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TouchPad display devices: Now at a BestBuy near you 93

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 27 Jun 2011 4:27 pm EDT

If you have been unable to find a Wal-Mart in your area with a TouchPad on display, you might want to go check out your local BestBuy again. A number of them (in New York City and abroad) are getting shipments of TouchPads to fill the spaces on those HP displays that have been sitting empty for a little while now. Jump over the break to see more pictures taken from a webOS fan who also happens to be in the know, and then head to your BestBuy to get a look for yourself. With only four days to go, we expect more of these displays will get filled very soon.

By the way, that game that they took a picture of is called Quell, and apparently it's really cool. We'll have to let you know first hand though once we can get a hand on it for review.


Thanks, Anonymous and Aaron!



I want mine, NOW!!!

NO. Resist buying and hopefully HP will drop the price of the tablets and accessories.
I still really don't see how HP can justify pricing this at the same price as the ipad2. The ipad2 is thinner and has a lot more apps. The touchpad doesn't have a lot of apps just yet.

its quite simple really, the HP Touchpad has the better operating system. If people buy NOW it would make the product much much better. When developers start seeing there's a market for the Touchpad, they will start making more apps for it.
Also, keep in mind they started working on the Touchpad since possibly the end of last year, so they had already started making the hardware, which at that time was very similar to the only ipad out, they've been taking a while tweaking the software and just used the same hardware they already had to keep cost down, you dont want to throw even more money out on the first Touchpad. Plus i think they made it the way it is to kind of resemble the Pre, its the same shinny plastic and curvy, which isn't bad.
Now like i said, if people buy it right at lunch and its successful, then we will see tons more apps, and nicer hardware for the Touchpad 2, and a a price drop on the first Touchpad.
Now if you don't buy now, and wait, you will get it cheaper, but it would be due to low sales, and more of a discounted price of a dying product that has no support and lacks apps.
So what i'm saying is, we all have different lives, different salaries, but if you're interested in the Touchpad and can afford it, BUY IT within the first month of its release and help make this a better product for all of us.

I completely disagree with this statement. I don't believe it is up to the small group of us WebOS fans to try to make this successful. HP getting people's attention and showing WebOS off would have a greater outcome. Pricing it lower than iPad2 would have been a start. It's big selling points over iPad are inductive charging and TTS. You need to shell out $80 more and wait for Pre3/Veer update. So that makes it more expensive than iPad and you still can't use TTS. At least make it $80 cheaper than iPad so you can get touchstone!

The point is, HP is not a charity. We shouldn't have to buy into it if they aren't putting a large marketing effort into it and delivering on promises.

I hope This time next year I am able to sell this iPad2 for a TouchPad2 that is able to do everything this can with the superior OS.

phattysalz let me ask you this, Do you (and i specifically mean you), think that the Touchpad is a good product? Are you planning on buying one? If the answer for this questions are yes, then why are you complaining about the price? Do you expect a good product on the touchpad's category to be $200-$300? Most consumers want a good deal no doubt about it, but also consumers tend to think that cheaper products are of inferior quality. The touchpad is competing against the ipad, selling it for the same price is telling consumers is at least just as good.
What they could have done was to include the touchstone, at least in a "special edition" packaging when first released, to get even more people to buy it.

no support and lack of apps? Kind of like how all us Pre/Pre Plus users have no official support or webOS 2 apps (without metadoctor)? No matter how successful a company is they should still support (within reason) their legacy customers. I'm not an Apple fan but iOS 4 was supported on the 3GS and iOS 5 on the iPhone 4. I miss Palm :(

@rhonk I can't believe you got minused for saying this.

If HP won't support their customers I won't support HP by buying any more products no matter how cool the OS is.

