meant to be an iPad competitor and a way in to enterprise sales. Not having an absolutely essential app for enterprise customers does not make give it a very good selling proposition.

The TP is never going to be able to compete on apps, but you must have the most essential apps available to at least be in the ball game....and Office editing is an essential app.

the answer to your questions will arrive.....
"in the coming months"

HP should have had Palm just play dead and go completely silent until the devices were completely ready with document editing and everything else that aapre mentioned above. WebOS is wonderful, beautiful, **** and amazing, except for the fact that I can’t even do one third of the things on it that I can do on iOS. It reminds me of the old days when you couldn't find any programs that ran on Mac. PCs sucked, and they ran terribly, but people went out and bought millions of PCs because they actually did the work that you needed them to do.

Yeah - because people here are totally understanding when there is no news and HPalm keeps its cards close.

Wait ... - no - actually people write here every single day how they demand an announcement now, better make that yesterday.

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

If webos can't do even one third of what an IPad can do - what are you doing here? Just get an IPad.

Some points... But if you have all your eggs in the iTunes basket and can't find a way out, you're lil stevies botch and your dumb. Sorry.

Two words... Drama Queens!

This is very sad. Document editing is so essential and given the DocumentsToGo issue that we all lived through, it makes me very nervous.

Nervous NO. Frustrated, Angry, PO'd is more like it.

Oh and While I'm at it. Where is my Sprint Pre3?

Ouch. This was one of the features I consider a "need". I do a lot of requirements gathering, documentation, and whitepaper writing. Well, I've got a couple of huge expenses this summer, anyway. I'll see if they get the kinks worked out by August or September. Otherwise, Asus has a pretty slick little toy.

There are two groups of people on this site:
a: those that will say, okay, that's unwelcome news, I'll hold off until I see it or I'll get it anyway since it's coming in 40 days.
b: those that throw a hissy fit and decide that it's never coming, it's going to be a trainwreck, its a huge betrayal, damn HP, OMG OMG OMG...

what the heck!

There is no tipster conspiracy whatever - ask anyone of thousands of people who paid money to attend HP Discover and they'll tell you that HP pretty much repeated this over and over; viewing first, editing later after OTA update. Doing a full rebuild of an office editing suite is hard. Apple already had iWork and the IP behind it, so for them, doing a mobile rewrite was simpler.

I need to remind the grand whiners on this board, it took Apple 6 full months after launch and a year after announcement to bring half-assed multi-tasking to the iPad in iOS 4.2 -November 20th 2010, that feature set is less than 7 months old on iPads. HP has that handily beaten already before launch.

Have you considered a scenario where HP wanted even better integration with the full versions of Office and needed to arrange additional licensing rights for some functionality with Microsoft..? This reaction is so over-the-top drama queen, frankly, I'm speechless.

Different things move at different speeds. If you're going to blow a hissy fit about stuff coming 40 days later, you don't really know what you want. Don't buy the TouchPad, buy something else that does what you want today.

Apple multitasking is not half-assed. The reason they took longer to produce it is because they understood that the average end-user doesn't even use multitasking. I mean, how many of you have ever kept more than one card open at a time? I never do, and I've had my Pre since day one. I am not saying that WebOS isn't great, because it is, but Apple has it beat when it comes to producing software that is actually useful and appealing to the average user.

I have multiple cards open at all times. Sounds like a training issue to me.

Id10t error maybe.... Or maybe your life is that much simpler. I'm jealous.

Could the 200% people over stopp bullying those who take the announcement for real?

It's a blow...if true.

A lot of people over here haven't bought an ithing because webOS is the better workflow system.

Now days before pre-order time. This is brought into the open. Glad it happened.

This way I can gladly sit it out until the full product is out. It's not 500$ its 579€ plus extras...for that money you know the rest.

It's certainly not because HP hid it. Why is it so easy to philosophize and give good reasons for why Apple delays stuff to get it right but turn around and scream at HP for doing the same thing. Unless they have a terrible track record for launching webOS HP TouchPads in the past. Do they?

It's public knowledge that an OTA update will bring document editing capability. Launch will be view only. Yes, I understand iPad is Great and all that, but nobody has said that there wont be editing capability forever. There's a time frame for it to come. You just have to decide if you want to wait, or buy and wait, or buy an iPad.

Its public knowledge that an OTA update will bring Flash...

wait, I mean will bring webOS 2.0 to legacy devices...

Wait... see now I'm all confused!

passthebeat Totally agree

This reminds me of the palm pre I got at launch. Doc editing is coming soon and here we are 2 years later and it never happened. I a so glad I gave up on webos and moved on. Such a waiting game.

So you think a company with $105 billion in enterprise sales a year will keep you waiting for 2 years for something businesses need? Your comparison is only valid if you assume the absolute worst about HP. If you're waiting to buy a product you consider terrible from someone you only assume the absolute worst from, what does that say?

If you are all willing to spend $500 on a tablet, why would you not buy an iPad? It is clearly the best option. Oh.. I forgot.. You are all extremists that would never even consider the option of buying something that 'everyone else' is buying even when the advantages are obvious. You say that you won't make the move to Apple because you like the multitasking on WebOS, but Apple's multitasking capabilities have become equally powerful, if not better than the WebOS variety. I bought the iPad, and I now have everything that WebOS lacks, which is a lot!