Samsung redesigned their Galaxy Tab 10.1 within 2 months. I don't buy it that the form factor is a result of the hardware already being finalized. Remember, the iPad 2 was launched in March of this year. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was announced in current form in April. The "last-generation" form factor of the Touchpad is the result of sheer laziness or a complete lack of understanding of the desires of the marketplace. I could buy the argument that the optimization software caused a late July launch (probably three months too late with a February announcement), but refusing to change the hardware is plain stupidity. This whole apologist argument of "HP doesn't want to spend even more money on Touchpad" is so penny-wise-pound-foolish as to be laughable. If anyone at HP believes they should put out antiquated hardware intentionally, especially for first generation, flagship products for a new ecosystem, they should be fired.

they shouldn't even launched it.. Just look at this forum where you have 99% webos lovers and a lot of us have complains of the hardware.. Imagine the regular costumer that call everything Ipad.. lol.. This people are stupidly Bias.. .

why are people complaining about the hardware? because its "thick"? It's got dualcore processors, a nice screen, and enough RAM, whats wrong with it? WebOS runs great on that hardware! I think that even "webos lovers" that complain about the touchpad's hardware are doing so just because they dont want an ipad 2 but want a product thats just like it! well guess what, WebOS is on the touchpad, and it works well with that hardware. Look how many Ipads sold the first time around, no one seemed to make a big deal about its size.

Not really. WebOS was a better OS a few years ago but it hasn't really improved. As it is it's a buggy, laggy piece of **** that freezes and crashes constantly.

I went to best buy the other day extremely excited to see the new touchpad and walked away extremely disappointed. They had two touchpads on display and while using them both crashed completely and one froze for about 10 seconds several times. All I was doing was browsing a couple of web pages (anandtech, engadget, etc.). For some reason loading reddit would always cause the tablet to freeze. WebOS can't even handle web pages now? Great.

As it stands the touchpad is significantly worse than the iPad. Forget the iPad2. In addition the future of the platform looks grim. Who wants to develop for a platform that is as buggy and laggy as WebOS is 2 years on? Who will buy it?

I could maybe justify buying a touchpad for around $150 but even then it would be a tough decision. I have no faith that HP will improve WebOS preformance at all. It hasn't gotten faster since release, they haven't made any big feature improvements either. What have they been doing all this time?

Compare WebOS development over the last 2 years to android and iOS.

WebOS has gotten a tablet version, touch to share, and stacking cards. It's also gotten slower.

Android has gotten faster, a tablet version, has navigation, and tons of other little things.

iOS has gotten much faster, added a tablet version, added multitasking, adding cloud syncing, location based reminders, and tons more.

Who has the greater pace of development here? It's easy to see who is losing.

Yes, thinner makes it work better.

So does magic.

And logos.

Well if I'm going to be holding a tablet, I'd prefer to hold a thinner and lighter one. There's not much point in having an intuitive OS with a smooth UI if I get tired of holding holding the box it comes in too quickly to do any work on it.

Rarely do you hold a tablet to get work done for long periods of time. If you are holding it with one hand, you are pecking out on the keyboard with one finger on the other hand. That's no way to get anything done. Unless I am reading an ebook on my iPad (which I rarely do because the screen glare makes my eyes tired so I prefer my Kindle), I most of the work I am doing is with it in my lap or on the table so that I can type with two hands. I do not think thinner=better.

Apple and Samsung say otherwise. Apple sold way more iPad 2s than the original iPad. Samsung specifically redesigned their Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be thinner and lighter to rave reviews. HP is releasing a tablet that is the same proportions as competitors' last year's hardware. Thinner and lighter will always = better to consumers. Nobody ever said "I want a thicker and heavier" tablet, phone or laptop. You're just groping for justification to compare the Touchpad to its main rivals, when there's really no comparison. Touchpad is last year's form factor.

Apple sold more iPad2's because it was newer and faster. I guaranteed it would've sold the same amount if they kept the old form factor. And if Apple release a heavier iPad3, sure enough people will buy it too.

Btw, the iPad2 is 1.33 lbs and the TouchPad is 1.6 lbs. Not much of a difference if you ask me. Unless you're really weak and get hold an extra .27 lbs.

Actually, I would buy a thicker, heavier device if:

The hardware was better for the same money.
The battery had greater capacity.
The brand is one I know and trust.

I am all about performance over asthetics.

The choice isn't slow thin, tablet versus thick, fast tablet. It is technically possible to design, produce and manufacture a tablet that is both current on hardware and thin and light. See iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. HP CHOSE to release a thicker, heavier device as its flagship when Samsung proves it's technically possible to release a lighter product with some work and desire. As for what will make a successful product, we'll have to see, but I don't see any rational argument that a 20% thicker and heavier product will sell better than the thinner, lighter product, (especially for something that's meant to be portable) all else being equal.

I had a Xoom (thick) and now have a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I returned the Xoom. Keeping the Tab because the form factor is much more usable, i.e. I can read an e-book without my wrist and whole arm getting tired, surf the internet holding the thing in one hand, and type with one hand while holding with the other. Xoom was too heavy to do that for extended period. I can also carry it around without feeling like I'm lugging a notebook. I'll bet you've never used a tablet for an extended period of time. Why do people like Kindles over tablets for reading? That's right: thin and light and easy to hold for a long time.

I totally agree. The price is ridiculous.


You guys are not going to believe this, but has the Touchpad Folio case as coming soon. I then clicked to see the images of the Touchpad in the case and underneath the Touchpad it says "Ipad Sold Separately". They need to fix this quickly.

I just noticed it is on the main page of the Folio Case right under the pic.

went to target this weekend. they sell phones from verizon, at&t, tmobile, etc. didn't have the pre2 from verizon (but they did have the thunderbolt). didn't have the veer from at&t (but they did have the infuse).

most people have no idea webos exists

hope the touchpad brings mindshare

You are correct. Most people have no idea what WebOS is. This is why I keep saying HP is making a mistake by coming in at the same price point as the ipad.
They need to make webos popular first then they can rape people's wallets.

I think they may be trying to set a precedent for their own hardware.

If they want to eventually sell the 16gb wifi only TouchPad at $499, they can't start at $350, wait til they have more mind/marketshare and apps, and start to work the price up toward the $499. They would also probably have a hard time getting away with an upward price bump for the 2nd gen (to get it up to $499) after having the 1st gen at a lower price.

It seems more possible to start it at the price point of $499 (where they want to end up), and start offering discounts and doing giveaways when they need to get more into people's hands.

A post from some one with a brain.

I think that a lot of people are missing the point of having 10" and 7" tablets. The point of the smaller device is that it can be priced more cheaply and undersell the competition while refusing to cede the high end with the bigger device. If they come out with a 7" tablet in August at $300-400, well that's the price range for a Palm PDA circa ten years ago. Everything old will be new again.

Now if HP would only bulk up the PIM apps and allow them to sync with a wider variety of cloud services the classic Palm Pilot would be reborn!

Dropping the price does not help the mind hurts it. People look for quality and expect to pay for it. If people want a discounted device (phone or whatever) then they know not to expect something that is comparable to a higher end device. The lack of apps is a negative, but it doesn't say anything about the hardware or OS.

another intelligent post.
What is this board coming to?

Having worked in advertising for over eight years, I know that price is the most important way consumers determine value and quality. It's counterintuitive, but when our sparkling wine's price was raised to match those of higher quality wines, our sales doubled. You would think that lower prices make for higher sales, but consumers don't react that way. If the HP Touchpad is inferior, then the "high" price will stall sales because word of mouth will get around that it's "not worth the price." We won't know that until consumers pay the price and take the device home. If they are unhappy, they will return the device and HP will have misjudged its consumers.

Right now it seems that this device is potentially in the same ball park as the device that defined the market niche. It will provide more or less the same form factor, a compatible ecosystem, some similar apps to start, and a huge tech company underwriting it. If a consumer is confronted with both the Touchpad and the iPad, HP doesn't want that consumer wondering why is the Touchpad priced less? What does it not have that the Apple device has?

You can always discount it later, but it's hard to raise a price once it's been set. Claiming that discounts will drive sales works AFTER the device has been properly valued by consumers.