I am going to buy HP TouchPad, but I agree with you completely.

People who react in extreme ways sound like they don't really know what they want. If a delay of 40 days on a feature is a complete deal breaker for a brand new-to-market $500 device that will last at least 2 years, there's no proper balance or perspective. Objectively, iPad is a better and more complete tablet than any other currently in the market, that's why it's the runaway market leader. It will certainly exceed by far the customer experience of HP TouchPad on July 1st, but it still doesn't serve everyone's needs. HP thinks it can do a better job for some customers, and that that will make them prefer its tablet over iPad. That's a hard job in a crowded market where the leader is still innovating. Additionally, pulling off a successful, perfect, launch depends on a hundred thousand things going right. If 50 to 100 of those things don't go right, that's still perfection, especially if they are fixable shortly thereafter.
So, do you:

a) Stop the launch and fire Jon Rubinstein as someone suggested..
b) Launch and announce when and how the feature will become available

Well what HP should do is different than what HP should have done a year ago. If I were them I would have fired old John the second I bought Palm. Judging by the 3 failed phones that he painstakingly managed to get to market before palm tanked, he is obviously not the man for the job of creating a device that most people want to buy.

HP also should have released this stinking tablet 4 months ago, the day that they announced it, when it actually had thunder and people were paying attention.

On second thought, what HP should do is exactly what they should have done a year ago, they should cut their losses, fire John now, and hire someone that can actually get things done.

Should have hired you. You got the answers!

You realize that John helped create the iPod? Not Steve Jobs. Look it up. Would the iPhone exist without the iPod? Maybe,but probably not.

Orkavic why are you here? You in enjoy the iPad, that is great, post on an Apple blog about it's virtues. Why come to a WebOS blog? Why should you even care what we like or think is better?

Because I am a pissed off owner of the pre minus, here to make sure that nobody makes the same mistake twice.

So just buy a new phone, there are tons of great phones and tablets (as you continue to tell us). Buy what you want and leave the rest of us alone. I think the Playbook is **** but I would look like an @zz (or worse a troll) going to their forums to bash it. You don't like your purchase, you don't ever have to make the mistake again. I just don't want to hear about it.

I actually really like my pre minus... haha.. I'm just irritated with HP, as of this moment.

Because some people (and I include myself) don't like Apple's proprietary, closed system, do-it-Steve's-way, hipper-than-thou hype machine ways. I can respect Apple's world-class industrial design, relatively elegant OS but I don't like the company so I don't intend to support it with my money. I have to use an work Iphone 4 regularly along with my Pre+ but I prefer the latter depite its flaws. I could live with Android but I don't think Android products are elegant with their faulty software-hardware integration and Google doesn't get UIs. I will pay $500 for an Ipad alternative and the Touchpad could be it if HP makes a good product. I don't need 100K + apps that Ipad offers. I am disappointed that the Quickoffice editors won't be ready on the TouchPad's launch but if it's a good device and runs its core apps well, I'm buying it.

Have not ruled the iPad out, but jail breaking would be mandatory as I cannot stand iTunes. I'm typing this on the iPad. It's a nice pecs of hardware. Trust me, I'm boring myself .... But, webs is so much better. I'm tired of hearing the apple drones just say it's over.... We won.... This market is but a fetus.

Does it play well with Google Docs? That is a good option for many - and something the iPad doesn't do.

I mean this was only something I was doing on the windows mobile phone I had 4 phones ago, what seems like half a decade ago...

Yup. I had pocket Word and Excel on my Casio Cassiopeia in the 90s!

Yeah MICROSOFT OFFICE on a WINDOWS PHONE 10 YEARS AGO! Office, licensing and technology hasn't changed much since then!

Doc editing is a key ingredient along with a new webos phone on sprint for me to justify a touchpad purchase. Disappointed yes, surprised? A lil. Patient enough to wait? Meh....

buy an ipad, its better

Post at TiPb where they care.

TiPb is freaking boring. I like it here where our company literally moves it's bowels all over our hands with its crappy devices and gives us so many excuses to engage in these horribly entertaining therapy sessions.

Man I'm not trying to insult you but you sound like a betrayed lover. HP/Plam doesn't owe us anything.

I never said it owed us anything. But there are companies out there that offer much more than HP does, such as Apple.

I don't understand why you just don't stick with the Apple blogs then, if you love them so much?

I'm with you. There's something really funny about how deep in denial some of the people here are.

Oh yeah and sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprintsprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint.... Shut it Europe.... Jk ! Relax....

Fortunately, in not planning on getting a tablet until the Xmas shopping season, so I can wait, but i WILL need document editing when I get mine. It's not something I will use a lot but is important enough so I won't spend 500-600 dollars on something without it.

just buy an ipad

Just go away!

I typed that and this on an ipad2. It's an awesome piece of hardware. ... But the os is weak. Steve jobs is stroking himself. Bottom line.... It can be done better.