I know where I'll be heading after work...every Best Buy in Milwaukee until I find one or come up empty. :-)

This is great, Yeah!

Quell has been in the App Catalog for quite some time.

It's actually a really nice made game!

I have heard calendar has a big lag on tablet? Anybody have experienced that?

is this really anything more than the time for the initial syncing of the calendar?


don't tell them why! they still can't figure out why windows 7 still lags on their quad core i7.......

maybe it's because WE DON'T LIVE IN A QUANTUM WORLD !!!@@

We do live in a quantum world, we just can't compute there yet :)

it's not just the calendar.

do you have first hand experience?

a few apps are a bit sluggish but nothing really major. Its a pretty fast tablet but like the other WebOS devices, some apps have a pause. Its definitely apparent in Calendar

Do me a favor, and load up, or the most taxing website you can find and or think of, on the FASTEST computer you can find, and tell me if it loads instantly. If it does, you're lying, and if it doesn't, then there's your reason why it "lags".

It's called "WebOS" for a reason. It's a feature.

this is not about what you think it is. How do you justify "slowness" when an iPad can outperform this? How is that "web" based issues?

now that the reviews are out, you can read it for yourself.

Arg! I'm dying to try one out. Has anyone in Utah seen on in BB or Walmart?

No... I was at the Best Buy in West Jordan this morning and they had nothing still besides the stand with some paper on it. And also check the Walmart in Sandy and nothing...

Thanks. I'm going loony trying to get my grubby paws on one and at least I can rule out most of SL county for now. I'm in UT county and I know they don't have it in Springville, maybe I'll try Orem.

I played with one a couple of days ago in the Syracuse Walmart in Davis County. They have it out in their Tablets display area....I was able to get a feel for it without any pesky sales people.

i was in my local BB here in Sacramento. they had the HP display up with a working veer and a display veer and a place for the Touchpad.

i think that in "coming soon" the place that has the demo veer will be a Pre3

so the HP display will have a Veer on one side of the Touchpad and a Pre3 on the other side

Which BB? I've only gone into one and it hasn't been recently. Still haven't got my hands on a working Veer either.

I just pre-ordered the 16gb yesterday at my local Best Buy. When I asked one of the employees about it he didn't know what I was talking about. Then I went by the laptop section and there and behold was the display with the two Veers and a cardboard cut out of the Touchpad.

I told him there it is and then he was like, "Oh, we have a working unit here!". He took me to see the Ipad. lol I told him, its by HP, not Apple. Then another employee knew what I was talking about then printed out the Reservation form.

Most Best Buy reps have absolutely no idea what the TP is, let alone details about it.

Best Buy reps are pretty much clueless all around.

Yes, Tim, Quell is a very nice game on webOS. It's well over a year old, too.

I was at my local Wally World yesterday and of course the little girl there had never heard of the TouchPad. I'm hoping they get a shipment by thursday cos I plan on picking one up at midnight.

I was at my local Best Buy in DC yesterday and they had neither a display unit nor the HP table. Color me bummed out.

Visited WalMart, Sam's Club and BestBuy in Seekonk, MA yesterday. None had the Touchpad or any evidence of it. I spoke to a knowledgable GeekSquad rep at BestBuy and he expected the Touchpad in store mid-July.

Quell is indeed a great game

Is NO ONE using Freetether when they go in these places?? Come on guys!

Get it online and take it for a spin.

I did. Its pretty solid. The only issues I noticed were build quality but that's expected for a first generation device.

and this is your 14th post saying the exact same thing, you have the right to do it though

Just checked on Kansas City, none here have it out. Was told July 3.

when I first asked about Touchpad, he asked, "which one"? :(

I said, "There's only one".

One tablet to rule them all..........

Now something about Bondage in the Dark?

All the Best Buys in my area (southern NJ)are clueless!
I went to one today and they had the HP display with two non functional veers and an ITUNES gift card rack! grrr

I hope the Best Buy reps are finally informed. I was at a NJ Best Buy the other day and asked about the TP. They didnt know anything. One suggested that it has been in the works for 5 years. The other two were debating if it used Windows Mobile or Android.

I work closely with retailers. It is amazing how little the help knows about the products they sell. Best Buy should be embarrased by this incompetence.

BB is actually proud of this, I remember back when Circuit City and Good Guys were still around and BB had their employees wearing buttons that stated they don't work for commission.

If you don't pay the people to have the knowledge, they will never seek any knowledge beyond what they personally require (the average consumer is not very educated about their own electronics purchases).

Well the original point of the "we don't work on commission" thing was that they wouldn't pressure you to a buy products you don't need. Of course things haven't turned out that way but the lesson is that retail sucks.

I went a Best Buy in Cenrtal NJ last week and they at least new of it.

Went into my local BB in College Park, MD (METRO DC Area) and saw displays for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom, Apple iPAD2 and the BlackBerry playbook (all end isle displays) but only a printer display for the HP Photosmart eStation with the little Android tablet. Did not ask any sales people any questions which an uninformed customer would not do since they have never heard of WebOS or the Touchpad.

FRY's in BURBANK has one on display.

as of right now ... it's sandwiched in with all the other tablets.

the sales girl actually seemed excited about it though ...

Hmm, I wonder if the BB in Burbank or Pasadena has one. I'll have to stop by after work (Pasadena BB).

I went to the BB in Burbank ... no go.

They had Veer's on display powered up and a cardboard cutout of the Touchpad.

The sales girl there seemed to think they weren't going to have any on display until after the 1st.

...but ... who knows.

I spent about 10 minutes with the TP at Fry's ... i'm sold!

"I spent about 10 minutes with the TP at Fry's"

Sounds like you might need more fiber in your diet...

By the way .. anyone know how I'm supposed to get photos from my SD Card ONTO the Touchpad?

I got a baby coming next week and need this info badly!

I would think the same way I put pics on my Pre - connect TP to laptop/computer and drag/drop.

At least that's one way to do it.

I don't believe a TP has an SD card reader, so yes, you will need to transfer via USB cable through a PC.

Or you could upload your photos to Facebook, and the photos should automatically be synched to your TP's photo album via Synergy.

Just went into Walmart to check out the Touchpad. They had one on display, but the sales person (are they called that at Walmart???) said it was only for looks...they wouldn't have an actual working display in their stores! I tried to convince him that it would work if he just plugged it in, but he said it wouldn't work because it was a dummy device. Couldn't believe it!!! He did try to move me over to the iPad2 though.

This is just another example of what HP has to overcome...

We need to play "Eye of the Tiger"

Cedar Rapids and Coralville, Iowa both don't have an F'n clue about the TouchPad. Granted, I shouldn't hold 2 people accountable for 2 cities...but I will.

Thanks for info. Wally World in SW C.R. doesn't have TP out yet either as of this evening.

I called my Best Buy and Walmart in Gainesville, FL and supposedly one of our Walmarts had one.

We went by and no go on the Touchpad.

Here's how to properly ask Walmart staff if they have HP TouchPad tablets?

Do you have the HP Touchpad or the Hewlett Packard Touchpad? No, not the Apple iPad, no I'm not looking for MaxiPads, or Douche Bags.

I'm looking for the HP TouchPad that is new, on demo at Walmart stores across the country, a 10" TouchPad Black Tablet.

Hopefully something lands in my area sooner then later and glad someone in the USA has had a chance to check things out. Sorli...

Status of my local bestbuy: Not good.

As I was playing with honeycomb tabs and the playbook, 5 people came by ready to buy an ipad but it was out of stock. I ask about the touchpads in stock, first he thought I meant ipad, and was telling me that they've been sold out so fast of those and can't keep them in stock. I clarify, HP touchpad ::crickets chirping::

Where the F is the HP rep or store training? It's a bestbuy in an affluent neighborhood and should be out there for people to try vs an ipad. I tried to use honeycomb and it's nice eyecandy but confusing as **** to use.

The price has to be the same as the iPad to be seen as its equal, i.e. "among the very best". Cheaper would mean it's, uh, less. Once its established in 3-6 months "prices may vary". And what strategy will they follow when the smaller 7" tablet appears? At that time will it be higher priced if it does more, or lower priced if it doesn't?

Just played with the Touchpad display on BestBuy Store @ 14St Union Sq. /NYC. I was super exited to finally enjoy the real experience. By know I am sick of reading and watching videos.
I love WebOs and I am Pre user from day one, but the Touchpad doesn't do justice to what WebOs can do. And I am sorry to all you people that have gotten the chance to play with it before and say all the best words but you are simply BIAS.. I don't know what in particular turned me off the moment I hold it and touched but the thing felt cheap, bulky and surprisingly slow. The touchscreen felt nowhere close to the Ipad, I don't know if it was dirty or something but really felt like some cheap HTC phone. Overall Webos was anything that we can expect for. The gesture area and all the tricks you can do with the cards are gone with the wind. All though I knew that it just felt like an Ipad, even the swipe cards and moving around can't sweeten the experience. I am sad, but the Touchpad will go down just like the Palm Pre.. There is no way that a regular consumer would choose over the Ipad. I love webOs and I won’t buy it. I will just wait for the next one.

Interesting and thanks for the insight. I guess everyone has their thing and expectations when it comes to hardware. I personally don't like the IPad 2 for all it doesn't do. No synchronization of email, no multitasking, and what's up with no Flash support.

How many people check only one email account at a time...even Thunderbird on my Mac can do this. No multitasking on the iPad 2. If you notice I said no multitasking...I don't call what Apple does as real multitasking and they have to be kidding if they think their switching apps is multitasking. I can think of at least two reasons why Flash is so important for me, one every website I use has flash in one form or another and two so many service providers like Safari Books, Hulu, CBS, etc rely on Flash for their content presentations. Apple doesn't like Flash because they don't get a cut of the royalties Flash content provides. This makes since business wise for Apple, but don't make it sound like the world doesn't use it.

Actually, speaking of Apple and all of their apps. You know what Apple would be with IOS if they didn't have all of those apps they always talk about...just another Playbook and a useless tool with barely enough to survive. IOS is nothing without all of their developer and programmers. Sorli...

Just got back from the Frys in San Jose CA. They had a demo up and running. Long time Palm user but never WebOS and I was very excited to try it out. I have to say that the OS is really neat. I did noticed when playing with the photos that they did stutter when trying to swipe them by in the photo ap. Also trying to change the layout in the calendar didn't go smoothly either. The experience did temper my enthusiasm and now instead of pre-ordering I might wait for some reviews and maybe try and get some more in store play time before I take the plunge.

I played with the touchpad at besbuy yesteday. Nope, I'm not buying it. It's too thick and feels too plasticey. The back is a finger print magnetic on the black plastic shel just like the original pre was. I had high hopes. The Ipad and Galaxy tab have better hardware and don't feel cheap.

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At my local wally world. Its nice thought about running but I would not have made it

Friend of mine works at Best Buy here in Chicago. They were supposed to get 2 demo units but ended up getting 4 demo units.

Can't wait to pick up my very own!

I cant find it anywhere! I live 10 minutes away from HP and PALM yet not walmarts or bestbuys have em on display! this suppose to be silicon valley! Bull-Dodo!

Went to Flower Mound Texas BB, had to teach the salesman how to use the Touchpad, he said they'd had it 20 minutes, and no training. He took me over to the Samsung almost immediately, and tried to sell me one, even though I told him repeatedly why I didn't like Android, what I did like about WebOS (I had to tell him what the OS was, as he didn't know), and that I wanted to buy a TouchPad. Amazing.
PS The Samsung screen was much better, but the OS still sucks.

PSS- I showed the salesman QuickOffice and Just type, also how to make apps into cards, cards into stacks, and flick apps off screen to close them. He said "that's cool".